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Developed by Stargaze and published by Alawar Entertainment: Mountain Crime: Requital is a Hidden Object and Puzzle Adventure game.
Like many other games that fall into this genre, Mountain Crime: Requital offers you a choice of two game modes.  You can either opt for Regular mode with a quicker Hint recharge feature and highlighted interactive areas with sparkles or take the more challenging Expert route that does not highlight interactive areas and makes you wait longer for the Hint feature to become available after each use. In this game you take on the role of Dr.
658964 Oregon WMR 86 personal weather statio

Oregon Weather Station

For those who always think the weather forecast is wrong or who always think your own personal weather is different from what they say this may just be what you are looking for - your own personal weather station from Oregon Scientific.
With so many things needing a PC or Internet connectivity this rather bucks the trend in that it does it all in the modules supplied so once you have it in position you can tell wind speed and keep you own count of rainfall and more. Everything you need is in the box apart from a screwdriver and something to drill holes; all the washers’ screws and batteries are supplied as well as the various modules.
A favourite series of mine is the Jewel Quest collection of titles that feature match-3 and adventure and hidden object searching.
The Jewel Quest series started life as games featuring match-3 jewel boards with an underlying story regarding ancient civilisations.  Since those early efforts, the series has branched out to include a Mysteries section that brings together hidden object game play in different locations with some match-3 jewel board action.  The latest Jewel Quest title to come my way falls into the Mysteries section and is entitled The Seventh Gate.
657588 PCTV Systems DVB T2 290e nanoStick HD TV Receive

PCTV Nano Stick

All you need is a USB port and an aerial then you can watch TV or even record programs anywhere. In theory the supplied mini aerial will be enough but that depends on the reception in the area that you are viewing from.
The PCTV Nano Stick just a USB stick with a connector on the end for an aerial lead, plug in to your PC or Notebook and install the software on the supplied CD and let it search for channels. Certainly I would initially use a roof or loft aerial to find the maximum number of channels, in my case it found 110, once tuned then – dependant on location – the mini aerial supplied may be enough. The receiver is 7x2.4x1.
First one designed for use with an iPad and by having Bluetooth it can also work with other systems even if it does not fit smoothly in. Second something the size of a ‘Palm’ type device with a small QWERTY keyboard and large trackpad.
What I am looking at is a Bluetooth Keyboard that was designed to work with an iPad or such similar type device. Sadly Santa failed to bring me one of those - once again - but it works with any device capable of pairing so a PDA or Android device can be used without problem.
It is rare for a week to go by without another new title appearing from Alawar. This time it is a retro-style cartoon adventure.
Developed by Stargaze, The Jolly Gang’s Misadventures in Africa is a new cartoon-style game from Alawar.  The game’s title gives a clear indication that this is an adventure game with a strong fun influence to keep you amused as you join the Jolly Gang in their escapade to track down treasure.  The game’s opening screen gives you a variety of choices although a couple of them only come into their own once you have started playing your Africa adventure.
657590 canon pixma mg6250 all in one printe

Canon Pixma MG6250

In the mass market Canon are best known for cameras and ink jet printers. For the professional photographer it’s the DSLR camera, for office users it’s possibly their laser printers. Here an All In One that can suit home or small office.
The Canon Pixma MG6250 all-in-one measures 46x38x16cm, you will need another 10cm on top of the 46cm depth when you have photo paper in the back upright tray. You probably need 10cm on the 16cm height for that purpose as well as placing items on the flatbed. The power lead is inserted back left while USB is inserted back right. The front right edge has a USB port and behind a door on the curve of the right front edge are three card ports that accept most common card types.
Watching a DVD movie on your laptop may be fine for a single person but when more are involved you need a larger display. A new product from CablesToGo offers to help in this respect.
If at first you do not succeed then try, try and try again.  I took these words to heart as I set about installing the TRULink product from CablesToGo.  For those unfamiliar with the company, CablesToGo is involved in the development of connectivity products.  The TRULink device has been developed to allow the user to stream video from a computer to a remote monitor, projector or television set using Wireless USB (WUSB) Technology.
Following her introduction in The Mystery of Meane Manor, Becky Brogan returns in The Institute. As with the first title, The Institute is a Hidden Object game with some puzzles thrown in for good measure.
With just one level of game play, The Institute opens with a comic-book style sequence.  This lays the groundwork for the story and explains how Becky has come across a report of a missing doctor and nurse as part of the research she was conducting as part of the Investigative Journalism & Criminal Science course she was attending.  As this case had never been solved, Becky’s curiosity was piqued and so she sets out to investigate.
657587 T Mobile Vivacity android touch screen mobile phon

