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889803 Withings Body Cardio   Premium Wi Fi Body Composition Smart ScalWithings Body Cardio

Published in Health and Beauty by paul_smart on Aug 31, 2020
This is a scale that can help in the fight against Obesity. However it also does other things giving you other reading while on the scale, you decide from a list in the App and just for good measure it will give you the weather forecast, for those who weigh themselves first thing in the morning this may help you decide what to wear.
This is a watch that could help you lose weight and as such is an aid for those of us termed as ‘Obese’ and one of the vast range of subjects that the Government are working on apart from the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

889418 Melitta Look V Timer Drip Coffee Machine with Timer Function With thermal juMelitta LOOK Therm Timer

Published in Health and Beauty by paul_smart on Jul 20, 2020
This is a filter coffee machine that has a timer built in so you can set it up before you leave the office or in the home before you go to bed. The timer delay means the coffee will be ready to drink when you wake up or arrive at the office.

889153 masWe must wear a MASK

Published in Health and Beauty by paul_smart on June 29, 2020
Strange times not that long ago if you went into a bank or jewellers wearing a mask the alarm would sound. Now if you go on a bus or train and you do not wear a mask then you face an immediate fine. Yes it’s a different kind of mask but when people wore a hijab with just the eyes showing lots of people were very unhappy, now with a Pandemic not only is a mask OK, its required, even in a lot of shops.
I never sleep well, for a while now I have been looking for a new mattress; then the problem is what to do with the old one. This all became worse now the Pandemic is here with no courier or delivery driver coming further than the front doorstep. The solution I hit upon was to try a memory foam mattress topper on top of the mattress that I already have.

888043 Melitta 6766579 Coffee Grinder CALIBRMelitta Calibra Grinder

Published in Health and Beauty by paul_smart on Feb 28, 2020
If you use coffee beans then you know that while it’s important to have them reasonably freshly roasted. Far more important is to have them freshly ground so while the ability to roast your own coffee is beyond most of us it is not that difficult to grind the beans as you need it. This grinder from Melitta gives you coffee shop taste without the coffee shop cost per cup.

887588 Philips Series 9000 Prestige Wet & Dry Electric ShavePhilips S9000 Prestige

Published in Health and Beauty by paul_smart on Jan 22, 2020
This is not a cheap electric razor in fact you could probably buy several cheap electric razors for the cost of this one. This razor removes a week’s stubble quickly and without any discomfort either at the time or later. It has three round heads for the shaving part these pop off to attach the hair trimming head and there is yet another head for another purpose.

887640 colgate connect E1 electric toothbrusA SMART Toothbrush

Published in Health and Beauty by mfereday on Jan 16, 2020
Looking after your teeth is not a task to be taken lightly.
With all the advertising on television and magazines I am sure we all know that a powered toothbrush gives better cleaning results than a manual brush. While the whiteness of your smile is important to some, perhaps the most important thing is to have no tooth – or tooth associated – pain.

885994 Philips Somneo Sleep and Wake up LighPhilips Wake Up Light

Published in Health and Beauty by paul_smart on Oct 28, 2019
With the nights now longer than the day’s most of us need to get up before the sun and that means we are far more likely to be woken unnaturally with the result that we feel – at the very least – less charitable towards others and therefore unhappy. This light from Philips can wake you with a gradually brightening light and for the heavy sleeper even bird song.

885270 Philips Avance High Speed Vacuum BlendePhilips Vacuum Blender

Published in Health and Beauty by paul_smart on Aug 21, 2019
Making things from raw vegetables does not really appeal to me, fruit yes, vegetables no I tend to prefer my vegetables cooked. But things like carrot cake can appeal even to children so be a man and give it a go, the pulp that is not juiced goes into a vacuum environment and can be kept – even frozen - to be added to stocks to give extra bulk.

885254 elastoplast wound spraElastoplast Items

Published in Health and Beauty by paul_smart on Aug 19, 2019
I think of a plaster for a minor scrape of the skin, while most will say the biggest name in plasters is Elastoplast but they do other things apart from plasters. Here I am looking at plasters, wound healing ointment and wound spray.
Worcester Bosch has launched a new range of domestic wall-hung boilers, the Greenstar 8000 Lifestyle range to replace the 14 year old CDi Classic series
When walking through Waterloo station I noticed lots of adverts for a new razor that I have heard nothing about, there was even a pop up barbers salon where willing victims were receiving a shave, so I contacted their PR company and I received a razor and a canister of their new shaving foam so that I could try it myself and then tell you all about it.

