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Rather than physically visiting a country to discover more about it, you could try to solve puzzles using its scenery.
As I have never visited this particular country, I decided to take up the opportunity offered by Tiny Little Lion to check out the visual delights of this area of the globe.  The invitation also included a chance to tackle numerous puzzle making up the Puzzle Vacations - Japan which is the subject matter of this of this next review.
Can you put an end to the Witch's plans for total domination?
Are you ready to do battle?  This will not be your ordinary war but it could stretch your capabilities.  As you enter Legacy – Witch Island Last Bastion, you are enrolled to help liberate an ancient castle, located on a magical island, from the clutched of a power witch’s army.  In your role as a Liberator you can call on the assistance of a dragon and eagle to perform certain tasks.
With the Universe under threat from a Black Hole, can you put your Match 3 skills to the test to help?
You could, as I was initially, think that the title of this next offering referred to spelling words.  However Spellarium 9 was more concerned with the state of the Universe.  According to the omni-being, who we will call Eric, our Universe is under serious threat from the Dark Elements which form part of our world.
Can you sort the clutter from the clutter whether it moves or not?
Normally I would try to avoid playing games that sit firmly within the Clutter aspect of Hidden Object game play.  This is due to the lack of variety offered by such titles.  However when this next title caught my attention, it did seem to offer plenty of variety and so I decided to check it out.  The product in question is Clutter RefleXIVe – The Diceman Cometh Collector’s Edition.
No sooner do I complete my journey into Irish puzzles arriving from Little Tiny Lion than the same developers whisk me off to Nature Escape.
Nature Escape 2 Collector’s Edition classifies itself as a Hidden Object.  As its title might suggest, the game takes you on a journey into various natural landscapes, such as Lakad, Dalu, Sincan, Polanco, Taen and Chandigarh, as you are challenged to carry out various tasks plus take advantage of a number of bonus items. By creating profiles, the progress of different players can be recorded.
When Amanda opens her book, you know the fun is about to begin. This time the fun involves saving a civilization.
The latest entry in e-Funsoft's Amanda’s Magic Book series is now up to number 7.  In this instance e-Funsoft has sent the time-travelling heroine off to meet an ancient civilisation in the Match 3 game of The Way of Belaii.  As usual her regular associate Charlie will accompany her and they will be joined by a new character figure in the story series.  This new character is in the form of Amanda’s Uncle Nathaniel who is an architect of some experience.
896121 ACER Predator Orion 700

Acer Orion 7000

This is a very powerful and also large tower system. This tends to buck the trend of making things smaller and smaller. It is also quite heavy so will need a strong table or desk. It was sent to me as just the unit with just the mains lead.
The Acer Orion 7000 measures 51x49x22cm and you will need a further few centimetres clear behind for any connections. Both the front and back have a clear covering so you can see the fans and various coloured lights. The top has a large ventilation grill as well as four USB ports (three are USB, one USB 'C') and a couple of audio ports, there is also one other item.
Play your cards right and you might learn more of the Butler's story.
Usually when developers create a follow-up title to an original game, especially when it was a popular offering, the follow-up will occur within a period of some months.  For example a recent arrival for review is a follow-up release approximately six month after the previous version.  However there are some exceptions and the subject of this next review is one such exception.  Over 40 months have passed since I encountered Detective Solitaire – The Butler Story.
While suntan lotion might not be required, storms, monsters and a violin are ready to pose questions.
While it might be part of his realm, does the King has the right to destroy the home of creatures.
Royal Romance - Battle of the Woods Collector's Edition is a Hidden Object Adventure game that comes with a number of bonus offerings hence the CE designation.  While some of these bonus elements, such as Wallpaper, Concept Art, Music and locations displaying collected items, are available immediately; others will require progress to be made in the main game before you can access them.  Into this latter category fall cut-scenes, mini game play and Hidden Object scenes.
This set is a little different, it can be Wireless or Bluetooth and does not need any batteries, it can be connected to up to three devices, the mouse is small and the keyboard even smaller. While the alpha and numeric keys are full size the other keys are small and the top row and function are on a rotation basis so don't lose the User Guide or you will be scratching your head for a while.
The mouse is 10.5x6x2.5cm and weighs only 66grams. The Keyboard is 28x12.5x1.5cm the last measurement is at the back at the front it is only .8cm. The keyboard has 82 keys but as the top line doubles up it could be 96 as actions vary. The keyboard can be set for iOS, Windows, Android or macOS.
While refreshing your thirst, you could also check your word spotting ability.
What do you do during your coffee break time other than enjoy your favourite beverage?  In my case, the answer would be to indulge myself by devouring a two-finger KitKat bar.  However you might prefer a more intellectual activity, such as the subject matter of this next review, to accompany your morning refreshment.  If so then you might be interested in this next game.
Another entry in the field of nanogram game play comes as you assist a painter to restore his damaged work.
DIGIMight would like to introduce you to Antonio.  He is an aspiring painter who, as the lead character in this next game entitled Art Passion, was planning to show his paintings in a forthcoming exhibition.  Unfortunately disaster had struck and his paintings had been badly damaged.  There is just enough time for Antonio, with your help, to repair the damage so that his work could go on show at the exhibition.
Music is meant to be enjoyed and listened to. This next product wants to help in this respect.
The appropriately named Skullcandy has added to its array of audio listening devices with the release of its product.  The headphones are of the over-the-ear type of product that incorporates flat-folding and collapsible features for easy portability.  Supplied with leads for USB power charging and an audio AUX put lead, the kit comes packed in a rigid travel case.
896106 product_page_aegis_nvx_carousel1__2887


