review 882495 Google Pixel 3 XL Android Smart PhonPixel 3 XL from VodafonePixel 3 XL from Vodafone rated 8 out of 10

15 Feb 2019 in Phones
This is an Android phone produced by Google. It is not a cheap phone as the Google Pixel brand only seems to do quality offerings and it is also no surprise to me that is was one of the first to get Android 9 as its operating system.

review 882497 Amazon Fire Stick HD 4K UltrFire 4K TV StickFire 4K TV Stick rated 7 out of 10

13 Feb 2019 in Entertainment
First a big thank you to Cello for extending the loan of their recently reviewed TV that has enabled both this and the other 4K box recently reviewed so as to get the best from anything with ‘4K’ in the name is something that will display ‘4K’.

review 882436 Manhattan SX Freesat HD BoManhattan SX set top boxManhattan SX set top box rated 8 out of 10

12 Feb 2019 in Entertainment
The Manhattan SX Freesat HD set top box is a very convenient way for those who have a suitable satellite dish to access the wide range of Freesat TV channels.

review 882352 Neos SmartCaNEOS Internal CameraNEOS Internal Camera rated 8 out of 10

11 Feb 2019 in Homes and Gardens
The first thing that encouraged me to test out this security device is that it only costs £19.99 yes the decimal point is in the correct place. So while it is on sale from a company that make their money from Insurance but at that price for a retail purchase it must be a no brainer. If you then go on to get discounted home insurance that’s another win.

review 882369 Mysteries of Ancient Inventors AtlantiSearching for AtlantisDp omo Games Mysteries of Ancient Inventors rated 6 out of 10

If it is hidden then find it and you might end up at Atlantis.

review 882351 google home huGoogle Home HubGoogle Home Hub rated 8 out of 10

8 Feb 2019 in Homes and Gardens
If you know what Amazon Alexa can do then this Hub from Google goes one stage further. It is a 7inch Landscape touch Tablet with the extended back being the speaker to give excellent sound and it sits like a triangular object.

review 882370 edifier s50db soundbaEdifier S50DB SoundbarEdifier S50DB Soundbar rated 8 out of 10

7 Feb 2019 in Entertainment
While this bar does not serve alcohol, it does deliver an audio experience.

review 882089 ACER Predator Orion 5000 Intel Core i7  GTX 1070 Gaming PAcer Predator 5000 PO5-610Acer Predator 5000 PO5-610 rated 8 out of 10

6 Feb 2019 in Laptops/PCs/Apple
This is one of the Predator gaming range, most of which are big heavy powerful notebooks, this is slightly different in that it is a big heavy Tower system, it has a rather unusual configuration of external connections in the supplied unit.

review 882371 Xiaomi Biaomi Mi New from ChinaXiaomi Biaomi Mi 8 rated 9 out of 10

5 Feb 2019 in Phones Review : Xiaomi Biaomi Mi 8
Adding to the list of available smartphones, Xiaomi offers its Mi family of devices.

review 882088 PaintShop Pro 2019 ULTIMATCorel PaintShop Pro 2019 UltimateCorel PaintShop Pro 2019 Ultimate rated 8 out of 10

4 Feb 2019 in Software
A product I have used since its very early days when it was ‘shareware’ it was purchased a good while ago by Corel who do what they do to improve and enhance its features, then they add lots of extras so this basic product is now anything but basic.

review 882344 Brother MFC J6945DW Colour Inkjet PrinteBrother MFC-J6945DW A3 4-in-1Brother MFC-J6945DW A3 4-in-1 rated 8 out of 10

3 Feb 2019 in Printers/Scanners
The Brother MFC-J6945DW is one of Brother’s Business Smart X-Series and is a versatile 4-in-one A3 colour inkjet machine targeted at the varied needs of today’s small offices.

review 882180 Edifier S1000DB Brown Active Audiophile Bookshelf Studio SpeakerA Weighty SystemEdifier S1000DB rated 7 out of 10

2 Feb 2019 in Entertainment Review : Edifier S1000DB
Next in line to deliver my favourite music is the Edifier S1000DB product.

review 882044 padlock finger print sensoFingerprint PadlockFingerprint Padlock rated 7 out of 10

1 Feb 2019 in Misc
Another useful gadget from those clever people In Hong Kong, this time a padlock that can truly only be opened by you because it has no key and can only be opened by your finger so be it a box, a door or anything else the contents inside are yours alone.

review 882179 Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact SmartphonSony HandsetSony Xperia XZ2 rated 7 out of 10

31 Jan 2019 in Phones Review : Sony Xperia XZ2
With a good looking appearance, this next handset does have some faults.

review 882086 D Link DCS 8000LH Mini HD Wi Fi CamerSmall Wi-Fi Camera from D-LinkSmall Wi-Fi Camera from D-Link rated 8 out of 10

