Not just another Tablet/Notebook this looks very different and while it has an attached keyboard there is nothing showing when it is turned off and it can also be used with a (pen) supplied as a drawing area altogether taking things in a new direction.
This is one of a range recently launched at Thorpe Park on what in some parts of the country was the hottest day of the year. While it was an event I was unable to make I have been kept up to date by the excellent Acer PR Company, here the first offering sent to me.
A flat panel that has speakers is the norm these days, they are normally tiny and do not have much volume, here something different as the speakers fit into the stand of the panel, so they can be larger and also give a far better sound.

875045 NETGEAR Nighthawk S8000 Gaming 8 Port Gigabit Ethernet SwitcNetgear Gaming Switch

Published in Laptops/PCs/Apple by paul_smart on 18 Aug 2017
This item from Netgear even looks sinister as you remove it from the black box that this switch comes in. The matt black finish and the areas made up of triangles and rectangles add to the illusion that this device is somehow not a friendly one, add to that the dark blue ‘V’ of LED light when switched on it becomes more menacing.

875081 Panasonic Toughpad FZ Q2 128GB Black tableA Rugged 2-in-1 Device

Published in Laptops/PCs/Apple by mfereday on 15 Aug 2017
As you might expect from its Toughbook classification the FZ-Q2 is a product that has been developed for use by professional field workers who require a device that can withstand the rigours of a workspace environment.

875039 aoc I2490PXQU lcd monitoA Frameless Monitor

Published in Laptops/PCs/Apple by mfereday on 8 Aug 2017
Forming part of its business-orientated Pro-line brand of products is the AOC new 90 Series of offerings. One of these new models making up this new series is the 12490PXQU which forms the subject matter of this review.
Having recently told you about a Dell small Tower system with Windows 10 v1703 the next item to cross my desk again from Dell is a notebook in the same Vostro series that also comes with the latest incarnation of Windows 10 v1703.

874573 verbatim store n save 2TB external HDVerbatim Drives

Published in Laptops/PCs/Apple by paul_smart on 17 Jul 2017
Verbatim have recently launched some larger capacity drives, while it was not possible to get these newest items in for review their PR person assured me the smaller capacity ones sent to me were identical in all but capacity.

874571 Philips 243V7QDSB LED MonitoPhilips 24 inch 243V7Q

Published in Laptops/PCs/Apple by paul_smart on 14 Jul 2017
This is a flat panel to fit easily on your desk; it protects your eyes for those of us who need to look at a flat panel for hours each day. This latest offering from Philips is a full HD offering at 1920x1080 and the actual viewable screen is 23.8inches.

874650 Venturer Saturn 10 Pro Android TableMini-Laptop Tablet

Published in Laptops/PCs/Apple by mfereday on 11 Jul 2017
Adding to its range of products available in the UK, Venturer has released the Saturn 10 Pro.

874567 Acer Chromebook  11 C73Acer Chromebook 11

Published in Laptops/PCs/Apple by paul_smart on 5 Jul 2017
This is the latest non Windows PC from Acer, it’s the Chromebook 11. From the outside it looks identical to most other notebooks open it and one look at the keyboard tells you immediately that this is a Chromebook as the alpha keys are all lower case.
It’s a very long time since I have reviewed anything from Dell and even longer since I have reviewed a Tower system from anyone, in fact if my memory is correct after my last Tower review I actually purchased it and that was running Windows 7. Here this system is running Windows 10 and version 1703 at that.

874464 Acer Swift 1 windows unbtrabook laptop computeSwift and First-in-Line

Published in Laptops/PCs/Apple by mfereday on 1 Jul 2017
My second laptop, and third as well, were both Acer units and could almost be regarded as desktop replacements. The same could not be said of this next Acer unit.

874206 acer spin 5 convertable notebook wrappeA Two-in-One Device

Published in Laptops/PCs/Apple by mfereday on 8 June 2017
It has been a while since I last took a look at an Acer device. This drought was ended with the arrival of the Acer Spin 5.
Having told you about a Panasonic ToughPad now onto the really ‘tough boy’ of the group the ToughBook. This is built to withstand environments that you really should not expect a computer to function in, it has even been launched outside a weather balloon and still worked when it came back to earth.

