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Regular readers will know that I find sleeping difficult, often its 4AM before I start to sleep even then its poor so the SleepHub from Cambridge Sleep Sciences was a no brainer for me to request to review. Initial tests were nothing short of amazing. I have a watch that records sleep length and more importantly the deep sleep part of that.

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Often prior to the arrival of the SleepHub my sleep score was described as POOR and a figure of 20 was achieved. By night three I was scoring 80 and best of all my deep sleep was no longer in ten minute chunks but up to an hour in length.

In good sleep you drift off in a ‘U’ shape with the bit at the bottom being the deep sleep part this can last the best part of 90 minutes and then with good sleep you just repeat with the nirvana eight hours.

I have been given permission to review this in two parts so while this unit also has other functions here I am concentrating on the sleep part only.

This is on loan for two months and at the time of writing this first part I have been using it for four weeks.

While my sleep is better I have also recently managed to drop one of the up to three different prescription tablets, this tablet did help but it had to be taken around six hours before you wanted to sleep unlike normal pills and it had the side effect of my feeling terrible and unable to do anything for the next morning so I only ever took it one night in two.

I have more energy and manage a six thousand step walk most mornings. This figure may not sound much but as a 73 year old I am told this is good, considering also that during ‘Lockdown One’ the most exercise I got was pushing my bins once a week to my gate for the dustmen.

When I started a limited amount of exercise after Lockdown a walk to the local Co-Op and back a total of twenty minutes left me exhausted for the rest of the day.

I have also noticed an improvement in my short term memory and words come regularly to mind. I can also enjoy things like Pointless and House of Games where answers I have known since childhood again flow more regularly.

It consists of a 15x12cm display where you make selections and a pair of 12cm round speakers, the speakers should be placed either side of the bed with the display on the same side as one of the speakers, the audio leads are two metres and five metres.

You will probably need a few days to get volume levels correct, you want to be able to just hear the range of tones it produces you can also have a range of other sound which should be set lower than the sleep sounds.

There are four sleep modes Deep Sleep is eight hours, Easy Sleep is open ended where you choose the finish time with an alarm of your choice. There is even a nap mode for those who try to get forty winks during the day.

My main tests so far have been using the Easy Sleep mode and while I have not always got the immediate sleep desired my sleep patterns have improved and for the last week I have removed the pill with the morning after problems.

My next report will include other features of the unit including the fact that it can be used as a set of Bluetooth Speakers when not in Sleep Mode. Certain things seem to me to be strange or even illogical but remember this is a brand new product and am in close contact with their marketing manager. 

The SleepHub can be purchased the SleepHub web site £599 although at the time of publication they have a Black Friday promotion offering a 20% discount so you can get it for £479.20 which is valid until 7th December. While certainly not cheap, what price do you put on regular good night’s sleep?

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Comment by paul_smart, Nov 25, 2020 11:14

The Sleep Hub is also available from and there is currently a 20% off offer until 7th December and this also includes free delivery.

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