review 885298 alcatel 1x android smart phonAlcatel 1xAlcatel 1x rated 8 out of 10

Aug 23, 2019 in Phones
This is a cheaper Android phone but it looks anything but that, around £100 should secure this SIM free and some might keep this as a second unit or one to take to festivals or night clubs and the like where security is less than perfect.

Desktop Parallel ToolsCorel Parallel Toolbox rated 6 out of 10

Aug 22, 2019 in Software Review : Corel Parallel Toolbox
Time does not stand still especially when a company take-over is involved as part of the process. In some cases favourite projects can suffer the short-end of the straw as it is ignored but this is not always what occurs. Take for example the Parallel's Toolbox and how the company reacted to a take-over..

review 885270 Philips Avance High Speed Vacuum BlendePhilips Vacuum BlenderPhilips Vacuum Blender rated 7 out of 10

Aug 21, 2019 in Health and Beauty
Making things from raw vegetables does not really appeal to me, fruit yes, vegetables no I tend to prefer my vegetables cooked. But things like carrot cake can appeal even to children so be a man and give it a go, the pulp that is not juiced goes into a vacuum environment and can be kept – even frozen - to be added to stocks to give extra bulk.

Vodafone Goes 5GVodafone 5G Xiaomi rated 8 out of 10

Aug 20, 2019 in Phones Review : Vodafone 5G Xiaomi

review 885254 elastoplast wound spraElastoplast Items

Aug 19, 2019 in Health and Beauty
I think of a plaster for a minor scrape of the skin, while most will say the biggest name in plasters is Elastoplast but they do other things apart from plasters. Here I am looking at plasters, wound healing ointment and wound spray.

review 885350 game   The Seven ChamberExplore Seven ChambersSeven ChambersPlay-It Digital rated 8 out of 10

Based on an idea by David Molyneux, subsequently developed by Three Headed Eagle and published by Play-In Digital, "The Seven Chambers" is a game that belongs to the Hidden Object genre.

review 885191 Decor Microsafe Containerdécor Value Packd%C3%A9cor Value Pack rated 9 out of 10

Aug 16, 2019 in Homes and Gardens
Another of the items I saw at the Homewares show in June. This time a set of five – three of one size and two of a smaller size – that are sold as a value pack and since they arrived have been put into service both in my fridge and my microwave.

review 885351 Edifier R980T Active Studio Bookshelf SpeakeEdifier R980TEdifier R980T rated 6 out of 10

Aug 15, 2019 in Misc
Taking a more basic approach is a speaker system from Edifier.

review 885157 All new Kindle Oasis ebook readeKindle Oasis 2Kindle Oasis 2 rated 8 out of 10

Aug 14, 2019 in Entertainment
Regular readers will have seen recently a Kindle review, this Kindle called Oasis, it is very different in shape and it is the first I have seen with a front light. So can this change merit the far higher price of the unit over even the 8th Generation unit?

review 885352 ekster parliament slim walleWhere's My Wallet?Ekster Smart Wallet rated 6 out of 10

Aug 13, 2019 in Misc Review : Ekster Smart Wallet
Technology can help you find what you may have misplaced.

review 884893 deezer music streaminDeezer 'Hi-Fi'Deezer 'Hi-Fi' rated 9 out of 10

Aug 12, 2019 in Entertainment
Most streaming services are only MP3 but just a few offer a Hi-Fi mode and while you have a subscription you can even download your music to play back when no Internet is available or when only more expensive mobile data is the only option.

review 885272 Epson EcoTank ET M1170 Mono Inkjet Wi Fi PrinteEpson EcoTank ET-M1170Epson EcoTank ET-M1170 rated 8 out of 10

Aug 11, 2019 in Printers/Scanners
The mono Epson EcoTank ET-M1170 has been designed to be the workhorse for the advanced student or small business which needs a low-cost means of producing large amount of letters, reports or other documents.

review 885280 Bridge to Another World Escape From OFantasy Land AdventureEscape from Oz rated 8 out of 10

Aug 10, 2019 in Entertainment Review : Escape from Oz
Get out your red shoes as you attempt to escape from the land of Oz.

review 885255 brando mini superhero faBrando Handheld FanBrando Handheld Fan rated 8 out of 10

Aug 9, 2019 in Misc
Sometimes people snort at me our product is not a gadget, I say fine, define to me what a gadget is, while they are thinking I add would you disagree with the statement ‘something to make a task easier’ I have yet to have anyone disagree with that statement. Certainly this item from the King of USB Brando certainly keeps you cooler in hot weather and saves the need to move your hand and say a newspaper back and forward over your face.

review 885282 Varta Slim Powerbank Portable Charger and batterPower from GermanyVartam Power Bank SLIM rated 6 out of 10

Aug 8, 2019 in Misc Review : Vartam Power Bank SLIM
When you need to draw power from a bank, a Varta product could help.

review 885156 BeHear Now sound enhancement headseBeHear NOWBeHear NOW rated 9 out of 10

Aug 7, 2019 in Misc
As we grow order most will notice that they have to say ‘pardon’ far more often and that people mumble far more – or at least we think that they do – however hearing loss is a factor everyone has to face so what if anything can be done. In my own case I have Tinnitus – a ringing in the ears – which makes discerning speech when several are speaking in the same room near impossible.