873735 Acer Aspire Switch Alpha 12 QHD IPS Touchscreen LaptoAcer Switch

Published in Laptops/PCs/Apple by paul_smart on 24 May 2017
Having told you about the Swift and the Spin we come to last new model that was launched last November in Glasgow this is the Switch. While I would describe the Spin as a Notebook/Tablet this unit the Switch is a Tablet/Notebook.
This is defiantly a curved panel which may seem a strange comment but a lot of earlier screens could almost look flat from not that far away, here this 27 inch offering could never be mistaken for a flat panel however far away you are.

873260 Acer Spin 3 SP315 51 Convertible NotebooACER Spin 3 SP315-51

Published in Laptops/PCs/Apple by paul_smart on 12 May 2017
Those of you who read about my trip to Glasgow in November last year would have been waiting for the next part of the Swift/Spin/Switch story the three groups of new notebooks launched there. The Swift arrived swiftly and you can read that part published at the start of January, the Spin has just arrived at the start of March but it does – joy of joys - have Windows Anniversary update (1607) pre-installed.

873219 buffalo terrastation es nas storagBuffalo TeraStation

Published in Laptops/PCs/Apple by mfereday on 9 May 2017
Adding power and extra storage to your LAN is the task undertaken by the Buffalo TeraStation.
SSD drives always carry a substantial premium over conventional hard drives, however the price of storage is one of the few things that continue to drop, while we are meant to have low inflation few have seen real wage growth for many years.
Having recently told you about a Kurio Tablet that although designed for the younger user could equally well be used by an adult that comes with Windows 10. Here a Tablet that comes with a rubber sleeve that could withstand a knock or three.
Moving files – especially larger ones – between devices like phones and PC’s has always required extra thought, the trouble is they are often last minute thoughts? Here a solution from Kingston that is as easy as plug it in to a USB port.

872761 Kurio Student 9 Inch Windows 8 QC TableKurio Smart

Published in Laptops/PCs/Apple by paul_smart on 17 Apr 2017
A reasonably priced Tablet produced by a company in the toy field but equally useable – without restrictions – for an adult. Unlike a lot of recent Tablets this comes with a detachable keyboard and even the latest version of Windows 10 (v1607).

872983 Dell Optiplex 3050 Small Form Factor desktop computer Core iOptiPlex 3050 All-in-One

Published in Laptops/PCs/Apple by mfereday on 11 Apr 2017
This next offering from the Dell family of products sets out to reduce the amount of office space required for its presence.

872760 Philips Moda 24 inch LED IPS MonitoPhilips Moda 245

Published in Laptops/PCs/Apple by paul_smart on 10 Apr 2017
This has a very small edge top and both sides and only a normal size at the base, it is also very thin. However the most important thing is the quality of the image on the screen, this is excellent and while I tried with the controls to better the ‘Auto’ settings I failed.

872758 BenQ GW2270HM 22 Inch Eye Care MonitoBen Q Panel GW2270HM

Published in Laptops/PCs/Apple by paul_smart on 5 Apr 2017
Having recently looked at various large and high resolution panels there is something soothing about a panel of average size with average resolution. This offering the GW2270 is exactly what the review below is all about, a 22inch panel displaying 1920x1080.
If you expect your Tablet to have a hard life then you are better off paying more and getting one that will survive knocks and drops and even a degree of getting wet. In fact Panasonic launched another of their Toughbook’s on a weather balloon to the edge of the earth’s atmosphere and then brought it back by parachute and it still worked.
Most panels show you a screen of information, some do it with low Blue Light, and some have the ability to rotate so you can see your screen in portrait mode. This offering from Philips however is a first for me having a changing colour display in the base.
Having told you about the other two units in the latest Canvio range the chance came up to tell you about the Basics offering. This is - Bus Powered - so no need for external power as with earlier external drives so it should plug in and be ready to use.
While a number of NAS units tend to require a good amount of knowledge to get them up and running correctly this is not the case with those produced by Buffalo, here I was sent a two bay offering that arrived pre populated with drives.