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841308 HP MFP M277dw LaserJet Pro Color Printe

HP Colour Laser M277dw

While ink jet printers are still dominant in the colour market lasers can now offer much more and with less of a premium, printing speeds are better and perhaps most important the quality of the printed output is now excellent.
It is 42x42x32cm, if using the flatbed you will probably need another 12cm to the last figure the height to insert a book or magazine. The mains lead enters back right and Ethernet/Fax or USB back left, once attached there is no reason to leave more than ventilation clearance behind as all the controls are on the front. The on/off button is on the front at the top right, just above this on the top edge is NFC and everything else is either controlled from the PC or from the 6x4.
These quality wireless headphones from Sennheiser can take input from RCA jacks or Optical. The latter means that if your TV has optical out those of us with less than 20:20 hearing can now hear that murmured dialogue so favoured in US movies.
They can be as much as 23cm across at the base of the earpads and the same from the base of the earpads to the top of the headband. Each arm has 4.5cm of contraction from this point and the earpads will sit happily at half the mentioned spread. The pads are well padded in a velvet like material and the headband has two leather pads usful for those of us who have no hair. The headphones can be worn either way and there is some side to side movement for those who favour the behind the head style.
841219 Braven BRV Bank 6000mAh Smart Ultra Rugged Backup Batter


Manufacturers are now adding different features to their battery-charging products. A recent example of this trend is seen with t new Braven offering.
In the past I have checked out a number of Power Bank devices that offer a range of battery charging capabilities for mobile devices.  These battery chargers have come with various power storage levels plus features that include the ability to charge two devices simultaneously and provide waterproof protection to combat inclement weather.  There was even a Power Bank recently that featured an LCD window showing the current battery power level available.
841305 canon powershot g7x compact digital camer

Canon PowerShot G7X

Having recently looked at two DSLR units from Canon it is now time to try something smaller and lighter but the technology is still rife in this latest offering in the Canon PowerShot range, so what wonders does the G7X offer.
The Canon PowerShot G7X measures 10.5x6x3.8cm and weights 300grams, add 4cm to the last figure when the lens is fully zoomed. The right side has a flip door behind which are AV and HDMI connectors, below this is a flush button that will search for a Wi-Fi access point and behind the flip door is a strap anchor point. The left side also has an anchor point as well as the built in flash flip up button.
It is good bye and hello to a software application that has formed a regular part of my computer system for a number of years now.
Completing the saga of the Nightmares from the Deep series is the final chapter entitled Davy Jones. Available in Collector’s Edition format, this Hidden Object Adventure game can be purchased from Avanquest’s GSP game catalogue.
As usual with Collector’s Edition offerings, Nightmares from the Deep: Davy Jones comes with a number of bonus items including the story of Stolen Treasure which becomes available once the main game has been completed.  All the other bonus items of a Strategy Guide, wallpaper, concept art, music, Hidden Object scenes and, rather surprisingly, cut-scenes, can all be accessed immediately from the main title screen.
841304 Mio Alpha 2 Heart Rate Monito

