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For those willing to mark the day with a special gift, here are a few suggestions from Sony.
Are you up to facing a monster whose mode of transport is a flying buffalo?

Acer 16inch Swift Edge

A 16inch notebook that does not weigh that much, it also does not feel that much larger when you move around with it. Unlike a lot of such devices I get to review this one has an AMD processor, this one runs at 2.7GHz. It has 16GB of RAM and a 1TB SSD.
Can you find required animals when they do their best to blend into the background scenery?
Fortune telling cards are used to direct your investigation into the mystery of a triple kidnapping.
When the spirit world invades a Match 3 environment, you can be sure the scale of your task will be increased.
895846 Emporia SMART.

Emporia Smart.5 : Emporia Smart 5

Another recent offering from Emporia a company that produces phones that look normal while offering extra assistance for those of us over 65 who may or may not be retired. Early assistance phones tended to look rather different and while they offered the assistance needed some were reluctant to use them as they were embarrassed.
The Emporia Smart.5 measures 5x7.5x.8cm and weighs 174grams. The viewable screen is 12.4x6.2cm which gives the notional diagonal imperial measurement of 5½inches. The screen is 1440x720 pixels. The Home screen is half an image of your choosing at the top and four larger buttons for the lower half, Phone, Email, Photos and Notifications. Swipe left and you get a further eight large icons these fill the screen in two columns of four.
895906 Boulies Elite ergonomic gaming chai

Sitting Comfortably : Boulies ELITE FIT

Whether at work or at play, a comfortable position can help you perform to your best.
News has just reached me regarding the launch of a product from Boulies, the UK based premium office and gaming chair specialist. This announcement concerns the arrival of its latest series of ultra-comfortable chairs for both gaming and office use.  Consisting of two series, these new offerings form the Elite Series, which is considered perfect for gaming and entertainment, and the award winning FIT Series.
Can you help a FBI agent solve a murder?
The usual options of creating profiles, so that different people can play the game, with adjusted volume levels for music and sound effects plus full or wide screen viewing.  The game can be played in either Normal or Advanced difficulty levels offering varying Hint/Skip recharging speeds and the use of sparkles.
Reading a book during a meal can cause unwanted side-effects.
Sacra Terra – Kiss of Death is a Hidden Object Adventure game based on the concept that True Love can overcome forces of evil.  I have been looking at the Collector’s Edition of this Alawar Five-bn developed title.  As usual with Collector’s Edition enhanced titles. This offering comes with a number of bonus items that have been gathered together in an Extras section and supplied with the main game.
895902 HONOR 70 Mobile Phone 5

