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896223 HeyDoodle Reusable Colouring MaHeyDoodle Time

Published in Misc by mfereday on Sep 23, 2023
When is a toy not a toy? Maybe when it can serve some educational or artistic purpose.

896210 jlab jbud minNews from JLab

Published in Misc by mfereday on Sep 9, 2023
They say "Size matters!" and in this case it is more of a matter that "the smaller the better".

896181 UGREEN Magsafe Power BanA Multiple Charging Option

Published in Misc by mfereday on Aug 19, 2023
News has reached me of a product designed to keep your portable devices up-and-running when their battery runs low.

896168 ZeroWater Company Filter Water JuFiltered Water

Published in Misc by mfereday on Aug 1, 2023
Water, water everywhere but is it fit to drink?

896161 Boulies ninja pro gaming chaiA Gaming Chair

Published in Misc by mfereday on Jul 25, 2023
While concentrating on your gaming action, it helps to avoid distractions caused by lack of comfort.

896109 Skullcandy Crusher ANC Bluetooth Wireless Over Ear HeadphoneCrusher ANC 2

Published in Misc by mfereday on June 8, 2023
Music is meant to be enjoyed and listened to. This next product wants to help in this respect.

896106 product_page_aegis_nvx_carousel1__2887AEGIS NVX 500GB

Published in Misc by paul_smart on June 7, 2023
This is an SSD drive that is encrypted so unless you enter the correct password it remains unreadable by any software. It is connected to a PC or other such device by either a USB ‘C’ or USB cable.

896097 Sony WH 1000XM4 Noise Cancelling Wireless HeadphoneA Gift for Father

Published in Misc by mfereday on May 25, 2023
If you are stuck for ideas then this next announcement might help with some suggestions for the 18th of June.

896092 Master Dater by Cyanide HappinesFathers Day Items!

Published in Misc by paul_smart on May 24, 2023
This is a brief look at a couple of items that you might find suitable for Father’s Day gifts. In case it’s slipped your mind it’s not that far away on the 18th June. Both these games are for older children or adults. The two games are Master Dater and Joking Hazard.

896096 skullcandy crusher ancNew Headphones

Published in Misc by mfereday on May 20, 2023
Skullcandy enhances the private listening experience.

896080 nickwatch_play_fuzzy_strap_a_2_1_2_1 copA Watching Watch

Published in Misc by mfereday on May 4, 2023
Technology can help keep an eye on your child through the use of technology.

896050 TP Link Tapo Smart Iot HuTAPO Smart Items

Published in Misc by paul_smart on Apr 5, 2023
This is a range of small items that all do their jobs linked though a single Smart Hub. Apart from The Smart Hub I was sent three items a Motion Sensor, Temperature & Humidity Sensor and a Contact Sensor. You can then link extra such units so various door and windows are all covered so no chance of leaving with an open window. While the App is useful so is a in house sound and here both are available as the Smart Hub has a sound output.

896033 JLab Go Work Pop Wireless Headsets with MicrophonWork and Play Tool

Published in Misc by mfereday on Apr 1, 2023
Recently I was informed of a headset aimed at those who require a device that is suitable for both work and play.

896034 skullcandy burton headphoneSkullcandy's Wild Side

Published in Misc by mfereday on Mar 28, 2023
One way of making your product stand out from the herd would be to add a decoration.

895934 USB fast chargDual USB Powering

Published in Misc by mfereday on Feb 9, 2023
Combining together different USB ports, Atom Studios has developed a plug which might prove useful.

895930 Sony WF C500 Truly Wireless HeadphoneValentine Day Gifts

Published in Misc by mfereday on Feb 4, 2023
For those willing to mark the day with a special gift, here are a few suggestions from Sony.

895906 Boulies Elite ergonomic gaming chaiSitting Comfortably

Published in Misc by mfereday on Jan 24, 2023
Whether at work or at play, a comfortable position can help you perform to your best.

