896766 Emporia ME6 5G SmartphonEmporia ME6

Published in Phones by paul_smart on Jul 3, 2024
This is the latest offering from Emporia, this company are best known for Smart Phones suitable for older people as they do not assume you know how to use it and as an added bonus they have an emergency button on the back that circles though up to five friends/neighbours and relatives until an answer is received.

896730 emporiaSMART.5 minEmporia E5 Mini

Published in Phones by paul_smart on June 5, 2024
For those who do not want a full size screen but still want to use everything that a modern Smart Phone has and the help that older people and those whom this is their first Smart Phone need this offering from Emporia may fit the bill.

896719 emporiaSMART.6 Senior Mobile Phone with 5G VoLTEmporia Smart E6

Published in Phones by paul_smart on May 22, 2024
While the vast majority of younger people are perfectly happy with 'bare' Android phones those 'more mature' and those of 'retired' age who may only have used a basic Nokia type phone to make a receive calls. These people still need assistance when doing more online.

896601 Sony Xperia 1 Sony Xperia I V

Published in Phones by mfereday on Apr 11, 2024
Joining the ever-increasing ranks of smartphone models is the Sony Xperia I V handset which has been keeping out reviewer company.

896544 Honor Magic V2 5G Mobile PhonHonor Magic V2 very Smart Phone

Published in Phones by paul_smart on Feb 28, 2024
It looks like any standard 15x7cm phone both in size and weight however it unfolds to become almost 15x14cm to give a much larger surface viewing area. So when folded the display is the front and the units three cameras are the back. When unfolded the right of the back are the cameras the left of the back is blank while what was the inside becomes the double sized front.

896171 HONOR 90 Lite SmartphonHonor 90 Lite

Published in Phones by paul_smart on Aug 16, 2023
This mid-range offering from Honor is the latest to cross my desk. Based on the recent Honor 90 it’s a bang up to date offering for those whom a full priced unit is out of reach.

896105 Honor Magic5 PrHonor Magic5 Pro

Published in Phones by paul_smart on May 31, 2023
This is the latest offering from Honor the Magic5 Pro. Like almost all recent mobile phones the emphasis is on the cameras and what they can do both in photo and video mode. Not so long ago a units cameras were hidden away in one corner of the back, now they are spread out, here they are in a large circle taking the top 6cm of the phones back.

896075 POCO M5 SmartphonPOCO M5 Smart Mobile

Published in Phones by paul_smart on May 3, 2023
This is the latest Smart Phone from a new company to me. POCO is the gaming arm of Xiaomi who I have reviewed phones from in the past. The M5 can switch refresh rates Video 30Hz or 60Hz, Gaming 60Hz or 90Hz and Scrolling at 30-60-90 Hz. Overall the cost of this POCO offing is not very much at all.

896026 Murena One Android Mobile PhonProblem Solved

Published in Phones by mfereday on Mar 21, 2023
A problem shared can be a problem solved as happened with this product.

896005 HONOR Magic 5 LitHonor Magic5 Lite

Published in Phones by paul_smart on Mar 8, 2023
This is the latest offering to cross my desk; it is a SmartPhone that takes the screen right to the edge of the display. Like most recent quality SmartPhones it is all about the cameras and here they are amazingly good. The rest of the phone is also rather nice.

Name Your Price

Published in Phones by mfereday on Mar 2, 2023
If you do not use a device then maybe somebody will pay you to let them use it.

895993 murena mobile phonA deGooglised Phone

Published in Phones by mfereday on Feb 28, 2023
When is an Android smartphone not an Android smartphone? Could it ne when it has been deGooglised?

895846 Emporia SMART.Emporia Smart.5

Published in Phones by paul_smart on Jan 25, 2023
Another recent offering from Emporia a company that produces phones that look normal while offering extra assistance for those of us over 65 who may or may not be retired. Early assistance phones tended to look rather different and while they offered the assistance needed some were reluctant to use them as they were embarrassed.

895902 HONOR 70 Mobile Phone 5Honor 70 Smart Phone

Published in Phones by paul_smart on Jan 18, 2023
The CES show in the USA is where a lot of technology gets launched however the show made a big thing of not inviting certain big players this year as their support for Ukraine holds firm. There are still a good number of new offerings around launched at about the same time but not actually in the CES show. Technically this SmartPhone was launched in 2022 but only now have I been offered one to review.

895818 Emporia SUPEREASY SEmporia SuperEasy Mobile

Published in Phones by paul_smart on Dec 28, 2022
This can be a near standard Android phone or by clicking on Emporia during the initial setup one that offers more assistance and help without looking like a phone designed for the older user. While it does have an emergency button the back below the camera it does not look like one it just looks like a second camera so no one need know.

895807 Zhiyun Smooth 5S Combo Gray Gimbal StabilizeSmooth 5S Combo

Published in Phones by paul_smart on Dec 21, 2022
This is the latest Gimbal from Zhiyun. It comes in a solid fitted zip up case with the parts easily accessible. In facts the only assembly required is attaching the tripod to the base of the handle for those times that you use it remotely. The whole Gimbal has a very solid construction and feel in your hand.