T-Mobile Vivacity

A phone from a service provider, not I think unique but certainly most seem to come from third party companies, often a phone – for a period anyway – are only available from a single provider, here the Vivacity from T-Mobile.
The T-Mobile Vivacity measures 11.2x5.6x.8cm and weights 120grams. Front and back are black with the edges all in silver grey. The viewable screen is 7.6x4.6cm that is 3½ inches diagonal for those who still think imperial. All the controls are touchscreen with the exception of the on/off on top of it and volume up/down on the right side of the unit. There is a fold out Quick Start Guide that covers most of the basics for anything else a mini CD is provided with a User Guide.
Music, photos and video clips make up a sizeable portion of the storage devices attached to our home computers unless, of course, you are in the minority. Managing and making use of the vast store of multimedia data can be quite challenging especially if you attempt this task without the appropriate tools.
Offering to help manage and deliver your multimedia content is Cyberlink’s PowerDVD software.  Regarded by some as the daddy of multimedia management (earlier versions are often bundled with external drives), PowerDVD is now up to version 12 and comes in three flavours with a choice of Standard, Pro and Ultra.  This review is based on the top of the range Ultra software which includes Blu-ray, 3D and social networking features.
657586 HIS Multi View Sound USB 3.0 HDMI Graphics Adapte

HIS Multi View and Sound

For those who have laptops with an HDMI out then I guess this will be of little interest. However for those with a Desktop who want a second display then this little piece of kit from HIS, this could well be what you are looking for.
Often to connect a second display to a PC will require a second graphics card. Here HIS have developed the first USB3 box that is capable of giving a signal to another display – it will work with USB2 – in fact they claim that up to six of these devices can be used from one PC giving the notional ability to connect seven displays from a single PC.
While Christmas is of course the biggest selling time for games, presents for other things such as Birthdays come at any time of year, two very different offerings here a box game of Angry Birds and a board game His and Hers.
Most things today tend to become ‘Apps’ here however is something that started life as an ‘App’ and has come the other way to become a physical box game that can be played without any electrical device required at all. I have come across many games that have been converted from board/box to computer or ‘App’ but this is the first that has gone in the reverse direction. I think this is a great idea otherwise kids will think only the screen can entertain.
With innovative scrolling and zooming scenes for searching, The Clockwork Man 2 is now available with a bonus game.
Introduced to the game playing public in The Clockwork Man ( ), Miranda Calomy and Sprocket, her robot companion, return for a second dose of Hidden Object Adventure action.  Not surprisingly this second outing is entitled The Clockwork Man 2 with the subtitle of The Hidden World.  Available as part of Avanquest’s GSP casual game catalogue, The Clockwork Man 2 comes bundled with the original Clockwork Man title.
I wondered when I saw a range of MFU items recently why ‘Hero 6.1’ was not in the range. They were all designated "home" products. Here is the exception the 'office' offering, scan, print, copy and fax all in the one package.
The Kodak Hero 6.1 measures 46x39x24cm and is not sleek, but as it is an office machine looks are not important only user functionality. I am no fashion guru but alongside the Hero 7.1 it looks bulky – probably because of the page feeder – and dare I say it a little last year in design. Still in an office the only thing that matters is its performance.
As the movement from analogue to digital gathers apace, it makes sense to further enhance the audio quality with tools such as MAGIX’s Audio Cleaning Lab.
Now up to version 18 (exceeded only by the number of awards the program has won – 19 at the last count), Audio Cleaning Lab MX is MAGIX’s all-in-one solution for digitising and restoring your music collection stored on a variety of media in different formats.  Supplied with an English language manual in small booklet guise, this MAGIX software comes on a single disk that also contains a free copy of MAGIX’s Mufin 2.
With a title that begins with the words “Elementary my dear”, you might think that Sherlock Holmes was involved in some way. However with Elementary My Dear Majesty, this is not the case. Instead the game has more of a fairy tale feel to it as it arrives with the claim of being the first 3D Hidden Object Adventure game.
Developed by Dream Dale, powered by the Neoaxis Engine and published by Alawar, Elementary My Dear Majesty can be played in either Casual or Expert mode.  With the former mode the Hint feature will recharge faster, there will be fewer objects to find and you will be allowed to skip any puzzles that you might find to be too difficult.  In Expert mode, there are more hidden objects, a slower recharge time and you can not skip a puzzle.
657583 canon ixus 230HS compact digital camer

