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This is a rather special USB cable with some rather clever software that over the coming months and years is likely to be in much demand as people realise they have information on their PC’s that needs to be transferred to another.
So what is in the packaging? A 2.4metre USB cable with a clever dongle in the centre and a mini (8cm) CD as well as a few leaflets. Both the copy of the instructions on the CD and the paper version go to four small sides. My normal rant about Belkin packaging applies. You need a large strong pair of scissors and a strong pair of gloves if you are not going to suffer nasty cuts from the plastic as you try to detach the cable and CD from the packaging.
Leaving the navigation to others can take some of the strain off driving.
Recently I have noticed a trend with portable peripherals that connect via USB.  Instead of providing, as part of the standard package, a power lead to recharge the internal battery via the mains, you have to rely on the USB connection to carry out this function.  Maybe this trend can be justified as a cost-cutting exercise but I find it restrictive as I prefer to fully charge such a device in order to check it out before introducing it to my computer.
fuji z5 silver compact digital camer

FujiFilm Finepix Z5

This is certainly a camera small enough to slip into a shirt pocket, however do not let it’s lack of size make you think it is just another near entry level offering, it has hidden secrets.
The is 9x5.5x2cm maximum measurements. When you zoom in the lens does not move out and the zoom is handled internally working rather like a periscope. The weight even with the metal body is only around 150grams. FinePix Z5 This has a solid feel without being heavy.
I am certain, that at one time or another, many will have encountered the situation where a memory card is filled just when you need to store additional data. A possible solution is available.
As we grow older our memory tends to suffer - at least mine does - and we come to rely more and more on devices that aid us in such matters.  The growth of this dependency has had the knock-on effect of putting a strain on the memory capabilities of such devices with increasingly storage capacity being a vital requirement.  In an effort to satisfy this mounting demand, a new standard has been developed for the popular SD memory card format.
alba CRDAB301 DAB clock radi

Alba DAB Clock Radio

This is a small DAB/FM radio with clock. Has this new offering from Alba anything new to offer an already crowded market apart from what Alba always offers lower prices.
This is a grey unit with shiny black front and sides. It is 18cm wide, 16cm deep (with power lead inserted) and 5cm tall. If weight is important the unit - minus the power brick - is around 600grams. The rear has the power brick lead input, beside this is a 3.5 earbud jack and a wire aerial (this is around 1.3metres long). The sides have no controls, the base has two rubber feet at the rear and a label saying designed in Great Britain.
Putting aside my usual keyboard and mouse gave me the opportunity to check out some new devices from Kensington.
Whereas keyboards and mice were once regarded as little more than basic utilitarian devices to communicate with the computer, the latest incarnations of these units come with various bells and whistle to enhance functionality.  In the case of a new keyboard and mouse set from Kensington, the bells and whistles encompassing both wireless and laser technology plus a number of extra controls.
They say that good things are worth waiting for. Well I certainly had to wait for this with a © of 2006 (technically launched in November) and the retail launch in January I received it in May.
As Office 2007 has been available for download or on numerous computer magazine cover discs almost anyone can trial it for sixty days. So this look will not major on what is included. There are various versions but apart from the Basic Student version (Word, Excel, One Note and PowerPoint), there are three other main versions Small Business, Standard and the one I was sent Professional.

