review 887603 Love Chronicles Deaths EmbracVisit the UnderworldVendel Games Love Chronicles - Death's Embrace rated 8 out of 10

Are you ready for a story about a journey? Maybe it is not to the destination you would opt for given the choice. But Vendel Games hope you will accept the invitation.

review 887596 Somfy Indoor Security CamerSomfy Protect Indoor CameraSomfy Protect Indoor Camera rated 8 out of 10

Jan 17, 2020 in Homes and Gardens
This indoor camera is shaped like a wheel and has a slightly magnetic base so it stays where you put it. Like most such items it is controlled by an App. The setup is therefore almost entirely on your phone. Place the camera and insert the long micro USB lead and answer a number of questions on the phones screen and then you have a working security camera.

review 887640 colgate connect E1 electric toothbrusA SMART ToothbrushColgate E1 rated 6 out of 10

Jan 16, 2020 in Health and Beauty Review : Colgate E1
Looking after your teeth is not a task to be taken lightly.

Who is in Charge?

Jan 14, 2020 in Misc Review : Hive
For those who like being in charge, the results of a survey indicate some pointers.

review 887552 Olympus E M5 Mark III Body SilveOlympus OM-D E M5 IIIOlympus OM-D E M5 III rated 8 out of 10

Jan 13, 2020 in Cameras
This offering was sent to me body only but with a 12-40 lens for my testing. I was surprised first by the way it arrived in a brown box with each part bubble wrapped and second when I mentioned no manual to be told no printed manuals are supplied now with any of our cameras. Even for someone used to using an interchangeable lens unit surely no manual is not the way to go, however you can still download one in PDF from the website.

review 887600 Ritzy Rollerz Besties AssortmenWheel DecorationsTomy Ritzy Rollerz rated 4 out of 10

Jan 11, 2020 in Entertainment Review : Tomy Ritzy Rollerz
Collect and decorate the wheels of Ritzy Rollerz.

review 887572 SHEAWA Lightweight Wireless Noise Cancelling Bluetooth HeadseOppo Enco Q1 bluetooth headetSHEAWA bluetooth headset for Oppo Enco Q1 rated 8 out of 10

Oppo headsets have always been different, instead of putting a cheap pair of earbuds in the box that probably never get used they sell better quality offerings. Here a round the neck set of buds that look quite old fashioned but instead of a 3.5mm plug there is no plug as they are Bluetooth and work rather well with any phone.

Game Player Survey

Jan 9, 2020 in Misc Review : Hyperoptic
Children and parents have different views regarding game and its role in life.

review 887501 Oppo Reno 10x ZooAn Oppo Handset Oppo Reno 10x Zoom rated 8 out of 10

Jan 7, 2020 in Phones Review : Oppo Reno 10x Zoom
When the Oppo Reno 10x Zoom arrived for review, I felt a certain affinity with the product.

review 887513 KygoLife A3 600 Bluetooth Headphones with MicrophonKygo A3/600 On Ear HeadphonesKygo A3/600 On Ear Headphones rated 9 out of 10

Jan 6, 2020 in Entertainment
When out and about and wanting to listen to music then headphones are often the way to remove external noise. This could also be true in a household where there are several occupants. Here a set of small on ear headphones that could suit.

review 887549 okdo raspberry pi 4 casOKdo’s Raspberry Pi 4 kitOKdo%E2%80%99s Raspberry Pi 4 kit rated 8 out of 10

Jan 5, 2020 in Laptops/PCs/Apple
The Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Starter Kit from OKdo, a brand of the long-established Electrocomponents Group, brings together all the special items necessary to get started and put together a computer based on the 4GB Raspberry Pi 4 Model B single board computer.

review 887599 Hidden World of Art The World of ArtMendian 93 Games Hidden World of Art 3 rated 5 out of 10

You might find some surprises when checking the details of famous paintings.

review 887512 icebreaker poIceBreaker PopIceBreaker Pop rated 8 out of 10

Jan 3, 2020 in Homes and Gardens
Picture a normal mid sized ice cube tray and place another upside down on top of it and you arrive quite close to what you have with IceBreaker Pop. There is more to it including the ability to keep other items frozen for longer.

review 887500 Cyrus ONE Cast   Smart Integrated AmplifiePowerful Audio Facility

Jan 2, 2020 in Entertainment Review : Cyprus ONE Cast
A visit to a Soho hotel introduced me to a high-end amplifier product.

review 887499 Colgate ProClinical Whitening Rechargeable Electric ToothbrusBargain Buy Electric ToothbrushBargain Buy Electric Toothbrush rated 6 out of 10

Dec 31, 2019 in Misc
Probably better known for its toothpaste, Colgate also produces a range of toothbrushes..

