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Who can bring back the magician when he disappears on stage and then fails to reappear?
Usually a father will help their child but, in this next case, the child corrects her father's mistakes made earlier.
Nearwood, available in Collector's Edition format, is a Hidden Object Adventure game developed by Magicindie Softworks.  Set in a magical world, this game involves the adventure of a young woman, named Jane Lockwood.  She embarks on a voyage to defeat the evil force that was currently affecting the land due to the earlier mistakes made by her father when he was suffering distress caused by the death of his wife.
895367 Smooth Q4 Gimbal Stabilise

Smooth Q4 Combo

This is the latest in a range of Gimbals from Zhiyun. It has the ability to expand its length and even an attachment that enables image background fills so the Smooth Q4 Combo is far more than just a camera Gimbal be it used hand held or with the supplied tripod to enable you to control it remotely from a second SmartPhone.
While its default length is 28cm attaching the tripod to the end of the grip can give you another 13cm of length, when the tripod is opened this is only 3cm. However for serious extra length in the arm the top manually expands by up to another 22cm so you should be able to get clear images or videos over even the tallest people. It comes in a hard zip up padded case; the items in the case are the Gimbal and the tripod.
How are you at mixing potions? This skill could prove useful when saving the Tree of Life.
What do "Black Heart", "Perfect Show" and "Thief of Souls" have in common? The answer is that these three Hidden Object Adventure Games form the Ghostly Mysteries Triple Pack which is the subject matter of this next review.
Despite being developed by different companies, these three titles of this pack offer a similar range of customise options for those seeking to solve the Ghostly Mysteries.  Profiles can be created so that the progress can be recorded of those playing the games.  Adjustments can be made to the volume levels for features such as background music, sound effects and, when appropriate, dialogue delivered by voice actors.
It is time to put on the snowshoes and try to foil the plans of the Snow Queen.
Adding to the Dark Parables series is the Hidden Object Adventure game "Rise of the Snow Queen".  Developed by Blue Tea Games, this title is available in Collector's Edition format.  This enhanced edition includes a number of bonus elements to sit alongside the main game of the legendary Snow Queen. Allowing different people to play the game, profiles can be created to record their progress and permit them to restart from their last position.
This is a large curved flat panel that can easily support three HD screens side by side however for those into gaming you get far more detail. The resolution is right for recent cinema releases and I was able to watch the latest James Bond offering full screen with absolutely no borders - 21:9 aspect ratio - from the comfort of my living room with excellent sound. This is a curved panel and the centre is 4cm in from the edges.
The screen is 81x36.5x2cm; its stand raises it between 8.5 and 23.5cm from your desk. The stand is 27cm square. There is plenty of back tilt and some forward tilt. Older films will have borders up to to 10cm wide either side dependant on their original resolutions. The external connections are in a single line under a shelf on the rear, HDMI, Display Port, USB ‘C’, USB Up, two USB downstream with one being always on.
Can you step into another world and rescue a young girl seemingly whisked away by an evil spirit.
Nightmare Realms, developed by Lestra, offers to take you on a journey that will involve twists and turns plus numerous unexpected happenings that could have you feeling that you had wandered into an Alice-in-Wonderland scenario.  Available in Collector's Edition format, this Hidden Object Adventure Game comes with a number of extra items that include a bonus chapter, Strategy Guide, Wallpaper, Concept Art, Music Tracks and Origami Tutorials.
Obviously Blackbeard had not heard about Catherine's reputation otherwise he would never have decided to attack her village.
Last year e-Funsoft introduced fans of Match 3 action to the female sea captain Catherine Ragnor as she became involved in the Legend of the Flying Dutchman.  Since then Catherine finds herself in conflict with the  notorious Blackbeard.  On returning from her latest voyage, Catherine finds that her home village is under attack by Blackbeard's pirates.
Domestic pets have the ability to pick out those who will provide their nourishment needs as I know only too well.
895216 OPPO Find X5 Pro 5

