review 881910 gems of magic gamThe Lost FamilyGems of Magic - The Lost Family Graphian rated 6 out of 10

The Fuzzy family needs help. Are you up to the task?

review 881900 Devolo Magic 2 Wi F Powerline Home NetworDevolo Magic 2 Whole Home Wi-Fi KitDevolo Magic 2 Whole Homw Wi-Fi Kit rated 8 out of 10

Power over Wi-Fi, range extenders and Wi-Fi Extenders are all ways to allow you to get a signal where you may not be able to do so normally, here an offering from Devolo called Magic 2 to allow places that otherwise would need a carrier pigeon to get information in or out help to allow you to stay in touch. Be it loft or basement you can now have connection.

review 881909 rubiks battle card gamA Battle of CardsKubik Battle rated 6 out of 10

17 Jan 2019 in Entertainment Review : Kubik Battle
Even 45 years later, the Rubik effect continues to be felt.

review 881702 AOC 27E1H 27 Inch Widescreen IPS LED MonitoAOC 27E1H 27inch MonitorAOC budget 27inch Panel rated 8 out of 10

Not everyone can afford all the bells and whistles available from top of the range panels, so here a basic offering that still offers a good sharp image and it is of course flicker free to give an excellent panel available at a budget price.

review 881907 ESET LOGA Word of Warning

15 Jan 2019 in Misc Review : ESET New Year Resolution
It is that time of year when many people decide on a route to improve their lifestyle but some care should be taken.

review 881701 ROXI Music SysteRoxi JukeboxRoxi Jukebox rated 8 out of 10

14 Jan 2019 in Entertainment
A streaming service for more than just music as you listen via a small box and either input to your TV or from the 3.5mm port on the back of the box to external speakers, it is also possible to listen via a soundbar connected to your TV.

review 881766 Hidden Object Stories 5 in A Hidden Object BundleHidden Object Stories 5-in-1 rated 5 out of 10

With a bargain basement approach, this next offering consists of five separate titles.

review 881699 Toshiba N300 8TB NAS Toshiba 8TB Drive N300Toshiba 8TB Drive N300 rated 8 out of 10

11 Jan 2019 in Laptops/PCs/Apple
While a 1TB hard drive for a decent desktop machine is now the norm larger drives are available and as the size of the machine gets smaller a second drive bay gets rarer so having multiple partitions may be the way to go with a single larger drive. However with Windows making the formatting of anything over 2TB more difficult this 8TB offering may be more for those with more specialised uses.

review 881765 Edifier R1580MB Active 2 Studio Bookshelf Speaker SysteMultimedia SpeakersEdifier R1580MB rated 9 out of 10

10 Jan 2019 in Entertainment Review : Edifier R1580MB
Edifier continues to offer a choice of speaker systems.

review 881700 OnePlus 6T 8 GB RAOnePlus 6TOnePlus 6T rated 8 out of 10

9 Jan 2019 in Phones
Early in 2018 One Plus 6 had a worldwide launch for their flagship new phone in the Olympic Park in Stratford, here a phone from OnePlus 6 with an added ‘T’ that has a lot of the features but at around half the price.

review 881767 RevoNext QT3 Quad Driver In Ear HiFi EarphoneQuad Drive Ear PieceRevoNext RN-QT3 rated 7 out of 10

8 Jan 2019 in Homes and Gardens Review : RevoNext RN-QT3
Swedish by design and Chinese by manufacture deliver a set of earphones.

review 881698 Acer Swift 7 SF714 51T NotebooAcer Swift 7Acer Swift 7 rated 8 out of 10

7 Jan 2019 in Laptops/PCs/Apple
One of the latest batch of notebooks to come on the market from Acer and not only is it powerful but has the absolutely latest version of Windows 10 that is V1809. Another of the recent inclusions is just USB ‘C’ ports on the unit. However for those that still need standard USB2 and USB3 an adapter unit is supplied in the box to attach.

review 881467 game Heart of Moon The Mask of SeasonMask of SeasonsUNIKGAME Heart of Moon 0 Mask of Seasons rated 8 out of 10

Are you up to the task of completing 200 levels of Match 3?

review 881524 Multi Function Pliers with LED LighMulti ToolMulti Tool rated 8 out of 10

4 Jan 2019 in Misc
I am sure we all have all the devices – and more – available as single tools, however in this small multi tool offering, but when you need them can they be instantly located. You are more likely to find them if located on your keyring and this comes with such a ring attached.

review 881465 xiaomi mi pocophone F1 android smartphonPocophone SmartphoneXiaomi Pocophone F1 rated 8 out of 10

3 Jan 2019 in Phones Review : Xiaomi Pocophone F1
With its new UK store and plenty of new products, Xiaomi has been busy of late.

review 881522 Wahl Aqua Blade TrimmeWAHL Hair TrimmerWAHL Hair Trimmer rated 8 out of 10