Honor 70 Smart Phone

The CES show in the USA is where a lot of technology gets launched however the show made a big thing of not inviting certain big players this year as their support for Ukraine holds firm. There are still a good number of new offerings around launched at about the same time but not actually in the CES show. Technically this SmartPhone was launched in 2022 but only now have I been offered one to review.
The Honor 70 Smart Phone with 5G access measures 15.8x7.4x.7cm and weighs 180grams. The viewable screen is 15.5x7cm which gives notional diagonal imperial measurement of 6½inches, but as this phones screen goes over the edges the claim is 6.67inches. The screens resolution is 1080x2400 pixels. There are no side borders and only tiny ones top and bottom. The Selfie camera is mounted centre of the top of the screen. The rear cameras are in two circular 2.
The chance to repair past mistakes is on offer as you return to your hometown to solve a mystery.
It all began, as far as we are concerned, with the arrival of a telegram (a rather ancient form of communication) requesting you to investigate the mysterious disappearance of a magician, named Andy Fox, and his young assistance, Angela Fisher.  The disappearance occurred during the performance of a magic trick carried out in the House of Illusion.
Are you ready to join the Grimm Brothers' Fairy Tale Institute and help save the world?
Fairy Tale Mysteries – The Beanstalk is, as you might suppose, a retelling of the familiar traditional tale of Jack and the Beanstalk.  However, rather than the expected approach of Jack encountering and defeating a race of giants living in the clouds, the game’s developers, Gogii, has taken the decision to embellish the basic story with numerous side-tracks and additional elements.
Are you in control of your actions and life or is somebody leading you around by the nose?
The Man With The Ivory Cane believes the world is his theatre and everybody are his puppets.  He is also the mysterious person around which Cateia Games has built a Hidden Object Adventure game.  Into this environment you are cast as the leading role of somebody who needs to follow clues, solve riddles and discover hidden objects as you search for your beloved Sasha.
It looks a lot like any normal Tablet but has software that helps those who are slowing down due to age or other reasons. With the aid of a £50 keyboard/book cover – purchased at time of sale – it can be turned into a Notebook so you can still type normally and the magic does not end there as the Tablet is exactly 10.1inches and for that reason Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point are all free to use forever.
The cover will give some protection if it is dropped and of course the screen is covered when book cover is fitted. It weighs 1134 grams and measures 25x16.5x2cm; the viewable screen is 24x14.5cm which gives the notional diagonal imperial measurement of 10.1inches. Bootup is not that rapid at 44 seconds but there is a dock provided that if used as a Tablet also keeps everything charged so if you wish is can be always on. Apart from use via Wi-Fi it can take a SIM so usable on a journey.
Four for the price of one is the opportunity offered by this next product.
Under the title of , this next product brings together four titles from different developers. The titles are Detective Agency 3 – Ghost Painting, Mystery Murders – The Sleeping Palace, The Beast of Lycan Isle and Dark Mysteries – The Soul Keeper. A supplied front-end menu allows you to install each of the four titles individually.
When a magic book meets a magic lamp, you can be sure there is trouble ahead.
With the combination of a title Amanda's Magic Book and the e-Funsoft development team, you can be certain that Match 3 game play will be to the forefront of the action in this next offering under review.  In this instance our young heroine, and companion, will need to tackle Aladdin's Magic Lamp in an effort to ensure everything turns out as it should.
Can you survive and escape an evil presence in two manor houses?
Forming part of the Hidden Mystery Collective series, this next package is made up of two Haunted Manor titles.  Developed by Top Evidence, these two games are Lord of Mirrors and Queen of Death.  Both titles belong to the Hidden Object Adventure genre and offer the player the opportunity to create profiles, adjust volume levels and view the action in full screen mode. Your role in this game is that of Stan Riddle who has built up a reputation of not being able to resist a dare.
895824 Gioteck HC2 Special Edn Xbox On

Gioteck HC2

Sadly this headset arrived a little too late to get published prior to Christmas, however anyone with a little Christmas money left this would be a great way to spend it as this can be both a set of headphones or a headset as the microphone is easily removable. I had to double check the price as to my mind it is far too cheap for a unit of this quality.
It Gioteck HC2 headset measures 19cm from the base of the diamond shaped over ear padded earpieces to the well-padded headband without any of the 3cm expansion available on each side. If the earpieces are vertical there is 15cm between them. Both the hard wired 3.5mm lead and the microphone when fitted are from the base of the left side. There is 42cm from the hard wired connection to the 6x2x1.5cm control clip and then another 108cm to the 3.5mm plug.
Acting like a stairway to a wish, this next game contains a tower you need to climb.
According to legend, or so the story goes, there exists a Tower that rises upwards through 100 levels.  This is the Tower of Wishes.  By climbing to the top of this high-rise building you will be granted a single wish.  Ironcode, the game developer, has turned this legend into a Match 3 offering.  This particular title has now reach version 2 and is entitled Tower of Wishes 2 - Vikings. As usual you are offered a series of options to customise the game's playing environment.
Are you ready to step forward and assist a fight-back against the mysterious illness affecting London?
They are back.  You could almost say that they had never been away.  This time the Victorian London detectives of Morgan Johnson and Jack Brown take on the tasks of investigating the mysterious illness, with no apparent cure, that was causing London to be quarantined.  This results in Case 5 of the e-Funsoft Gaslamp series, entitled The Dreadful City, Match 3 game play offering.
895801 Ugreen Nexode 100W USB C Charging Station Ugreen Nexode 100W USB C Charging Statio