Oppo Find X5 Pro

Having recently reviewed another Find X5 device that had what I considered a ‘strange’ feature I was more careful when I did the setup and this unit did not have it, however as it also did an update to the ‘Color Overlay’ of the Android operating system this could have been why it now works as I would consider all phones should function.
The Oppo Find X5 Pro measures 15x7.4x1cm the last figure at the camera bump top left of the back, it weighs 219 grams. Going around the outside has the on/off button on the right side; the base has speaker, USB ‘C’ for charging and the SIM entry point. The left side has volume down and up buttons while the top is clear. The back has a slightly raised area top left and instead of it being raised it is sloped up. The viewable screen is 7.
895374 Trust Gaming GXT 980 Redex Rechargeable Wireless Gaming Mous

Wired & Wireless Mouse : Trust REDEX GXT

Aiming to please both the wired and wireless mouse brigades, Trust has developed a mouse to satisfy both groups.
The Trust GXT REDEX product is a computer mouse that offers the user the option of wireless or wired connectivity as part of its feature set.  With its matte black plastic outer shell, this mouse gives the impression that it is ambidextrous and this would be partially true in that it fits comfortably in whichever hand you hold the device.   However the positioning of some of the mouse's controls could cause a problem as I will explain a little later.
895371 Snakehive leather bifold walle

Leather Bifold Wallet from Snakehive

Strangely enough recently I noticed my wallet was showing signs of wear and then quite by chance I was offered the chance to review one from Snakehive. After I said ‘yes please’ another half a dozen emails went between myself and the PR lady with all the different options and colour choices, you can even for a small extra charge have up to three initials embossed on it. They also do a range of phone cases.
When opened thie bifold wallet from snakehive measures 17x10.5cm and when closed it is 10.5x9cm. My choice was Tan & Cognag you can see on their website that this was one of eight colour choices. It is stated to hold up to ten cards as well as the larger compartments for notes and receipts.
Davy Jones, a Demon and an evil Witch combine to test your skills at solving mysteries and overcoming evil.
Dark Mysteries brings together three Hidden Object Adventure games that were originally published by Big Fish Games.  The three titles are The Secrets of Arcelia Island, developed by Hitpoint Studio, Secrets of the Dark - Temple of the Night, developed by Orneon, and Written Legends Nightmare at Sea - Escape the Nightmare, developed by Vast Studio.
Can you assist the Grimm Brother detective agency solve this mystery?
Developed by GOGII, Fairy Tales Mysteries - The Puppet Thief belongs to the Hidden Object Adventure genre.  This tale of missing children and rather angry villagers is available in Collector's Edition version.  Along with the main game, this enhanced version includes a bonus chapter plus wallpaper and concept art sections which you can dip into when the mood takes you when the main game is over.
So many people moan about Windows continual upgrades, with a Chromebook they still occur but in the background. So do you really need Windows, the answer lies in what do you use your PC for, if you use Windows programs then the answer is yes. However if you use it for Browsing, sending and receiving emails writing books or using spreadsheets possibly not as a Chromebook can do all that and now it even supports the Google Play store.
This latest offering from Acer has another plus ‘touch’ so ideal for those not keen on the Touchpad. It is 32x22.5x1.5cm this last measurement is at the back, at the front it is only a tad over 1cm. It weighs only 1284grams. The viewable screen is 31x17.3cm which gives you very close to the imperial measurement of 14inches, the aspect ratio is 16:9. The left side has USB ‘C’ and 3.5mm headset socket. The front is clear; the right side has USB3 and Kensington Lock socket.
Why be satisfied with one title when double packs are available to occupy your gaming time.
When your sister dies and is buried in mysterious circumstances, you decide to investigate.
Developed by VOGAT Interactive, Gravely Silent - The House of Deadlock is a Hidden Object Adventure Game.  I have been looking at the Collector's Edition of the game which comes with a number of bonus items.  Along with an integrated Strategy Guide, you get a bonus chapter to discover the secrets in the Tower of Rain, wallpaper, concept art, music tracks and a screensaver.
With Lockdowns possible over, it might be the time to take a look at improving your computer experience.
Most people will have heard of Ring for their video doorbells. However they also do other products and here is a Security System with an associated item a Glass Break Sensor. In my area there are dozens of homes that have Ring door bells and these do have a small security aspect in that every time movement is detected even if the bell is not pushed you get an alert to your phone.
So here I am looking at the Ring Alarm package plus the Glass Break Sensor which works with the Ring Alarm. The Base Station is 17x17x3.5cm and can connect via Ethernet or USB and this brings together all the parts of the system. Next is the Key Pad which can be wall mounted or sit near a main entrance door, it is 11x10.5x2cm, it can run on battery or from USB. What else you get depends on the model you purchase, lower down the box I got sent are seven items.
Changing bottles into bags is not magic but it could help the planet.
As soon as you unpack your luggage after a holiday, the opportunity arises to take another trip.
Put your skills to the test as you search for a missing doctor.
895202 Vax SpotWash Duo Spot Cleane

