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896424 WITHINGS ScanWatch 2 Heart Health Hybrid SmartwatcWithings Scan Watch 2

Published in Mobile Tech by paul_smart on Nov 22, 2023
This is far more than a Smart Watch it could perhaps with careful use save your life. The original Smart Watches had some health details, a Scan Watch goes further and now the Scan Watch 2 is more like a doctors surgery on your wrist.

895522 Cambridge Audio Melomania Touch Wireless EarbudMelomania Touch

Published in Mobile Tech by mfereday on Aug 13, 2022
You shall have music where ever you go with a smartphone and a set of Cambridge Audio ear-buds.

894887 Vodafone Neo, the kids smart watcNeo Smart Kids Watch

Published in Mobile Tech by paul_smart on Dec 22, 2021
Want to stay in contact to your young child but do not want to risk them losing a phone? The answer may be this Disney offering from Vodafone that links to an app in your phone your child can message or even phone you via an eSIM in the watch but they cannot access the Internet or other places so this maybe a step to independence for them before you finally give in and let them have a phone.

894759 Fossil Men's GEN 6 Touchscreen SmartwatcFossil Gen 6 SmartWatch

Published in Mobile Tech by paul_smart on Nov 1, 2021
Gen 6 is the latest range of SmartWatches from Fossil. This offering has touch screen and three buttons on the right side and it can do almost anything once connected to your SmartPhone and indeed you could spend a lot of time getting to the screen you want to get to but sad to say so far it has stubbornly refused to make the coffee.

892192 snapwatcSnapwatch for kids

Published in Mobile Tech by paul_smart on Oct 11, 2021
Teaching a child to tell the time with an analogue watch/clock is not easy. I remember a comedy sketch done by the brilliant Dave Allen when he was desperately trying to teach a young child to tell the time using a conventional clock I have found a video of it link at the end, the punch line was he gave up and gave the child a digital watch, here something better as this just hugs the wrist like a bracelet with no strap to do up.

891860 buddyphones school plus wirelesHeadphones for Kids

Published in Mobile Tech by mfereday on Aug 5, 2021
If you are looking for something that is kid-safe, kid-proof and kid-friendly then this next product might fit the bill.

Huawei Harmony

Published in Mobile Tech by mfereday on June 8, 2021
As restrictions are eased and life begins to revert to a more normal existence, here is some news from Huawei.

891496 Limited Edition Solar Digital BluFossil LE Solar Watch

Published in Mobile Tech by paul_smart on May 19, 2021
This latest offering from Fossil is a Solar Watch. Unless you live permanently in a darkened cave thinking about winding it up should never enter your mind. It was produced for Earth Day which for those who do not know was the 22nd of April. It is stated that eight hours of sunlight should power it for up to six weeks of continuous use and it can retain charge for three months.

891521 HONOR Band 6 SmartWatch Fitness TrackeHonor Band 6-18E

Published in Mobile Tech by paul_smart on May 5, 2021
This is a watch although Honor call it a Band. In fact it is far more than a method of telling the time as it tells you your heart rate and a great deal more. In fact it does more than my own watch that is four times the price of this unit.
I see quite a lot of ladies wearing large watches so this could be considered a unisex offering. However my wrist is not particularly small and I needed to take a link out of the strap to be able to place this near my wrist bone without the removal of it the watch had to be nearer my elbow so a lady may need to take more links out of the strap.

891254 icy black snapwatcSnap the Time

Published in Mobile Tech by mfereday on Mar 9, 2021
Not everybody requires a watch that can do everything including impressive friends.

891149 Skagen Jorn Hybrid HR SmartwatcSkagen Hybrid HR Watch

Published in Mobile Tech by paul_smart on Feb 22, 2021
While this is a Smart Watch it can also be a standard watch but it has a battery that may only need recharging around once in two weeks. However link it to your mobile phone and you can get all sorts of notifications, play music and even view your favourite Apps and still have a standard watch face should you wish, or let it tell you far more.
A watch used to be for telling you the time, now lots do far more. This top of the range one from Polar does so much that there are no less than ten screens on the watch and when you sync the data you realise that what you saw on the watch was only a small proportion of the data it is keeping.

890172 Honor Watch EHonor Watch ES

Published in Mobile Tech by paul_smart on Oct 12, 2020
Although this does not have ‘Smart’ in its name it is far more than just a watch it is taking your pulse counting your steps and is the first watch I have used that tells you your blood oxygen saturation and of course it also tells you the time.

889064 Skagen Touchscreen SmartwatchSkagen Falster 3 Smart Watch

Published in Mobile Tech by paul_smart on June 19, 2020
Having recently told you about a conventional watch whose straps are made from recycled plastic and the watch is solar powered. Here we are right up to date with a Smart Watch that can do almost everything while linked to your SmartPhone, so far I have discovered 16 different faces for the watch, some just tell the time others do much more with the Wear OS App.

