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This is far more than a Smart Watch it could perhaps with careful use save your life. The original Smart Watches had some health details, a Scan Watch goes further and now the Scan Watch 2 is more like a doctors surgery on your wrist.
If you are new to Withings then download their App to your phone and then once you have an account just link the to it. If you already have a Withings account you just need to link your new watch to it and in a few minutes you can be going through its new features. Its a big jump from a Smart Watch to the Scan Watch 2. In fact it is also a big jump from Scan Watch Light to Scan Watch 2. The main features of the Scan Watch Watch 2 are divided into five main feature areas.
This has helped me function during the recent really hot weather, I know many will say that it is great for lying on a beach however if you are in a home office and walking down the hall and back brings you out in a sweat then something of this type not only allows you to feel cooler it also checks the air quality and improves it by drawing air from the room through its HEPA filter before blowing it out of the top of the unit.
There are two different models in this range, this is the more basic one that has a more limited range of functions but for anyone wanting a smaller area covered it is great. This model is a circular tube 57cm tall, the back half is the air input which starts 8cm from the base and rises to 33cm, from the base behind this area is the HEPA filter so all air is drawn through it. The air output is on the top of 57cm unit so while there is a good amount of breeze coming from the top loose papers etc.
While most will get a set of scales in an attempt to lose weight you may be surprised to know that losing weight when you are not trying to is far more likely to conceal a problem that is likely to require medical assistance.
While trousers or skirts becoming smaller when not worn for a while is a good sign of gaining weight and them becoming bigger is a probable sign of losing weight. If you wish to keep your weight a secret then this scale can help. The  measures 32x32x2.5cm but there is a second set of feet that clips into the already fitted ones to give you another .5cm of clearance which can be useful on certain surfaces like carpets.
These days getting an appointment to see a doctor is harder than ever, when/if you get one often one of the tasks the doctor does is take your blood pressure. A lot of surgeries introduced phone consultations during Covid and of course taking blood pressure remotely is impossible so being able to take it yourself can give the doctor useful information.
895698 Zippo Heatbanktm 6 Electric Handwarme

Zippo HeatBank 6

This is not one product but two in one. It is a charge device for things like mobile phones when away from a USB port. However it is also something to keep you warm when out and about a small HeatBank that can keep your hands warm.
If – like me – you are of a certain age then the name Zippo will remind you of a lighter. Indeed when I was searching for a price I see they still exist. The Zippo HeatBank 6 measures 10.5x4.3x2cm and weighs 141 grams. Unlike other charge devices the sides of this unit are not sharp but curved so it rolls nicely in your hands. At one end is a connection point for a supplied lanyard. At the other end the connections.
Like a lot of people of my age I have problems with my back, I often find that laying down helps, even the old fashioned hot water bottle gives some assistance. So anything that can keep me upright and reduce the discomfort gets my vote. This item is a large strap that fits round the waist and heats up whilst you are wearing it.
The ThermoDR Body Wrap is one metre in length and 15cm wide. This is stated as ‘one size fits all’ well if your waist is 36inches of less then yes. However there is another piece of the material that is 50cm long and with the aid of the Velcro straps can I am told fit all waists up to 52 inches.
Adding to its range of oral hygiene products, Oclean has launched its W10 product.
If you are the type who is prepared to "go the extra smile" (not my pun but one used by the company) then this next product from Oclean might be of interest.  The product in question is the Oclean Oral Mobile Irrigator (W10).  This product has been designed to provide water flossing capabilities to add to your oral hygiene routine by adding to your daily oral care procedure.
How's your smile? Perhaps this next product could add a sparkle to it.
While the company name may not be all that familiar to you, it should give you a clue as to the area in which it operates.  Oclean is the name and its field of operation is that of oral cleansing as the company produces a range of products including the subject of this review which is the Oclean Flow.  This is a sonic electric toothbrush aimed at those with a busy lifestyle and a welcoming smile.
While there is plenty of publicity and action regarding the food we eat, there seems to be less concerns about the water we intake.
Turn on the tap in your kitchen and you should receive, unless there is a blockage somewhere in your pipes, an output of sparkling water.  This liquid can then be used for a variety of tasks including providing the body with an important element for a healthy existence.  However, while the water you receive from a tap might have the appearance of a clear water, it is not always the pure liquid we think it is despite the efforts that have been made to remove impurities by suppliers.
When I wrote a piece about face masks a year ago they were still a talking point and one that few - if any - of us thought would still be a feature of day to day life a year later. Now when we leave home it is a thing we check along with wallet and keys as while in an open area they are not currently compulsory they are on public transport and shops.
The vast majority of masks that I see are what are deemed as single use pale blue with white elastic to go round your ears. Some more fashion conscious people – mainly ladies – make their own and they are very inventive and sometimes very colourful but do they fulfill the requirement? I see more of the Perspex shield that start at the forehead and come down to the mouth, again I wonder if they stop germs coming from the wearer.
Very few SmartPhones apart from the very expensive offerings have a matt back and I have yet to see one without shiny sides and screen surround and these of course show finger marks. While the screen more or less has to be shiny and as all but very basic SmartPhones are touch unless you wear special gloves every touch of your finger shows a mark.
Most people when the marks interfere with what they are doing rub the face of their SmartPhone on their trousers or jeans not that vital until a year ago when Covid reared its head but now it’s more important or the next time your finger moves from your screen to your face… At this time of year when out and about gloves are something I wear all the time and the ones designed to enable phone usage do help not only does this save your fingers freezing when you touch your phone but I t
As regular readers will know I was very impressed with my initial weeks using the SleepHub and my last posting 25-11-20 told you so in no uncertain manner. While my sleep has certainly improved overall I have had some recent problems using it. However this could well be due a bout of toothache as well as some stomach problems and nausea.
There are four usage modes Deep Sleep, Easy Sleep, Fall Asleep and Power Nap. You select which you want on the 7inch Touch Display which spends all but two minutes when you activate it and when the alarm sounds totally blank. It sends a range of pulses and tones to the two supplied speakers. When you set the sound level of the Sleepsound you should also set a Soundscape but a tiny bit lower.
If you are looking for a last-minute Christmas gift then this next product could help.
While I have been known to bestow certain inanimate objects with a personalised name, this practice has not been applied to my toothbrush.  Despite coming into regular personal contact, as it carried out its teeth cleaning duties, this device was simple known as the toothbrush.  Oral-B obviously feels differently as it named this particular series of toothbrushes, one of which arrives in the Fereday household, as "Genius X".
890855 red nudge wrist ban

