A Card-playing ButlerGamehouse com rated 6 out of 10

Feb 22, 2020 in Entertainment Review : Gamehouse com
It is time to pick up your cards and help a staff member solve a murder.

ADX Firestorm:H01ADX Firestorm:H01 rated 8 out of 10

Feb 21, 2020 in Entertainment
While I am not a gamer – my three score and ten and more years – take care of that. You need three things good reflexes, a quality panel with fast refresh rate and good sound, the last mentioned is taken care of by the Firestorm headset.

review 888032 Imperial Island 5 Ski ResorBuilding a Ski ResortQuick Click Games Imperial Island 5 - Ski Resort rated 8 out of 10

mperial Island 5 - Ski Resort is a Match 3 game that has been developed by Quick Click Games. As the number "5" of the game's title indicates, this is the latest episode of a series that combines Match 3 game play with buildings and facilities construction.

review 888109 ADX AFSH0419 Gaming HeadseADX Firestorm: H04ADX Firestorm: H04 rated 8 out of 10

Feb 19, 2020 in Entertainment
Having recently told you about the Firestorm: H01 here a larger and more complex unit that connects using USB rather than audio sockets. There is a control wheel and microphone control 60cm along the two metre connection lead.

review 888033 Norton 360 Deluxe 2020, Antivirus SoftwarSystem ProtectionSymantec Norton 360 Deluxe rated 9 out of 10

Feb 18, 2020 in Misc Review : Symantec Norton 360 Deluxe
Watch out, Hackers about and it is up to you to protect your computer data with the appropriate software.

review 887974 Vax OnePWR SpotlessGo Cordless SpotwasheVax ONEPWR SpotlessGoVax ONEPWR SpotlessGo rated 8 out of 10

Feb 17, 2020 in Homes and Gardens
This is designed to collect spills and stains without the need to have a whole room item which is often the reason why professional carpet and floor cleaners exist. That wine stain fully removed along with 99% of any bacteria with this small handheld unit. The other main drawback with the full-size cleaner is where do you put the furniture while you use it.

review 887977 The Chronicles of Robin HooJoining the King of ThieveseFunsoft Games The Chronicles of Robin Hood - The King of Thieves rated 5 out of 10

Robbing the rich to feed the poor is the aim of the main character in this next game.

review 887913 Acer ConceptD 500 CT500 performancAcer ConceptDAcer ConceptD rated 8 out of 10

Feb 14, 2020 in Laptops/PCs/Apple
A very large and powerful Tower system designed not for gamers – although it’s very fast – but for those Creative People who are not the norm but those who need the power to create their work, this will certainly suit those in that category.

Were You Around?

Feb 13, 2020 in Misc Review : Dot-Com Smart Energy
As the years pass, often faster than we may like, we take a journey through the various stages of life.

Protecting your data

Feb 11, 2020 in Misc Review : Passwords
Unlike more traditional insurance schemes, the use of a password can offer free protection insurance.

review 887964 FAIRPHONE FPFairphone 3Fairphone 3 rated 7 out of 10

Feb 10, 2020 in Phones
This is an unusual phone, it does not have the latest and fastest processor, nor does it have the largest screen in the thinnest body, it is sold at a premium price but unlike the competition you can get into it and it even comes with a screwdriver so instead of the standard 12-18 months life this is marketed for a five year cycle of use.

review 887927 Little Witchelsa Pumpkin PeriMatch -3 Graveyard ActionMixo Games Little Witchelsa - Pumpkin Peril rated 7 out of 10

Size isn't everything as a small witch takes on the challenge of the Pumpkin Peril.

review 887926 World Riddles Seven WonderA Travel Puzzle ItineraryFunny Bear Studios World Riddles- Seven Wonders rated 6 out of 10

Without needing to pack a bag or renew your passport, you can travel to various Ancient World sites and test your puzzle solving skills with this next game.

New Toys at Hamleys

When walking along London's Regent Street you might be distracted by Hamleys new window display.

review 887791 Olympus PEN E PL1Olympus Pen E-PL10Olympus Pen E-PL10 rated 10 out of 10

Feb 3, 2020 in Cameras Review : Olympus Pen E-PL10
Every new Pen camera from Olympus is a pleasure to review. For such a small overall unit to give brilliant quality images and video without you having to be a semi-professional user is great. This latest offering camera only was sent with the new 14-42mm lens so I could review it.

review 887718 Hidden Object Stories 5 in Hidden Objects Stories 5-in-1goGames rated 4 out of 10

Feb 1, 2020 in Entertainment Review : goGames
As its title indicates, this next offering is made up of five games belonging to the Hidden Object genre.

review 887720 TutorialFacial ImprovementAnthropics Portrait 19 Studio Max rated 9 out of 10

