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This is a foldable chair that fits into the back section of a backpack, it can be used separately from the backpack or still attached to it, so ideal for those journeys on a packed train where you can find a corner but cannot find a seat.
The backpack is 35x27x40cm and the chair once assembled is 30x27x29cm. I am told the weight capacity of the chair is 100 kilos just as well as I am very close to that figure. Let’s deal with the chair first when assembled it is two 20cm wide 19cm side pieces going into an 8cm wide hinge the wide top sides click together by a two piece 2cm wide and 11cm long clip. The top half is two more 20cm wide side pieces that form an overall ‘X’ shape. The sides are two each of 3.
Is the use of a computer mouse causing pain, then the following might help.
ARSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) is used to describe an infection that can occur due to the continuous use of a regular action,  Due to the repetitive nature of its various actions, RSI can often make an appearance through working with a computer and certain of its accessories such as the ubiquitous mouse controlling the activities of the desktop cursor.
886163 Orbitsound ONE P70W V1 Airsound Soundba

Orbitsound One P70W v2

A recent very noisy event at an iconic London institution had me see a range of audio items one such was this soundbar from Orbitsound and if you delve through the Gadgetspeak archives you will find other such reviews from them.
This recent offering has Airsound and Airamp technology. Airsound means wherever you place the unit in the room you get surround sound. Airamp is an active amplifier which increases clarity and reduces distortion. You can connect to it by Wi-Fi or Bluetooth the setup for these is via an iOS or Android App. The third choice is via optical and the required lead is supplied in the box. There is also an option to listen via Aux input.
Can you solve the mystery of a strange mist that cause a village to disappear?
TForming part of the Strange Cases series of titles is "The Secrets of Grey Mist Lake".  This game belongs to the Hidden Object Adventure genre and is available in Standard and Collector's Edition versions.
886045 Acer Chromebook 315 CB315 2H Chrome Boo

Acer Chromebook 315

Having recently told you about a smaller Chromebook, here is something larger that may suit. In fact for those only used to Windows this will not have a lot of differences for you to get used to and if you do not require third party Apps designed for Windows then it may do everything that you require. Also with Windows 7 support ending in January 2020 another reason to change.
The Acer Chromebook 315 measures 37x25x1.5cm the last figure is a maximum around 5cm from the back, it weighs 1791 grams. Going around the outside has power LED, USB ‘C’, USB3, micro SD and headset on the left. On the right are USB3, USB ‘C’ and Kensington lock connector. Both the front and back have no connections. The underside has for 3x.7cm rubber feet that raise it just enough to stop it scratching whatever you place the Chromebook on.
886034 spirits of mystery song of the phoenix_featur

Who Stole the Groom?

Take a sample from the Spirits of Mystery and sprinkle in more than a touch of the Song of the Phoenix and you have a tale of thwarted marriage with a royal theme
Developed by ERS Games and available from various downloading sites, Spirits of Mystery: Song of Phoenix is a game which is available in either Standard or Collector's Edition format.  My review is based on the Collector's Edition which includes a number of bonus items adding extra appeal to the product. As usual with other games of this type, several of the bonus items give the player immediate access to content.  These items include wallpaper, concept art and screen savers.
886014 Pikachu Pokemon Light up Figurin

Two Pokémon Items

First one of the smallest at less than 10cm tall which has either a looping light or a light always on inside the rabbit. Second one of the largest Pokémon items and certainly for the older child which has induction charging for your iPhone and also USB for those of us without ‘i’ devices.
It is a tad over 9cm tall and comes with the required batteries fitted inside behind a door in the base protected by a Philips screw to deter a young child from eating them. A cord is attached between its ears to hang from the top of a pram so the child can be entertained. The switch on the base has three positions, off, on with a slow rotation from on to off which may even encourage sleep and finally on.
When playing games there is a wide virtual world out there accessible with an appropriate router.
Adding to an extensive catalogue of products, D-Link has released its Exo Smart Mesh WiFi Router series which offers a seamless connection solution to the home user.  At its launch, this new series consisted of the AC1900 and the AC2600 Smart Mesh WiFi versions of the product.
886027 Sony Xperia 5 Triple Camera System Android Smartphon