Avoid Face Touching : Nudge

A nudge is as good as a wink when it comes to reminding you to carry out a task or maybe not to do it again.
The pandemic has certainly resulted in a number of changes to our current mode of lifestyle.  It has also encouraged the development of remedies and devices to help combat the situation.  Falling into the latter category is the Nudge device which has nothing to do with the Monty Python skit or any innuendo that might spring to mind.
Regular readers will know that I find sleeping difficult, often its 4AM before I start to sleep even then its poor so the SleepHub from Cambridge Sleep Sciences was a no brainer for me to request to review. Initial tests were nothing short of amazing. I have a watch that records sleep length and more importantly the deep sleep part of that.
Often prior to the arrival of the SleepHub my sleep score was described as POOR and a figure of 20 was achieved. By night three I was scoring 80 and best of all my deep sleep was no longer in ten minute chunks but up to an hour in length. In good sleep you drift off in a ‘U’ shape with the bit at the bottom being the deep sleep part this can last the best part of 90 minutes and then with good sleep you just repeat with the nirvana eight hours.
While a lot of devices claim to take your blood pressure they give a single figure and most will know your blood pressure is made up of two components systolic and diastolic the ideal reading is something like 120 over 80. What most devices give you is your pulse which in a fit and healthy person can be around 60 when resting.
Your doctor will use a cuff that fits on your arm and in the times when it was possible to see a doctor in person outside of an A & E visit they would attach such a device to your arm and then tell you to stop talking while they take your reading. This unit has a solid rechargeable internal battery which means the display sits on your arm along with the cuff and will work either on a bare arm or over a shirt and still give accurate readings. The solid part is 15x4.
It’s been a while since a pair of shoes or trainers has passed over my desk. Here an offering from Brooks that will support the complete foot. When I first took them from the box I thought that they looked a little small but a comparison with what was currently on my feet disproved that.
Like clothes shoe sizes do vary and I have in the past been happy and comfortable with some shoes that are sold as 9½ but others need to be 10. I loosened the laces as they arrived tightly tied and then loosened them some more and still my foot resisted and then I realised that the top edge of the trainer was rubberised for extra grip and so while the laces do have a job to perform you need to push quite hard to insert the foot but when in the trainer the foot is held very securely.
This is a scale that can help in the fight against Obesity. However it also does other things giving you other reading while on the scale, you decide from a list in the App and just for good measure it will give you the weather forecast, for those who weigh themselves first thing in the morning this may help you decide what to wear.
The Withings Body Cardio scales measure 32x32x1.2cm with a central bar to help you keep your feet apart. There is a 7x4cm display window. The numerals displayed are 2cm tall and very easy to read. While being naked during weighing yourself is not essential you do need to have bare feet to get the best from the scale as certain features require bare feet.
Strange times not that long ago if you went into a bank or jewellers wearing a mask the alarm would sound. Now if you go on a bus or train and you do not wear a mask then you face an immediate fine. Yes it’s a different kind of mask but when people wore a hijab with just the eyes showing lots of people were very unhappy, now with a Pandemic not only is a mask OK, its required, even in a lot of shops.
This is not a cheap electric razor in fact you could probably buy several cheap electric razors for the cost of this one. This razor removes a week’s stubble quickly and without any discomfort either at the time or later. It has three round heads for the shaving part these pop off to attach the hair trimming head and there is yet another head for another purpose.
The unit with shaving head is close to square at the end with the three heads at 5cm and it is 16cm long. It comes with a wireless charging plate 18x11cm and the razor sits on its back on the plate there is a slight indentation at one end that takes the shaving head. It comes with a two pin plug – the only one that should be found in a bathroom – that has a USB socket on one side. The plate has a hard wired USB lead of 1.2 metres long.