review 885281 Apricorn Aegis Fortress L3 portable secure drivProtected Portable DataApricot Aegis Fortress L3 rated 6 out of 10

Aug 6, 2019 in Misc Review : Apricot Aegis Fortress L3
External drives are useful but they do need a layer of protection such as that provided by encryption.

review 885155 Roamwild Car Crack VaRoamwild Car Crack VacRoamwild Car Crack Vac rated 7 out of 10

Aug 5, 2019 in Misc
Hard to get places can be accessed with this item, and if something metallic like say a ring has got out of reach then this small unit has a magnetic end to attract and before you capture it you can locate it with its LED light on the end.

review 885113 Toshiba S300 5TB Surveillance HDToshiba 5TB S300Toshiba 5TB S300 rated 8 out of 10

Aug 2, 2019 in Laptops/PCs/Apple
While some Tower and Desktop systems still have 5.25 inch drive bays I have recently seen some who only support 2.5 inch bays rather the norm of 3.5 inch bays. So this latest offering from Toshiba is most likely to be used in a NAS (network attached storage) solution.

review 885112 vodafone 10 android smart phonVodafone Smart V10Vodafone Smart V10 rated 9 out of 10

Jul 31, 2019 in Phones
While Vodafone sell all the major brands of phones they also do their own range of phones designed and tested to work on the Vodafone network. Here I am looking at their latest offering the Vodafone Smart V10 that will not cost nearly as much as certain recent review items.

review 885110 Philips 242B9T 24 inch touch sensitive panePhilips 24inch Touch PanelPhilips 24inch Touch Panel rated 9 out of 10

Jul 29, 2019 in Laptops/PCs/Apple
This 24inch touch panel can be used as any other panel landscape when vertical but also at any point through 90 degrees of tilt till it is landscape horizontal and with its always attached stand it remains totally stable in any position.

review 885060 HONOR 20 Lite Dual Sim Android Smart PhonHonor 20 LiteHonor 20 Lite rated 8 out of 10

Jul 26, 2019 in Phones
If you want a SmartPhone that can offer almost everything that the latest super offerings can do but at a lower price then this unit from Honor may well tick all the boxes. A lot of recent phones are sold on the cameras capabilities and this one has AI built in.

review 885111 Olympus TG 6 Tough CamerOlympus Tough TG-6Olympus Tough TG-6 rated 9 out of 10

Jul 24, 2019 in Cameras
It been a while since I have reviewed a camera that can fit in your pocket, of course most recent SmartPhones have better than average cameras but I do not know any that can shoot underwater as this latest offering from Olympus can.

review 884959 Ring Video Doorbell Pro KiRing Video Doorbell ProRing Video Doorbell Pro rated 8 out of 10

Jul 22, 2019 in Homes and Gardens
If like me the place where your door bell lives is quite a thin door surround then this latest offering from Ring may just solve the problem as it is that much thinner than earlier versions of their doorbell with the camera to allow you to see who is calling so if it is someone you don’t want to see just stay in your seat and ignore the ring.

review 885041 black shark 2 android gaming phonPlaying the Smart WayBlack Shark 2 rated 9 out of 10

Jul 20, 2019 in Phones Review : Black Shark 2
Gamers, who are on the move, could enjoy this next piece of kit.

review 884979 Salter Loud Digital Kitchen Timer  355 BKXCDSalter Loud TimerSalter Loud Timer rated 8 out of 10

Jul 19, 2019 in Homes and Gardens
The Salter Loud Electronic Timer model 355BKKR will suit those who work in noisy kitchens or are hard of hearing and so have difficulty in hearing other timers.

review 885040 playbrush smart child electric toothbrusToothbrush PlaytimeSignal Playbrush rated 6 out of 10

Jul 18, 2019 in Misc Review : Signal Playbrush
The Playbrush SMART is a product design to make the task of cleaning teeth to be fun and more appealing to young children.

review 884892 Huawei HONOR 20 Dual SIM SmartphonHonor 20 SmartPhoneHonor 20 SmartPhone rated 8 out of 10

Jul 17, 2019 in Phones
It’s unusual for recent SmartPhone launches to be made without review product being available, on one such recent launch I was told ‘next week’ and it has still not arrived, and here in the case of the Honor 20 it was nearly six weeks but it was launched just after a rant by Donald Trump against this phones parent company, still it has now arrived to receive tests over a very short two week timeframe.

review 885039 vizio soundbaAmerican Sound Bar

Jul 16, 2019 in Homes and Gardens Review : Vizio Exertis
Vizio dips its toe into the UK marketplace with the launch of one of its sound bar systems.

review 884851 amazon fire 7 tablet with AlexFire 7 16GB with AlexaFire 7 16GB with Alexa rated 9 out of 10

Jul 15, 2019 in Laptops/PCs/Apple
Recently my review of an 8th Generation Kindle was published and it was something I had not seen for a number of versions. Here another such items a Fire Tablet which I see – over the years - I had tried three previous versions, now it comes with Alexa built in so it is possible to talk to your Tablet. So what exactly has been happening with the Fire Tablet recently?
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