review 886665 OnePlus 7T 8 GB RAM 128 GB UK Android SmartphonOnePlus 7TOnePlus 7T rated 8 out of 10

Dec 6, 2019 in Phones
OnePlus are rapidly becoming a SmartPhone that has new features and pushes the boundaries. In fact a lot of their ‘fans’ will reserve in advance as they are happy with what produced, so what has this latest offering from OnePlus at the top end of mid pieced handsets have to offer.

review 886659 Game Skyland Heart of the MountaiGiant Supported WorldCordelia Games Skyland - Heart of the Mountain rated 6 out of 10

It is a strange, strange world you are about to enter with Skyland - Heart of the Mountain gaming environment.

review 886506 SUNKE001100_Foldable Stick Bluetooth KeyboardFoldable Stick Bluetooth Keyboard rated 8 out of 10

Dec 4, 2019 in Laptops/PCs/Apple
This is a keyboard for those who hate the onscreen keyboard that you get with SmartPhones and Tablets. But it is small in its collapsed dimensions it even has a carry bag and the whole thing is 27x5x3cm and weighs only 228gram including instructions.

review 886658 spyro phone holdeHold the Phone!able Guys Spyro rated 6 out of 10

Dec 3, 2019 in Misc Review : able Guys Spyro
Offering to look after your mobile phone when it is being charged is a purple dragon.

review 886796 Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Electric ToothbrusPhilips Sonicare Diamond Clean ToothbrushPhilips Sonicare Diamond Clean Toothbrush rated 8 out of 10

Dec 2, 2019 in Health and Beauty
With all the advertising on television and magazines I am sure we all know that a powered toothbrush gives better cleaning results than a manual brush. While the whiteness of your smile is important to some, perhaps the most important thing is to have no tooth – or tooth associated – pain.

review 886739 Doro 8080 16 MP Camera SmartphonDoro 8080 smartphone for the elderlyDoro 8080 smartphone for the elderly rated 8 out of 10

Dec 1, 2019 in Phones
The Doro 8080 has been designed to meet the needs of those who want to obtain the benefits of a smartphone but are less familiar with technology

review 886474 The Far Kingdoms Hidden MagiSolving the King's MurderThe Far Kingdom - Hidden Magic Lazy Turtle Games rated 5 out of 10

This next title combines Hidden Object, Match 3 and Card Pairing game play.

review 886504 Google Pixel 4 XPixel 4XL Smart PhonePixel 4XL Smart Phone rated 7 out of 10

Nov 29, 2019 in Phones
Google do not make cheap phones so if you are looking for a bargain buy it’s not here, having said that Google make phones that look good and normally work well, however any phone these days has to be great to get to be the desired one.

review 886475 Libratone ZIPP 2 Smart Wireless SpeakeAll-Round SoundZipp 2 Libratone rated 8 out of 10

Nov 28, 2019 in Wireless Review : Zipp 2 Libratone
Offering to deliver music where ever you go is the next product under review.

review 886505 panda dome advanced securitPanda Dome AdvancedPanda Dome Advanced rated 8 out of 10

Nov 27, 2019 in Software
This is one of several security software products that promise to keep you safe. What each product promises is slightly different so they all have a place according to what you want, here an offering from Panda their Internet Security offering.

review 886473 Game Outlaws Corwins TreasurHunting for TreasureOutlaws - Corwin's Treasure Dreamscape rated 6 out of 10

Be careful what you seek as it could bring more trouble than it is worth.

review 886413 3Doodler Create Plus 3D Printing Pe3Doodler create+3Doodler create+ rated 6 out of 10

Nov 25, 2019 in Misc
This is a pen that allows you to make almost anything in 3D. The illustration on the side of the box can be made in a few minutes others will take a lot longer and maybe even require some artistic talent to create but the basic process is simple.

review 886657 Doro 6620 3G Clamshell mobile phonDoro 6620 clamshell phoneDoro 6620 clamshell phone rated 8 out of 10

Nov 24, 2019 in Phones
The Doro 6620 is an easy-to-use clamshell phone which has been designed to meet the needs of the elderly

review 886338 game wizards quesA Dragon PrinceWizars Quest - Adventure Magnussoft rated 7 out of 10

Be careful what you drink otherwise you could end up like a character in this next game.

review 886232 Skyroam Solis X International Mobile WiFi HotspoSkyroam Solis XSkyroam Solis X rated 9 out of 10

Nov 22, 2019 in Wireless
Mobile Wi-Fi in almost any country, this is what this small orange coloured unit promises. Like the majority of things today it is run from an iOS or Android App. Once the App is downloaded and the Solis is charged a couple of minutes for setup should have you connected anywhere.

review 886336 Thonet and Vander Kurbis BT Bluetooth Bookshelf SpeakerBookshelf SpeakersKurbis Thonets & Vander rated 6 out of 10

Nov 21, 2019 in Misc Review : Kurbis Thonets & Vander
While not a familiar brand to me, the Kurbis is a German speaker system.

review 886344 OPPO Reno2 Z Dual Sim Camera SmartphonOppo Reno2 ZOppo Reno2 Z rated 8 out of 10

Nov 20, 2019 in Phones
Just after my review of the Oppo Reno was published I was invited to the launch of version 2, having checked that these items would be available for review without a long wait I journeyed to East London for the launch event held in Canning Town.