Mio Alpha2 Watch

This arrived shortly after the Mio Fuse, for something that uses the same App it works in quite a different way often to achieve the same goals. However its obvious differences are unlikely to matter to the user just getting the results.
A black rubberised band that has some stretch at 26cm long with a solid watch type device at 4.5x4cm in the centre. It has a bright yellow surround to the watch area that is controlled by two press areas on either side and the initial setup although straightforward will take a while as with one area to change setting such as year time and weight etc. has only the other button to increase the setting such as 3 to 4 etc. and if you require 2 you have to go up to 0 then 1 to find 2.
Adding extra power to your Wi-Fi signal can help remove dead spots and widen your network’s sphere of influence. One such product comes from BT.
Wi-Fi continues to make serious inroads into the home environment.  According to the latest research, carried out by ABI Research (February 2015), more than 90 million Wi-Fi devices were sold in the UK during last year alone.  This was a 17% increase over the previous year as users set out to create a situation enabling the streaming of data between computers, tablets, smartphones and other entertainment devices no matter where they are situated around the home.
A small candle type bulb running on batteries is the first and a standard screw fitting bulb the second. Both can be controlled manually or from a SmartPhone App. The candle can be extinguished by blowing on it or lighted in the same way.
Yes it’s not a misprint once the batteries are inserted the unit can be turned or by simple blowing across the top of it. Now I have seen such a candle light before that can be turned by blowing on it but never one that can be turned on in that way. There is a small on/off slider that stops this happening unintentionally.
First an interesting device from Motorola that is a plug with just a single USB socket on the base. Then an item supplied to me for those who have Lightning and forget their cable, then another device different make same purpose.
While this is stated to be for recent phones I have tested it with and range of phones and Tablets. This can deliver up to 1.6amps from a standard looking 13amp plug back, it seems to check what charging rate your device can take. While faster charging is likely to only avail itself to more recent phones I tested it on a range of phones and tablets. If you tend to charge from a standard USB port you may only get .5amp and indeed my own Tablet takes a good part of a day when charged in that way.
There used to be a popular saying, in fact it could still be in use but I have not heard it recently, which implies “the older you get, the younger policemen appear!” I could also add from my own experiences that “the older you get, the steeper hills appear” or “the older you get, the longer it takes you to remove a product from its packaging.” This last statement sprang to mind as I struggled to extract the Withings Activité Pop offering from its protective casing. Admittedly I was trying to avoid destroying the box holding the product but the task took well over 15 minutes before I was able to hold this activity tracker device in my hands. Some damage was caused to the packaging as a result of my efforts.
The Activité Pop takes the form of an analogue wristwatch.  The watch has a certain retro look to it with its round face and plastic strap.  Instead of numbers the watch face is divided into sections, each covering a five minute period. Anybody who has a wrist thicker than mine might well struggle a little to attach this watch to their wrist due to the length of the strap.
Yes its big, you could display a lot of spreadsheet or several web pages on its possible 3440x1440 display. You could use it in either portrait or landscape mode as it swivels easily on its stand, you could even treat yourself to cinema videos without large borders top and bottom.
This AOC 34inch Panel measures 82.5x37x2cm; its stand is rectangular 30x22cm and raises the panel between 6 and 27cm in landscape mode. This is certainly the largest - in screen size – panel that I have reviewed but even with its fairly weighty base it weights a fraction of what my first 17inch monitor weighed, that you always had a space to put it down before you picked it up, this unit is still quite easy to move around.
When a Brother product arrives for review, usually its main function is that of a printer whether of the monochrome or colour variety. However printers are not the only type of device that is associated with Brother. The company also manufactures scanners either as a standalone unit or combines with a printer to make a multifunction device. In the former category is the Brother ADS-2100e which has been developed for use in a medium sized office environment. This scanner requires a USB connection to the computer system.
Predominately black in colour, the ADS-2100e is a wedged-shape unit.  In its closed state it has dimensions of 299 x 220 x 179mm (W x D x H) and weighs 3.3kg.  Raising the top cover of the unit increases the scanner’s height measurement to 305mm and reveals the paper feeding mechanism and the basic control options available with the AD-2100e.
It is time to put your detection skills to good use once again as you visit an island-based hospital where everything is not as it might seem.
As the second instalment in the 9 Clues series, The Ward takes you on a journey to investigate a psychiatric hospital.  In this Hidden Object Adventure game, now part of Avanquest’s GSP game catalogue, you take on the role of a female detective who is accompanied by a partner who is appropriately named Owen Duffer.  I say “appropriately” as you are required to do most of the work while Duffer just stands around looking important until called upon for the rough stuff.
841032 Optoma NE800M NuForce Earphone