review 887241 Devolo Magic 2 LAN Triple   Powerline Starter KiDevolo Magic 2Devolo Magic 2 rated 9 out of 10

Dec 30, 2019 in Wireless
It would be nice if we could all sit right beside our modem as that is the point where - however good or bad our signal is – it is at the maximum we will get. If you use Wi-Fi then any distance will mean a drop in signal strength. One choice that will work – even in far flung areas where Wi-Fi is poor or non-existent – is power through mains plugs.

review 887237 surface mystery of another world ce_featurWhere's My Son?Elephant Games Mystery of ASnother World rated 6 out of 10

Taking a train journey sets you on an adventure to find your son and solve a mystery.

review 887494 Huawei Nova 5T Android SmartphonHuawei nova 5THuawei nova 5T rated 9 out of 10

Dec 27, 2019 in Phones
Unlike a number of other Huawei SmartPhones this arrived with little fanfare. It is that little bit smaller than some and for a lot of people this may seem a good feature, so what exactly has this latest offering to offer the user.

review 887486 Goliath NestlingGiving Birth the Nestlings WayVivid Nestlings rated 7 out of 10

Dec 26, 2019 in Entertainment Review : Vivid Nestlings
Its cuddly with a strange voice, gives birth and belongs to the Nestlings family.

review 887238 Daroc Stereo SpeakeBudget SpeakersSpeedlink Daroc rated 4 out of 10

Dec 24, 2019 in Misc Review : Speedlink Daroc
For under twenty pounds, this next product uses German technology to add speaker output to a computer.

review 887184 Philips 34 inch USB C widescreen LED monitoPhilips 34 inch curved panelPhilips 34 inch curved panel rated 8 out of 10

Dec 23, 2019 in Laptops/PCs/Apple
This is large and you will need to sit well away for normal work and even farther away for those times when you marvel at videos shot in high resolution as this panel displays 3440x1440 and unlike other manufacturers offerings this requires no drivers to do it.

review 887177 Rizmo Your Evolving Musical FrienArriving from Outer SpaceTomy Rizmo rated 9 out of 10

Dec 21, 2019 in Entertainment Review : Tomy Rizmo
Question - What do you say when you meet a visitor from outer space? Answer - Hello Rizmo!

review 887205 Charged UChargedUp Green EnergyChargedUp Green Energy rated 8 out of 10

Dec 20, 2019 in Misc
Mobile power is something in demand, did you charge your phone last night and even if you did will it last all day? Here is one solution that may get you out of a hole while out and about a charge station charge point, or you could just buy it all keep it with you, it has both iOS and Android connections built in.

review 887176 Cyrus soundBuds True Wireless Stereo In Ear Audiophile EarphonePrivate ListeningCyrus soundBuds rated 8 out of 10

Dec 19, 2019 in Wireless Review : Cyrus soundBuds
Using wireless technology, this next product should be fine for relaxing listening and while exercising.

review 887110 Google Nest RouteNest Wi-Fi Router & PointNest Wi-Fi Router & Point rated 8 out of 10

Dec 18, 2019 in Wireless
If your Wi-Fi is slow – or even non existent – in the further flung places of your home then you are likely to need a ‘Point’ which duplicates the signal once linked to the ‘Router’. The ‘Router’ sits beside your modem, and the ‘Point’ at a place where it pumps up the signal to reach those places that otherwise will not get a sufficient signal.

review 887121 Pure StreamR Portable Wireless Digital Radio SpeakePure StreamRPure StreamR rated 9 out of 10

Dec 16, 2019 in Wireless
This is a DAB and FM radio with presets, it is also a speaker for those who want output from the ‘Aux’ input plus it also has ‘Alexa’ built in. This oval unit has another big plus the ability to run from its internal battery for up to fifteen hours.

review 886743 game Mystery Loss Searching for GrandmaIntersol Mystery Loss 2 rated 7 out of 10

Dec 14, 2019 in Entertainment Review : Intersol Mystery Loss 2
Leonardo, the detective cat, returns for further Match 3 game play.

review 886735 ROKiT IO PRO 3D Android 8.ROKiT IO Pro 3DROKiT IO Pro 3D rated 8 out of 10

Dec 13, 2019 in Phones
An interesting offering at the top end of the budget and below the mid price phone category. This comes with lots of extras not just things like a case and even a solid looking suitcase but also several software offers to temp you but as always it’s the phone that matters.

review 886742 blume growing dolGrow your OwnBlume Dolls rated 6 out of 10

Dec 12, 2019 in Entertainment Review : Blume Dolls
Money may well not grow on trees but a child can grow their own toy with this next product.
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