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Adding to the popular Bridge to Another World series is a Hidden Object Adventure led by a Fox.
The Friendly Fox invites you to visit Celesis.  This environment consists of a magical city on a floating island that is home to talking animals and lush scenery.  In order to accept this invitation, you will need to take a Bridge to Another World and encounter the Cursed Clouds.  This game is available in Collector's Edition format that comes with bonus items to enhance the main game play.
Whether indoors or outdoors, you can take the Woodland with you to deliver music to all around.
Under the banner of "Joyful Listening", in the form of a DAB+/FM radio that has Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity.  This unit has been designed to feel equally at home when used either in an indoor location or for alfresco events that are organised to take advantage of the summer weather. With its dark green fabric covering, that is easy to wipe clean should it prove necessary, the Woodland has a sort of squashed cylinder appearance.
896151 GETAC B360 PR

Getac Desktop B360G2

This is a powerful rugged notebook designed for the sort of conditions that most notebooks would very soon give up. While I can tell you about the unit I was sent, the connections it has can very to suit the use you plan to have for it, so the actual price will tend to vary somewhat.
It came with 32GB of RAM; it has an Intel 12 Gen i7 processor running at 2.1GHz. It has a 1GB SSD ‘C’ drive with 865GB of the 928GB free and a 1GB ‘D’ SSD with 953GB available. The Windows version is Windows 11 Pro 22H2 which is the latest available. Boot up was a reasonable 15 seconds, shutdown is around 10 seconds.
896168 ZeroWater Company Filter Water Ju

Filtered Water : ZeroWater

Water, water everywhere but is it fit to drink?
Despite the appearance of an occasional hose-pipe ban in certain parts of the country, we do tend to regard a steady supply of water as one of our rights.  We expect to be able to turn on a tap and the required liquid would flow for whatever task we deem necessary.  But do we ever consider the purity of the flowing liquid especially when it is for our personal consumption.
Mot one or two but three crimes face you in this next offering from Domini Games as you take on a Murderous Script.
With this next title, Domini Games casts you in the role of a detective who has a reputation for being a bit of a maverick who does things their own way.  Entitled Unsolved Case - Murderous Script Collector's Edition, this Hidden Object Adventure game presents you with a case load made up of a murder on a train, people going missing from a fairground and a death in a restaurant.
Mystery symbols lead you on a search of an archaeology site to learn more about an unknown civilization.
This next title for review sees the return of Jake Everest an archaeologist from the e-Funsoft catalogue of digital characters.  In this case Jake sets out to tackle the challenge of Gunung Padang - the Unseen Civilization which comes in the form of a Match 3 offering. As usual with e-Funsoft games, this Jake Everest 2 title allows you to make the standard collection of adjustments to the  gaming environment.
896145 JLab JBuddies Studio Kids Wireless Headphones with Microphon