Canon Ixus 230HS

The Canon Ixus 230HS is another offering in possibly the best range of small pocket cameras around. This is the latest Ixus offering, Canon do another ‘smaller’ unit the PowerShot apart from their many offerings in the DSLR market place.
The Canon Ixus 230HS measures 9.5x5.5x1.5cm and the last figure can expand by another 4cm when fully zoomed out. It weights only 138grams. While on the face of it a lot of other units have greater than 8x optical zoom, the quality is in the sensors within the camera and anyone wanting to zoom to that sort of level will need a tripod to get reasonable results.
My doctor suggests I should exercise and move about more. So I put his advice to good use as I checked out a set of Sennheiser headphones.
The Sennheiser RS120 headphones have not been designed to be used as your listening method of choice when out and about as you are entertained by your favourite portable music player.  Instead this headset is meant to free you from being physically tied to the source of your listening material when in the home.  The Sennheiser RS120 achieves this feat through the use of wireless technology to deliver the audio from the source to your ears.
The title above may be the understatement of the year, yes it is powerful and it is a torch but it is also so much more. The box calls it Bright Light Ranger Ultra bright, heavy duty LED light. It can be charged by mains, car cigar lighter or hand crank.
The box contains the light and mains lead as well as an Instruction sheet. So you will need to purchase a cigar lighter adapter should you wish to charge it in this way. The unit is 21x18x8.5cm and weights 1400grams. The 12 LED light 8x7cm is stored face away against the face of the unit to avoid possible damage. While the most typical action is to flip it through 180 degrees this will add 8cm to the height. It can be used in any point during the 180 degree flip it has no side to side movement.
656894 microsoft one note 201

One Note for Android

On a very cold day at the start of February Microsoft launched a ‘free’ app for Android. Those with long memories will know they recently purchased Skype a ‘free’ online telecommunications product and also offered everyone a ‘free’ 5GB Sky Drive.
One Note first launched in 2009 and my version was an option within Office 2010 (Office 14) in fairness it was not something I have used much until now but as we all have numerous devices using different ways of control, moving shared files around is something that one device on the Cloud (Sky Drive) is ideally suited to do. First some background to One Note, it comes as a part to most paid versions of Microsoft Office.
656284 focus fear for sale mystery of mcinroy manne

The Mystery of McInny Manor

Have you noticed that when a game starts with a raven taking off in flight or a car pulling up at iron gates then spirits and evil forces will not be too far behind? If you have managed to avoid this type of situation then this next game will remedy the omission. In fact you get both the car pulling up and the raven taking flight.
Released in Collector’s Edition format, Fear for Sale: Mystery of McInny Manor is now available as part of Focus Multimedia’s extensive catalogue of titles. This release gives you the main Hidden Object Adventure game plus a bonus playable level, wallpaper, screensaver, concept art and eight fun achievements which can be unlock. Also included is a Strategy Guide that can be access from within the main game to help you make progress as you set free various captured souls.
656404 head kandi headphone