Ninja Brain Workout

As regular readers will know I am not a huge game player. I do however – when time allows – enjoy a puzzle or three. Here there are no less than eight programs in the one DVD case.
The first three are all based on one game Sudoku, this in it's printed form now I believe is more popular than crosswords in daily papers and you can print out some versions here. The main differences between the three versions must be minor as they are all the same 'game' even to the extent of all being the most popular nine by nine grid. The look of each however is different and naturally the styles vary.
A change of ownership for Ulead brings a new version of its video editing and slideshow creating software
New Owners, Latest Version A change of ownership for Ulead brings a new version of its video editing and slideshow creating software. The latest version of , for creating video and slideshow disc, marks its introduction as a Corel product.
JVC are most known for Camcorders and TV’s, finally I have managed to get one of their recent 32inch offerings to tell you about.
It is technically possible to connect a VCR, a DVD recorder, a DVD player, Audio Components, Games Console, Digital Camera and or course a Video Camera from this unit. I have never seen an illustration showing all these connected at one time, however as it has more or less the same external connections as most modern TV's they could probably do so as well. The right side has only four buttons and an input for earbuds.
It is not often that I get the opportunity to introduce a new product while promoting a worthy cause. This is one such occasion.
The developed specifically for use with a notebook system.  This small three-button input device is being marketed with the tag line of "Go Pink".  Although the mouse does feature various pink flashes along the sides and around the scroll wheel, this is not the real reason for the Pink reference which I shall return to at a later stage. Si750LE is a wireless laser mouse Kensington has designed this mouse with women in mind.
Having recently looked at the top of the range C520t that seems to do most things. Here is their entry level offering that is exactly what it says a satellite navigation unit.
The unit has one huge plus over it's larger and multifunctional rival, better battery life and should you use it as a cyclist or pedestrian then this is vital. Mio C220 The overall dimensions of the C220 are 10x8x5x2cm and it weights around 150grams. The landscape screen is 7x5.5cm with the largest viewable map area of nearly 5.5cm square when in cockpit mode. Going round the unit the right side has input for an SD card and earbud socket.
As more and more connectivity options become available, your laptop might struggle to cope.
Unlike desktop system boxes, which generally have enough surface area to place numerous connectivity options, a laptop is often not so well equipped.  This lack of available sockets is not due to any parsimonious inclinations of the manufacturer but is down to the physical lack of space to place the necessary connections.  One method of increasing the connectivity features of a laptop is by using an expansion device such as the .

What’s to come from Hitachi

On a day without rain in London – there’s a rarity – I heard about technology that will vastly improve what you see on displays such as mobile phones and it will also give longer battery life.
While the basic technology has been around since 1996 it has been vastly improved and now on sale in Japan are mobile phones with the ability to display 864x480 video and still images. I have seen a demonstration that will knock your socks off, still images are brighter, sharper and most of all have a wide viewing angle. As for video that also allows you to watch at angles other than being right straight on to the mobile phone screen.
This product sold by Avanquest in the UK is version seven and looking at the things it does for your PC’s health they are divided into seven main sections. Use the various preventative modules and with luck you will keep your PC in good health.
As always before installing any software it is wise to set a system restore point. This done I installed and when offered choices I went for a complete install. However should you want only a partial install (say two or three modules) it is possible. Eight minutes later and 264MB of hard disc used everything is installed.
Not wanting to sound too much like a prophet of doom, it is important to be prepared when dealing with the various forms of Internet interaction to avoid possible pitfalls.
How safe is safe?  The question, in this case, refers to that wide ranging environment we know as the Internet.  Like any community, the Internet has its fair share of individuals (and organisations) whose sole aim is to inflict misery on others through various nefarious schemes.
Do you get a lot of business cards? If so when you transfer the information it’s so easy to transpose a couple of numbers in a phone number or a couple of letters in a email address. Here help could be at hand.
The is a maximum of 16.5x10x4cm, silver grey in colour and will accept a maximum 10cm width card. It can scan both portrait and landscape cards. While the card unit is easy to use it is only a rather good scanner that enables you to easily scan information from business cards. The all important part is what happens to the details and this is all controlled in software.
Recently a silver, dome shaped device has been sitting on my work space to help cut down on any cable switching.
Count up the number of USB devices you own and then do the same for the number of USB ports on your system.  If the result of this counting activity reveals that first number is larger than the second number then there will probably be occasions when you need to switch connected devices as the situation demands.
It's almost impossible to buy a new computer without a keyboard and mouse - and so here I review the latest contribution to my keyboard/mouse mountain.
Microsoft continue to develop and deliver keyboard and mice products optimised to support their operating systems. In this case I'm reviewing a wireless combination - mouse and keyboard. Keyboard : Wireless Multimedia Keyboard 1.1 First of all the keyboard. This has a standard QWERTY layout and numeric keypad.
Adding a television tuner capability to your computer has never been easier thanks to USB but the viewing results can be disappointing.
Adding to its already extensive portfolio of television tuner products, Terratec has released its latest offering for those looking for digital and analogue viewing on a Windows XP system.  This product is the which consists of the tuner unit, a small aerial, software CD and slim User Guide. Cinergy HT USB XE As is becoming standard practice with add-on television tuners, this device slots into an available USB port.
hp photosmart C6180 multi function printe