Full Moon TimeWitch Hunter - Full Moon Ceremony rated 6 out of 10

I expect many of you already know of the connection between a coven of witches and the Full Moon. For those who don't I would suggest joining the Witch Hunters and taking a look at the Full Moon Ceremony game

review 886340 Melitta 6767843 AVANZA bean to cup coffeMelitta Bean to Cup Avanza 6767843Melitta Bean to Cup Avanza 6767843 rated 8 out of 10

Nov 18, 2019 in Homes and Gardens
In the morning there are two stimulants to get you out of bed one you will know about as you reach older age -your bladder - and the second the smell of a fresh brewed cup of coffee, even the sound of the beans being ground could do it.

review 886337 Game Stormhill Mystery Family Shadow Reuniting Family MembersStormhill Mystery rated 4 out of 10

Nov 16, 2019 in Entertainment Review : Stormhill Mystery
Bringing dead parents back together is the task set by this next game.

review 886326 Tile Essentials 202Tile to save your sanity

Nov 15, 2019 in Wireless
Where did I - you - put my keys, who has moved my mobile, where is my &*%!ing wallet and many more. Perhaps more importantly you could attach one of these – with their permission – to your cat, dog or tortoise to locate then when they become elusive.

review 886206 Kaspersky Internet SecuritAvoiding Stalkerware

Nov 14, 2019 in Misc Review : Stalkerware Kaspersky
Do you know where you are going or what you are planning to do? I only ask because somebody else might be privy to this information.

review 886412 Google Nest MinGoogle Nest MiniGoogle Nest Mini rated 9 out of 10

Nov 13, 2019 in Homes and Gardens
Early this year I told you about the Google Home Hub, now Google have launched another range of products. I will start with probably the smallest the Google Nest Mini (2nd Generation) that is truly small but it has a big sound with twice the base of the first generation offering.

review 886205 pacum portal vacuum cleaneSaving Storage SpaceMasterspace Pacum rated 6 out of 10

Nov 12, 2019 in Misc Review : Masterspace Pacum
Getting more clothes into a small space is made easier by the next product.

review 886234 McAfee Total Protection 202McAfee Total Protection 2020McAfee Total Protection 2020 rated 8 out of 10

Nov 11, 2019 in Software
A lot of software is sold as a subscription some stop working once the subscription ends other will continue to work with limited functionality which in the case of security software probably means you will soon find you have problems with viruses and other nasty results. So one thing you always keep right up to date should be security software.

review 886377 Epson WorkForce WF 110W mobiler PrinteEpson WF-110W portable business printerEpson WF-110W portable business printer rated 7 out of 10

Nov 10, 2019 in Printers/Scanners
The Epson WF-110W portable colour inkjet printer is not an office printer but a business printer aimed at the business traveller

review 886172 hidden expedition uncharted islands collector_featurAn Enchanted IslandAn Enchanted Island rated 6 out of 10

Nov 9, 2019 in Entertainment
What would you say to a free holiday? Think carefully before you answer.

review 886179 brandochaiBrando Foldable Chair & BackpackBrando Foldable Chair & Backpack rated 8 out of 10

Nov 8, 2019 in Homes and Gardens
This is a foldable chair that fits into the back section of a backpack, it can be used separately from the backpack or still attached to it, so ideal for those journeys on a packed train where you can find a corner but cannot find a seat.

review 886171 Evoluent VerticalMouse A Stand-up MouseBakkerEikhuizenmEvolution D Mouse rated 7 out of 10

Nov 7, 2019 in Misc Review : BakkerEikhuizenmEvolution D Mouse
Is the use of a computer mouse causing pain, then the following might help.

review 886163 Orbitsound ONE P70W V1 Airsound SoundbaOrbitsound One P70W v2Orbitsound One P70W v2 rated 10 out of 10

Nov 6, 2019 in Homes and Gardens
A recent very noisy event at an iconic London institution had me see a range of audio items one such was this soundbar from Orbitsound and if you delve through the Gadgetspeak archives you will find other such reviews from them.
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