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Technology can help you find what you may have misplaced.
Have you noticed how often the word "Smart" is tagged onto numerous inanimate objects and devices to give them the appearance of so-called super-intelligent facilities?  In some cases this built-in intelligence feature can be combined with a fund-raising facility to provide the cash to take the new concept from its original thought to full fruition.
884893 deezer music streamin

Deezer 'Hi-Fi'

Most streaming services are only MP3 but just a few offer a Hi-Fi mode and while you have a subscription you can even download your music to play back when no Internet is available or when only more expensive mobile data is the only option.
Listening while on trains, buses or tube is not only a relaxation but it also avoids the extreme noise of some tube trains through tunnels when no signal to stream is available, you just get your own sounds at a level to suit your ears. While you can still log into Deezer via the Internet the long awaited Deezer Desktop is now finally out of Beta.
885272 Epson EcoTank ET M1170 Mono Inkjet Wi Fi Printe

Epson EcoTank ET-M1170

The mono Epson EcoTank ET-M1170 has been designed to be the workhorse for the advanced student or small business which needs a low-cost means of producing large amount of letters, reports or other documents.
Being just 375mm wide x 347mm and just 151mm high (even though one needs extra headroom to collect the output or when using the rear single sheet feeder for special media) it takes up a relatively small amount of real estate. It has been designed so that side access is not required and, with its small size and being light grey and black in colour, it can blend unobtrusively into most environments. Furthermore, weighing 4.
Get out your red shoes as you attempt to escape from the land of Oz.
This next gane is based on the creative imagination of L. Frank Baum who introduced us to the fantasy land of OZ.  Ruled by a Wizard and inhabited by a variety of strange creatures including flying monkeys, witches, a talking scarecrow, tin man and a lion with no confidence, the land of Oz has featured in books, movies, television series and a musical.  Now it is the turn of a game entitled "Bridge to Another World - Escape from Oz.
885255 brando mini superhero fa

Brando Handheld Fan

Sometimes people snort at me our product is not a gadget, I say fine, define to me what a gadget is, while they are thinking I add would you disagree with the statement ‘something to make a task easier’ I have yet to have anyone disagree with that statement. Certainly this item from the King of USB Brando certainly keeps you cooler in hot weather and saves the need to move your hand and say a newspaper back and forward over your face.
Yes this is a battery powered powerful fan and it has three different speeds. It is 15cm tall, 7.5cm wide at the fan end and 6cm wide at the handle end, 2.5cm thick at the fan end and 1cm thick at the handle end. The total weight is 81 grams. The fan enclosure has seven curved blades and the maximum entry point is .5cm so even the smallest finger cannot get in.
When you need to draw power from a bank, a Varta product could help.
It has been said on more than one occasion, and will probably be said many more times, by myself, that power bank units come in a range of sizes, charging options and capacities.  You just need to balance your current and future needs of your lifestyle with the price being asked for your favourite shape, weight and size of product to suit your pocket.  For example lets take a look at the next power bank product which comes from the Varta catalogue of power delivering offerings.
885156 BeHear Now sound enhancement headse

BeHear NOW

As we grow order most will notice that they have to say ‘pardon’ far more often and that people mumble far more – or at least we think that they do – however hearing loss is a factor everyone has to face so what if anything can be done. In my own case I have Tinnitus – a ringing in the ears – which makes discerning speech when several are speaking in the same room near impossible.
This is a set of Bluetooth earbuds but while they can be used quite successfully to listen to music I would not say that is there main purpose. Like most recent products they work with an App downloadable from either the iOS or Android store. A simple hearing test conducted in the App will show/notify/horrify you of the amount of hearing loss you are suffering.
External drives are useful but they do need a layer of protection such as that provided by encryption.
Nowadays when it comes to the time than selecting a hard drive for storing valuable data is called for, yes there is the Cloud but this is not everybody's favourite storage location, we could be considered as being rather spoilt for choice.  I can still remember struggling to decide whether I could manage with a 100 MB drive or stretch my budget to afford going larger with a 200 MB unit (and the capacity is not a typing mistake).
885155 Roamwild Car Crack Va