A picture, so they say, may be worth a thousand words but sometimes the image does not tell the complete story. Images, especially those of celebrities, have sometimes been doctored to enhance and modify the original image by specialist using software such as PortraitPro 19 from Anthropics Technology.

review 887657 Philips Moda 276C8 LCD monitoPhilips 276C8Philips 276C8 rated 8 out of 10

Jan 29, 2020 in Laptops/PCs/Apple
This is a 27inch flat panel that is for normal home or office use, it is not sold as a gaming panel so the refresh rate can be a little slower. However it is also a panel with USB ‘C’ as a connection method so its bang up to date.

review 887642 Jewel Match Twilight 3 Collectors EditioTackling Twilight TimeSuricate Jewel Match Twilight 3 rated 9 out of 10

ewel Match Twilight 3 is the latest edition to Suricate Games’ Match-3 series. As the game’s title might indicate, this offering has a ghostly theme as it features eerie sounds and abandoned buildings that require restoring. This review is based on a Collector’s Edition of the game that comes with bonus levels, spooky wallpaper and music.

review 887605 Vtech Baby Toot Splash Sea LioPlay Time Sea LionVTech Toot Toot Splash rated 5 out of 10

Jan 25, 2020 in Entertainment Review : VTech Toot Toot Splash
Adding to its extensive catalogue of play and educational toys, VTech offer a sea lion.

review 887719 padmate pamu scroll earbudPaMu Scroll EarbudsPadmate !PaMu Scroll rated 6 out of 10

Jan 23, 2020 in Wireless Review : Padmate !PaMu Scroll
Winging its way from China comes a set of Bluetooth earbuds with its own charging case

review 887588 Philips Series 9000 Prestige Wet & Dry Electric ShavePhilips S9000 PrestigePhilips S9000 Prestige rated 8 out of 10

Jan 22, 2020 in Health and Beauty
This is not a cheap electric razor in fact you could probably buy several cheap electric razors for the cost of this one. This razor removes a week’s stubble quickly and without any discomfort either at the time or later. It has three round heads for the shaving part these pop off to attach the hair trimming head and there is yet another head for another purpose.

review 887641 Hive View Indoor Security CamerHive Security ProtectionHive View rated 7 out of 10

Jan 21, 2020 in Cameras Review : Hive View
With a title of Hive View, the subject of this next review has to be a security camera that has been designed to keep you informed as to what is happening in the home when you are on your travels.

review 887603 Love Chronicles Deaths EmbracVisit the UnderworldVendel Games Love Chronicles - Death's Embrace rated 8 out of 10

Are you ready for a story about a journey? Maybe it is not to the destination you would opt for given the choice. But Vendel Games hope you will accept the invitation.

review 887596 Somfy Indoor Security CamerSomfy Protect Indoor CameraSomfy Protect Indoor Camera rated 8 out of 10

Jan 17, 2020 in Homes and Gardens
This indoor camera is shaped like a wheel and has a slightly magnetic base so it stays where you put it. Like most such items it is controlled by an App. The setup is therefore almost entirely on your phone. Place the camera and insert the long micro USB lead and answer a number of questions on the phones screen and then you have a working security camera.

review 887640 colgate connect E1 electric toothbrusA SMART ToothbrushColgate E1 rated 6 out of 10

Jan 16, 2020 in Health and Beauty Review : Colgate E1
Looking after your teeth is not a task to be taken lightly.

Who is in Charge?

Jan 14, 2020 in Misc Review : Hive
For those who like being in charge, the results of a survey indicate some pointers.

review 887552 Olympus E M5 Mark III Body SilveOlympus OM-D E M5 IIIOlympus OM-D E M5 III rated 8 out of 10

Jan 13, 2020 in Cameras
This offering was sent to me body only but with a 12-40 lens for my testing. I was surprised first by the way it arrived in a brown box with each part bubble wrapped and second when I mentioned no manual to be told no printed manuals are supplied now with any of our cameras. Even for someone used to using an interchangeable lens unit surely no manual is not the way to go, however you can still download one in PDF from the website.

review 887600 Ritzy Rollerz Besties AssortmenWheel DecorationsTomy Ritzy Rollerz rated 4 out of 10

Jan 11, 2020 in Entertainment Review : Tomy Ritzy Rollerz
Collect and decorate the wheels of Ritzy Rollerz.

review 887572 SHEAWA Lightweight Wireless Noise Cancelling Bluetooth HeadseOppo Enco Q1 bluetooth headetSHEAWA bluetooth headset for Oppo Enco Q1 rated 8 out of 10

Oppo headsets have always been different, instead of putting a cheap pair of earbuds in the box that probably never get used they sell better quality offerings. Here a round the neck set of buds that look quite old fashioned but instead of a 3.5mm plug there is no plug as they are Bluetooth and work rather well with any phone.
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