Tell us about your wi-fi set-up or why you have or are looking to invest in a DAB radio?

890905 Devolo Wi Fi AC REPEATEDevolo WiFi ac Repeater +

Published in Wireless by paul_smart on Jan 4, 2021
If you have weak Wi-Fi or even parts that have no Wi-Fi then Devolo have solutions that can help. Here I am looking at an add on a new version of their Wi-Fi repeater. So even if you have a good signal at your Modem then this could help for the places that have less good signals.

890720 ELAN CONNECT Plus All In One Stereo Internet RadiPure Elan Connect+

Published in Wireless by paul_smart on Dec 16, 2020
This is a small stereo unit that can run on mains or batteries. It is not only a DAB and FM radio but also an Internet radio and Bluetooth set of speakers. So what has Pure the biggest name in DAB radios got to offer for those who want the option of using their unit both in home/office and outside?

890671 D Link DIR X1860 EXO AX1800 Wi Fi 6 Router with Gigabit EtherneWiFi 6 Router

Published in Wireless by mfereday on Nov 19, 2020
Offering a range of improvement in regards to performance and facilities, D-Link has released a new router.

890191 Trust Eaze Bluetooth HeadphoneWireless Headphones

Published in Wireless by mfereday on Oct 1, 2020
When travelling on a very long journey these headphones could let you listen to your favourite music from start to finish.

890013 owl labs Meeting Owl PrClosed Circuit Communication

Published in Wireless by mfereday on Sep 10, 2020
As you gather round the table in order to view and chat to others many miles away and this next product could help.

889875 Helium LongFi HotspoHelium Hotspot

Published in Wireless by paul_smart on Sep 7, 2020
Normally writing this first paragraph is easy, it just explains very briefly what the item being reviewed is, be it software, hardware, something for the home, something for the office or even something for the children. This box connects to the Internet using your modem but it is not exactly a router, it’s really for the Internet of Things, any wiser?

Echo Dot with Clock

Published in Wireless by mfereday on Apr 2, 2020
Meeting up with Alexa certainly opened several doors to ways of doing things.

Wireless Car Mount

Published in Wireless by mfereday on Mar 31, 2020
Providing the means to position a smartphone in a vehicle is a device from Groov-e.

888092 Edifier TWS1 True Wireless Bluetooth APTX EarbudWireless Earbuds

Published in Wireless by mfereday on Feb 27, 2020
Usually with Edifier products I check out speakers but this time the product is a set of personal earbuds.

887719 padmate pamu scroll earbudPaMu Scroll Earbuds

Published in Wireless by mfereday on Jan 23, 2020
Winging its way from China comes a set of Bluetooth earbuds with its own charging case

887241 Devolo Magic 2 LAN Triple   Powerline Starter KiDevolo Magic 2

Published in Wireless by paul_smart on Dec 30, 2019
It would be nice if we could all sit right beside our modem as that is the point where - however good or bad our signal is – it is at the maximum we will get. If you use Wi-Fi then any distance will mean a drop in signal strength. One choice that will work – even in far flung areas where Wi-Fi is poor or non-existent – is power through mains plugs.

887176 Cyrus soundBuds True Wireless Stereo In Ear Audiophile EarphonePrivate Listening

Published in Wireless by mfereday on Dec 19, 2019
Using wireless technology, this next product should be fine for relaxing listening and while exercising.

887110 Google Nest RouteNest Wi-Fi Router & Point

Published in Wireless by paul_smart on Dec 18, 2019
If your Wi-Fi is slow – or even non existent – in the further flung places of your home then you are likely to need a ‘Point’ which duplicates the signal once linked to the ‘Router’. The ‘Router’ sits beside your modem, and the ‘Point’ at a place where it pumps up the signal to reach those places that otherwise will not get a sufficient signal.

887121 Pure StreamR Portable Wireless Digital Radio SpeakePure StreamR

Published in Wireless by paul_smart on Dec 16, 2019
This is a DAB and FM radio with presets, it is also a speaker for those who want output from the ‘Aux’ input plus it also has ‘Alexa’ built in. This oval unit has another big plus the ability to run from its internal battery for up to fifteen hours.

886475 Libratone ZIPP 2 Smart Wireless SpeakeAll-Round Sound

Published in Wireless by mfereday on Nov 28, 2019
Offering to deliver music where ever you go is the next product under review.