Roamwild Car Crack Vac

Hard to get places can be accessed with this item, and if something metallic like say a ring has got out of reach then this small unit has a magnetic end to attract and before you capture it you can locate it with its LED light on the end.
One word in the title had me thinking this had a motor that word was ‘Vac’. It is actually a brush and the brushes holder is another brush which also has sticky Velcro sides. For good measure the end of the outside container is also a larger version of the small brush, in both cases the bristles are 3cm long meaning they can delve into crevices. The larger unit is 19cm long 7cm wide and 5cm tall, this has grippy Velcro on either side and a round brush bar on the underside.
885113 Toshiba S300 5TB Surveillance HD

Toshiba 5TB S300

While some Tower and Desktop systems still have 5.25 inch drive bays I have recently seen some who only support 2.5 inch bays rather the norm of 3.5 inch bays. So this latest offering from Toshiba is most likely to be used in a NAS (network attached storage) solution.
I am sure there must be boxed versions of this product but mine arrived in ‘drive only’ silvered envelope so all you get inside the envelope is the drive, not even the screws required to attach it to whatever you connect it to. It is 14.4x10x2.4cm and is marked as a surveillance unit. I replaced a smaller capacity drive in my NAS with this and let the special software in the NAS format it and it then was ready to use.
885112 vodafone 10 android smart phon

Vodafone Smart V10

While Vodafone sell all the major brands of phones they also do their own range of phones designed and tested to work on the Vodafone network. Here I am looking at their latest offering the Vodafone Smart V10 that will not cost nearly as much as certain recent review items.
The Vodafone Smart V10 measures 15x7x.8cm and it weighs 147grams. The viewable screen is 13.7x6.5cm which gives notional diagonal imperial measurement of 5.9 inches; the screen display is 1560x720 which is 19:9. The selfie camera is a notch in the centre of the top of the screen. The front is shiny black and the sides and back are chrome colour. Going around the unit has the on/off rocker towards the top of the right side with the on/off button just below in a contrast red colour.
This 24inch touch panel can be used as any other panel landscape when vertical but also at any point through 90 degrees of tilt till it is landscape horizontal and with its always attached stand it remains totally stable in any position.
While I have reviewed over touch panels before that enable any computer – via USB lead – to become a touch computer this offering works just as well in the normal near vertical (landscape) position as it does horizontal just by pushing the panel back on its stand to a -90 degree position or indeed any amount in between vertical and horizontal and it is rock solid however you use it. The screen on this Philips panel measures 54x33x1.
885060 HONOR 20 Lite Dual Sim Android Smart Phon

Honor 20 Lite

If you want a SmartPhone that can offer almost everything that the latest super offerings can do but at a lower price then this unit from Honor may well tick all the boxes. A lot of recent phones are sold on the cameras capabilities and this one has AI built in.
The Honor 20 Lite measures 15.3x7.2x.7cm and weighs 165grams while the viewable screen is 14.3x6.6cm and that gives the notional diagonal imperial measurement of just over 6.2inches. The pixel resolution is 2340x1080 but you can lower this in settings to 1560x720 if you need to save battery. Talking about battery the 3440mAh battery should last well into the second day even for a heavy user, it supports 10w fast charging.
885111 Olympus TG 6 Tough Camer

Olympus Tough TG-6

It been a while since I have reviewed a camera that can fit in your pocket, of course most recent SmartPhones have better than average cameras but I do not know any that can shoot underwater as this latest offering from Olympus can.
While it was clearly marked sample and it was just the camera no leads and most importantly no manual, I was able to download the manual sometime later and this helped me to fill in some of the things that the camera is capable of that I was unable to figure out without it. I defy most to get anything like the best from this unit without a thorough read of the 168 pages of the manual.
884959 Ring Video Doorbell Pro Ki