This is the latest offering from Sony. Like most Sony offerings it is high specification, the 21:9 screen ratio may not suit all and like a lot of recent offerings there is no 3.5mm socket for headphones. Read on for more details of this latest offering to pass my desk courtesy of Vodafone.
The Sony XPERIA 5  measures 15.5x6.7x.8 and it weighs 165 grams. The viewable screen is 14.3x6.1cm which gives the notional diagonal imperial screen measurement of 6.1inches. Start Up is a sparkling 10 seconds while shutdown is 2 seconds. 21:9 for the screen ratio means that watching movies look better than with a lot of other current offerings. The screen is full HD and more at 1080x2520. My unit was black but I am told other colours are available, both the front and back are glass.

Phishing Mac

Scammers are directing their efforts at the Mac community
While I have a fairly clear recollection of being introduced to the concept of phishing, I must admit that the date when this event occurred is extremely fuzzy.  Let us just state that my introduction to this type of scamming occurred at a Computer Show held at Olympia at some point in the past.
885994 Philips Somneo Sleep and Wake up Ligh

Philips Wake Up Light

With the nights now longer than the day’s most of us need to get up before the sun and that means we are far more likely to be woken unnaturally with the result that we feel – at the very least – less charitable towards others and therefore unhappy. This light from Philips can wake you with a gradually brightening light and for the heavy sleeper even bird song.
When the other end of the day arrives our sleep pattern can be out of sync and a red light can pulse to get up ready to sleep, this offering from Philips has both and it even has a built in radio. It is 22cm tall, 22cm wide and a maximum of 11cm deep at the base and less than 2cm deep at the top. The light unit is circular within those measurements. There is a line of four ports at the back towards the base, USB for charging only, a Reset button, DC power in and finally Aux in.
886156 OPPO Reno2 Z android smart phon

Oppo Reno2 Z camera phone

With the Reno2 Z Oppo is offering a mid-range smartphone with a wide range of impressive photo and video features.
Putting a curse on an Undertaker can produce strange results.
A question!  Who would you select as the central character is a game entitled Haunted Legends?  In the case of ERS Games Studio, the decision was taken to place The Undertaker in the central character role for the company's Haunted Legend title which belongs to the Hidden Object Adventure genre of game play. This game is available in a choice of Standard or Collector's Edition formats.  Following my usual practice, I will be looking at the Collector's Edition of the product.
885931 VONMAHLEN Allroundo Multi Charger Cabl

Vonmählen Allroundo

A new name to me and without a visit to the Amazon Christmas event it would have probably stayed that way. This is a portable USB lead that has USB or USB ‘C’ on one end a coiled lead to fit into a small carry case and three different ends to make sure it has a fitment to suit whatever you need to charge, so wherever there is power so do you.
In fact there are six different combinations so three for each of USB and USB ‘C’. The outer box measures 9x9x2.5 and the inner one round at 6.5cm and 1.5cm thick; there is a rubberised loop to fit over a finger or more likely a belt. The weight is less than 50 grams. It has a clear top the flip open container has a black coiled lead 9cm long – fully coiled to over 30cm uncoiled. The ends are white, as it arrives USB on one end and micro USB on the other end.
Helping draw up a shopping list of toys is a top ten of offerings from Hamleys.
885910 Pokemon Eevee 3D Alarm and Lam

Pokémon Lamp Alarm Clock

This is ideal for a first alarm clock for a child; it can also act as a night light. Dependent on the child’s age it can be powered by ‘AAA’ batteries or USB. It also has a built in sensor so you can even check the room’s temperature.
The Pokémon Lamp Alarm Clock has a rectangular base unit measuring 11x4x5cm with a rabbit – the light – on top that is 13cm tall to the tips of its ears; however the light is from its feet to its head just under 10cm. The display is around 6x2.5cm which means you get 2cm high digits for the clock; easily seen even the child has less than perfect sight. The clock shows hours and minutes in either twelve or twenty four hour format with the day of the week above the minutes.
885991 Goji True Wireless Rechargeable Bluetooth Earphone