886232 Skyroam Solis X International Mobile WiFi HotspoSkyroam Solis X

Published in Wireless by paul_smart on Nov 22, 2019
Mobile Wi-Fi in almost any country, this is what this small orange coloured unit promises. Like the majority of things today it is run from an iOS or Android App. Once the App is downloaded and the Solis is charged a couple of minutes for setup should have you connected anywhere.

886326 Tile Essentials 202Tile to save your sanity

Published in Wireless by paul_smart on Nov 15, 2019
Where did I - you - put my keys, who has moved my mobile, where is my &*%!ing wallet and many more. Perhaps more importantly you could attach one of these – with their permission – to your cat, dog or tortoise to locate then when they become elusive.

886033 D Link DIR%E2%80%911960 EXO AC1900 Smart Mesh Wi%E2%80%91Fi RouteA D-Link Router

Published in Wireless by mfereday on Oct 31, 2019
When playing games there is a wide virtual world out there accessible with an appropriate router.

885662 Zyxel Multy X Tri Band AC3000 Whole Home Wi Fi Mesh SysteZyxel Multy WiFi

Published in Wireless by adrianmorant on Sep 29, 2019
The Zyxel Multy WiFi system has been designed to provide enhanced wireless coverage over an area of up to 4,500 sq. ft.

885592 D Link DCS 2670L Full HD 180 Degree Outdoor Wi%E2%80%91Fi CamerD-Link Outdoor Camera

Published in Wireless by paul_smart on Sep 13, 2019
Having recently told you about a camera that looks like the Star Trek R2D2 droid that is stated as usable outside here a real outdoor offering that needs mains power and possibly Ethernet – read on to find out why I say possibly – or Bluetooth but it can also work indoors.

884689 Ring Stick Up Cam Battery HD Security CamerRing Stick Up Cam Battery

Published in Wireless by paul_smart on Jul 3, 2019
This camera can work indoors or outdoors, possible advantages of the ‘battery’ version over the ‘wired’ version is that you do not need to drill a hole through an external wall; another is that if placed on a shelf it is quickly relocatable.

884317 Arlo Pro 2 Wireless Home Security Camera SysteArlo Pro2 Camera and Base Station

Published in Wireless by paul_smart on June 5, 2019
I recently told you about two accessories the Arlo Doorbell and Arlo Chime that work via an Arlo Base Station and that comes with the HD wireless camera that is what I looking at in this review as well as the all-important Base Station.

884057 ZyXEL Multy Mesh RouterZyxel Multy U

Published in Wireless by paul_smart on May 17, 2019
Often a tall or wide building has problems receiving a Wi-Fi signal from a single point, one solution is power over Ethernet giving a connection to a loft or other far flung place but this could still cause problems with anything that is handheld as signals can be lost. Another possible solution is what I am looking at here Zyxel Multi U.

883985 F Secure FCHXBRQN001G2 SENSE secure routeMaking Protection Sense

Published in Wireless by mfereday on May 7, 2019
Some of us reside in an environment that could be best referred to as one that is based on the Internet of Things (IoT) with interactive devices everywhere.

883813 Netgear TP Link AC750 Dual Band Wi Fi Travel RouteA TP-Link Router

Published in Wireless by mfereday on May 2, 2019
With 5 antennas and a slot for SIM card entry, this router caught my attention.

883527 WD My Passport SSD Portable StoragMy Passport Goes Wireless

Published in Wireless by mfereday on Apr 13, 2019
Whether Brexit goes through or not, a passport will be required.

883362 thumbsup Unicorn Wireless ChargeUnicorn Power Charging

Published in Wireless by mfereday on Apr 2, 2019
Mixing a mythical past with modern technology.

Manchester Goes 5G

Published in Wireless by mfereday on Feb 26, 2019
The arrival of 5G technology is underway as testing begins in earnest and Manchester by Vodafone.
Power over Wi-Fi, range extenders and Wi-Fi Extenders are all ways to allow you to get a signal where you may not be able to do so normally, here an offering from Devolo called Magic 2 to allow places that otherwise would need a carrier pigeon to get information in or out help to allow you to stay in touch. Be it loft or basement you can now have connection.

880439 brando Remote Weather Station Alarm ClocBrando Weather Station

Published in Wireless by paul_smart on Oct 10, 2018
While most will know Brando for ‘Everything USB’ they do have other items in their portfolio and here is one a Weather Station complete with an external measure and a plus point over lots of others the internal unit can be both wireless and wired.