Avast One IndividualAvast One Indivdual rated 7 out of 10

Sep 24, 2022 in Software Review : Avast One Indivdual
While your computer can hold plenty of personal data, it does require assistance to keep it safe.

review 895579 Murder, Mystery and Mirrors Triple PacA Pack of Murder, Mystery and MirrorsMurder Mystery and Mirrors rated 7 out of 10

Sep 22, 2022 in Entertainment Review : Murder Mystery and Mirrors
Taking its inspiration from the three "Ms" of Murder, Mystery and Mirrors, this next product brings together three titles currently available from the Big Fish Games catalogue.

Acronis Cyber Protech Home Office 2023Acronis Cyber Protech Home Office 2023 rated 9 out of 10

Sep 21, 2022 in Software
For many years I have used Acronis to get a total disc backup that you can restore without any other media such as the original Windows CD being available. More recent years have seen them give extra protection such as from Ransomware. Just over a year ago I stopped using additional Anti-Virus software instead letting Acronis handle everything. Updates are made as needed and only occasionally do they produce a new version such as what I am reviewing here the Home Office 2023.

review 895578 9 Clues The Secret of Serpent CreeSerpent Creek SecretTap It Games 9 Clues The Secret of Serpent Creek rated 5 out of 10

Set in the 1950's, 9 Clues - The Secret of Serpent Creek is a Hidden Object Adventure game.

review 895576 Suddenly Meow A Cat's Life is Never EasyIkigames Suddenly Meow 2 rated 6 out of 10

Sep 17, 2022 in Entertainment Review : Ikigames Suddenly Meow 2
Tim by name but not timid by nature, this title's central character is willing to take on anybody who invades its territory.

review 895577 Mystery Murders The Sleeping PalacAwaking from SleepCasual Arts Mystery Murders The Sleeping Palace rated 6 out of 10

With only a mirror for company can you solve the mystery of a sleeping royal family.

review 895560 Acer Aspire Vero AV15 51 15.6 inch LaptoAcer Aspire VeroAcer Aspire Vero rated 8 out of 10

Sep 14, 2022 in Laptops/PCs/Apple
At last a company starts to do something about sustainability as the case on this unit is made from recycled plastic, it has a slightly rough feel no doubt not essential but to make you feel you are doing your bit. This latest offering in the Aspire range is called Vero. The strap line comes up on bootup ‘Vero for Planel Earth’. What does this latest offering from Acer have to offer both for sustainability and also for value for money in these testing times?

review 895575 Adventure Trip Amazing World Visit and LearnAdventure Trip - Amazing World 2 Point 8 Games rated 6 out of 10

While searching for Hidden Objects you can discover some interesting facts when playing this next game.

review 895564 Dark Parables The Red Riding Hood SisterRed Riding Hood SistersDark Parables Red Riding Hood Sisters Blue Tea Games rated 6 out of 10

Join the battle between the Sisterhood and an army of wolves in this Dark Parables.

review 895565 The Serpent of IsiThe Serpent of IsisThe Serpent of Isis GamGo Games rated 6 out of 10

Can you uncover an Egyptian masterpiece while on a journey covering numerous European capitals?

review 895528 WiZ Mobile Portable Table LamWiz Lights

Sep 7, 2022 in Homes and Gardens
Here I am looking at two new lights from WIZ. They are both mains powered but the control can be by an App or a remote control. The first a 30cm bar light described as the way to light up small spaces with ease. The second 10.5cm round and 18cm tall with a leather handle, when first powered on both start out and white but by using the App or the optional remote control they can be any colour you like and that is just the start there are more options.

review 895566 Flux family secrets   the ripple effecRepairing TimeFlux Famile Secrets The Ripple Effect Skunk Studios rated 7 out of 10

Flux Family Secrets™ would like to invite you to the Ripple Effect.

review 895556 Discovery A Seek and Find AdventurPlay the GameMumbo Jumbo Discovery! rated 4 out of 10

Sep 3, 2022 in Entertainment Review : Mumbo Jumbo Discovery!
Join a television show game and see if you can win when searching for concealed objects.

review 895555 Empress of the Deep The Darkest SecreThe Darkest SecretGOGII Empress of the Deep - The Darkest Secret rated 7 out of 10

When you have been asleep for a hundred years, you cannot afford to waste time in discovering what caused your extended slumber.

review 895546 Creative Stage Air Portable and Compact SoundbaCreative Sound Bar Stage Air V2Creative Sound Bar Stage Air V2 rated 9 out of 10

Aug 31, 2022 in Entertainment
Most flat panels have speakers built in, however in order to keep the panel thin the speakers are not that great. The same is true for most Laptops and Notebooks in facts the majority put the speakers underneath so sound is projected directly into the desk or whatever it is rested upon. So should you want to watch a movie or three or listen to music you need something better, here is one such solution the Creative Sound Bar.

