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Some characters live on after their death as a Viking Warrior proves in this next title.
Continuing their Viking Warrior saga, e-Funsoft has released episode 4 of the adventures of Helga with a title sub-titled The Battle for Alfheim.  This Match 3 offering reveals what happened to Helga when her path to Valhalla was blocked by evil forces following her death in episode 3 of the tale.  Even death will not sop a Viking Warrior.
896492 Trust Gaming GXT 490 Fayzo Gaming Headse

FAYZO Headset from Trust

This is a over ear gaming headset from a brand that produces good quality items at a lot less money than similar products. It is also unusual in that it is not Wi-Fi or 3.5mm plug, it is USB not USB 'C' but that part could be resolved should you have a USB 'C' to USB adapter.
I do not have the largest head and no hair to speak of so the well padded headband comes in very useful, fully compressed there is 4cm of extra expansion on either side, I found it just right fully compressed, then there is 18cm from the base of the earpieces to the centre of the base of the headband. The external measurements of the earpieces are 10cm tall and 8cm wide. There is a good length of USB lead which totals 2.1metres surely plenty long enough.
Looking after your local environment is a worthy task and this next title offers a chance to practice your skills.
Budding Park Rangers can look forward to more training as @Casual Art releases the next title in its Vacation Adventures - Park Ranger series.  Available in Collector's Edition format, this Hidden Object and puzzle solving adventure, now up to version 15, reveals a newly unearthed Aztec Pyramid, a new Founders Trail and the rescue of stranded zoo animals to test your abilities as a Park Ranger.
Having opened your presents and taken your fill of the Christmas food, you can settle down and recreate Christmas scenes.
Taking a slight diversion from its normal route of visiting different countries for its Puzzle Vacation series, Little Tiny Lion has targeted the Christmas Festival for its next release.  Puzzle Vacation - Christmas 2023 combines the concept of Jigsaw and Swap puzzle game play with all manner of different customisable options to suit a variety of players. The usual player adjustments can be made when customising the gaming environment.
With a selection of locations, you can see how other people celebrate Christmas.
For its latest excursion into its Big Adventure world, AVI Games has released a festive version of this Hidden Object European journey.  Available in Collector's Edition format, Big Adventure -Trip to Europe 6 Christmas comes with a number of extra items to enhance the gaming experience.  The extra features are made up of various bonus levels and puzzles plus sections dealing with souvenirs, wallpaper, a music player and stamps collected during the game.
A mixture of Match 3 game play and puzzle solving can provide a test to display your ability at Christmas tree decoration.
The latest release from Ironcode Gaming is the company's festive seasons offering entitled Christmas Yarn 2.  This title takes the player on a journey spread over 100 levels of Match 3 game play.  These levels are mixed in with various mini game puzzles to help finance a decoration feature. Christmas Yarn 2 provides the player with various choices regarding the gaming environment of a game that can be played in versions for English, French or German.
By sorting through the clutter, you can turn an antique shop into something different to attract customers.
Jet Dogs Studios has taken its Shopping Clutter game and given it a Halloween style make-over.  The result is Shopping Clutter 24 – Dracula’s Summerhouse.  In this game you will need to face the challenge of helping Mr. Rat as he attempts to transform his antique shop, set in Animalville, into Dracula’s lair to attract customers who are hoping to celebrate Halloween. When helping Mr.
Are you up to the task of completing a bargain with a Master Spirit to clear a house of mischievous spirits?
Spooky Dwellers 2 Collector’s Edition is a Match 3 experience that invites you into a spooktacular environment as you face numerous challenges.  As the “2” part of its title indicates, this is a follow up offering from the Iki Games Studio.  Along with various bonus items, this offering combines Match 3 action, mini game puzzle solving and the construction of a playground for the specific use of all manner of spooky residents within a certain dwelling.
896433 Tapo Matter Smart Mini Wi Fi Plu