895537 HONOR Magic4 LitHonor Magic 4 Lite

Published in Phones by paul_smart on Aug 29, 2022
Having recently reviewed the best phone I have ever used and then one that any other company apart from Google would have consigned to the bin 18 months ago this was always going to be, shall we say, difficult. In the past I have reviewed several other Honor offerings, so to be as fair as possible I took a good bit longer before presenting my thoughts.

895519 Google Pixel 4a 128GB Mobile PhonGoogle Pixel 4A

Published in Phones by paul_smart on Aug 8, 2022
Not everyone wants the latest or biggest phone that can take fantastic photos in near darkness. What they do want is something that can make and receive calls and take the odd photo or three and browse the Internet while out and about for things like when will that bus or train arrive and possibly will it ever rain again in my lifetime. So perhaps a solid reliable phone like this Google Pixel 4A, while this is well over two years old it still gets updated to the latest version of <

895483 Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro plus 5Redmi Note 11 Pro+ 5G

Published in Phones by paul_smart on Jul 27, 2022
As with most recent SmartPhones it is all about the cameras. Here one of its four cameras is an amazing 108MP. However with 5G those who download a lot to their phone are also able to do this with minimal delay. So what has this latest offering got to make you choose it apart from of course the extremely powerful camera that it has?

895216 OPPO Find X5 Pro 5Oppo Find X5 Pro

Published in Phones by paul_smart on June 15, 2022
Having recently reviewed another Find X5 device that had what I considered a ‘strange’ feature I was more careful when I did the setup and this unit did not have it, however as it also did an update to the ‘Color Overlay’ of the Android operating system this could have been why it now works as I would consider all phones should function.

895071 OPPO Find X5 Pro 5G SmartphonOppo Find X5

Published in Phones by paul_smart on Apr 4, 2022
Having just told you about a very unusual phone the Samsung Fold I expected my next to be more normal the initial setup seemed to go OK but here a cautionary tale do read the choices carefully and I must admit I did not and so after two days trying to switch it off I conceded and started again and read the choices more carefully now I do have a normal phone.

895047 Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G Mobile PhonSamsung Galaxy Z Fold3

Published in Phones by paul_smart on Mar 14, 2022
This can be considered two phones in one, ‘folded’ it’s a little narrow compared to most recent offering, ‘unfolded’ you need large hands or a flat surface to lay it on. Having told you about the Samsung Flip last year here is its big brother the Samsung Fold.

894981 Google Pixel 4 XGoogle Pixel 4XL

Published in Phones by paul_smart on Feb 16, 2022
Last year I told you about a Pixel 5 and if the advertising is correct the Pixel 6 is available so why should I now get the look at the Pixel 4XL. On the face of it a phone launched at least two years ago would be well past its sell by date. After a few days of use I was offered an upgrade to Android 12 so Google certainly do not consider it past it. Yes more recent phones offer more from their cameras but I still took some excellent pictures and videos.

894920 Apple iPhone 13 Pro MaiPhone 13 Pro Max

Published in Phones by paul_smart on Jan 10, 2022
Like a lot of recent SmartPhones this was one of a range of models. Having told you about one of the lower specification’s model I now get to test the top of the range model – the one they use in the TV ads – so what does this latest offering from Apple have to temp you away from your current SmartPhone?

894850 Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 Android SmartphonGalaxy Z Flip 3

Published in Phones by paul_smart on Dec 6, 2021
This phone folds horizontally across the centre of the screen it means when open you are able to have 6.7 inches of depth in a single view. When your finger moves across the central area of the screen there is a little resistance and if you look closely at the darkened screen you can see the crease in the screen, however does this affect anything else?

894831 Apple iPhone 1Apple iPhone13

Published in Phones by paul_smart on Nov 22, 2021
Apple seem to offer new phones each year so here is one of the recently launched iPhone 13 range. I have been using it out and about over the last few weeks with especial attention paid to its photographic abilities. So what does it offer the user apart from a name to justify its high end price?

894775 Motorola Edge 20 PrMotorola Edge 20 Pro

Published in Phones by paul_smart on Oct 25, 2021
The latest offering from Vodafone to cross my desk is the Motorola Edge 20 Pro, this SmartPhone feels nice and well balanced in your hand and comes supplied with a silicon back and sides cover. While the face is of course shiny black it remains almost mirror like as finger marks do not tend to show, the back is a shimmering midnight blue.

892196 fairphone 4   5g smart phonFairphone Goes 5G

Published in Phones by mfereday on Oct 5, 2021
As smartphones enter the 5G environment, Fairphone joins the trend.

892119 OPPO Find X3 Pro 5Oppo Find X3 Pro

Published in Phones by paul_smart on Sep 20, 2021
Oppo are an upcoming company who hit the UK a few years ago, they made a big splash with small well positioned adverts at Wimbledon and other such events. Of course all this would mean nothing if their phones were not up to scratch. This is one of a range of recently released offerings.

891881 Samsung Galaxy S21 5G Android SmartphonSamsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Published in Phones by paul_smart on Aug 23, 2021
Samsung are one of the most popular brands of Android Smartphones. As with most recent Smartphones the main advances are made with the cameras and for that reason you could say this is a camera phone as a lot of people no longer bother to carry a camera day to day.