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873122 BT_logAn Impressive Start

Published in Misc by mfereday on 25 Apr 2017
Excuse me while I ignore the incoming phone call. It is probably one of the many call calls from various companies wanting to divest me of money.

McAfee Annual Labs Day 2017

Published in Misc by paul_smart on 21 Apr 2017
This event took place in London just before Easter 2017 and for the second year I was invited to be among the two dozen European journalists there. Of course the big Malware threat ‘Ransomware’ was high on the list of topics discussed however as always you left with many new concerns.

872981 Prezziebox Soothing Sounds MachinHelp to Relax

Published in Misc by mfereday on 13 Apr 2017
We live in a society where sounds can cause stress but they can also help us relax.

872765 Penclic Mini keyboard Bluetooth KBPenclic Mini Keyboard KB3

Published in Misc by paul_smart on 9 Apr 2017
How big is yours – relax you have not suddenly gone to a different type of website – I am talking about your keyboard, 46x17x3cm would not fall into the category of large, here however I am looking at one that can be described only as small.

872455 LeapFrog Read with MViolet Returns

Published in Misc by mfereday on 18 Mar 2017
It is story time as Violet makes a return to the Leapfrog range of learning tools for young children.

872456 sitpacA Portable Seat

Published in Misc by mfereday on 16 Mar 2017
With the same name as the company which designed and manufactured it, the SITPACK is a collapsible and portable seat.

EM Client 7

Published in Misc by paul_smart on 6 Mar 2017
It was nearly four years ago that I discovered EM Client 6 unlike most software programs that seem to upgrade annually it is close to four years ago that this Outlook Express replacement came into my life and it is still in use as my email collecting tool this has just become EM Client 7.

872170 Edifier S1000DB Audiophile Active Bookshelf SpeakerBookshelf Speakers

Published in Misc by mfereday on 28 Feb 2017
Seeing the courier struggle up to my front door was enough to give my back a panic attack at the thought of this next review.

872125 LeapFrog Musical Rainbow Tea PartA Musical Tea Time

Published in Misc by mfereday on 22 Feb 2017
While coffee is fast overtaking as the nation’s favourite hot beverage, let us not forget the old favourite and style of tea drinking.

871855 picturekeeper connect phone backuPicture Keeper Connect

Published in Misc by mfereday on 7 Feb 2017
Flash drives can have multiple uses including providing a cross-platform backup service.

871735 Evo Tactical Extreme Edition CasiPhone 7 and 7 Plus Cases

Published in Misc by paul_smart on 5 Feb 2017
While lots of companies have a vast range of phones that they produce cases for the vast majority of cases produced by Tech21 are for the iPhone. Here I am looking at a detachable wallet case for the iPhone 7 and a brand new case for the iPhone 7 Plus.

871891 car canCar Cane Assistance

Published in Misc by mfereday on 2 Feb 2017
Rather than ask for assistance when getting out of a car, you could help yourself with the subject of this review.

871376 SecureTrek Laptop Overnight Roller SuitcasKensington Stab Proof Case

Published in Misc by paul_smart on 25 Jan 2017
This is a 17inch pull along case, it has four different zips that all join at one padlock point so unless someone steals the case the contents should be safe as unlike other such cases it is sold with the ‘stab proof’ banner so just add a tracker inside the case and unless it is totally destroyed you can locate it once stolen.

871379 LeapFrog Scouts Goodnight LighScout’s Goodnight Light

Published in Misc by paul_smart on 22 Jan 2017
Leap Frog a big name in toys for babies and young children bring out a nightlight that can help to remove the fear of the dark for youngsters. I reviewed a similar night light product a few months ago from Philips so what has this to offer.

871501 pny action chargeThe Action Charger

Published in Misc by mfereday on 17 Jan 2017
Offering to put power in your pocket is a device from PNY that can be used with smartphones, tablets and action camcorders.

871316 PNY 5200 mAh PowerPack Alu Digital Charcoal External RechargeablPortable PowerPack

Published in Misc by mfereday on 3 Jan 2017
Adding to its range of PowerPacks, PNY has introduced its AD5200 model.