HP Photosmart C6180

This is a MFU (multi function unit) as not only can it copy, scan and print but should you require it then it can also send and receive faxes.
The is cream with grey trimmings and as such may just creep into a lounge. It's dimensions are 44x33x23cm and it weights just over ten kilos. I would describe this as an office machine and as such it is fast but on the other side of the scales it is not cheap. HP PhotoSmart C6180 The units controls are on a sloping front edge - 45% below horizontal - and the 5x3.
A new operating system and a vastly revamped product. Surely now is the time to start learning again and these two books from Apress give the insight it may take you years to learn on your own. Both the books are subtitled ‘Beyond The Manual’
Windows Vista The first thing is that there is no manual with Vista - like a lot of other software packages today - help files and even PDF files are not manuals. This is described as a companion and not a crutch. I think this means that while it covers how to, it certainly will not tell you how to use a mouse so you need a working knowledge of Windows.
Time for a journey around the Mediterranean of old as we set out to restore Atlantis to its original glory.
Joining to the numerous games that feature "Atlantis" in their title, is Rise of Atlantis from Terminal Studios.  This is a puzzle game that incorporates snippets of information about various ancient Empires encountered by the players as they embark on a journey through the lands surrounding the Mediterranean.
This is the first dual box that I have seen, great for anyone with a perfectly serviceable tubed analogue TV that only has a single SCART socket; oh that’s exactly my situation when not looking at other peoples offerings.
The box is 42x28x5cm and is silver grey in colour. The total weight is around 2.4kilos. The  front edge has six silvered buttons and the front left has the DVD tray while to the right of this is a LCD display. Once configured most will probably control the unit with the 47 key remote control. Providing you have a TV with a SCART socket the Alba unit provides everything you will need.
Keeping Windows running smoothly is made easier by using the appropriate tools designed specifically for the purpose.
"If it ain't broke then don't fix it" is a popular expression.  Yet for some their guiding principle takes the alternative premise that "a little prevention is better than the cure".  A third group might swing between these two stances depending upon circumstances.
Bill Wyman caught the treasure hunting bug back in the late 60s but it wasn't until the '90s that his interest took him to invest in a metal detector, and he's been hooked ever since.
Keen to encourage others to adopt his metal detecting hobby, and particularly children and schools, Bill has now put his name to a simple to use detector from : The 'Bill Wyman Signature metal detector'. C.Scope Bill's requirement for the product were ease of use and light weight so that it could be used by anyone. The result is both of these. The detector has two rotary controls and a 'Retune' button.
Putting aside my current favourite MP3 player, it is time to check out a new offering from MPMan.
Pink is not my colour!  I can safely state that this state of affairs has existed even before the unfortunate incidence when a pair of red socks was accidentally included in the weekly wash with the result that several previously white garments emerged as mottled pink.  The reason for this colour orientated confession is down to the arrival of the MP-F62 which is a small MP3 player from the MPMan (developer of the original MP3 player) stable.
mio c520t GPS satellite navigation uni

Mio C520t Satellite Navigation

This is the top of the range unit from Mio and the size of screen makes it ideal for use in a car. There are modes for pedestrian and bicycle but the size and short battery life make these unsuitable.
Within a few hours of the arriving I had fully charged it and taken it for a drive. To start with without altering any settings it was telling me measurements in metres and finding the switch to change to miles took a while. I noticed with pleasure that there was plenty of volume at the default setting and in fact it had more in reserve. Mio C520t The unit is 12.5x8x2cm and this allows a screen of 10x5.
vmode vibe earbud

Book and Earbuds

Add some good weather to a decent pair of earbuds and a good book and what better way to pass an afternoon or three.
V-Moda VIBE earbuds I would be the first to admit I know very little about Apple but I am told these designer earbuds are the number one seller in Apple stores. These ultra stylish earbuds weigh only 12grams. Of course anyone who purchased an iPod was immediately targeted because of the white earbud leads. These are available in eight colours.
In the heart of London’s Soho region, ARCHOS revealed details of some new products aimed at attracting your disposal income. Of course we were there.
"Mobility is the way to go", this could well be the slogan adopted by companies such as ARCHOS, a global consumer electronics manufacturer concentrating in the field of portable digital entertainment.  The company has recently announced its new line of Generation 5 Portable Media Players (PMPs) under the tag line of "Entertainment your way".
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