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Oct 4, 2023 in Entertainment
Most toys and games are purchased in the three months before Christmas, and while I told you about the two games below in early summer I thought a little reminder in October if their subjects suit your household, these are for older children and adults.

Rage under MoonMagic City - Rage Under Moon Domini Games rated 7 out of 10

It is time to return to Magic City and solve murders and disappearances that are upsetting the status quo.

Shades of BlueSuricate Software Daydream Mosaics 4 rated 8 out of 10

Continuing its Daydream saga, Suricate Software takes you on an underwater experience as a princess and warrior try to save their worlds.

review 896312 Solitaire InvestigationSolitaire InvestigationsLazy Turtle Games rated 6 out of 10

Sep 28, 2023 in Entertainment Review : Lazy Turtle Games
Your Solitaire card playing skills are called upon to solve crimes in this next offering.

review 896221 Geomag   Mechanics Gravity Loops and TurnGeomag Mechanics ‘Loops & Turns’Geomag Mechanics %E2%80%98Loops & Turns%E2%80%99 rated 8 out of 10

Sep 27, 2023 in Entertainment
As Christmas draws ever nearer I get the occasional chance to try games and puzzles here is one such item from a range by Geomag. This product is one of a range that gives the child a chance to use their brain to create an item that works.

review 896313 Paranormal Files Price of a SecrePaying the PriceBig Fish Games Paranormal Files - Price of a Secret rated 8 out of 10

Why are ghostly figures causing problems at a winery and an attached hotel? It is up to you to solve the mystery.

review 896223 HeyDoodle Reusable Colouring MaHeyDoodle TimeHeyDoodle rated 7 out of 10

Sep 23, 2023 in Misc Review : HeyDoodle
When is a toy not a toy? Maybe when it can serve some educational or artistic purpose.

review 896225 I Love Finding FurbabieFurbabies Rule!Furbabies Rule! rated 7 out of 10

Sep 21, 2023 in Entertainment
Does a Tiny Little Lion qualify as a Furbaby or not?

review 896215 HeyDoodle   Reusable Colour in Silicone PlacemenHey Doodle ‘Into The Wild’ Hey Doodle %E2%80%98Into The Wild%E2%80%99  rated 8 out of 10

Sep 20, 2023 in Entertainment
Writing this at the start of September but this product being small and easy to post is an ideal present that auntie or uncle can send to their niece or nephew without exorbitant extra charges. I don’t get the chance to see too many items aimed at younger children. But to my knowledge this is the first item of this type that I have knowledge of.

review 896224 Game StarL More from StarLStarL 2 Itera Labs rated 7 out of 10

Sep 19, 2023 in Entertainment Review : StarL 2 Itera Labs
Adding a matching colour requirement to Match 3 game play is a feature found in a game from Itera Labs.

review 896218 ESET Smart Security PremiuSmart Security PremiumESET rated 7 out of 10

Sep 16, 2023 in Software Review : ESET
While your computer might appear safe and secure on your work space, how well is it content protected?

review 896217 The Red BooDiscovering Unusual SpeciesThe Red Book Jet Dogs Studio rated 6 out of 10

Evolution has a lot to answer for as our planet's residents involve in different ways and still continue to do so.

review 896209 Canon imageFORMULA DR M160ICanon A3 Scanner DR-M1060iiCanon A3 Scanner DR-M1060ii rated 8 out of 10

Sep 13, 2023 in Printers/Scanners
While I have previously looked at many scanners, I think this is my first A3 scanner. I have looked at several A3 units that were ‘All In One’. So while any A3 unit is somewhat larger than an A4 unit this seems not to be that much larger. So if you have need to scan items of A3 size rather than using A4 and joining the two images together this is for you.

review 896216 Adventure Trip Amazing World Exploring the WorldAdventure Trip - Amazing World 3 Point 8 Games rated 6 out of 10

Rather than limit the player to a single visit to each Hidden Object scene, this next title encourages multiple visits to the different scenes.

review 896210 jlab jbud minNews from JLab

Sep 9, 2023 in Misc Review : JLab JBuds Mini
They say "Size matters!" and in this case it is more of a matter that "the smaller the better".