This is an SSD drive that is encrypted so unless you enter the correct password it remains unreadable by any software. It is connected to a PC or other such device by either a USB ‘C’ or USB cable.
In the box are the 500GB drive, a USB ‘C’ cable, a USB cable. Also the all-important Getting Started Guide and a padded zip up case so you can take the drive with you. The face of the drive has three LEDs, numerals 1 to 0 and two other buttons red and green. Read the Getting Started sheet as there are combinations that will not be accepted. First you need to set an admin passcode, once this is set other subsidiary passcodes can be set if others are to use the drive.
Domini Games has been busy of late with yet another title involving a trapped spirit.
Forming part of the extensive catalogue of Domini Games' titles, City Legends - Trapped in Mirror Collector's Edition is a Hidden Object Adventure offering.  In this game you are cast in the role of a successful author who had been handed a new publishing contract on the condition that your next book is finished quickly.
Fancy a life of healthy outdoor activities. This next title shows what could be involved.
The long-running Park Ranger series of titles has now been expanded with the latest offering from Casual Art.  Retaining the series’ Hidden Object action format, Casual Art has included a number of bonus items to develop Vacation Manager – Park Ranger 14 Collector’s Edition.  Not only do you have to search for miscellaneous collections of items within an outdoor environment but need to tackle numerous types of mini games and puzzles.
Are you ready to create magical spells to turn aggressive creatures into their normal friendly state?
Imagine, if you will, a place constructed between the plants on the ground and the birds in the air.  This is Lorelai, a city, where the residents are paired with magical animal familiars.  This once happy place has been struck by a strange disease that is turning the previous friendly familiars into viscous creatures.
896105 Honor Magic5 Pr

Honor Magic5 Pro

This is the latest offering from Honor the Magic5 Pro. Like almost all recent mobile phones the emphasis is on the cameras and what they can do both in photo and video mode. Not so long ago a units cameras were hidden away in one corner of the back, now they are spread out, here they are in a large circle taking the top 6cm of the phones back.
The dimensions of the Honor Magic5 Pro are 16cm tall, 7.5cm wide and 1.2cm thick at the cameras. The unit weighs 207 grams. The diagonal imperial measurement of the screen is 6.8inches. Boot up is a very respectable 21 seconds while shutdown is only 3 seconds. By default it wants to use gestures but it’s easy enough to change to the older back/home/show all. The right side has volume up/down and on/off buttons.
896100 Eventide 2 Sorcerers Mirro