Nu Force ne800m Earbuds

If you pay more than £100 for a set of earbuds then to me they must be special. So does the fact these are made from Carbon Fibre and Machined Brass mean they are automatically worth the money I was unsure so I used them for several weeks.
When I think of brass I assume something will weigh a lot, the total weight of these earbuds is 18grams. They are 1.23metres from the gold plated ‘L’ shaped connection to the silicon earbuds. The last 33cm are two leads the rest of the lead is one. The left lead has the tie-shirt-or whatever crocodile clip and above this the normal phone answer and music track control.
Bluetooth speakers continue to be a popular item. The latest such device to reach me includes speakerphone and battery charging functionality.
Adding to its range of wireless speakers, Braven has developed its 805 model.  As is becoming increasingly popular with such devices, the Braven 805 can act as a Bluetooth speaker, speakerphone and a power bank for changing a variety of mobile devices when a mains power source in not immediately available.
This is not Samsung’s latest and greatest high end model but it is being sold by AO at a very competitive price so much so that they class it as a best seller, so what exactly do you get for your money and is it a good value purchase.
The screen is 90x52.5x3.5cm, the stand is rectangular at 50x19cm and this raises the screen by 6cm from whatever you place it on. The viewable diagonal screen measurement is 40inches.
A set of headphones designed for kids of an age when the parents/guardians still decide what they listen with so the headphones are volume limited as the early years of a child’s life is the time when their hearing can be most easily damaged.
They are however still wearable by an adult and I spent many hours listening to their output, which is perfectly adequate to listen to either a mobile phone or even an MP3 player, I even tested them with my audio system and the sound was clear and crisp. Now onto the claim of ‘volume limited’ well the packaging states 85DB which to me anyway is more than loud enough.
A recent visit to a trade show introduced me to a company developing products for the kitchen that were controlled by remote.
It was time to sit back and enjoy a cuppa with probably a biscuit or two.  Now where did I put my smartphone?  At this point in time I should stop indulging in flights of fancy and explain that I am not going to call up some home delivery service with an order for refreshments but show further evidence that the Internet of Things is taking over different aspects of modern day living.  Let me tell you about the iKettle which is a kettle with its own built in Wi-Fi functionality.
This is the latest fitness device to come my way, as I am now using Android 5 it should link without problem, it is stated to work with later versions of Android 4 with low power Bluetooth 4 and that is what you should check before purchase.
Fully stretched the strap containing the Fuse reaches to 25.5cm; it is black rubber on the face and red rubber on the back. Download the App from the link given in the Quick Start Guide. Charge the Fuse from either a plug front or any PC USB port and you are ready to sweat. While the Fuse displays a range of things on the solid central area of the strap you set it up with what to display and when to vibrate – if required – within the App.
While Bluetooth allows you to stream music to speakers supporting the technology, this next product offers to bring non-Bluetooth speakers into the mix.
As part of the mydlink Home series of offerings, D-Link has released its DCH-M225 product.  This particular device combines Wi-Fi extender capabilities with Music Everywhere technology whereby you can stream music from a smartphone, tablet or computer to various speakers via a connection to an AUX socket.  There is support for Windows and Mac computers plus Android and iOS mobile devices.
When a bear gate-crashes your wedding and abducts you, you better hope your twin can come to the rescue and sort out things before matters get any worse.
As part of the Grim Legends series of titles, The Forsaken Bride is a Hidden Object Adventure game set in a world of legends, mystery and magic.  This game is available in Collector’s Edition format from Avanquest’s GSP catalogue of titles.  Along with the main game, this Collector’s Edition offering comes with various bonus items.  You can access features such as wallpaper, soundtracks, concept art and, rather surprisingly, Hidden Object puzzles immediately.
First an item I have reviewed before that anyone with high blood pressure needs, here though not the arm cuff but a wrist one. Second an item that anyone with Diabetes needs a testing device that automatically stores your daily readings for you.
Unlike most blood pressure monitors that require you to roll sleeves high up your arm this device works at the wrist. Having reviewed other such devices and I do own one myself this gives readings that are just as accurate and less involved. This has been waiting to be reviewed for some months, the reason I could not review it is that it did not work with the original app on my SmartPhone.
Over the last twenty years or so, since its inception in 1996, Edifier has built up a reputation for producing speaker systems whose appearance tended to set them apart from the pack while delivering reasonable audio quality. As well as these various innovative designs combining satellite speakers and a subwoofer, the company has also developed a number of portable speakers including this latest offering, the MP211, which is the subject matter of this next review.
Available in a choice of blue, red, white, black and yellow, with my review sample being of the latter hue, the MP211 has a lozenge appearance with rounded ends adding a touch of style.  With dimensions of 15 x 6 x 3cm (W x H x D) and weighing 180g, the MP211 is eminently portable and it should slip into a pocket or bag without causing too much inconvenience when on your travels.  A wrist lanyard, 3.
I saw this unit at the BETT (Education Show) at the end of January and the quality of its output was the reason I requested it. I knew it would be big and expected the normal review place in my cramped office not to be enough, I was wrong.
The Epson Sure Colour SC600 measires 60x28x22cm when shut. Add 15cm to the last figure the height to put a stack of A4 in the sit up and beg back tray. Add 21cm to the depth to cover the paper output tray, so 60x49x37cm is the total space needed to have an A3+ unit in your office. If you use A3 paper in the tray make the last figure (height) 49.5inches.
Viewsonic’s full HD webcam LED monitor VG2437SMC has built in microphone, webcam and speakers. This obviates the need for separate camera and speakers and so provides a professional approach to videoconferencing in the office or even in the home.
This 24 inch widescreen monitor is 22 inches wide so doesn’t take up too much desk space. It can be tilted through a range of -5 to +20 degrees and has approximately 5 inch of height adjustment. In addition, it can be rotated from the normal landscape orientation to portrait. This is also very useful for providing access to all the connections which are on the underside of the monitor. There are also the standard 10 x 10cm VESA mounting holes.
841027 Thumbs Up Touch Mini Boombox Speake