Wireless Earbuds : Goji TruemCurrys

With its carry and charging facilities, this next product might suit your ear bud needs.
As part of its range of branded headphones, Currys / PC World has released its Goji True product.  This particular item provides the user with a set of wireless ear buds that come with their own carry case that doubles as a charging facility.  Completing this package are a USB charging cable offering Standard-to-Micro connectivity and an instruction manual booklet. These ear buds, as already mentioned, are wireless devices.
885904 Oppo Reno 10x Zoom Android Smartphon

Oppo Reno 10 Pro

While this was launched before the Cricket World Cup it did not arrive with me until the Cricket season was finished. Indeed anyone watching the main courts at Wimbledon would have seen the ‘oppo’ name on the show courts, great advert but how many will have known what the name referred to.
The Oppo Reno 10 Pro measures 16x7.5x.8cm and it weighs 216grams. The viewable screen is 15.5x7.2cm which gives the notional diagonal imperial measurement of 6.6inches. This is a large phone with hybrid zoom. The selfie phone gives a wider capture angle as the lens is not in the screen but on a pop out above it. Start up is 13 seconds and shutdown only 1.2 seconds. Going around the outside has the on/off button on the right. The base has USB ‘C’, SIM entry point and speaker.
It is a Grim Tale of a burning school and missing children.
Grim Tale: The White Lady is a hidden object game that is available in Standard and Collector's Edition versions.  I have been checking out the Collector's Edition of the Grim Tale The White Lady game.  With this edition you get a number of bonus items with the main Hidden Object game.
885894 brando Magnetic Ball Cloc

Brando Magnetic Ball Clock

This is clock but it has no numerals and no hands, so before you shout ‘who has nicked the hands’ it never had any. This is a magnetic clock and ideal for the executive desk as it’s a clever piece of kit and certainly something that requires good light either natural or powered as this just works day after day with no external connections.
It is round at 11cm and 4cm thick. Two metal rods screw into the wooden back to allow it to sit at 45 degrees on a flat surface. It is stated that it can also be wall mounted. The clock itself is a grey metal. The face is divided into twelve quadrants with small slashes at the hours. Move round the face till 3 O-Clock and there are three letters ‘h’ the outermost, then ‘m’ and finally ‘s’ they are about 1.5cm apart.
885908 MOFT Adjustable Height Folding Laptop Stan

Making a Stand : MOFT Laptop Stand

If you work on a laptop and suffer from back problems, this product may help to ease the strain
While perhaps not as popular or well-known as LOL, OMG, WTF, SUP, IMO or JK especially if you are a compulsive texter who regards abbreviations as their second language, MOFT might cause you a few moments of  thought as you attempt to translate this abbreviation, I will  excuse some grey matter exercise by explaining that MOFT stands for "Mobile Office for Travelers" and is the name of the company responsible for this product under review.
885905 Neos SmartCam security camer

A Product Boost : Neos Boost

Adding to its original SmartCam device, Neos has increased its functionality.
Recently . the UK's  first smart home insurance provider.  Available from sources, such as  the all-encompassing Amazon store, this SmartCam has adopted the name of its founder company and is known as the Neos camera.  Since my original review, Neos has launched a SmartCam upgrade entitled Neos Boost which has been designed to enhance the original product's basic feature set. With the new Neos Boost upgrade, customer will be able to capture more key moment on their SmartCam.
885880 Epson Expression Home XP 3100 Printe

