Jigsaw SweetsDenda Games Jigsaw - Sweet Times rated 6 out of 10

Jigsaw fans have another sources of puzzles to keep them busy with this next title.

review 896604 World Wonders Hidden HistorieDiscovering Hidden Histories8 Floor Games World Wonders - Hidden Histories rated 7 out of 10

Take the opportunity to discover more about the history and civilisations of various countries with this next title.

review 896603 Adventure Mosaics Moto Trip AfricCreating Mosaics in AfricaDIGIMIGHT Adventure Mosaic Moto-Trip to Africa rated 6 out of 10

It is time to test your nanogram skills as you travel around Africa.

review 896602 UGREEN Nexode MagSafe Power BanMagnetic Power Banks

Apr 13, 2024 in Misc Review : UGREEN
With power in your pocket, you can travel freely without worrying about loosing contact with everybody.

review 896601 Sony Xperia 1 Sony Xperia I VSony Xperia I V rated 8 out of 10

Apr 11, 2024 in Phones
Joining the ever-increasing ranks of smartphone models is the Sony Xperia I V handset which has been keeping out reviewer company.

review 896596 skullcandy ecobudSkullcandy EcobudsSkullcandy Ecobuds rated 9 out of 10

Apr 10, 2024 in Entertainment
This is possibly the easiest set of Ear Buds I have reviewed to link to a phone or other such device. However there is another side as Skullcandy do seem to be taking the environment seriously as there was not a single piece of plastic anywhere in the box there was only paper and card both of which are recyclable.

review 896595 Gaslamp Cases 8 Quest for the ReliQuest of the Relice-Funsoft Gaslamp Cases 8 Quest of the Relic rated 6 out of 10

Match 3 game play provides the platform to return a relic to its normal resting place.

review 896594 Legacy Witch Island Witch Island 3Itera Labs Legacy Witch Island 3 rated 8 out of 10

Can you complete a range of tasks as you set out to defeat a Witch and take control of a Wand of Power?

review 896593 The Far Kingdoms Awakening QuesBreak the SpellLazy Turtle Games The Far Kingdom - Awakening Quest rated 5 out of 10

When awakening from a deep sleep, you need to visit a Whispering Wood.

review 896589 Tapo C120 Indoor Outdoor Smart Plug In Wi Fi Security CamerTAPO C120 Web CamTAPO C120 Web Cam rated 9 out of 10

Apr 3, 2024 in Cameras
This web cam can be used both inside and outside. It is especially good at night when there is little light around. A near 3metre long USB 'C' to USB lead fits into the back of the unit and there is also a 13amp USB plug supplied so you need to be less than that distance from a 13amp plug.

review 896592 Winterland SolitairWinterland SolitaireWinterland Solitaire rated 3 out of 10

Apr 2, 2024 in Entertainment
If you play your cards right, then this game could improve your win ratio.

review 896591 Myth or Reality Mystery of the LakInvestigating NessieMyth or Reality - Mystery of the Lake Domini Games rated 7 out of 10

Can you discern truth from legend as you look into a story that has stood the test of time?

review 896590 Shopping Clutter 21 CoffeehousShopping Clutter 21Shopping Clutter 21 Coffee Shop Jet Dogs Studio rated 6 out of 10

Time to pair up with the Walker family as you add a coffee shop to the facilities on offer to the Animalville community.

review 896588 AOC Gaming 16G3 16 Inch Portable monitoAOC 15.6 Flat Panel 16G3AOC 15 6 Flat Panel 16G3 rated 8 out of 10

A rather different flat panel from AOC as it does not come with a standard stand instead part of the back folds out from the base. This can be used just with the USB 'C' to USB 'C' lead and as such it might go on journeys with you to show output from things other than a notebook and because of that comes with a fabric case to carry it in.

review 896585 Trust Gaming GXT 709W Luminus RGB White Gaming DesGaming Desk

Looking to enhance the gaming experience, Trust International as announced a new accessory.

review 896586 Mystical Riddles Ship from BeyonA Mystery ShipDomini Games Mystical Riddles - Ship from Beyons rated 6 out of 10

With echoes of the Flying Dutchman, creeping fog and disappearing work force, can you survive to solve this mystery.