_Pure Kandi & _Pearl Drop

Two more offerings from Hedkandi, first a set of Headphones and amazingly they are blue and not pink. Second a small and compact travel speaker ideal for those occasions when you want to share your music with others.
A headphone set in turquoise blue with a pink extension lead should give you the idea that this is aimed at those in their teens. Interestingly enough there is quite a bit of technical information about the headset on the side of the box; this is often missing – even in the small print – from a lot of more well known names in the headphone marketplace.
As part of its Home initiative, Archos has developed a DECT handset that uses Android software.
In an attempt to add some French flair to a handset, Archos (better known for its Portable Media Players (PMP)), has launched its 3 Smart Home Phone.  This is a DECT device that is powered by the Android operating system.  As with the Binatone Android device I reported on recently, this Archos model uses 2.2 (FROYO) rather than a more up-to-date version of the Google software. As its title indicates, this is a home phone rather than your constant companion when out and about.
Regarded by some as the City ofLove,Parisis the setting for a game involving people aging rapidly to the sound of haunting music.
Available in Collector’s Edition format from Focus Multimedia, Maestro Music of Death is a Hidden Object Adventure game.  As usual with a Collector’s Edition title, Maestro Music of Death bundles an integrated Strategy Guide with the main game.  This Strategy Guide can be accessed at any time.  You also get concept art, wallpaper, screensaver, a sound track with sheet music –plus a bonus chapter.
656403 slingbox sol

SlingBox Solo

This has been around for a while, but for one reason or another I never got to look at one. This device can take a signal from Freeview, Freesat, DVD, Blu-ray and most other things and send it by your router to almost anywhere.
Having recently spent far too much time trying to make sense of a simple device I approached this far more complex product with more than a little trepidation. There is a setup sheet consisting of six points, all the required leads are supplied, all went well until it asked me a question whose answer was not immediately obvious, never fear it offers advice and soon, I had two red lights on the front of the SlingBox Solo box as it says I should.
656282 Archos 35 Home Connect Internet Radi

Archos 35 Home Connect

Adding Wi-Fi connectivity and the Android operating system to a portable media player is the design concept behind the Archos Home Connect device.
As one of the leading players in the field of PMP (Portable Media Players) for consumers, Archos has used this expertise to produce its 3 Home Connect offering. I must admit that when I first saw this product encased in its packaging, I though that it was entitled 3s Home Connect. This just goes to show that it is probably time I paid another visit to the optician rather than being any criticism of the product.
656402 Brother DCP J725DW All in One Colour Inkjet Printe

Brother DCP-J725DW

This is a small All In One unit capable of working via Wireless or USB. Often in the home space is a problem and a small unit capable of sitting on a shelf or in a cupboard is the answer not least to satisfy the ‘Lounge Police’
The Brother DCP-J725DW measures 37x35x17cm and weighs around 9kilos when the cartridges are installed and with paper in the built in tray. The front edge has a column of three buttons plus a home button and on/off button and what looks like a huge TFT. In fact the 8x3cm screen is actually 4x3cm and the other half (right) is where you can program choices. The home touchscreen (left) will display copy, scan, menu and photo with ink levels and wireless state above them.
Here two totally different things that both cut, the first from Bosch that can cut felt, card and best of all those plastic containers that normally require industrial scissors. Second a nifty device for men of a certain age whose hair grows everywhere but on their head.
It is 23x5x10cm and has a built in rechargeable battery, it weights 430grams. It is predominately green with the top being a black rubber grip, ideal for those who suffer with sweaty hands to give a nice solid grip at all times. According to the instruction book (12 pages in English) it is intended to cut flexible items up to 6mm in thickness.
A match-3 game takes you on a journey from a house through an enchanted cavern to your destination.
As the title indicates, Enchanted Cavern 2 is a follow up title.  Unfortunately as I missed out on the original offering, I have no idea how the current title differs from the first game.  Published by Alawar, Enchanted Cavern 2 belongs to the genre of match-3 game play. Although the game consists of three modes, only the Adventure mode is initially available.
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