VAX Spot Wash Duo

Over the years I have had the chance to try several vacuum cleaners and carpet washers both big and small from VAX. The more recent carpet washers are great in that they make the decisions, move forward and wash and move backwards to dry. These however have one drawback space, by that I mean you need to empty the room and in today’s cluttered world that is not easy and that is where the Spot Washer comes in.
The VAX Spot Wash Duo is 40cm tall, 17cm wide and 32cm deep, the fitted hose is 1.5metres long. The cleaning solution goes into an area in the centre of the unit under the carrying handle, at the front is the clean water tank and at the back the dirty water tank. On one side is where you insert the end of the hose to run a cleaning cycle on the hose and beside this is a wrap area for the hard wired power lead. There are four heads to attach to the end of the hose.
With live actors, making an appearance, you have to call on a psychic to help solve this next case.
It all began back in 1973 when an resident of the Bitterford Shadow Lake Penitentiary decided to idle away some of his sentence by digging up the floor of his cell.  He unearthed a mysterious artefact.  It was this event that led to your current assignment to investigate the evil that followed and is documented in the Mystery Case Files of Shadow Lake. I have been looking at the Collector's Edition of this Hidden Object Adventure Game.
When your twin brother calls for help, you have little choice but to respond and do all you can to help.
By stepping back for a few years in time, I came across a copy of Small Town Terrors - Pilgrim's Hook in Collector's Edition format.  Described as a dark and mysterious Hidden Object Adventure Game, this title casts you in the role of Vera Hargrove.  You set out on this adventure in response to a call for help from your twin brother, Arthur, who still resides on the island of Pilgrim's Hook where you both grew up.
Bring peace and harmony to two cultures over the use of magic.
Edge of Reality - Call of the Hills is a Hidden Object Adventure game developed by Friendly Fox (presumably no relation of the creature serenading residents and attacking rubbish bag in the vicinity of where I live).  The game is based on the threat that ancient magic can cause when left unchecked.  My review of the game is of the Collector's Edition of the software which comes with a number of bonus items.
Up till now all the camera gimbals I have looked at were designed for SmartPhones either for direct use or in one case to control a second phone remotely in the gimbal. Here a much larger and more robust offering that can be used with DSLR offerings and most likely by semiprofessionals looking to produce output for others to see and use.
The whole unit arrived in a padded carrying case and weighted a not insubstantial 1.6 kilos. While it can still handle a SmartPhone this is really designed for far weightier items such as DSLR cameras. The full title of the product is ‘ZHIYUN Crane M2S Combo [Official] 3-Axis Handheld Stabilizer, Gimbal Stabilizer for Mirrorless Camera, Gopro, Smartphone with Cell Phone Clamp, Bag.’ A not insubstantial title but when you break it down it is an accurate description.
By switching from investigator to judge, you have to decide how your subject characters should be punished.
According to Grandma, innocent interest in knick-knacks and curiosities can become a passion.  That passion can then become an obsession and with a good push the obsession can become criminal.  This is the premise behind Grandma's game of Whispered Secrets - Morbid Obsession. I have been looking at the Collector's Edition of this Hidden Object Adventure Game.
Often miscast as the villains of the piece, can you decide whether wolves are the guilty or innocent party in this next game.
Shadow Wolf - Curse of the Full Moon is a Hidden Object Adventure game developed by ERS Games Studio.  Unlike many other Collector's Edition titles I have seen, this particular Shadow Wolf offering neither lists its bonus elements in the main title screen nor grant you access to these features until the main game has been completed. You can, however, make some adjustments to the game playing environment and create profiles to record the progress of those playing the game.
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