Mirror of Death

By promising to bring back the dearly departed, the Lord of the Manor gains obedience and other rewards.
Eventide 2 – Sorcerer’s Mirror is a Hidden Object Adventure game.  Developed by the House of Fables at Artifex Mundi, this follow up title brings together elements of Slavic Mythology, magic mirrors and inhabitants of a village that have fallen under the evil designs of a local lord who has become  a committed disciple of Black Magic and all that it involves.
Why do a father and son disappear from a hotel that quickly ages? It is your task to discover the answer.
As one of the world’s leading Paranormal Investigating Detective, you, cast in the role of Jane Morrison, are one of the first to be called upon when unexplained incidents occur.  In this case you are set the task of investigating the episode that has become know as Mysteries of the Past – Shadow of the Daemon. This begins with a report concerning the disappearance of a father and his son from a hotel establishment.
If you are stuck for ideas then this next announcement might help with some suggestions for the 18th of June.
Nudge! Nudge! Wink! Wink! we are getting near that day when Fathers take central stage with Father's Day being the 18th of June.  Sony has asked me to mention some of its products which might be considered suitable as a gift for a father, especially one who is into gadgets and the like. Listed in price order, these products are as follows:- The , priced at £49.00, can provide up to 50 hours of listening pleasure from a single battery charge.
896092 Master Dater by Cyanide Happines

Fathers Day Items!

This is a brief look at a couple of items that you might find suitable for Father’s Day gifts. In case it’s slipped your mind it’s not that far away on the 18th June. Both these games are for older children or adults. The two games are Master Dater and Joking Hazard.
Both games are from a company called Cyanide & Happiness. Players vie for attention and also try to create perfect or horrible dates using a range of specific – and perhaps very unusual – interests. You need to match cards using the three packs of cards ‘Head’, ‘Body’ and ‘Interests’. The ‘Head’ and ‘Body’ cards are slightly larger than the more prolific ‘Interest’ cards.
Adding to its Maze of Realities titles, Domini Games has released Reflection of Light offering.
Reflection of Light is a Hidden Object Adventure game is available as a Collector’s Edition title bundled with a number of bonus items with the main game.  While some of the bonus items grant immediate access, others such as mini games, Hidden Object scenes and videos, require you to have encountered them during main game play before accessing them in replay mode.  In the case of the bonus chapter, the main game will need to be completed before it becomes available.
Skullcandy enhances the private listening experience.
News has just reached me regarding the forthcoming additional of a new member to the Skullcandy Crusher family franchise.  This is the .  This product comes with the promise of being designed to deliver a personalised customisable experience to suit all manner of listener.  A number of new and enhanced features have been built into this latest addition to the Crusher family.
While hardly likely to win an award for stylist appearance, this DAB radio could make a useful present.
Back in what is sometimes referred to as the "Good old Days", radio broadcasts and its entertainment content was limited to a few channels - long gone are those occasions when you might need to sneak into the front room in order to listen to your favourite radio program such as Journey into Space on the radio.  Now we have DAB radio following the BBC's discovery of multiplexing which allowed the transmission of several radio stations packaged together.
896084 Canon i SENSYS MF655Cd

Canon i-SensysMF655Cdw

This is the latest A4 multi-function device to land in my hall. It is not that light and I think it has the most strips of orange tape of any unit I have reviewed. This is a colour laser unit and by default it prints double sided, unlike most units I have reviewed previously it lines things up correctly on the second side.
So after around twenty minutes of strong language I am ready to place it in its review position, I plug in the mains lead and then spend a couple of minutes looking for the on/off button which I eventually find under the large display. Around five minutes answers all the questions at the unit so then with CD in hand move to the PC.
Pets can be good at hiding thus making you search for them as revealed by this next title.
My Lovely Pets Collection’s Edition is a Hidden Object game.  Developed by AVI Games, this title takes you on a trip to numerous locations where you are invited to find a variety of items concealed within the targeted scene.  As the product’s CE designation implies, the title comes with a number of bonus items that include extra levels and puzzles plus wallpaper, a music player and access to a pet shop.
As if you had nothing better to do, your holiday could be spent looking for the right word.
I must confess to never expecting this next game format to be the main focus of a particular title.  To me this type of game was little more than a mini game puzzle used as a  distraction to accompany a more major game genre.  But obviously Manicware, this game's developer, thought otherwise.  The result is Word Search Vacation on which this review is based.
Rather than plunder ships, this band of pirates cooperate in the building of an amusement part.
Published by Denda Games, Match Three Pirates 2 is a game where its “2” designation indicates it is a follow-up offering.  The original title, which I seem to have missed out on, was entitled Heir to Davy Jones and dealt with the adventures of a young boy called Bobby who needed to be rescued by his mother.  If circumstances permit then I will try to review this original offering sometime in the future.
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