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Put your thinking cap on as you tackle four offerings of treasure seeking.
As part of the GSP 4 Play Collection series offering of Treasure Hunters, as you might suppose, is made up of four titles that bear the similar theme of searching.  The four titles making up this collection are Time Chronicles: The Missing Mona Lisa; Legacy of the Incas; Mystery of the Missing Brigantine; and Treasure Hunters.
Offering 40 locations to explore, Paris lives up to its reputation of the City of Love.
"A Vampire Romance", subtitled "Paris Stories" is a Hidden Object Adventure game from Mastertronic.  As you might expect this game is located within the area of Paris as you move between different locations within the capital city of France.  Rather than requiring installing on a hard disk, this DVD title is capable of being run direct from its optical media on the Windows or Mac platform.
Last year I told you about a Pixel 5 and if the advertising is correct the Pixel 6 is available so why should I now get the look at the Pixel 4XL. On the face of it a phone launched at least two years ago would be well past its sell by date. After a few days of use I was offered an upgrade to Android 12 so Google certainly do not consider it past it. Yes more recent phones offer more from their cameras but I still took some excellent pictures and videos.
The Google Pixel 4 XL measures 15.5x7.4x.7cm and weighs 186grams. The viewable screen is 14.5x7cm which gives the notional imperial diagonal measurement of 6.3inches in QHD with a 9:19 arrangement. The display can be up to 90Hz. The screen is Gorilla Glass and supports up to 16.7 million colours. I had not got round to checking which version of Android it had on arrival but I assume it was Android 10 but as stated this soon became Android 12.
You need to search and find as you try to discover what happened to a relative who met an untimely end.
Located just off the coast of Florida is an area that is famously know as the Bermuda Triangle.  Over the years this area has built u a reputation, whether justified or not, of being the location where many ships, planes and their passengers have mysteriously disappeared without trace.  Game Mill have used the reputation of this area as the basis for its game entitled "Lost Secrets - Bermuda Triangle Unsolved Mysteries".
When a house has memories are you up to the task of solving its mysteries?
According to my Concise Oxford Dictionary, "Void" is an "empty space".  The Void, however, is also the title of the Mystery Trackers Hidden Object Adventure game.  Available from the extensive Big Fish Games catalogue, I have been looking at the Collector's Edition of this title which comes with a number of bonus items.  As access to these additional features is not available until the main game is completed, I will leave covering the bonus items until the end of the review.
If you count your characters at the beginning of a game, the number left could decrease by the end especially if Agatha Christie is involved.
And Then There Were None is a point & click adventure game based on an Agatha Christie novel.  Developed by AWE Games and published by The Adventure Company, this title places you in the company of ten virtual strangers who have been invited to spend time on an isolated island that becomes cut off from the mainland following the combination of a bad storm and their boat being wrecked.  In some cases their stay should not last king.
This flat panel from AOC is for those who want to see a bit more on their screen as its 3840x2160 and it allows you to connect HDMI or Display Port as well as USB ‘C’. To fulfill the first requirement without you having to have 20:20 vision it’s just that bit larger at 27inches from corner to corner but still takes up little more space than a smaller panel.
The AOC U27P2CA flat panel screen measures 61x36x1.5cm; the viewable screen is 60x35cm which gives the notional diagonal imperial measurement of 27inches. It weighs 4.42 kilos. There is almost no margin at the top and the sides – called frameless - and the bottom margin is 2.5cm. Towards the right are the five buttons to control the panel to their right is a white LED. Its stand is 19x22cm and raises the screen in Landscape mode by between 2.5 and 17.5cm.
When the call comes are you up to the task of representing the people in performing a religious ceremony.
Angkor - Celebrations, developed by Ironcode Gaming, is a Match 3 title.  This game is based on a ritual that is carried out every hundred years by the people of Angkor in order to commemorate their humble beginnings.  This ceremony involves a Chosen One collecting and assembling the Ceremonial Kila which can be used to open the temple doors.  Not surprisingly, you have been selected to be the Chosen One who has to carry out the ceremony.
894969 Shure AONIC 40 Over Ear Wireless Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headphone