895801 Ugreen Nexode 100W USB C Charging Station Ugreen Nexode 100W USB C Charging StatioPower to Charge

Published in Misc by mfereday on Dec 29, 2022
As out collections of rechargeable devices increase, so does the required ability to charge them.
It looks a lot like a larger Swiss army knife. The difference here is that to access any of the tools you need to push with your thumb to allow any of the tools to be accessed. There is even a clip so wherever you keep it in a pocket or bag it will stay in place until it’s needed.

895706 LG TONE Free UT90 earbudNews for Ears and Wallets

Published in Misc by mfereday on Nov 12, 2022
When looking to enhance your listening experience and save some money, this news might be of interest.

895702 Have I Got News For You The Quiz of 202Have I Got News For You

Published in Misc by paul_smart on Nov 10, 2022
This hard backed book is entitled ‘The Quiz of 2022’, the program is one of the BBC’s most popular ‘Have I Got New For You’. I don’t get to read many books as most of my reading is online and while some might tuck themselves up with their Notebook or Tablet turning the page on a book in your hand is a rather different experience.

895698 Zippo Heatbanktm 6 Electric HandwarmeZippo HeatBank 6

Published in Misc by paul_smart on Nov 7, 2022
This is not one product but two in one. It is a charge device for things like mobile phones when away from a USB port. However it is also something to keep you warm when out and about a small HeatBank that can keep your hands warm.

895697 sound blaster xUSB DAC & Headphone Amplifier

Published in Misc by paul_smart on Nov 2, 2022
In a lot of cases you want more volume than is available, either because something was recorded at a low level or you are in a noisy environment. Often increasing the volume will also increase static and other things you don’t want. The solution can often be as easy as playing through a DAC as this gives you what you want more volume as well as clarity of sound.

895688 secret identitSecret Identity & Top Trumps

Published in Misc by paul_smart on Oct 31, 2022
Here I am looking at two items that could well be solutions for a couple of Christmas ideas. Secret Identity is a game for both older children and adults. The second also ticks two boxes most will know what Top Trumps are, a set of playing cards, but they are always on a theme with great images, here the images are Sports Cars something that will appeal to all the people that cannot afford the real thing.

895653 The Monogamy Couples Board GamFondle and Monogamy

Published in Misc by paul_smart on Oct 17, 2022
Christmas is just around the corner and while it is a time for families and especially younger children. What of those of teenage years approaching adulthood, well games of an adult nature might be of interest that may even lead to a relationship. Here are two such games the first for up to four players but playable with less. The second is a for a couple of consenting adults. So dependant of age you may start with Fondle and move on to Monogamy.

895374 Trust Gaming GXT 980 Redex Rechargeable Wireless Gaming MousWired & Wireless Mouse

Published in Misc by mfereday on June 14, 2022
Aiming to please both the wired and wireless mouse brigades, Trust has developed a mouse to satisfy both groups.

895371 Snakehive leather bifold walleLeather Bifold Wallet from Snakehive

Published in Misc by paul_smart on June 13, 2022
Strangely enough recently I noticed my wallet was showing signs of wear and then quite by chance I was offered the chance to review one from Snakehive. After I said ‘yes please’ another half a dozen emails went between myself and the PR lady with all the different options and colour choices, you can even for a small extra charge have up to three initials embossed on it. They also do a range of phone cases.

From Bottles to Bag

Published in Misc by mfereday on May 30, 2022
Changing bottles into bags is not magic but it could help the planet.

895076 Trust Gaming Mouse GXT 144 RexTrust Gaming Mouse

Published in Misc by mfereday on Mar 31, 2022
Whether at work or play, your computer relies on a mouse to provide the link between the user and its software.

894901 Zhiyun Smooth XS 2 Axis Compact Handheld GimbaZhiyan Smooth XS Gimbal

Published in Misc by paul_smart on Jan 17, 2022
While a Gimbal can give you smooth movement when hand held it is possible to get even smoother movement if you use the tripod provided attached to the Gimbal and control the movements of it even from a second phone so the Gimbal on the tripod just needs a firm footing to achieve results even professionals will admire.