review 896584 Acer Nitro 5 Gaming Laptop AN515 5Nitro 5 NotebookNitro 5 Notebook rated 8 out of 10

Mar 20, 2024 in Laptops/PCs/Apple
This Notebook made by ACER is one of the Nitro 5 range. Its not quite the most powerful but still should help you to stay alive for longer if you are into games. It is also a very useful business notebook as it has numeric keyboard included to the right of the main keyboard.

review 896587 Montgomery Fox The Revenge of Victor DraveWho Framed Monty?Paprikan Montgomery Fox and the Revenge of Victor Draven rated 6 out of 10

Always keen to help, a friendly fox finds itself solving a crime that he is supposed to have committed.

review 896576 Fantasy Forest SolitairFinding OliviaDIGIMIGHT Fantasy Forest Solitaire rated 6 out of 10

Can you provide the assistance required by a teenaged fox in the search for his sister?

review 896577 eset home security premiuESET HOME SecurityESET ESET HOME Security Premium rated 7 out of 10

Mar 14, 2024 in Software Review : ESET ESET HOME Security Premium
How secure is your computer from outside attacks? It is up to you to make sure it is protected.

review 896582 Nitro 5 Gaming LaptoNitro 5 Laptop from VERY

Mar 13, 2024 in Laptops/PCs/Apple
Quite unusually this is not an actual review. Nitro is a range of notebooks, the one I wanted to review was not currently available from ACER. To buy it is only available from VERY, so next week all being well I will tell you about the model I am reviewing that is a little less powerful and -because the VERY offer is so special- is more expensive. If my review continues to be as promising as it currently looks then this unit if I had reviewed it could well earn the very rarely awarded 5 by 5 award.

review 896578 Twistingo Bird ParadisStorms Cause DamageMixo Games Twistinto - Bird Paradise rated 7 out of 10

Islanders and wildlife need your help to repair the damage caused by violent storms.

review 896570 1001 Jigsaw Cute Cats Cute Cats 41001 Jigsaws - Cute Cats 4 8 Floor Games rated 6 out of 10

Judging by the number of cat images available on the Internet, you might suppose that this popular pet is in total control.

review 896571 Game Enchantment Secret HideawaClearing Thicket WoodSeven Sails Enchantment - Secret Hideaway CE rated 5 out of 10

Now the tourist season is over, can you spare the time to help the fairies tidy up their home from rubbish left behind.

review 896566 AOC Gaming Q27G4AOC 27inch Flat Panel Q27G4XAOC 27inch Flat Panel Q27G4X rated 8 out of 10

Mar 6, 2024 in Laptops/PCs/Apple
Only three inches bigger than a 24inch offering but the amount of extra space on your desktop is considerably more 2160x1440 as against 1920x1080, until you see the extra amount of Desktop you will not believe how much larger it is. The imperial diagonal screen measurement is 27inches.

review 896572 Game Twistingo Turtle BaRepairing Turtle BayMixo Games Twistinfo - Turtle Bay CE rated 9 out of 10

When the land erupts, you need to come to the rescue of an island's animals and human residents.

review 896560 Jewel Match Solitaire Winterscapes Jewel Match SolitaireSuricate Software Jewel Match Solitaire Winterscapes 2 CE rated 9 out of 10

Gems earned playing Solitaire can be used to enhance buildings.

review 896561 Crossroad of Worlds Cursed LetterCursed LettersDomini Games Crossroad of Worlds Cursed Letters rated 7 out of 10

Crime does not pay especially when you try to make amends and get sent threatening letters for your trouble.

review 896544 Honor Magic V2 5G Mobile PhonHonor Magic V2 very Smart PhoneHonor Magic V2 very Smart Phone rated 9 out of 10

Feb 28, 2024 in Phones
It looks like any standard 15x7cm phone both in size and weight however it unfolds to become almost 15x14cm to give a much larger surface viewing area. So when folded the display is the front and the units three cameras are the back. When unfolded the right of the back are the cameras the left of the back is blank while what was the inside becomes the double sized front.

review 896562 Puzzle Pieces 4 Farewell Dear WinteA Winter of JigsawsDenda Games Puzzle Pieces 4 Farewell Dear Winter rated 6 out of 10

Offering to keep your fingers warm through the cold of Winter is a collection of appropriate jigsaws.
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