Tell us about your wi-fi set-up or why you have or are looking to invest in a DAB radio?

878737 moshi twilight sleep storieA Book at Bedtime

Published in Wireless by mfereday on 26 May 2018
Are you sitting comfortably? Then let me tell you a story to help ease your journey on the road to slumber.

877806 devolo dLAN 1200 triple+ Powerline adaptedevolo dLAN 1200 triple+

Published in Wireless by paul_smart on 2 Mar 2018
Where Wi-Fi cannot reach there is an alternative to a very long Ethernet lead and that is using power sockets to transfer the signals. Providing the router and the external point are on the same ring main you can get a strong signal it could be your basement, loft or garage.

876296 qabuQobuz (part 2)

Published in Wireless by paul_smart on 29 Oct 2017
Early in the summer I told you about what Qobuz expected and now after a few months of regular use I can tell you about what I have experienced, and, also what a rare answer from Qobuz has had to say to some of my concerns.

875822 Amazon Echo Dot 2nd GeneratioEcho Dot from Amazon

Published in Wireless by paul_smart on 22 Oct 2017
This is a small flat circular device that you talk to – and it can talk back – it can also give you information and even play music from a range of sources. Other joys it can tell you time and set alarms to wake you so ‘Alexa’ from Amazon is here.
This is a Bluetooth tube speaker with bright green ends all round speakers and black rubber sides. None of that really matters as turn it on to a music source of your choice and marvel at the sounds coming from the unit then play the same music through your Notebooks speakers, it’s no contest this unit from Braven is a winner.

875525 Edifier R1010BT 4 inch Bluetooth Wireless SpeakerBookshelf Speaker System

Published in Wireless by mfereday on 19 Sep 2017
With a model number that has a binary feel, this next product offers dual speaker connectivity.

875448 Roberts Radio ORTUS1BK DAB Alarm Clock RadiRoberts Ortus 3

Published in Wireless by paul_smart on 6 Sep 2017
It’s been a couple of years since I have been offered a Roberts DAB radio to review. While I have looked at offerings from other manufacturers the Roberts units have not been available. This I assume was down to the excellent PR lady I have been in contact with for some years moving on.

875304 Sandberg 126 01 Blue Storm Wireless HeadseDelivering a Blue Storm

Published in Wireless by mfereday on 2 Sep 2017
After a number of in-ear products, this next listening device is of the over-the-ear offering.

875302 f secure sense IoT Internet routeRouter Protection

Published in Wireless by mfereday on 31 Aug 2017
Just how smart is smart? Your home may contain any number of devices that claim to be smart but do you really trust them to respond in an appropriate manner when they receive instructions, especially when the instructions emanate remotely from an outside source not under your control. It could happen.

875080 flic bluetooth remote control buttoAutomated Tasks

Published in Wireless by mfereday on 19 Aug 2017
At the flick of a button or press of a finger, you can automate different tasks that make up your everyday life using this next product.

875042 alba mono dab radiAlba DAB/FM Radio from Argos

Published in Wireless by paul_smart on 11 Aug 2017
This is a small Mono DAB/FM from Alba a budget brand now sold by Argos. So what can you expect without having to spend that much money? The first surprise for me was that it is both mains and battery operated so immediately a plus.

874869 Fresh n Rebel Rockbox Cube FabriA Small Basic Speaker

Published in Wireless by mfereday on 29 Jul 2017
Recently available from Vodafone is a small Bluetooth speaker.

873992 NETGEAR AC810 100EUS Aircard Wi Fi Mobile Broadband HotspoPersonal Portable Hotspot

Published in Wireless by mfereday on 1 June 2017
Carrying a WiFi hotspot is your pocket is made possible by this next device.

873503 Edifier MP700 RAVE Bluetooth ActivA Retro Look

Published in Wireless by mfereday on 13 May 2017
As part of Edifier’s extensive range of speaker products, the company’s MP700 model features a retro look.

872963 Bang & Olufsen BeoSound A Wall of Sound

Published in Wireless by mfereday on 8 Apr 2017
News has just filtered through regarding a new wireless speaker system soon to be made available. This is the innovatively named BeoSound Shape product which promises to combine high quality sound with a unique customisable design concept suitable for different environments.