review 895557 The Scruffs 2 Return of the DukVote for GrandpaSweet Tooth Scruffs - Return of the Duke rated 6 out of 10

Rather than just placing an "X" on the ballot paper, this election requires you to work hard with different tasks.

review 895537 HONOR Magic4 LitHonor Magic 4 LiteHonor Magic 4 Lite rated 7 out of 10

Aug 29, 2022 in Phones
Having recently reviewed the best phone I have ever used and then one that any other company apart from Google would have consigned to the bin 18 months ago this was always going to be, shall we say, difficult. In the past I have reviewed several other Honor offerings, so to be as fair as possible I took a good bit longer before presenting my thoughts.

review 895545 Deadly Puzzles ToyMakeCatch the KillerGrey Wizard Innovation Deadly Puzzle - Toymaker rated 5 out of 10

Can you decipher the clues left by a killer and stop the reign of murder?

review 895544 The Hidden Mystery Collectives Puppet ShoDouble PuppetShowPuppetShow - Mystery of Joyville PuppetShow 2 Souls of the Innocemt rated 6 out of 10

A missing boy and a girl who will not wake up are just two of the problems facing you in this double pack.

review 895518 Morphee Sleep AiMorphee Sleep AidMorphee Sleep Aid rated 8 out of 10

Aug 24, 2022 in Health and Beauty
I do not sleep well so when I get a chance to review items that might improve my sleep I take them. This tool is speech and music and while I have managed to fall asleep in a boring presentation in the past this is something new to me.

Some Price Reductions

Aug 23, 2022 in Entertainment Review : Various
With all the current news featuring details of proposed rising prices, it makes a welcome change to report on some available deals that feature lower prices.

review 895530 Montgomery Fox and the Case of the Missing BallerinaThe Fox ReturnsThe Fox Returns rated 6 out of 10

Aug 20, 2022 in Entertainment
When performers go missing, you need to send for the detective with a nose for sniffing out clues.

review 895531 oddly enough pied piper collectors editioThe Piper comes to TownOddly Enough - Pied Piper Go! Studio rated 7 out of 10

Bringing together a white wolf, rampant plants and an unpaid debt, this next offering should provide plenty of Hidden Object game play.

review 895509 FIVERAY Light Wand Light Stick Dimmable Photography TubZhiyun Fiveray FR100CZhiyun Fiveray FR100C rated 9 out of 10

Aug 17, 2022 in Cameras
With so much more video being produced out of studio one thing needed is lights even a well-lit room does not look top notch so this solution from Zhiyun could well help solve it. During lockdown a great deal of meetings moved to online from home where ordinary room lighting did not hack it. The doughnut ring light was popular but is there something better like this Fiveray offering to give you professional standard lighting from a single internal battery powered unit.

review 895532 Unsolved Mysteries Ancient AstronautAncient AstronautsUnsolved Mystery Club - Ancient Astronauts Freeze Tag rated 4 out of 10

Pack your bags, have all the necessary injections as you prepare to visit various countries for missing members of your club.

review 895522 Cambridge Audio Melomania Touch Wireless EarbudMelomania TouchCambridge Audio Melamania Touch rated 7 out of 10

You shall have music where ever you go with a smartphone and a set of Cambridge Audio ear-buds.

review 895520 Academy of Magic A New BeginninA New Beginninge-Funsoft Academy of Magic - A New Beginning rated 6 out of 10

In true Star Wars fashion, this next game explains how location for previous titles came to be.

review 895501 Creative Outlier Pro True Wireless HeadphonOutlier ProOutlier Pro rated 9 out of 10

Aug 10, 2022 in Entertainment
These are the latest set of earbuds from Creative to land on my desk. They are just a little bigger than most buds of a similar type and when I weighed them this was confirmed. However they still sit comfortably in your ear. So what is new to make you shell out to purchase another set of earbuds apart from them being from Creative to tempt you.

review 895521 Clockwork Tales Of Glass and InkGlass Rescues InkClockwork Tales of Glass and Ink rated 7 out of 10

When earthquakes occur, who do you send for? It has to be Glass and Ink.

review 895519 Google Pixel 4a 128GB Mobile PhonGoogle Pixel 4AGoogle Pixel 4A rated 9 out of 10

Aug 8, 2022 in Phones
Not everyone wants the latest or biggest phone that can take fantastic photos in near darkness. What they do want is something that can make and receive calls and take the odd photo or three and browse the Internet while out and about for things like when will that bus or train arrive and possibly will it ever rain again in my lifetime. So perhaps a solid reliable phone like this Google Pixel 4A, while this is well over two years old it still gets updated to the latest version of Android.
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