review 883078 space invaders arcade 1uStep Back in Time

19 Mar 2019 in Entertainment Review : Aecade1up Cabinets
You may have heard of the golden age of gaming. Now you can experience it for yourself or pay a return visit.

review 882977 Jam Zero Chill Pairable Bluetooth SpeakeJam Zero Chill SpeakerJam Zero Chill Speaker rated 8 out of 10

18 Mar 2019 in Entertainment
A cylindrical speaker with speakers on the side and top, it should withstand some water as getting in to charge it or insert a 3.5mm lead (if not using Bluetooth) is far from easy, to say the base is a tight fit is quite an understatement.

review 883046 Philips 273V7QJAB 27 Inch IPS Full HD MonitoPhilips 273V7Q no-frills 27 inch monitorPhilips 273V7Q no-frills 27 inch monitor rated 8 out of 10

17 Mar 2019 in Laptops/PCs/Apple
The Philips 27 inch monitor 273V7Q is a no frills basic 1920 x 1080 unit offering reasonable performance and so will meet the needs of many users who want to keep their eyes on their budget.

review 882968 Lost Lands Mistakes of the Past Collectors EditioBack to Lost LandsLost Lands: Mistakes of the Past FIVE-BN rated 8 out of 10

This next title comes from that hot bed of creative gaming talent known as FIVE-BN Games.

review 882976 Acer Nitro 5 Gaming NotebooAcer Nitro 5Acer Nitro 5 rated 8 out of 10

15 Mar 2019 in Laptops/PCs/Apple
A powerful Windows 10 notebook for those who still need all the connections yes it even has Ethernet. So suitable for both work and dare I say the word PLAY. This is a solidly constructed offering that may even reduce the need for so many visits to the gym.

review 882967 voxCustomer Rewards

14 Mar 2019 in Misc Review : VOXI Vodafone
One way to stop or reduce customer churn is to offer a reward that will help ensure their loyalty.

review 882978 AOC CQ32G1 31.5 inch Widescreen Curved MonitoAOC 31.5 inch PanelAOC 31 5 inch Panel rated 8 out of 10

13 Mar 2019 in Laptops/PCs/Apple Review : AOC 31 5 inch Panel
A large curved panel is often the solution that may just get a panel to fit a smaller space as the curve allows slightly more to be shown in a smaller desk area. First however your eyes need to discount the fact that the curve is there.

Scammers use Phones

12 Mar 2019 in Phones
Recorded messages are increasingly being used as a scammer's opening gambit to deprive you of money.

review 882908 land rover explore rugged outdoor phonLand Rover PhoneLand Rover Phone rated 8 out of 10

11 Mar 2019 in Phones
Certainly not ‘just another new phone’ this offering is an ‘Adventure’ offering badged Land Rover. While you could use this on your daily commute it would not be getting anywhere near what this off road offering has to offer you.

review 882856 Secret Investigations RevelatioMore Secret InvestigationsSecret Investigations: Revelations rated 4 out of 10

Just over a year ago I took a look at Secret Investigations: Nemesis. Now it is the turn of a follow-up offering in the series. This is Secret Investigations: Revelations.

review 882889 littleBits Base Inventor KilittleBits Base Inventors KitlittleBits Base Inventors Kit rated 8 out of 10

8 Mar 2019 in Entertainment
littleBits link with other littleBits to become bigger bits and for anyone ‘8 Years Plus’ a simple solution to make answers to other problems, ‘start out with a voice activated robotic hand and after that the only limit is your imagination’.

review 882857 Brainwavz Zeta IEM EarbudZeta EarphonesBrainwavz Zeta rated 6 out of 10

7 Mar 2019 in Misc Review : Brainwavz Zeta
Listening to your favourite music can be a personal experience aided by the appropriate equipment.

review 882887 gillette skinguard sensitivGillette Skinguard SensitiveGillette Skinguard Sensitive rated 8 out of 10

6 Mar 2019 in Health and Beauty
When walking through Waterloo station I noticed lots of adverts for a new razor that I have heard nothing about, there was even a pop up barbers salon where willing victims were receiving a shave, so I contacted their PR company and I received a razor and a canister of their new shaving foam so that I could try it myself and then tell you all about it.

review 882855 ID Mobile Data BoosChain Reactions

5 Mar 2019 in Phones Review : Samsung Galaxy S10 ID Mobile
Announcements regarding new products can often result in follow-up news concerning additional offerings from third parties.

review 882727 HANNspree HT248PPB touch screen monitoHannspree HP248 Touch PanelHannspree HP248 Touch Panel rated 8 out of 10

4 Mar 2019 in Laptops/PCs/Apple
This is a compact panel that will turn your PC into a touch PC. Windows 10 was always marketed with the strap line of ‘made for touch’ and while a good number of notebooks have touch built in a far smaller number of Desktop offerings have that ability supplied as standard.