872837 Audeara headphoneMedical Designed Headphones

Published in Wireless by mfereday on 6 Apr 2017
Adding to the range of wearable devices is news of a new type of headphones coming from Australia.

872700 Arlo Pro Security System Rechargeable Wire Free HD CamerWire-Free Security Camera

Published in Wireless by mfereday on 1 Apr 2017
NETGEAR continues to develop its Arlo home security systems with the release of its Pro product.

872698 Edifier MP233 portable bluetooth speakerEdifier Goes Portable

Published in Wireless by mfereday on 28 Mar 2017
Adding to its range of speakers, Edifier has delivered a Bluetooth portable speaker with microSD capability.

872306 D Link DCH 107KT mydlink Smart Home Security KiHome Protection Kit

Published in Wireless by mfereday on 14 Mar 2017
As your most expensive possession, your home can be vulnerable unless securely protected.

872172 Netatmo Healthy Home Coach Smart Indoor Climate MonitoHealthy Home Living

Published in Wireless by mfereday on 4 Mar 2017
While the majority of Smart Home devices I get to look at tend to concentrate their functionality on the various aspects of home security, a new offering from Netatmo is more concerned with health issues. This product is the appropriately entitled Healthy Home Coach.

872173 Sengled Snap E27 IP camera light bulShining a Light on Security

Published in Wireless by mfereday on 2 Mar 2017
Offering to light up the issue of home security is a product from Sengled.

872127 Polk BOOM Bit Clip On Bluetooth SpeakeA Wearable Speaker

Published in Wireless by mfereday on 23 Feb 2017
It is time for a “bit” of music with this next product from Polk Boom.

871963 Edifier MP280 Bluetooth Active SpeakeAll-Round Bluetooth

Published in Wireless by mfereday on 16 Feb 2017
It is cylindrical, comes in a choice of colours and provides a Bluetooth experience in the round and it has been developed by Edifier.

871965 Polk Swimmer DUSwimmer Duo

Published in Wireless by mfereday on 14 Feb 2017
Back in the day products came with comprehensive documentation but today it is different.

871994 LIDL Security CamerLIDL Security Camera

Published in Wireless by paul_smart on 6 Feb 2017
IP surveillance cameras can be expensive so when LIDL brings one out at under £60 it is certainly worth taking a look. This camera can be connected by Ethernet or Wi-FI and everything you need – apart from a drill and screwdriver – are in the box.

871854 NETGEAR R7800 100UKS Nighthawk X4S AC260AC2600 Smart WiFi Router

Published in Wireless by mfereday on 31 Jan 2017
The NETGEAR Nighthawk X4S is an AC2600 Smart WiFi router. I have been looking at the latest R7800 model of this particular device. It offers the user quad-stream X4S architecture for use with advanced gaming and streaming features on your LAN.

871738 Tabcat Pack Cat TrackeTab Cat Track your Cat

Published in Wireless by paul_smart on 29 Jan 2017
Dogs give you loyalty, cats stay with you if they want to, and while you say you own a cat it might be more accurate to say you have a cat that spends time with you, as unless he/she never leaves the home you never know what else it does and where, that is until now.

871317 skullcandy barricade speaker bluetootSkullcandy Barricade XL

Published in Wireless by mfereday on 5 Jan 2017
I usually tend to think of headphones when the topic of Skullcandy and its product line-up is broached but this is not the only type of audio product produced by the company. Rather than purely personal listening devices, such as the Crusher headphones, Skullcandy also manufactures speakers for a wider audio output distribution. One such product is the Barricade XL which is the subject of this next review.

871000 netgear orbi wifi networOrbi from Netgear

Published in Wireless by paul_smart on 21 Dec 2016
If I said Master Socket few would know I was referring to how your Ethernet connection should be connected, if you have problems with slow speed or lots of time your line drops it’s the first thing the phone engineer will talk about.
This is a small Bluetooth speaker from a company with a good reputation for sound quality. However they also have another less desirable reputation – for me anyway - that of their boxes having to be destroyed to get the contents out of them.