Ring Video Doorbell Pro

If like me the place where your door bell lives is quite a thin door surround then this latest offering from Ring may just solve the problem as it is that much thinner than earlier versions of their doorbell with the camera to allow you to see who is calling so if it is someone you don’t want to see just stay in your seat and ignore the ring.
Of course if you are not in their ring on your bell is notified with video to your SmartPhone and then you can say sorry I can’t come to the door at the moment to get rid of a suspicious character or if it’s that courier that you have waited in for during the previous two days you can make arrangement for redelivery or better still ask him to leave it with your neighbour. It is 11.5x4.5x2cm.
885041 black shark 2 android gaming phon

Playing the Smart Way : Black Shark 2

Gamers, who are on the move, could enjoy this next piece of kit.
The manufacturers of smartphones tend to show their "smarts" by adding to the feature sets of their handsets.  Improvements are being made to issues that relate to the unit's size, weight, biometric security and the image capturing facilities as dual lenses are now considered the standard rather then the exception.  However there is one area that many brands of smartphones seem to have ignored.  This is that of gaming capabilities.
884979 Salter Loud Digital Kitchen Timer  355 BKXCD

Salter Loud Timer

The Salter Loud Electronic Timer model 355BKKR will suit those who work in noisy kitchens or are hard of hearing and so have difficulty in hearing other timers.
The old style mechanical kitchen timers, of which there are still plenty around, make a loud noise but are not very accurate. They have generally given way to electronic timers which are very accurate but, in many cases, are not very loud. The Salter Loud Timer, which will count up or down digitally to 19 hours, 59 minutes & 59 seconds, is both electronic and loud – but with a slide switch to enable one to select lower volume options.
885040 playbrush smart child electric toothbrus

Toothbrush Playtime : Signal Playbrush

The Playbrush SMART is a product design to make the task of cleaning teeth to be fun and more appealing to young children.
Developed by Signal, a company better known to me for its toothpaste offerings, this Playbrush SMART product consists of a blue and white stand with a built-in rechargeable battery unit, short USB lead for use when charging the battery and a cartoon decorated, plastic envelope-type holder with a pair of wall sucker attachments. for holding a smartphone, plus what appears, at first glance, to be a standard manually operated toothbrush.
884892 Huawei HONOR 20 Dual SIM Smartphon

Honor 20 SmartPhone

It’s unusual for recent SmartPhone launches to be made without review product being available, on one such recent launch I was told ‘next week’ and it has still not arrived, and here in the case of the Honor 20 it was nearly six weeks but it was launched just after a rant by Donald Trump against this phones parent company, still it has now arrived to receive tests over a very short two week timeframe.
Most phones that arrive come with a Getting Started guide, not so here.
Vizio dips its toe into the UK marketplace with the launch of one of its sound bar systems.
Already established as a leading player in the US marketplace, VIZIO is currently girding its loins for the company's entry into the UK in partnership with Exertis, a UK and EU distributor.  For those not too familiar with VIZIO, I should explain that the company was founded in California in 2002 with the stated aim to produce an industry-leading brand of products that include televisions, sound bars and other devices.
884851 amazon fire 7 tablet with Alex

Fire 7 16GB with Alexa

Recently my review of an 8th Generation Kindle was published and it was something I had not seen for a number of versions. Here another such items a Fire Tablet which I see – over the years - I had tried three previous versions, now it comes with Alexa built in so it is possible to talk to your Tablet. So what exactly has been happening with the Fire Tablet recently?
The Fire 7 tablet from Amazon measures 19x11.4x1cm and weighs 288 grams. The viewable screen is 9x15.2cm which gives the diagonal imperial measurement of 7inches. A full charge via trickle charge is 3½ hours boot up is 20 seconds and shutdown is 3 seconds. Going around the outside has the micro USB slot on the right side, the base is clear; the right side has the speaker near the base. The top has volume up and down buttons, 3.
Having carried out some spring cleaning, you may be able to say "Yes" to the next question.
Do you have enough room for a cabinet in your home?  I am not referring to the type of cabinet you would use to display your awards, of which I am sure you have plenty, or your collection of knick-knacks.
With its full page adverts in National Daily Newspapers and television adverts, Gtech is known for pushing the boundaries associated with various product offerings.
I was fortunate enough to attend the launch of Gtech's latest product which was billed as being the world's smallest high-performance vacuum cleaner.  This is the Gtech Hylite vacuum cleaner.  The product was supplied to all those to attendees packed within a black soft pouch bag for easy transport.  The product came with a disposable bag already in position just in case any energetic journalist was keen to start cleaning the biscuit crumbs that had gathered around their chair.
884891 snips microwave rice cooke

