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If you do not use a device then maybe somebody will pay you to let them use it.

You may recall hearing that an old mobile smartphone fetch a rather substantial amount of money when it was put up for auction recently.  The phone in question was an original Apple smartphone, released in 2007, that had never been used.  In fact it was safely ensconced in the original packaging.  This was the 8GB phone with its 2mp camera, original bearing a £500 price tag, was sold at the auction for £52,617 which, even at today's prices, was a rather large mark-up. 

I suppose you also have to wonder why somebody could manage to resist opening a new package for over 15 years since it left the Apple manufacturing factory. Of course this did happen in America where they handle things differently.  Maybe they are more self-restraint and not as impulsive as myself.  I know that I would never be able to resist tearing off the packaging of a new toy.

With our cost-of-living price increases, it might be the appropriate time, especially if you have the squirrel hoarding complex, to check through any discarded mobile phones you may have tucked away in drawers or boxes, to see if any item could be used to increase your bank balance.  In order to provide some assistance in this task, Protect Your Bubble, a phone and gadget insurance company, has undertaken some costing research and produced a Top Twenty list of retro mobile phones that could bring in a "pretty penny" if put up for sale.  When considering which of your collection to put up for sale, you do need to be aware that kit, well looked after, with its software kept up-to-date will bring in a better price and reward.

Top Twenty Retro Phone Sale Prices
PhoneRelease YearAverage Selling Price
Motorola Dynatec 8000X 1985 £1,776.01
HTC Touch Diamond 2 2009 £542.90
iPhone 2007 £543.55
iPhone 3G 2008 £307.68
Motorola Razr 2 2007 £239.25
Motorola Microtac 4800X 1989 £230.36
Motorola International 3200 1992 £215.60
Nokia 7280 2004 £180.44
Nokia N79 2008 £171.62
Ericsson T39 2001 £146.85
Nokia E90 Communicator 2007 £134.25
Nokia N-Gage 2003 £112.90
Nokia 9000 Communicator 1996 £112.52
HTC Universal 2005 £104.25
Nokia 91101 1999 £100.75
Motorola Razr 2 V9 2007 £93.44
Nokia 7600 2003 £86.89
Nokia 2100 2002 £66.74
Sidekick LX 2009 2009 £57.09
Nokia 8110 1996 £56.70

So I will let you get on with some happy, and possibly rewarding, device hunting through your home.

The Most Profitable & In-demand Retro Phones on eBay | Protect Your Bubble

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