Shure Aonic 40 Headphones

These headphones are rather nice, well-padded for good noise reduction and for those follicly challenged like me good padding on the headband. They are not small as they are over ear offerings and are also useful on cold winter days as ear warmers and just for good measure the Shure App gives you just the sounds you want through its equalizer.
There is 3.5cm of expansion on each side and when fully expanded it is 21cm from the tip of the earpieces to the centre of the extremely well padded headband. The distance between earpieces when vertical is 19cm. They come with a solid zip up case and the headphones fold and sit in the case one way only to give extra protection. Also in the box are a USB to USB ‘C’ cable to charge the headphones and a 2.5mm to 3.5mm cable to connect to MP3 or other such devices.
Step back in time and try to defeat an evil witch with Hidden Object game play.
Adding to the world built around Echoes of the Past is "The Castle of Shadows".  This is a Hidden Object Adventure game developed by Orneon.  I have been looking at the Collector's Edition of the game which comes with a selection of bonus items.  Along with a Strategy Guide that is immediately available, there is a bonus adventure, concept art and wallpaper which are only released for access when the main game has been completed.
Giving you a choice of first or third person action, can you help Holmes solve the mystery?
894961 Devolo Magic 2%E2%80%932400 Wi Fi

Devolo Magic 2 Wi-Fi 6

With the exception of last year Devolo bring out updates and improvements to speed and performance of their product, be it in the Wi-Fi or even the connection over power line. So there is plenty to tell you about as 2021 had everyone more interested in not catching Covid than improving the speed of their below par Internet connection.
You plug their unit into a power socket somewhere near your Modem then at another point – on the same ring main – plug into another power socket. Whatever speed you are getting near your Modem should also be the same at the second – or third unit, so no long Ethernet cables which could otherwise be a trip hazard.
Can you assist Emma to find the Emerald Tear to help cure her husband from a mysterious illness.
Describing itself as "The Most Beautiful Hidden Object Game Ever", the Curse of the Emerald Tear forms part of the iWin series of Jewel Quest Mysteries.  This Jewel Board / Match-3 game combines 18 different locations for Hidden Object searching with puzzle solving and manipulating resources within an Egyptian environment. Allowing different people to take on the challenge of playing this game, you can create individual profiles to record their progress.
While I get to review all sorts of PC’s from entry level to very high end my own PC’s tend to cost somewhat less and after a while they become museum pieces like my Windows 7 offering which when Microsoft ended support was working but soon after that the power supply went ‘phutt’. So I struggled on but when Windows 11 arrived my Windows 10 PC was deemed ‘not worthy’ of it. So with not a lot of spare cash available I then started looking for a replacement.
This i5 offering with 8GB of memory fitted the bill and providing you have a flat panel that supports Display Port as I did, it fitted the bill. Free next day delivery was another plus so before another bill dropped into my inbox I ordered it. At 11AM next day DPD delivered it. This is just the unit and a kettle style power lead but it does come with 12 month warranty. So locate a keyboard and mouse and I was in business. This PC is a Desktop unit that was manufactured by HP/Compaq.
This next Hidden Object game is often available bundled with another title from the same source.
A missing father, who is an archaeologist, forms the central plank on which this next game is based.
Developed by Artogon, The Mystery of the Crystal Portal is a Hidden Object game.  Allowing you to create profiles that record the progress of different players, the game also provides the player with options to adjust the volume levels for background music and sound effects.  Other options allow the game to be played in full screen mode with a custom cursor.  There is no choice of difficulty and you need to play the game in standard mode.
894940 dottir in ear headphone