review 882740 Dead Link Pages TorMystery of Grace ManorDead Link Pages Torn Phime rated 6 out of 10

Classified as a Hidden Object Mystery game, Dead LinkPages Torn, has been developed by Phime. The game opens with a disturbing scene as a young woman is captured when taking a late night run through the countryside. Fortunately this video sequence can be skipped in order to move on to the main title screen.

review 882726 Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 android smart phonMi Mix 3 SmartPhoneMi Mix 3 SmartPhone rated 8 out of 10

1 Mar 2019 in Phones
Having recently told you about another SmartPhone from this company, here – their latest – has landed on my desk. Anything designed by Phillipe Starck is always eye catching; an early DAB radio was his work and still sits on my bedside table in daily use.

review 882739 Huawei P Smart 201Huawei P Smart 2019Vodafone Huawei P Smaer 2019 rated 7 out of 10

28 Feb 2019 in Phones Review : Vodafone Huawei P Smaer 2019
Continuing my look at various handsets, it is the turn of a Huawei offering.

review 882725 SanDisk Ultra 16 GB Dual USB Flash DrivSanDisk 16GB Dual USB DriveSanDisk 16GB Dual USB Drive rated 8 out of 10

27 Feb 2019 in Misc
While a proportion of the latest SmartPhones have USB ‘C’ connections there are still a good number of new phones arriving with Micro USB connectors so this latest device to cross my desk from SanDisk still has a place for lots of people.

Manchester Goes 5G

The arrival of 5G technology is underway as testing begins in earnest and Manchester by Vodafone.

review 882619 Philips 349X7FJEW 34 Inch HDMI Curved FreeSync WQHD MonitoPhilips large curved panelPhilips large curved panel rated 8 out of 10

25 Feb 2019 in Laptops/PCs/Apple
A 34inch curved panel is large and probably larger than most TV’s of a couple of years ago. However the 3440x1440 display makes it a joy to look at. It supports two screens in side by side display using PeP or the second screen top right with PiP.

review 882614 hamleyToy Time Playtime

23 Feb 2019 in Misc Review : Hamleys Sprint Half Term
With a school time half term coming up, this might offer advice where to pass the time.

review 882618 Huawei P Smart 2K FullView SmartphonHuawei P smart 2019Huawei P smart 2019 rated 8 out of 10

22 Feb 2019 in Phones
It is not often that I review the same phone twice; however a lot has changed in this offering since my initial review last May. So it’s probably best to call this a new phone that just happens to have the same name as an earlier version.

Of Love and Scams.

21 Feb 2019 in Misc Review : Kaspersky ESET Scams
Computers are meant to help us but often they help others to help themselves.

review 882617 Xiaomi Mi Electric Toothbrush WhitConnected ToothbrushConnected Toothbrush rated 8 out of 10

20 Feb 2019 in Health and Beauty
While it is not the first toothbrush that uses the airwaves to store brushing results that has resided in my bathroom it is the first such device intended for adults. It comes from a company whose main lines are in the connected home.

Developing Office Trends

19 Feb 2019 in Misc Review : Workthere Office technology
As technology spreads from the Office to the Home, what can we expect?

review 882496 Lippa Tea InfuseTea InfuserTea Infuser rated 6 out of 10

18 Feb 2019 in Misc
Tea used to be a very expensive substance, and a couple of centuries ago was always kept under lock and key and mixed at the table by the lady of the house, normally a mixture of green and black teas. Then half way through the last century the tea bag was invented. Even today there are still a minority who prefer leaf tea and here a device that allows leaf tea mixed in the cup with the convenience of a tea bag.

review 882539 Brother HL L3270CDW Colour Laser PrinteBrother HL-L3270CDW colour printer Brother HL-L3270CDW colour printer  rated 8 out of 10

17 Feb 2019 in Printers/Scanners
This A4 colour desktop LED printer is a versatile workhorse that will meet the needs of the small office or, for example, the busy student who needs to print out essays or lab reports.

review 882495 Google Pixel 3 XL Android Smart PhonPixel 3 XL from VodafonePixel 3 XL from Vodafone rated 8 out of 10

15 Feb 2019 in Phones
This is an Android phone produced by Google. It is not a cheap phone as the Google Pixel brand only seems to do quality offerings and it is also no surprise to me that is was one of the first to get Android 9 as its operating system.

review 882497 Amazon Fire Stick HD 4K UltrFire 4K TV StickFire 4K TV Stick rated 7 out of 10

13 Feb 2019 in Entertainment
First a big thank you to Cello for extending the loan of their recently reviewed TV that has enabled both this and the other 4K box recently reviewed so as to get the best from anything with ‘4K’ in the name is something that will display ‘4K’.
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