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It is your data and your responsibility to keep it safe by making use of any tools that are available.
When keeping your data safe, especially the sensitive kind that is so attractive to certain individuals, what could be a more appropriate method than to use a safe.  However, rather than the physical metal box used for personal valuables, your data could be placed in the software equivalent of a virtual hidden container on your computer.  This is the rationale behind the Steganos Safe title which is now in its 2008 version and is available from Phoenix Software.
Cloning your hard disk by using appropriate software could come to your rescue in the event of disaster striking.
Like going to the dentist, making a back-up of your valuable data is often a task that is put off until a later date or perhaps forgotten about altogether.  Even knowing that the results could have dire consequences seems to make no difference as many feel that disaster would never happen to them so why take the time and trouble to perform a backup.
Storing your digital images in a box could save you a great deal of disk space.
Digital photographs do have a tendency to be rather large in size.  You only have to look at the ever increasing megapixel ratings of the latest cameras, and even the new crop of mobile phones, to see the reason for the demands that digital photos put on certain activities.  Digital images can quickly devour storage space and are hardly the sleekest when it comes to being sent via the Web even for those of us with access to a fast Broadband connection.
Keeping your system safe and privacy intact from malicious software is the designated task of the Privacy Expert Suite.
Never look a gift horse in the mouth is the generally accepted view. But do not discount the possibility of problems.

Time To Consider Protection

Emails are meant to be read only by the recipient but sometimes other show more than a passing interest.