Thumbs up TouchMini Boombox

Designed like some other units to give you more volume from your mobile phone. This also allows you to plug in an MP3 player or other such device to receive the Thumbs Up treatment to increase the volume level via its speaker.
The TouchMini Boombox measures 6.5x7x5.5cm and weighs 123grams. This is the smallest such unit and using the notch in the top or side it can be a little unstable if you insert a large SmartPhone. The front facing speaker on the unit is 4cm across, when you use the notch be sure to place the speaker on your phone towards the front of the unit.
The Sony Xperia Z3 is a waterproof smartphone. This particular model is available in a choice of white, green, copper or black with my review sample being of the latter colour. I have to thank Vodafone for kindly provided the unit that is the basis of this review.
When taking the handset out of the box, it was immediately obvious that the Xperia Z3 completely dwarfed by current smartphone.  I could immediately tell that there would definitely be a problem if I tried to insert this beast into the pocket I usually use for my mobile device.  Presumably Sony did not take into consideration the storage of such a device when not in use. With dimensions of 146 x 72 x 7.
841028 Hannspree SNNPDI1

Hanns G Mini PC

Small is perhaps an inadequate word in this case. I have reviewed mini PC’s before but never something smaller than even a small mobile phone and this PC runs Windows 8.1 so can something that slips into a pocket deliver?
It is 10x4x1cm with connections once plugged into an HDMI port on the back or side of your TV. It could also connect into a standalone panel. It weighs only 45grams.
Adding to its range of PowerBank devices, Sandberg has released a model that keeps you informed as to its current available power level.
One consistent bugbear, with regards to the various mobile devices that have been our constant companions for many years, has been the poor return on the power available from the built-in battery feature.  The more you use your mobile device(s), the greater the risk you run of encountering a situation where the smartphone or tablet fails to respond when you really need it due to a power deficiency.
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