Philips 24 inch Panel 243b9_00Philips 24 inch Panel 243b9_00 rated 8 out of 10

Apr 6, 2020 in Laptops/PCs/Apple
This 24inch panel from Philips displays in 1920x1080 like the majority, but here the refresh rate is up to 75Hz instead of the standard 60Hz. Another of the plus features is USB ‘C’ and the ability to charge and transfer data from your notebook or Tablet via a single supplied cable. It also has pivot ability so can be used in portrait mode as well.

New from Xiaomi

Apr 4, 2020 in Phones Review : Xiaomi Mi10 Mi10 PRO
Adding to the ever-growing range of smartphones, Xiaomi has developed its Mi10 family of products.

Echo Dot with ClockAmazon Echo Dot with clock rated 8 out of 10

Apr 2, 2020 in Wireless Review : Amazon Echo Dot with clock
Meeting up with Alexa certainly opened several doors to ways of doing things.

Emporia Smart.3miniEmporia Smart.3mini rated 9 out of 10

Apr 1, 2020 in Phones
Having recently told you about a couple of Emporia phones that are designed with Android Go and an Interface for those who need assistance here I am looking at a phone that has Standard Android (version 9) and then a possible skin to suit those with sight or hearing problems designed by Emporia but this can equally well work without it.

Wireless Car MountGroov-e Wireless Car Mount rated 6 out of 10

Mar 31, 2020 in Wireless Review : Groov-e Wireless Car Mount
Providing the means to position a smartphone in a vehicle is a device from Groov-e.

review 888358 Verbatim Store n Click USB flash drivVerbatim 32GB Store ‘n’ ClickVerbatim 32GB Store %E2%80%98n%E2%80%99 Click rated 8 out of 10

Mar 30, 2020 in Laptops/PCs/Apple
I am sure we all have a number of USB Sticks often they have information from vendors of course these may contains ‘cookies’ or much worse but we squirrel away information and data and hope it’s not corrupted when we need it.

review 888437 fairy tale mysteries the puppet thief_featurStop the ThiefGogii Fairy Tale Mysteries - The Puppet Thief rated 5 out of 10

Can you solve the mystery of missing children as your detective agency sends you to Arbourshire.

review 888436 Heart of Moon The Mask of SeasonFollow the TrailHeart of Moon - The Mask of Seasons UNIKGAME rated 7 out of 10

Mixing Match-3 game play with Hidden Object and Spot the Difference action is the approach used by Heart of Moon.

review 888316 Acer Swift 5 SF514 54Acer Swift 5Acer Swift 5 rated 8 out of 10

Mar 25, 2020 in Laptops/PCs/Apple
A light and full function 1080P notebook that has touch built in so Windows 10 works well, as when it was designed touch was the way it was designed to be used. This notebook is bang up to date and has plenty of memory for you to use.

EE and Amazon

Mar 24, 2020 in Phones
News of agreement between EE and Amazon

review 888363 1001 Nights The Adventures of SindbaA Sindbad AdventureMange 1001 - The Adventures of Sindbad rated 4 out of 10

Delving into the gaming past reveals a title based on the rescue of a princess integrated into a ship.

review 888219 Vax OnePWR Blade 4 Cordless Vacuum CleaneVAX Blade 4VAX Blade 4 rated 8 out of 10

Mar 20, 2020 in Homes and Gardens
The latest vacuum cleaner from VAX also handles hard floors. The previous one that I saw was the Blade 2 and there are a number of changes not least is the fact that the battery is removable and can fit all of the latest range of VAX products.

review 888362 Echoes of the Past Kingdom of Despair Platinum EditioRescuing the Spell-AfflictedOrneon Echoes of the Past The Kingdom of Despair rated 8 out of 10

Once again you are called upon to recue those who have fallen under a witch's spell and taken on a different shape.

review 888301 Dark Realm Queen of Flames Platinum EditioOnslaught of FireMad Head Games Dark Realm - Queen of Flames rated 7 out of 10

In an effort to combat the cold weather, you can deal with the fire-bearing monsters attacking Northpearl.

review 888263 emporiaTOUCHsmart smart phonEmporia Touch Smart Emporia Touch Smart  rated 9 out of 10

Mar 16, 2020 in Phones
This phone looks like a normal Android Smart Phone but also offers help like extra volume, brighter contrast and larger text all things that help when our bodies start to say that is too hard and best of all a easy to use User Manual that explains everything, perhaps better still all of it is in a single language.