review 896211 Puzzle Vacations Greece and TurkeVacation Greece & TurkeyTiny Little Lion Vacation Puzzles - Greece & Turkey rated 7 out of 10

Put your puzzle solving skills to the test as you check out Greece and Turkey.

review 896206 CREATIVE Zen Air DOT Lightweight Sweatproof HeadphoneZen Air Dot Zen Air Dot  rated 9 out of 10

Sep 6, 2023 in Entertainment
While headphones both over and on ear have their place there are also times when what you need are ear buds and this latest offering from Creative come in a case that is only the size of a medium sized pebble.

review 896212 Gaslamp Cases 7 The Faith of RasputiA Russian Adventuree-Funsoft Gaslaml Cases 7 The Faith of Rasputin rated 6 out of 10

e-Funsoft's Gaslamp Cases series has now reached number 7 with this latest release.

review 896203 Strange Investigations Two for SolitairFollow-up JusticeStrange Investigation - Two for Solitaire CE Big Fish Games rated 5 out of 10

When a game character complains of being bored then you know things will start to get busy.

review 896202 Treasure by NumberUncovering ImagesTreasure by Numbers Seven Sails rated 5 out of 10

Usually a map can be used to reveal the location of treasure but in this case the map finds itself replaced by numbers.

review 896204 ZeroWater 2.8 L Cup Ready Read 5 Stage Water FilteZero Water 5 Stage Filter 2.8 Litre version Zero Water 5 Stage Filter 2 8 Litre version  rated 8 out of 10

Do you have hard water from your tap? It is especially hard in the area I live in. So being able to filter the water you drink is important. The filter removes lots of different items that arrive in your cup/glass if you drink direct from the tap.

review 896201 The Empress of MahjonEmpress ChallengeThe Empress of Mahjong * Floor Games rated 6 out of 10

The Empress may have issued the challenge but are your playing skills up to the task in this next offering?

review 896191 Bridge to Another World Endless GamEndless GameBridge to Another World - Endless Games CE Friendly Fox rated 8 out of 10

The "Bridge to Another World" series of games, from Friendly Fox, currently stands at 10 titles covering various enchanting realms where anything could happen.

review 896190 Haunted Hotel A Past RedeemeDispatching GhostsHaunted Hotel - A Past Redeemed CE Elephant Games rated 5 out of 10

Organising a wedding is difficult enough but adding ghosts as wedding guests to the mix can only add to the complexity.

review 896188 Acronis Cyber Protect Home OfficAcronis Cyber Protect Home OfficeAcronis Cyber Protect Home Office rated 9 out of 10

Aug 23, 2023 in Software
Acronis is a piece of software that I have used for years, even if a virus or worse gets through a complete reinstall is possible and you are even protected – although not without cost – from a hard disc failure and this latter event happened to me a few months ago.

review 896189 Vacation Adventures Cruise Director Touring AmericaVacation Adventure Cruise Director 8 CEmCasual Arts rated 6 out of 10

A Cruise Director's work involves numerous tasks as you will discover with this next title from Casual Arts.

review 896181 UGREEN Magsafe Power BanA Multiple Charging Option

Aug 19, 2023 in Misc Review : UGREEN MagSafe 1000mAh Battery Pack
News has reached me of a product designed to keep your portable devices up-and-running when their battery runs low.

review 896182 Cursed House 1A Home for SpiritsSIA LGT Cursed House 12 rated 6 out of 10

Aug 18, 2023 in Entertainment Review : SIA LGT Cursed House 12
When things go bump in the night, it is time to put your Match 3 skills to the test and destroy any unwanted guests.

review 896183 Game Whispered Secrets Tying the KnoWhisper Don't ShoutGrandma Whispered Secrets - Tying the Knot CE rated 7 out of 10

Maybe Grandma does not know best but she can certainly set an intriguing problem as seen in this next title.

review 896171 HONOR 90 Lite SmartphonHonor 90 Lite Honor 90 Lite  rated 9 out of 10

Aug 16, 2023 in Phones
This mid-range offering from Honor is the latest to cross my desk. Based on the recent Honor 90 it’s a bang up to date offering for those whom a full priced unit is out of reach.
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