882617 Xiaomi Mi Electric Toothbrush WhitConnected Toothbrush

Published in Health and Beauty by paul_smart on Feb 20, 2019
While it is not the first toothbrush that uses the airwaves to store brushing results that has resided in my bathroom it is the first such device intended for adults. It comes from a company whose main lines are in the connected home.

881523 Time2 Rotating Home Security CamerTime2 Olivia

Published in Health and Beauty by paul_smart on Dec 31, 2018
A Wi-Fi security camera from Time2, this is an internal offering but I see this range of releases also has an external offering that I shall ask to look at when this one returns home. So what can this camera offer to help secure your home?

881293 Chameleon Color Changing Stainless Steel BottlChameleon Water Bottle

Published in Health and Beauty by paul_smart on Dec 16, 2018
This water bottle charges colour according to the temperature of either the internal contents or the external air temperature. While this on the face of it is little more than a gimmick it could possibly have other uses that may be more useful.
Even if like me your daily shave is with an electric or battery razor there is nothing like a wet shave and even though a lot of recent electronic offerings are ‘wet or dry’ the scrape – for want of a better word – of a wet razor is a pleasure. My razor of choice for such a task uses the five blades on offer from Gillette here an offering that will make a perfect gift at a low price.

881001 Playbrush Smart Sonic Electric Kids ToothbrusSignal Playbrush Sonic

Published in Health and Beauty by paul_smart on Nov 30, 2018
A rechargeable battery operated toothbrush designed to allow the child to ‘enjoy’ the time spent brushing his/her teeth, while it is a fairly normal looking brush the difference is that it connects via Bluetooth in an App on a mobile phone. While a young child under full supervision will soon get the idea that different brushing techniques help, my worry is for the mobile phone getting dropped into a basin or worse.
While one hand operation for a water bottle may not be essential – for most – it is nice and once used you realise what a faff it is to have to use two hands just to get a slurp of water, so this becomes a rather neat implementation of it.
The Wahl Aqua Blade is the latest addition to the company’s product range. It can be used wet or dry to trim or edge one’s beard as well as shave one’s head
Some things I test are more appropriate than others and here a device that I use frequently as my blood pressure does tend to vary which according to a consultant at the local ‘older persons clinic’ is because my diabetes is not great.

Homni Dot/Reston Part 2

Published in Health and Beauty by paul_smart on Oct 12, 2018
Having given you outline details of what Homni can do and how it links via Bluetooth to Dot/Reston the items that track your sleep quality here I delve deeper which for those like me who sleep badly may give vital helpful information.
With all the talk of single use plastic either being phased out or carrying a substantial premium either to the manufacturer or possibly the user an unbreakable reusable water bottle is something that could well get more publicity like the one I was sent here from Ion8.

880433 Philips HF3420 03 Intense Blue Energy SAD LighPhilips EnergyUp Light

Published in Health and Beauty by paul_smart on Oct 5, 2018
While we have had a wonderful summer this year in the amount of sunlight this is like to cause a greater problem this autumn and winter for those who suffer from problems caused by lack of sunlight or bright light, these is of course a solution.

880341 Terraillon Homni Smart LamHomni and Dot/Reston

Published in Health and Beauty by paul_smart on Sep 26, 2018
For those like me who find sleeping difficult – even in normal conditions – these two devices can possibly help, Dot or Reston registers your movements and give other statistics while Homni tells you about the room environment and can help with the aid or red light take you to sleep and, in the morning, via white light and alarm to wake you up again, quite a partnership.

880253 VARIDESK Pro Plus 36 Height Adjustable Standing DesVariDesk ProPlus 36

Published in Health and Beauty by paul_smart on Sep 21, 2018
While whatever space you have on your desk will always diminish to the point that things have to be placed elsewhere is a rule, there is a possible solution in the shape of the VariDesk which in effect allows your desk to grow.
While the main purpose of this is to improve the air quality for those who unable to cope with less than perfect quality, I found quite by chance another feature of the product that might improve the chance of success with a partner.
Being a diabetic I have to look after my feet, most socks tend to dig into my legs so socks with special tops are on my agenda. Here also socks for the airline traveller who – especially on long hall – need to be aware of deep vein thrombosis.

880144 braun activscan 9 BUA7200 blood pressure monitoBlood Pressure Device

Published in Health and Beauty by mfereday on Aug 30, 2018
Offering to provide self-help with blood pressure monitoring is a device from Braun.