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As regular readers will know I was very impressed with my initial weeks using the SleepHub and my last posting 25-11-20 told you so in no uncertain manner. While my sleep has certainly improved overall I have had some recent problems using it. However this could well be due a bout of toothache as well as some stomach problems and nausea.

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There are four usage modes Deep Sleep, Easy Sleep, Fall Asleep and Power Nap.

You select which you want on the 7inch Touch Display which spends all but two minutes when you activate it and when the alarm sounds totally blank. It sends a range of pulses and tones to the two supplied speakers.

When you set the sound level of the Sleepsound you should also set a Soundscape but a tiny bit lower. Final adjustment should be made using the master volume control on the sleep screen; you should only to just be able to hear the sounds. The purpose of the Soundscape –choice of eight - is to mask any harshness in the various tones and pulses of the Sleepsound.

The whole premise of the SleepHub is built round eight hours sleep so if you select Deep Sleep that is what you are aspiring to so the alarm of your choice goes off exactly eight hours after you start the process of trying to sleep.

Easy Sleep gives you more control as while eight hours may be nirvana many of us cannot get this for whatever reason and so you set the alarm to go off at a time of your choosing. However do not make the mistake of using the button beside the time set of the alarm that says ‘off’ as this will not turn the alarm off just cause it to sound eight hours after trying to sleep which if you are trying to have a lay in on a day off could be disastrous to your mood. Just set the alarm for several hours later as an example if you normally rise at seven set it for eleven and then change it back once you wake up.

Fall Asleep is a mode suitable for people who find it difficult to get off to sleep but once there manage to stay asleep and in this mode the tones and pulses sound for two hours only, you set an alarm for the time you wish to wake up.

Power Nap is for those who want half an hour (adjustable) during the day, again you set an alarm for a time of your choosing.

There are eight different alarm sounds just select the one you like, when the alarm goes off for around the first minute there is only light and no sound, this is often enough to wake you kindly, this screen on the display allows a five minute snooze should you want it before the sounds start.

Once set if you have a routine you never need to do anything apart from ‘>’ to start and slide your finger across the screen to turn the alarm off.

While you are trying to wind down prior to sleeping you can use the unit’s excellent speakers to play music of your choice via Bluetooth.

I started using the SleepHub on 28th October and the figures I list below were generated on 20th December a total of 53 days. There are two elements to sleep, light and deep, ideally you want a small number of ‘U’ shapes to make your night’s sleep and my watch tells me the amount of light and deep sleep, I would love to be 50% or above in deep sleep but even with the SleepHub I rarely get to that level as my ‘U’ shapes tend to be under an hour in length so no prolonged sleep of the right type.

So with the recent problems my sleep score is an average of 66 but still far better than I normally got without the sleep hub, I still find it difficult to get off to sleep it often being 2AM or even later before I start to sleep.

I will continue to update you as long as I am able to keep using the SleepHub, while this month’s health problems have lowered the score and with normal health the figure should increase.

They offer a sixty day money back guarantee should the SleepHub not be of help to you.

It’s available for £599 from the link below in white or black; currently there is also a 20% discount available on the site which also has lots more information, so £599 becomes £479.20 and free delivery.

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