Deezer in 2020Deezer in 2020 rated 8 out of 10

Mar 13, 2020 in Entertainment
While there are a number of music streaming services. The two most will have heard of are Spotify and Deezer. Both offer a £9.99 monthly service that enables you to get advert free listening. Both have a very large library of recordings.

review 888182 Tower of GoA Tower Climbing Exercise@Tower of God@ @Ironcode Gaming@ rated 6 out of 10

Instead of wishing on a star, you might prefer to climb a tower for a wish-granting exercise.

review 888300 Alabama Smith Escape from PompeiTime Travel in PompeiiStargaze Alabama Smith - Escape from Pompeii rated 4 out of 10

Pack your bags, you are off to Pompeii to locate a time travelling artefact.

Acer TMX314-51-M-561H Acer TMX314-51-M-561H  rated 8 out of 10

Mar 9, 2020 in Laptops/PCs/Apple
This is a small and light notebook from Acer that will easily fit into a bag or backpack for those times when you need to be mobile. However it has a full size keyboard and the screen is 1920x1080 so everything should appear exactly as in the office.


Mar 6, 2020 in Phones
For those times where a third hand would be useful, well normally that is not possible but with a Popsocket you can keep you phone stabilised and still do those extra things without that third hand, the Popsocket sticks on the back of your phone so one hand may be all you need.

review 888183 SanDisk Extreme PRExternal SSD StorageSanDisk Extreme PRO rated 7 out of 10

Mar 5, 2020 in Misc Review : SanDisk Extreme PRO
As traditional hard disk drives have grown in size and reduced in price, so SSD products have followed a similar trend

Smartwatch Popularity

Mar 3, 2020 in Phones Review : @[email protected]
If you are the owner of a smartwatch, what is your favourite feature?

review 888211 Emporia Flip basic black mobile phonEmporia Phones for the older person

Mar 2, 2020 in Phones
Most people who are getting older know of Doro phones and they are very good when mobility starts to fail. However there is a company who have been around for four years longer and for me anyway remained a total secret before a recent meeting with someone who has worked for several companies who specialize in helping in that sector.

review 888091 Spirit Legends Solar Eclipse Collectors EditioDefeating the TrollsDomini Games Spirit Legend - Solar Eclipse rated 6 out of 10

Developed by Domini Games, "Spirit Legends - Solar Eclipse" is classified as a Hidden Object game with more than a touch of Adventure style enhancements.

review 888043 Melitta 6766579 Coffee Grinder CALIBRMelitta Calibra GrinderMelitta Calibra Grinder rated 9 out of 10

Feb 28, 2020 in Health and Beauty
If you use coffee beans then you know that while it’s important to have them reasonably freshly roasted. Far more important is to have them freshly ground so while the ability to roast your own coffee is beyond most of us it is not that difficult to grind the beans as you need it. This grinder from Melitta gives you coffee shop taste without the coffee shop cost per cup.

review 888092 Edifier TWS1 True Wireless Bluetooth APTX EarbudWireless EarbudsEdifier TWS1 rated 8 out of 10

Feb 27, 2020 in Wireless Review : Edifier TWS1
Usually with Edifier products I check out speakers but this time the product is a set of personal earbuds.

Protect your Data

Feb 25, 2020 in Misc Review : Kaspersky
How safe is your data and various online activities?

review 888031 Detective Solitaire Butler StorA Card-playing ButlerGamehouse com rated 6 out of 10

Feb 22, 2020 in Entertainment Review : Gamehouse com
It is time to pick up your cards and help a staff member solve a murder.

review 888141 ADX AFSH0119 Gaming HeadseADX Firestorm:H01ADX Firestorm:H01 rated 8 out of 10

Feb 21, 2020 in Entertainment
While I am not a gamer – my three score and ten and more years – take care of that. You need three things good reflexes, a quality panel with fast refresh rate and good sound, the last mentioned is taken care of by the Firestorm headset.

review 888032 Imperial Island 5 Ski ResorBuilding a Ski ResortQuick Click Games Imperial Island 5 - Ski Resort rated 8 out of 10

mperial Island 5 - Ski Resort is a Match 3 game that has been developed by Quick Click Games. As the number "5" of the game's title indicates, this is the latest episode of a series that combines Match 3 game play with buildings and facilities construction.
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