888964 Limited Edition Solar Watch Box SeFossil Solar Watch

Published in Mobile Tech by paul_smart on May 29, 2020
While a lot of people totally rely on their phone to know the time I am not one of them I still prefer a watch. This offering from Fossil is made with around sixteen recycled plastic bottles that go to make up the five straps supplied with the watch. The watch itself has an outer ring that is a solar cell so this and other things help protect the planet.

884588 kindle ebook reader 8th generatio8th Generation Kindle

Published in Mobile Tech by paul_smart on Jul 1, 2019
I must be getting old as I remember the very first Kindle. These days so many people are reading them on the bus or train, what you rarely see is a real book being read. The kindle of course has a huge advantage over a book be it hardback or paperback in that they weigh even less and for good measure you do not have to turn over the corner of a page it knows where you got to.

882177 oaxis analog smart watcWatch your Health

Published in Mobile Tech by mfereday on Jan 29, 2019
Well-known for its work in the development of E ink display phone cases, Oaxis the award-winning technology company, has branched out with its product line up. This new addition, launched via the Kickstarter route, is entitled Timepiece with a price tag of £95 for Early Bird backers.

879967 Meeting Owl 360 Degree Video Conference CamerMeeting Owl Conference Camera

Published in Mobile Tech by paul_smart on Aug 20, 2018
A couple of days before the UK launch I was invited to a breakfast briefing in a swish Kensington hotel to see this conference room camera in action. It is designed for a meeting of between say five and ten people and also remote connections can connect to become part of the meeting. I emphasize part of the meeting as normal conference room cameras do not do this.

878287 Dot Creativity Kit by Wonder WorkshoDot Creativity Kit

Published in Mobile Tech by paul_smart on Apr 2, 2018
Having recently told you about CUE also a fun coding solution for older children here I regress slightly to tell you about an offering for children from six years upwards. This one is called DOT, again a Robot for the child to control.

877170 nokia steel hr fitness trackeNokia Targets Health

Published in Mobile Tech by mfereday on Dec 26, 2017
Tucked away on your wrist, this Nokia device can check on various health issues.

875005 Mishiko GPS Dog TrackeMishiko Dog Tracker

Published in Mobile Tech by paul_smart on Aug 7, 2017
When a dog is at home you normally know where it is, when it is in your garden likewise – unless or course you have a very big garden – however if you let your dog off its lead when out for a walk/run and you lose sight of it maybe not.

873261 Withings Steel HR   Activity Tracking WatcWithings Steel HR

Published in Mobile Tech by paul_smart on May 14, 2017
This is an analogue watch but it also is a full featured health and fitness device that works in conjunctions with your Android or iOS device, so it can truly be called the best of both worlds a timepiece and even possibly a life saver.

872547 Huawei W1 Stainless Steel Classic Smartwatch leather straHuawei W1 Smart Watch

Published in Mobile Tech by paul_smart on Mar 24, 2017
Having told you in the last few months about their excellent SmartPhone, their rather good MateBook computer I now get the chance to tell you about their watch that can bring both into focus in different ways, here the Huawei Watch.

872015 Kardia Band ECKardia Band for Apple Watch

Published in Mobile Tech by paul_smart on Feb 13, 2017
While the Apple Watch does what it does quite well it could do more for you especially if you have certain medical conditions so here is a band (strap) to attach to your Apple Watch to fill the void left by the basic Apple software.

870997 ASUS VivoWatch Smart Watch with Heart Rate and Activity TrackeASUS VIVO Watch

Published in Mobile Tech by paul_smart on Dec 14, 2016
Wrist watches are less popular now than at any time since people stopped using a pocket watch. However fitness devices worn on the wrist are now so popular that the fact they also tell the time is perhaps often overlooked by many.

870800 Fire Kids Edition Tablet 7 inch 16 GAmazon Kid’s Tablet

Published in Mobile Tech by mfereday on Nov 29, 2016
Do children spend too much time using a mobile device? Amazon believes it has a solution for this problem with a tablet and software managed by parents.

870268 TomTom VIA 62 6 inch Sat Nav with Western Europe MapTomTom Via62

Published in Mobile Tech by paul_smart on Nov 7, 2016
It seems a long time ago when I first looked at one of these devices and they have moved on in what they show and indeed how they show it. For those who do not know it's a screen that shows you the easiest/quickest way to get from A to B and these days so much more. According to some information I was sent they have been around for 25 years.

870098 iStorage IS FL DA3 256 64 datAshur Pro 256 Bit 64 GB USProtected Flash Drive

Published in Mobile Tech by mfereday on Oct 18, 2016
Data is valuable. It is up to you to ensure it is fully protected especially when it is being transported.

869299 amazon fire android tableFire Tablet

Published in Mobile Tech by mfereday on Aug 16, 2016
Like many companies, Amazon holds a Christmas in July event for journalists in order to promote products such as the Fire Tablet forming the basis for this review.