30 Jan 2019 in Homes and Gardens
Recently a range of small home security cameras have been received to review. The trend is for them to be Wi-Fi operated so requiring where you place them just needs to be within the reach of a power point, this is one such device.

review 882177 oaxis analog smart watcWatch your HealthOaxis Timepiece rated 7 out of 10

29 Jan 2019 in Mobile Tech Review : Oaxis Timepiece
Well-known for its work in the development of E ink display phone cases, Oaxis the award-winning technology company, has branched out with its product line up. This new addition, launched via the Kickstarter route, is entitled Timepiece with a price tag of £95 for Early Bird backers.

review 882043 Optoma NuForce Be live5 In Ear EarphoneOptoma BE Live5Optoma BE Live5 rated 8 out of 10

28 Jan 2019 in Entertainment
The latest Bluetooth earbuds to cross my desk arrived close to same time as a couple of recent SmartPhones neither of which have a standard 3.5mm socket so ideal to test these earbuds with so they have had a thorough work out.

review 882061 Grim Tales Graywitch Collectors EditioJourney to GraywitchElephant Games Grim Tales Graywitch rated 8 out of 10

Checking your ancestry can cause problems as this next game reveals.


25 Jan 2019 in Software
Passwords are a pain, good passwords are a greater pain, but no password or one that is easily cracked are the greatest pain of all. Certainly you should never use words such as names and try not to repeat passwords however tempting.

An Inflatable DinosaurKids@play Stegosaurus rated 3 out of 10

24 Jan 2019 in Misc Review : [email protected] Stegosaurus
Rather than Puff the Dragon, we have Puff the Dinosaur.

review 881901 Philips SpeedPro Max Cordless Stick Vacuum CleanePhilips SpeedPro MaxPhilips SpeedPro Max rated 8 out of 10

23 Jan 2019 in Homes and Gardens
In relation to another vacuum – many years ago – its founder said ‘so easy even a man can use it’ he was a man, so am I, his statement is also true of this offering from Philips. Literally you clip the base to the tube and the tube to the motor and storage container and switch on and use it. No screws and because each section fits only one way it’s that easy.

review 882060 vtech toot toot lion educational toA Crouching CatVtechmFurry cat rated 6 out of 10

22 Jan 2019 in Entertainment Review : VtechmFurry cat
This toy brings songs and sound effects to a young child’s play area.

review 881899 Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite 64GB Android Smart PhonXiaomi Mi 8 Lite PhoneXiaomi Mi 8 Lite Phone rated 8 out of 10

21 Jan 2019 in Phones
To me anyway this is a totally new Chinese phone company, I first heard of them a few weeks ago when I received an invite at short notice to their new UK store at Westfield shopping centre, which due to conflicts I could not make, however I was sent their latest phone the Mi 8 Lite. Looking at their website sees they are far more than just a phone company as they are big – like the world’s fourth largest - in Internet, Connected Homes and Software.

review 881910 gems of magic gamThe Lost FamilyGems of Magic - The Lost Family Graphian rated 6 out of 10

The Fuzzy family needs help. Are you up to the task?

review 881900 Devolo Magic 2 Wi F Powerline Home NetworDevolo Magic 2 Whole Home Wi-Fi KitDevolo Magic 2 Whole Homw Wi-Fi Kit rated 8 out of 10

Power over Wi-Fi, range extenders and Wi-Fi Extenders are all ways to allow you to get a signal where you may not be able to do so normally, here an offering from Devolo called Magic 2 to allow places that otherwise would need a carrier pigeon to get information in or out help to allow you to stay in touch. Be it loft or basement you can now have connection.

review 881909 rubiks battle card gamA Battle of CardsKubik Battle rated 6 out of 10

17 Jan 2019 in Entertainment Review : Kubik Battle
Even 45 years later, the Rubik effect continues to be felt.

review 881702 AOC 27E1H 27 Inch Widescreen IPS LED MonitoAOC 27E1H 27inch MonitorAOC budget 27inch Panel rated 8 out of 10

Not everyone can afford all the bells and whistles available from top of the range panels, so here a basic offering that still offers a good sharp image and it is of course flicker free to give an excellent panel available at a budget price.

review 881907 ESET LOGA Word of Warning

15 Jan 2019 in Misc Review : ESET New Year Resolution
It is that time of year when many people decide on a route to improve their lifestyle but some care should be taken.

review 881701 ROXI Music SysteRoxi JukeboxRoxi Jukebox rated 8 out of 10

14 Jan 2019 in Entertainment
A streaming service for more than just music as you listen via a small box and either input to your TV or from the 3.5mm port on the back of the box to external speakers, it is also possible to listen via a soundbar connected to your TV.

review 881766 Hidden Object Stories 5 in A Hidden Object BundleHidden Object Stories 5-in-1 rated 5 out of 10

With a bargain basement approach, this next offering consists of five separate titles.
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