JBuddiesPlay Wireless Headset

Having a set of noise limited headset for a younger child is important as once a child’s hearing starts to get impaired it’s a one way street. Also important for a younger child is not to plug the ears and that any headphones or headset are wire less for obvious reasons as you don’t want them strangling one another.
The distance from the centre of the well-padded headband to the top of the also well-padded ear pieces is 10.5cm with no side expansion, this can increase to 13cm fully expanded, total weight is 123grams. Unlike other headsets where the speech arm sticks out or is a removable piece this unit has one that is curled up inside the right earpiece and pulls out to the chin area when required, it is up to 8cm long and is flexible.
While concentrating on your gaming action, it helps to avoid distractions caused by lack of comfort.
As dedicated computer gamers, and even casual players, will appreciate, this type of activity can bring some rather painful results as my back troubles will bear witness to occasionally.  While I can not lay the blame for my back troubles solely on game playing, it could hardly be consider helpful when easing the problem which is brought about by a disc lesion that can flare up every so often.
It is time to put your searching skills to the test as you tackle a title that has So Much Stuff.
Developed by Little Tiny Lion and entitled So Much Stuff, this next offering combines Hidden Object Clutter game play with image creating puzzle solving.  This title sits in the Collector's Edition category which means it comes with various bonus items that are bundled with the main game action.  With this product the extra items consist of Wallpaper, Music, Collectibles and a bonus chapter that becomes available once the main game has been completed.
With no French accents, limited swordplay and Princess protection, can you accept the role of a musketeer?
Are you ready to step back in time to the 17th Century and ingratiate yourself into the French environment of that period.  This is the fate that awaits you when taking up the challenge set by Connected Hearts - The Musketeer Saga.  Available in Collector's Edition format, this Hidden Object Adventure game casts you in the role of a musketeer called Arron.  You are charged with the protection of Princess Mercedes by her brother King Gweneale.
This has helped me function during the recent really hot weather, I know many will say that it is great for lying on a beach however if you are in a home office and walking down the hall and back brings you out in a sweat then something of this type not only allows you to feel cooler it also checks the air quality and improves it by drawing air from the room through its HEPA filter before blowing it out of the top of the unit.
There are two different models in this range, this is the more basic one that has a more limited range of functions but for anyone wanting a smaller area covered it is great. This model is a circular tube 57cm tall, the back half is the air input which starts 8cm from the base and rises to 33cm, from the base behind this area is the HEPA filter so all air is drawn through it. The air output is on the top of 57cm unit so while there is a good amount of breeze coming from the top loose papers etc.
Domini Games continues the story of a battle between good and evil represented by the forest creatures and the King.
Following "The Battle of the Woods" episode, the Royal Romances saga continues this tale of monsters, dark magic and strange forces seeped in the conflict between forces for good and evil.  Entitled Royal Romances - Forbidden Magic and classified as an Collector's Edition offering, this tale takes up the story a month after an allegiance has been formed between the separate evil forces who have been causing disruption to the lives of many.
Cameras, paw prints and 30 animals are your targets as you visit linked environment.
With the number 2 part of the next title giving the clue, this particular game is a follow-up offering.  Developed by Seven Sails, Animal Kingdom 2 combines a mixture of Hidden Object game play with puzzle solving and general knowledge intervals.  As usual a standard collection of options are available when setting up the gaming environment for this offering.  Profiles can be created to record the progress of different players.
Whether indoors or outdoors, Pure feels you should have music where ever you are located.
Some older readers may remember my reviews of the excellent products from Pure covered in the past.  Recently, however, information regarding the company and its product has failed to reach me but that situation has just change.  Pure has just announced a brand relaunch with the arrival of its P which will be available from the Pure website and other retailers . The Pure Woodland is a DAB+/FM radio that also includes support for Bluetooth 5.
Sometimes a product's title can tell you a lot about a game but not in this case.
Entitled StarL is a new offering from Itera Labs.  This is a Match 3 game that spreads its action over 130 levels of grid cleaning action.  The game offers the player a fairly standard collection of options regarding its gaming environment.  Profiles can be created to record the progress of different players.
While most will get a set of scales in an attempt to lose weight you may be surprised to know that losing weight when you are not trying to is far more likely to conceal a problem that is likely to require medical assistance.
While trousers or skirts becoming smaller when not worn for a while is a good sign of gaining weight and them becoming bigger is a probable sign of losing weight. If you wish to keep your weight a secret then this scale can help. The  measures 32x32x2.5cm but there is a second set of feet that clips into the already fitted ones to give you another .5cm of clearance which can be useful on certain surfaces like carpets.
Forget taking a break for rest and relaxation, Domini Games wants you to solve some cases.
Domini Games has cast you in the role of a detective assigned to solve a case of murder in its Unsolved Case – Fatal Clue Collector’s Edition title.  In its usual fashion, Domini Games offers the player a selection of options for delivering the required gaming environment.  Adjustments can be made to various volume levels plus view the game in full screen mode with a set brightness level.
With not one but two playing roles, can you solve the mystery of the death of a scientist?
Domini Games has return to the world of their twin detectives for this next offering.  Entitled Twin Mind – Nobody’s Here Collector’s Edition, this game opens as one of the twins, Randall Jones, is called into action to investigate the death of a well-known scientist who was discovered inside his locked lab.  While general opinion regards the death as being accidental, a laboratory assistance believes it was murder and asks Randall to investigate further.
What better equipment to review this latest gaming monitor with but one of the very latest gaming PCs from Acer – reviewed 21-06-23. This AOC gaming unit is a 24inch flat panel that has outputs for both Display Port and HDMI.
The measures 53.5x31.5x1cm, the viewable screen is 52.5x30.5cm, and these figures give the notional diagonal imperial measurement of 23.8inches. It has an ‘X’ shaped stand with the smaller part 8cm behind the central arm and the larger part 16cm in front of it, and the front of the ‘X’ it is 43cm wide. The stand can raise the screen by between 8.5 and 18.5cm from your desk.
Rather than physically visiting a country to discover more about it, you could try to solve puzzles using its scenery.
As I have never visited this particular country, I decided to take up the opportunity offered by Tiny Little Lion to check out the visual delights of this area of the globe.  The invitation also included a chance to tackle numerous puzzle making up the Puzzle Vacations - Japan which is the subject matter of this of this next review.
Can you put an end to the Witch's plans for total domination?
Are you ready to do battle?  This will not be your ordinary war but it could stretch your capabilities.  As you enter Legacy – Witch Island Last Bastion, you are enrolled to help liberate an ancient castle, located on a magical island, from the clutched of a power witch’s army.  In your role as a Liberator you can call on the assistance of a dragon and eagle to perform certain tasks.
With the Universe under threat from a Black Hole, can you put your Match 3 skills to the test to help?
You could, as I was initially, think that the title of this next offering referred to spelling words.  However Spellarium 9 was more concerned with the state of the Universe.  According to the omni-being, who we will call Eric, our Universe is under serious threat from the Dark Elements which form part of our world.
Can you sort the clutter from the clutter whether it moves or not?
Normally I would try to avoid playing games that sit firmly within the Clutter aspect of Hidden Object game play.  This is due to the lack of variety offered by such titles.  However when this next title caught my attention, it did seem to offer plenty of variety and so I decided to check it out.  The product in question is Clutter RefleXIVe – The Diceman Cometh Collector’s Edition.
No sooner do I complete my journey into Irish puzzles arriving from Little Tiny Lion than the same developers whisk me off to Nature Escape.
Nature Escape 2 Collector’s Edition classifies itself as a Hidden Object.  As its title might suggest, the game takes you on a journey into various natural landscapes, such as Lakad, Dalu, Sincan, Polanco, Taen and Chandigarh, as you are challenged to carry out various tasks plus take advantage of a number of bonus items. By creating profiles, the progress of different players can be recorded.
When Amanda opens her book, you know the fun is about to begin. This time the fun involves saving a civilization.
The latest entry in e-Funsoft's Amanda’s Magic Book series is now up to number 7.  In this instance e-Funsoft has sent the time-travelling heroine off to meet an ancient civilisation in the Match 3 game of The Way of Belaii.  As usual her regular associate Charlie will accompany her and they will be joined by a new character figure in the story series.  This new character is in the form of Amanda’s Uncle Nathaniel who is an architect of some experience.
896121 ACER Predator Orion 700