Power to Charge : Ugreen 100W 65W

As out collections of rechargeable devices increase, so does the required ability to charge them.
News has just reached me regarding the launch of two new products from Ugreen. For those who may be unfamiliar with Ugreen, I should explain that this is a company, established in 2012, to provide revolutionary hardware and digital solutions. The company's products range from charging devices, phone & computer accessories plus home and automobile accessories. The two new products are the 100W Desktop Charger and the 65W Desktop Charger.
895818 Emporia SUPEREASY S

Emporia SuperEasy Mobile

This can be a near standard Android phone or by clicking on Emporia during the initial setup one that offers more assistance and help without looking like a phone designed for the older user. While it does have an emergency button the back below the camera it does not look like one it just looks like a second camera so no one need know.
The Emporia SuperEasy Mobile measures 13.5x6.5x.7cm and weighs 147 grams. Going around the outside has the volume rocker and on/off button on the right side. The base has the microphone. The left side is clear. The top has USB ‘C’ port for charging and 3.5mm socket for personal listening.
Can you help restore the balance between two worlds when they collide?
Usually when a nanogram game title arrives for review the product has been developed by Match Gems and belongs to its Fantasy series of offerings.  But this is not the case with this next nanogram game product.  Daydream Mosaics 3 - Shades of Hope, developed by Suricate Software, is the current title occupying my review attention. While the game's developer might be different, the available set-up options follow the same generally pattern as those used by Match Gems.
Step into worlds with more than their fair share of ghostly figures as you are required to solve mysteries.
Joining the ranks of three-pack games is Haunting Mysteries.  This triple pack of titles is made up of Urban Legends - The Maze, Paranormal Crime Investigations - Brotherhood of the Crescent Snake and Guardians of Beyond - Witchville.  All three titles belong to the Hidden Object Adventure genre and offer you the choice of creating profiles, adjusting the volume levels for background music and sound effects plus viewing the games in full screen mode.
Join a group of friends as they take a camping trip to several locations.
895807 Zhiyun Smooth 5S Combo Gray Gimbal Stabilize

Smooth 5S Combo

This is the latest Gimbal from Zhiyun. It comes in a solid fitted zip up case with the parts easily accessible. In facts the only assembly required is attaching the tripod to the base of the handle for those times that you use it remotely. The whole Gimbal has a very solid construction and feel in your hand.
The Smooth 5S Combo gimbal from Zhiyun measures 31cm from the handle base to the top of your mobile phone. At the widest point near your phone it is 16cm. Its total weight in your hand is 471grams – without your phone – and the rubber grip at the lower 9cm of the grip has a great feel. There is a 16x12cm Quick Start Guide that has six pages of information in each of 14 languages. There is also an A5 sheet that describes all the controls.
Never judge a book by its cover especially when murder is involved.
Allowing different people to test their detective skills, profiles can be created to record their progress.  You can set volume levels for the different audio features and play the game in full screen mode with a custom cursor.  When playing the game there is a choice of acting as a Rookie or Veteran investigator.
This latest Keyboard and Mouse set from Trust is said to be their quietest. So if you are someone who the tiny noise of a keyboard clicking disturbs you then this could well be who this set is aimed at. I can understand if one person is typing in an otherwise quiet room that the keyboard can sound loud or indeed if someone is typing while others are watching TV or listening to music.
This Trust TREZO Quiet Keyboard Set measures 44x18x2cm and the last can be increased at the rear by another 3cm if you raise the rubber mounted props. The keyboard has 108 full-size keys plus another six keys beyond the function key row for control of audio. At the far right of this row is on/off button and the normal three LED’s. There is 4.5cm clear in front of the keyboard in a sloping area to accommodate wrists.
Stay-at-home holidays continue to be popular with the appearance of yet another title in the genre.
Similar to titles such as Trip to Europe (developed by Avex Games) and Around the World or European Quest (developed by Lazy Boy Games), Travel Along takes the armchair holiday maker on a voyage around various locations.  On the trip you will be challenged to find a range of objects, passports and morphing stamps while solving a variety of mini game puzzles.
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