GadgetSpeak Winners

With the launch of the monthly GadgetSpeak members prize-draw we thought it would be an good idea to have a page with the names of all the winners on - and what they won!

We're obviously not going to give out their personal details - other than their GadgetSpeak use names of course!

Well done to all our winners, and if you haven't won yet - then good luck in the future!

Of course - you can only win if you're a member? Not a member? Why not become one and join GadgetSpeak?

December 2010 - Santa' Sack

Our forth year running Santa's Sack - I think that counts now as a tradition! Here's the winners list!

1Microsoft Autoroute x5
sara_loui (Hertfordshire)
terminal2003 (Middlesex)
2MotorMouse - Classic Silver Sports Car x3
mphammersley (Warwickshire)
3Mattel Mind Flexjaycat62 (Portsmouth)
4Paper Jamz Drums x2
shelly1967 (West Midlands)
5Power Mat Wireless Charger x2
rpoynter (Kent)
6Audeo PFE 012 Headphones
ympearson (Hertfordshire)
7Lumie Bodyclock Alarm x2
bex86 (Leicestershire)
nigelford (Derbyshire)
8WAHL Deluxe Gift SetTBD
9The X Factor Lucky Voice Party BoxVivienl (Inverness)
10Dremel Trio
warneford (London)
11Roxio Creator 2011
kazzywazzy (Lincolnshire)
pineapple99 (Wiltshire)
12Roberts' Stream 205 Internet Radiogfd1963 (Cleveland)

December 2009 - Santa' Sack

Our third year running Santa's Sack - definitely becoming a favourite :-). Lots of great prices and lots of winners!

This year each day we have a main prize winner and a runner up that receives the excellent Kingston MobileLite G2 memory card reader complete with 4GB SDHC card!

DayPrize(s)Winner(s)Runner up
1iTeddylota1 (Bournemouth)clare17
2Nio - Bluetooth SecurityTBAjag1st (Manchester)
3Verbatim Audio Cubedwcav (Rotherham)mellysocks (Hereford)
4Nescaf Dolce Gustoszimanlynalla (Hampshire)
5Snuggiegeorgygirl (Jersey)susanms (Yorkshire)
6Tefal Actifryzenseeker (Somerset)karabumpkin (Nottingham)
7Verbatim Audio CubeCefcathebigpanda (Bristol)
8Sansa Clipelt40driftwood (Surrey)
9Flip Mino HDHumblellew (Swansea)rubyroo (County Durham)
10Nio - Bluetooth SecurityElljud (Essex)vision123 (Swansea)
11Roxio Creator 2010linedancer (Surrey)paul59 (Liverpool)
12Anthony Worrel Breadmakertonys312 (Nottingham)julsey (Glostershire)
13A Snuggie!bebe (Cornwall)bikerjoe (Oxon)
14Sansa Clipmaggieriordan (Avon)djstanley
15GE E1255W Camerammitchell County Downviervlak
16TuneUp Utilities 2010car01e (Herts)trueblonde (Birmingham)
17Verbatim Audio Cubeshazz1 (South Yorkshire)HappyChappy (Hertfordshire)
18Atomic Floyd TwistJax headphoneslorrs1958 (West Lothian)s6sue (Essex)
19LG Network Blu-ray Disc Playertreboreuk (Liverpool)minipenguin (Lancashire)
20Nokia N97 Mini with Vlingodrjohn (Bristol)emmarid (Berkshire)
Christmas Cracker

November 2008 - Christmas Cracker!

FOUR crackers, FOUR weeks and FOUR in each prize!

A special competition for November to warm you all up for Santa's Sack!

7/11/2008 woody99 (Lincolnshire) Photobox Calendar/Photobook
Apple iPod Shuffle
Kenwood Energy Sense Kettle
Screwpull hi-tech corkscrew
14/11/2008 molly41 (Essex) Photobox Calendar/Photobook
BaByliss EcoDry hairdryer
Tomy Guitar Rockstar
21/11/2008 Cassss (Cambridge) Photobox Calendar/Photobook
Kenwood Energy Sense Kettle
Flip Ultra Video-camera
28/11/2008 TBA Photobox Calendar/Photobook
Linx 8" digital picture frame
Charlie and Lola
John Adams Rapid Racers
Polaroid 10.2 inch Digital Photo Frame

September 2008

Septembers competition was sponsored by Polaroid - The lucky winner received over the excellent Polaroid 10.2" digital photo frame.

Congratulations to member aadams from Edinburgh was the lucky winner. Now it's just a case of sorting though years of photos to decide which ones to put on display!