Acer Orion 7000

This is a very powerful and also large tower system. This tends to buck the trend of making things smaller and smaller. It is also quite heavy so will need a strong table or desk. It was sent to me as just the unit with just the mains lead.
The Acer Orion 7000 measures 51x49x22cm and you will need a further few centimetres clear behind for any connections. Both the front and back have a clear covering so you can see the fans and various coloured lights. The top has a large ventilation grill as well as four USB ports (three are USB, one USB 'C') and a couple of audio ports, there is also one other item.
Play your cards right and you might learn more of the Butler's story.
Usually when developers create a follow-up title to an original game, especially when it was a popular offering, the follow-up will occur within a period of some months.  For example a recent arrival for review is a follow-up release approximately six month after the previous version.  However there are some exceptions and the subject of this next review is one such exception.  Over 40 months have passed since I encountered Detective Solitaire – The Butler Story.
While suntan lotion might not be required, storms, monsters and a violin are ready to pose questions.
While it might be part of his realm, does the King has the right to destroy the home of creatures.
Royal Romance - Battle of the Woods Collector's Edition is a Hidden Object Adventure game that comes with a number of bonus offerings hence the CE designation.  While some of these bonus elements, such as Wallpaper, Concept Art, Music and locations displaying collected items, are available immediately; others will require progress to be made in the main game before you can access them.  Into this latter category fall cut-scenes, mini game play and Hidden Object scenes.
This set is a little different, it can be Wireless or Bluetooth and does not need any batteries, it can be connected to up to three devices, the mouse is small and the keyboard even smaller. While the alpha and numeric keys are full size the other keys are small and the top row and function are on a rotation basis so don't lose the User Guide or you will be scratching your head for a while.
The mouse is 10.5x6x2.5cm and weighs only 66grams. The Keyboard is 28x12.5x1.5cm the last measurement is at the back at the front it is only .8cm. The keyboard has 82 keys but as the top line doubles up it could be 96 as actions vary. The keyboard can be set for iOS, Windows, Android or macOS.
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