2 Jan 2019 in Homes and Gardens
A visit to a barber between Liverpool Street and Old Street for a totally new brand to me had a presentation for a 99 year old company found me leaving after a very pleasant haircut from a barber at a shop called Ruffians and with a sample of the WAHL hair trimmer to try out in my own home, and before you ask the barber did use one for part of the haircut.

review 881466 Soundcore Life 2 Over Ear Headphones Active Noise CancellatioSoundcore Life 2Anjer Soundcore Life 2 rated 8 out of 10

This next headset combines Bluetooth, Noise Cancelling and Hi-Res delivery at a sub £80 price point.

review 881523 Time2 Rotating Home Security CamerTime2 OliviaTime2 Olivia rated 8 out of 10

31 Dec 2018 in Health and Beauty
A Wi-Fi security camera from Time2, this is an internal offering but I see this range of releases also has an external offering that I shall ask to look at when this one returns home. So what can this camera offer to help secure your home?

review 881468 ttec trio chargePower in your pocket

30 Dec 2018 in Misc
Cygnett’s ChargeUp Boost and ttec’s PowerStones Trio each offer a different approach to ensuring that you have backup power for you mobile when you need it.

review 881400 game Jewel Match NaturescapeRestoring a WorldSuricate Software Jewel Match Naturescape rated 9 out of 10

How are your Match 3 game playing skills? You will need them as you set about restoring your world.

review 881419 solo elite backpacLarge Backpack VAR702Large Backpack VAR702 rated 8 out of 10

28 Dec 2018 in Misc
The Ultimate Carryall, Elite Backpack, and now it’s actual name Solo New York and as we all know everything in New York is big and this backpack is no exception, perhaps so good they named it three times is slight overkill but your laptop and much more will all fit inside.

review 881402 Edifier W800BT Wired and Wiresless HeadphoneBluetooth HeadphonesEdifier W800BT rated 8 out of 10

27 Dec 2018 in Misc Review : Edifier W800BT
With its expertise in developing speakers, it is not surprising Edifier also develops headphones.

review 881378 travel iroTravel IronTravel Iron rated 7 out of 10

26 Dec 2018 in Misc
Occasionally I get the chance to stay in what is called a four - or even - five star hotel for a night and quite often I am left amazed as to how far standards have dropped, for instance finding a stained ironing board and iron in the wardrobe so when the opportunity to review a small traveling iron came up I said yes please.

review 881401 alcatel series 1 mobile phonAlcatel SmartphoneTCL Alcatel 1 rated 6 out of 10

25 Dec 2018 in Phones Review : TCL Alcatel 1
A smartphone costing under £60 is the subject of this next review.

review 881379 Kaspersky Security Cloud familKaspersky Security Cloud FamilyKaspersky Security Cloud Family rated 8 out of 10

24 Dec 2018 in Software
A recent visit to what used to be a very run down area near Paddington found lots of new offices off a busy main road with what I assume was a small river or canal running through all very upmarket. My meeting was with a top man from Kaspersky Labs to chat about the latest threats that affect us all even if all we have is a PC or mobile phone.

review 881392 AOC 27P1 27 inch HD LED monitoAOC 27P1 27 inch business monitorAOC 27P1 27 inch business monitor rated 8 out of 10

23 Dec 2018 in Laptops/PCs/Apple
The 27P1 is AOC’s universal 27 inch business monitor. It has the features and facilities that businesses want today and, at the same time, can still be used as a replacement for legacy monitors.

review 881307 Leapfrog LeapStart 3LeapStart 3D!Leap Frog Lea[Start 3D rated 7 out of 10

22 Dec 2018 in Entertainment Review : !Leap Frog Lea[Start 3D
Is it an electronic book? Or is it a carry case? No it is Leap Frog’s new learning tool.

review 881292 Huawei Mate 20 Pro 128 GB Android Smart PhonHuawei Mate20 ProHuawei Mate20 Pro rated 8 out of 10

21 Dec 2018 in Phones
A trip to London’s Excel saw the world launch along with about 2000 others from around the planet of the latest flagship phone from Huawei, the Mate20 Pro. Apart from being that bit faster, larger screen and better featured this offered new features including AI effects as well as having no less than three Leica cameras in a square section on its rear.

review 881306 Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Wristband activity trackeChecking your Fitness!Xaiomi Band 3 rated 6 out of 10

20 Dec 2018 in Misc Review : !Xaiomi Band 3
Technology can help with your fitness by using an appropriate device.

review 881376 CYGNETT USB C 20000MAH BATTERCygnett PowerBank ChargeUp Pro 20KCygnett PowerBank ChargeUp Pro 20K rated 8 out of 10

19 Dec 2018 in Entertainment
Not just another PowerBank but one with enough power to charge a mid-sized Notebook or Tablet so whatever the length of time it can go without slurping up mains power can now be at least doubled by the addition of this offering from Cygnett.
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