871224 serif affinity designer workbooAffinity Designer Workbook

Published in Misc by paul_smart on 1 Jan 2017
I love manuals, and of course with most software been sold as downloads the best you get today is a PDF file which also needs to be downloaded. Serif software have been around for 29 years and they have recently produced Affinity Designer firstly for MAC and now for the PC, this is their workbook a heavy hard backed tome.

871204 PNY Magnet Car Vent Mount for SmartphoneIn-Car Phone Holder

Published in Misc by mfereday on 31 Dec 2016
With in-car phone use being upgraded regarding penalty points, this next product could be worth a purchase.

871203 iStorage datAshur Personal 2 USB 3 Flash DrivPIN Protected Flash Drive

Published in Misc by mfereday on 29 Dec 2016
While flash drives are useful for transporting data, they do run the risk of being lost or stolen. So the data they contain should be protected.

871003 360glasses Virtual Reality GlasseVirtual Reality Glasses

Published in Misc by paul_smart on 28 Dec 2016
When I asked to review this I assumed that it would arrive assembled, wrong. They state use by children 14 and above, OK. You need patience to assemble and above all follow the illustrations that form the vast proportion of the instructions.

871201 devolo Home Control StarteSecurity Components

Published in Misc by mfereday on 27 Dec 2016
Offering a variety of tools to protect your home is Devolo’s Home Security system.

871045 devolo Home Control StarteHome Control System

Published in Misc by mfereday on 13 Dec 2016
Do you control your home? Or does it control you? Devolo believes it can put you in the driving seat.

870978 Leef iBridge 3 Mobile Memory for iOS 16 GB BlacGifts for iPhone 7 Users

Published in Misc by paul_smart on 4 Dec 2016
Often finding suitable small gifts for members of the opposite sex is not easy, I mean friends but not those especially close to you. However if they use an iPhone I might have some suggestions that are also affordable options for Christmas gifts.

870721 netgear dm200 adsl routeVDSL / ADSL Modem

Published in Misc by mfereday on 24 Nov 2016
Offering to add VDSL / ADSL Internet connectivity to your router-based LAN set up is a NETGEAR modem.

870688 aldo national geographic telescopALDI National Geographic Telescope

Published in Misc by paul_smart on 23 Nov 2016
This is described as a telescope for both sun and moon observation. However as most will know you should NEVER look directly at the sun so this telescope tracks things via your SmartPhone attached to the side of the telescope.

870537 gyration 3300 air mouse voicA Multifunction Mouse

Published in Misc by mfereday on 15 Nov 2016
A computer mouse is just a computer mouse that has been designed to slide around a mouse mat as it controls the movement of your desktop cursor or so you might expect. But the reality can be somewhat different. A computer mouse can come in a variety of sizes, colours schemes, connectivity options and enhanced functionality. Standing apart from many brands of rodents is the Air Mouse® Voice device developed by Gyration, part of the SMK-Li

870095 Mathmos Neo Lava LamMathmos Neo Lava Lamp

Published in Misc by paul_smart on 13 Nov 2016
Lava Lamps were all the rage about two generations ago, this is a very similar thing in that there is a coloured liquid in the container and towards the base what looks like a layer of sparkly stuff which slowly turns into small craters and then it starts to rise.

870088 Waterproof Case Mpow Universal Durable Underwater Dry BaCherry Mouse & Waterproof Bag

Published in Misc by paul_smart on 6 Nov 2016
The first a rodent for those of us who still have a desktop system or those who just cannot get on with a trackpad on a notebook, the second something that arrived without notice a Waterproof Bag for your mobile phone from MPOW.

869857 Penclic Mini Wireless KeyboarPenclic Keyboard and Penclic Mouse

Published in Misc by paul_smart on 30 Oct 2016
However much desk space you have it seems never to enough, if you have a tower or mini tower you can probably move it under the desk, a lot of panels have a USB hub but that still leaves the problem of the keyboard and the mouse.

Ever Tried Bin Dipping?

Published in Misc by mfereday on 29 Oct 2016
Recycling unwanted goods can be big business for some people.