Epson XP-3100

This is a quiet small four ink printer that can also scan and copy. However for those who print large documents or lots of pictures not for you as the ink cartridges are not large, they do an XL option but still in the space for cartridges this cannot be for the heavy user. However for those who want to print a few top quality images its fine.
It is 36x29x16cm when closed. It’s not heavy at around 4.5kilos. With a stack of A4 paper in the back tray and the front outlet tray fully extended it’s around 50cm from back to front. Power enters back left. In the past I have had problems setting Epson printers up via Wi-Fi, here no difficult questions or having to attach a USB lead (none supplied) to complete the setup.
As its title should indicate,Witch Island 2, subtitled Legacy, is a follow-up offering that casts you in the role of a determined young woman who needs to use her wits and knowledge of magic to break a spell inflicted, by an evil witch, on the local inhabitants.
Belonging to the Hidden Object genre of game play, Witch Island 2 allows you to create profiles for individual players so that the game can be played by other family members.  These profiles can contain the volume levels for features such as music, sound effects and the spoken dialogue delivered by voice actors playing the parts of in-game characters.  You can also decide whether the game should be played in full screen mode or not.
885833 brando usb mouse pa

Mousepad with USB Hub

This is an aluminium alloy mouse mat (Mousepad) but apart from controlling your mouse it lets you get extra USB ports via lead supplied as well as a Gigabit Ethernet port and both SD and Micro SD ports. So your notebook – even USB ‘C’ only now has standard USB3 and more on tap. I am told it also works with MacBooks.
The 21cm square mouse mat has a 6cm angled up extension at the back that has all the ports at the rear, the metal will not scratch the surface it is placed on as it has a grippy leather style base that also stops the pad moving. Two short leads of 15cm long each are supplied the first USB3 to USB3, second USB3 to USB ‘C’ so it does not matter if the port from the PC/Notebook/Tablet is full sized USB or USB ‘C’. My unit was silver but it is also available in grey.
Turn your child into a dinosaur loving music fan.
DNo doubt you have heard of the Big Red London Bus concept.  This applies when you do not see an item for a period of time, then several do appear in close proximity.  While I will admit that just two products do not count as several, I do feel that the arrival within a couple of days of each other, as happened with two sets  of headphones, designed specifically for use by a child, does qualify as a Big Red London Bus moment.
885742 Nero Platinum Unlimite

Nero Platinum or Nero 365

No longer do Nero do a standard version but now you can get a Nero 365 Platinum that expires in a year or Nero Platinum that will keep working – without the addition of any new features – for ever, either way the contents of the package is Nero Platinum.
This is a new departure for Nero partially following that of others like Microsoft that were I think the first to produce a 365 version with Office. Here I am looking at the Platinum version which is Nero 2020 in all but name. To be clear you will still be able to download any bug fixes but not any totally new parts. Nero started – a long time ago – as a product to burn CD’s and DVD’s then it gradually added features.
Join Alice and Sam as they try to restore the Hobbit Village.
Forming part of the Enthralling Realms series of game, is the Curse of Darkness.  This offering belongs to the Match-3 genre of game playing.  Other titles in this particular series include An Alchemist Tale, The Witch and the Elven Princess, plus the Blacksmith's Revenge.
885868 Neos SmartCam security camer

NEOS Smart Cam

Originally only available for those taking out insurance from this company, it is now available for all. I looked at the early offering in February. Now it comes with packaging more fitment options and the chance to get far longer video clips.
Since my first review nine months ago the camera will now work with Alexa and you have the option via a subscription to get far longer video clips, the basic is twelve seconds and this increases with the extra subscription to sixty seconds, either way your videos are stored for 14 days. The camera itself is a five centimetre cube but the height can increase by another three centimetres by the base lifting on itself in a three way movement to let you get it pointing in exactly the correct place.
The Epson WF7715DWF is a versatile A3+ multi-function inkjet that will meet the needs of the majority of small offices
Although A4 is the basic office norm there are occasions when being able to handle A3 would prove to be useful. For example one could work with larger spreadsheets as well as printing two A4 pages onto each A3 sheet and then fold to make a booklet which is much more business-like that separate A4 pages. Being A3+ with an automatic document feeder (ADF) it can be appreciated that this machine, while suitable for the smaller office, may not fit into the smallest one.
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