June 2008

PhotoBox on-line photo print expert

June's competition was sponsored by PhotoBox - a specialist on-line photo printing service. The lucky winner received over £200 worth of PhotoBox products including.

Member amandamudie from Hertfordshire was the lucky winner and hopefully now has chosen their favourite photos to have printed!

May 2008

In May, our power saving month, we had three different winners. Members Zebby168 and tigerwuds both won OWL power meters while comper1 won a bye-bye standby starter pack.

Congratulations to all our members this month - hopefully these prizes will have helped them to reduce bot their carbon footprint and the size of their energy bills!

April 2008

Lots of comments again on this competition - and a lot of members that wanted to win! Unfortunately for all but one there is only one winner - and this month it's kimmy, who is from Nottingham.

Congratulations to kimmy - and good luck to the rest of you for future competitions (do remember to log in though or you won't be entered!)

March 2008

Another very popular competition prize, I don't think we've had that many positive comments on the competition blog before!

Unfortunately (for the rest of you) there can be only one winner. The March winner is patootie, in Cambridgeshire, who I have to say was very excited to have won because her existing 15 year old heavy weight TV was on it's last legs!

Congratulations to patootie - and good luck to the rest of you for future competitions (have you entered this months?)

February 2008

So many of you wanted to win the excellent Nescaf Dolce Gusto coffee machine - I guess we're not a nation of tea drinkers any longer! There can however be only one winner. This month that winner is member 'Jase1973', from the Lancashire. If you're a cat owner you might like to check out his web-site (click through to the blog!)

Jase is now the proud owner of the Dolce Gusto.

If you're not Jase then you didn't win - but don't forget to make sure you've entered any current GadgetSpeak competition!

December 2007 - Santa' Sack

December is a busy month with Santa's Sack. We'll update the following table of winners as we work our way through the month and as we notify the lucky winners!

DayPrize(s)Winner(s)Approx value
1Bosch Xeoluckymanred (Mersey Side)£35
2Shady Beatsgib369 (Sheffield)£25
3Eternity IImaidenrocks (Kent)£25
4MyVu media viewer glasseslisak79 (Norfolk)£200
5Kaleidoscope Classic (x2) 1. susiedarlo (Co. Durham)
2. starray (Bucks)
6Logic3 iPod/MP3 Speakers (x3) 1. keljbj (Kent)
2. jools1977 (Coventry)
3. TBC
7Deal or No Deal board gamegillianth (North West)£25
8Top Up TV Digital TV recorderjanash (Midlands)£99
9Altec Lansing Orbit Speaker (x3) 1. garynorth (Yorkshire)
2. tiggerc1 (Forfar)
3. jayward (Yorkshire)
10DocuPen handheld scanneramanda_bc2000 (Edinburgh)£180
11Bosch XeoDawnT (Leicestershire)£35
12Kaleidoscope Classic (x3) 1. kensitt (Kent)
2. TBC
2. TBC
13Rosetta Stone Language Coursemorex (Lancashire)£240
14Lyric Board GameCrozzie (Greenford)£25
15Humax 9200TB PVRkirstralia
(Ross-Shire - Scotland)
16FunKix 1. sonyabrady (Birmingham)
2. hingley (Walsall )
2. hassall1964 (Staffordshire)
17Palm Treo 500v Smart Phoneen1gma (London)£200
18TopUp TV+ DTRsecksy34 (Essex)£85
19Polaroid 32" Definia Digital Televisionsusiedarlo
(County Durham)
20Pure Chronos II DAB radio
and Teletubby phone dangler
dancer2712 (Manchester)£65

November 2007

The lucky winner of this excellent product is 'evegeorgina' from the West Midlands. The RD55 comes in a choice of black and white - and Eve has chosen white!

October 2007

Member Terfyn won the choice of a Formula-1 day or an Aston Martin AMV8 for the weekend - and chose the Aston Martin so that the whole family could join in the fun! We're hoping to see some pictures that, with permission, we'll post the odd one somewhere on GadgetSpeak.

There were two runners up this month, each winning a copy of Nero 8, the latest incarnation of this popular multi-media software. The runners up were members : avwalker and r_adrina.

Third/3rd generation Apple iPod Nano

September 2007

Member Crozzie won the latest version of the Apple iPod Nano this month.

We had three runners up prizes this month of the excellent i-Station Traveller speakers from Logic3. Runners up were members :

The third runner up has been notified, but has yet to respond. If/when they do we'll add their username to the above list!

Apple iPod Shuffle

August 2007

This was the first of our new monthly prize-draws - with the prize being one of the highly aclaimed, and tiny Apple iPod Shuffles.

The lucky winner in August was vikingseafarer