Snips Food Boxes

This is one supplier who kept their promise to send samples of their items for me to review from my visit to the annual Housewares show in London. So here a microwave rice steamer and a larger than normal storage box with or without inset basket.
It is 14cm tall and almost square at 20cm wide it weighs 315 grams. The attached cardboard wrapper describes this as a 2.7 litre rice and grain cooker suitable for up to four people. The receipt book inside the container goes into detail about fish and chicken dishes as well but they seem to be for other items in the same range. Looking closely at the impressed characters on the base of the container has it suitable to use up to 140 degrees Celsius and as low as -18 degrees Celsius.
As another year passes, I take a look at the latest version of an old friend
I first came across this next product, entitled PC TuneUp Utilities, some ten years ago when the product was available as Shareware (a try before you buy method of marketing).  With our relationship, between the reviewer and software product, spreading over a decade, or as near as makes no difference, I do feel I can regard PC TuneUp Utilities as an old friend.  After all friends are allowed to move around between owners as happened with TuneUp Utilities.
884654 yubico yubikey

YubiKey 5 & 5C

Some files and documents are important or perhaps even more valuable than that, if you run a business they could mean getting a contract – or not – if the information they contain fell into the hands of your competitors, so knowing who sees what is vital. This tool from Yubico means only those in possession of the USB key do see the encrypted data, no need for special passwords just the USB key.
For those who want more these keys can be used as a second level of protection as well as standard passwords and even as a third level with ‘Two Factor’ and ‘Multi Factor’. The keys can work with standard USB, USB ‘C’ and even NFC (near field) most prevalent with SmartPhones. FIDO 2 support is now standard with the YubiKey 5 & 5C.
The Salter electric knife sharpener is easy to use and provides an effective way of putting a good edge on one’s straight-edge kitchen knives.
Developed by Anewiki & RetroStyle, Animal Drop Safari is a game that belongs to the Match 3 genre.
Unlike more recent examples of this genre that I have checked out recently, Animal Drop Safari uses a more basic interface appearance with larger clearly identified tiles displaying coloured heads of popular cuddly, animal toys.  The game involves making matches of three or more tiles of the same colour need to be created by swapping two adjacent tiles. You are cast in the role of a photographer's assistance who sets off on a wild expedition around the world.
884694 popwallet plu

PopWallet+ : PopSockets PopWallet+

PopSockets add to its range of smartphone accessories.
For a number of years now I have been a regular sufferer from back pain brought on by a disk lesion forming part of my spine.  According to certain members of my family, this condition has not been helped by the amount of junk (their description, certainly not mine) I pack into my jacket pockets.  I have, of course, a different opinion.
884689 Ring Stick Up Cam Battery HD Security Camer

Ring Stick Up Cam Battery

This camera can work indoors or outdoors, possible advantages of the ‘battery’ version over the ‘wired’ version is that you do not need to drill a hole through an external wall; another is that if placed on a shelf it is quickly relocatable.
The camera is round at 6cm and is 9cm tall; if you use the fitted stand this will add 2cm to the overall height and depth. Apart from sitting on a shelf or fitment it can be attached to a wall or ceiling and almost anything else as the stand can be twisted and turned to virtually any angle. However if you are using this battery version of the camera outside be aware that the battery does need to be removed to be recharged so sighting must be a consideration.
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