Dottir Sports Earbuds

While a lot of earbuds claim ‘secure fit’ these certainly are that as the design pushes them into the ear with the fin fitting behind the ear they will certainly never fall out. They are somewhat larger than most other buds I have recently tested simply because the holding fin is part of the unit and not an optional extra as with most.
With a good part of the bud actually in the ear the biggest difference you notice is that it is 5cm from top to bottom, 1.5cm wide without the fin that has the flex required to fit most ears and this can more than double the width. The actual gel protrudes upwards from near the base of the unit meaning the flex pushes it further into the ear.
By looking around, up and down, you could find clues to solve a mystery based in the London of a past era.
Available from Big Fish Games, Mystery in London sets you on the trail of Jack the Ripper.  This offering is a Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure with a distinct difference.
Matching tiles can earn money to repair the buildings of Crimson Valley.
Putting together elements such as looking after a donkey, playing a slot machine, creating portals and restoring a castle with Match-3 game play produces the result of MatchVentures 3 .  This game, produced by Placadamy, casts you in the role of an itinerant traveller.  You are set various tasks that can be completed by playing Match-3 grids that are often linked together into groups.
A visit to a museum can take you on a journey around the world as you complete a range of jewel boards,
Jewel Quest III, developed by iWin, is a game that is set in a museum.  While the museum offers various options to attract your attention, you can also add your own options to the gaming environment.  You can adjust the volume levels for background music and sound effects plus select full screen viewing.  There are also options to display useful hints and opt for high detail graphics.
Over the years I have reviewed a lot of scanners, all previous units required installation not so here, just open the box plug the USB lead into your PC or Notebook, plug the other end into the rear of the unit. Open the lid that forms part of input tray add a sheet of paper and press the button. You now have a .PDF copy of that sheet of paper on your Desktop.
The Canon Portable Scanner ImageFormula R10 measures 28x9.5x4cm when closed; add another 10cm to the depth and 8cm to the height when open. The weight is something that with Desktop items I normally do not give but here as its portable I will, it is just on a kilo. The outside of the unit has the mini USB connector on the rear with a Kensington Lock Port to its right. Flip open the lid and towards the right is the start button that is it, there are no more controls.
Moving between England and America you can search for Hidden Objects in a variety of locations.
The Hidden Mystery Collection consists of three titles that fall into the Hidden Object genre. Published by Game Mill Entertainment, these titles are entitled The White House, Buckingham Palace and Civil War.  Two of the titles have been developed by Gunnar Games with the third title coming from Plug Games.
894901 Zhiyun Smooth XS 2 Axis Compact Handheld Gimba

Zhiyan Smooth XS Gimbal

While a Gimbal can give you smooth movement when hand held it is possible to get even smoother movement if you use the tripod provided attached to the Gimbal and control the movements of it even from a second phone so the Gimbal on the tripod just needs a firm footing to achieve results even professionals will admire.
The Zhiyan Smooth XS Gimbal has a minimum of 30cm from the base of the grip handle to the top of your landscaped phone, this can increase by up to another 25cm by extending the units arm, so 55cm should enable you to capture video above the tallest person, even then the unfurled tripod could give you another 13cm so now you have a possible 68cm.
Rather than a metal detector, you will need to use your eyes to find this store of pirate treasure.
With a female lead character in each game, this triple collection has you searching for objects in a variety of locations.
Like a lot of people of my age I have problems with my back, I often find that laying down helps, even the old fashioned hot water bottle gives some assistance. So anything that can keep me upright and reduce the discomfort gets my vote. This item is a large strap that fits round the waist and heats up whilst you are wearing it.
The ThermoDR Body Wrap is one metre in length and 15cm wide. This is stated as ‘one size fits all’ well if your waist is 36inches of less then yes. However there is another piece of the material that is 50cm long and with the aid of the Velcro straps can I am told fit all waists up to 52 inches.
A journey to Peru could reveal the Sun Princess legacy as you tackle this Hidden Object title.
894920 Apple iPhone 13 Pro Ma

iPhone 13 Pro Max

Like a lot of recent SmartPhones this was one of a range of models. Having told you about one of the lower specification’s model I now get to test the top of the range model – the one they use in the TV ads – so what does this latest offering from Apple have to temp you away from your current SmartPhone?
The Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max measures 16x7.8x1cm the last figure the thickness at the top left the square where the cameras protrude, the rest is .8cm thick, the weight is a substantial 240 grams probably due to using surgical grade stainless steel for the body. The viewable screen is far larger than the other models in the range with the notional diagonal imperial measurement of 6.7inches the other items in the range are no more than 6.1 inches.
Join a female team who are assigned to solve a series of murders with the victims bearing a Chinese tattoo
From the pen of the best-selling author, James Patterson, comes Death in Scarlet.  Forming part of the Women's Murder Club series seen on television, this title is based on a series of murders that seem to have a Chinese connection.  Using the original plot and storyline created by Patterson, I-play and Floodlight Games have produced a mixture of Hidden Object sequences, C.S.I. style adventure action and crime solving detection with this game.
Step back to Victorian times as you help Conan Doyle created characters to solve and remove a family curse.
Back in the Dark Ages before Corvid, lockdowns and the advent of telephone scammers and the like, gaming was a less trusted world.  Any game, purchased legally with our hard earned cash, would often require the entry of a specific serial number as part of its installation process in order for the game to be able to run on your computer.
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