TAPO Wi-Fi Plug P110M

This item can help you discover why you electricity bill is so high. If you have a Smart Metre all it tells you is how much you are using and how much you have spent. It does not tell you what item is using what, this plug from TAPO will tell you what is using what over a given time period.
It is no bigger than most plugs so can fit in beside others on a dual socket or gang lead. It is a little taller as the plug from whatever you want to find out the hourly or daily cost from fits onto its back. There is an LED it shows green once linked and green and orange towards the rear of its top when being setup. You may need access to its left side so on a dual socket plug it into the left one so you are able to complete its setup.
When the competition winner goes missing at a party, can you come to the rescue?
Gloomy Tales – One Way Ticket is a Hidden Object Adventure game from Domini Game catalogue.  I have been looking at the Collector’s Edition version of the title which comes with a number of bonus items.  As usual some of the bonus items are available immediately while others, such as Mini game puzzles, Hidden Object game play and movie cut-scenes, require you to have encountered them in the main game first before you can replay them.
With a ready supply of mince pies, you can give your grey cells a work-out as you solve various puzzles.
Those puzzle-loving people at Tiny Little Lion have taken one of their earlier excursions into the world of subgame action and given it a festive make-over for this next offering.  The result, almost like an open latter to Santa Claus, is entitled "All I Want For Christmas Are Subgames".  Available in Collector's Edition format, this title features a wide range of puzzle types with a yuletide flavour designed to test the player's solving skills and other aspects of game play.
Some gaming concepts and ideas do not die, instead they undergo a make-over and reappear with a name change.
When you toss a pebble into a pool you can watch ripples as they emerge outwards from the pebbles original entry.  In a similar manner we sometimes can see that following a popular game's launch,  number of other titles, based on the first game's concept begin to appear.  This type of ripple effect could be said to be responsible here.
896462 HONOR Pad X


This is an Android Tablet from HONOR. On initial setup it offers to transfer Apps from your phone so that the transition allows most of your Apps to work seamlessly and without having to do an additional download.
The Honor Pad X9 has a viewable screen area of 26x16cm - 11.5inch display - and its overall weight is light enough to carry around. The left side has ventilation outputs, the base has speaker outputs 2cm in from each edge, the right side has ventilation outputs as well as a single USB 'C' output in between, the top has volume rocker and on/off button towards the left. Finally the back has an AI camera towards the top right and two downward facing speakers. The overall size is 26.5x16.5x.
While enjoying the festive season, you can present your brain with various puzzle solving activities.
Having recently tested your ability to act as a Park Ranger, @Casual Arts has switched its focus of attention to the festive period.  This change of focus has resulted in the arrival of Christmas Wonderland 14.  This review is based on the Collector's Edition of this Hidden Object title which comes bundled with various bonus items to add extra appeal. This game supports the choice of three different levels of difficulty.
When it comes to selecting an appropriate location on which to base a chilling mystery with a strong paranormal influence, a popular choice would, no doubt, be a medical establishment. This type of site could deliver experimental areas, operation theatres and secret places making it a popular a choice of location.
Arriving from Domini Games outpouring of Hidden Object Adventure titles is City Legends – Ghosts of Misty Hill.  I have been looking at the company’s Collector’s Edition version of the game which comes with a number of bonus items.  As usual with bonus items, some will be available immediately while others, such as Mini Game and Hidden Object puzzles, require you to have tackled then first in the main game before being granted access.
Can you repair the damage done to classic novels in this Victorian story offering?
Elephant Games takes us into the world of Literature with its Book Travelers: A Victorian Story offering.  This particular title is a Hidden Object Adventure game that casts you in the role of Megan Webster who is a librarian at the local library.  As usual the game allows a standard array of options to be customised to suit your playing style.  Adjustments can be made to the volume levels used by background music, sound effects, environment and voice dialogue.
896459 CONNETIX Pastel Creative Pac

Magnetic Tiles

This item can be played with by children as soon as they can crawl, the shapes and colours will fascinate and then as they progress they can progress to the art of building designs. This set consists of 120 magnetic tiles a bit like a stained glass windows for the older child to create a masterpiece of design that does not have to be flat.
The weight of the individual pieces vary from 18 to 34cm according to their size and shape. There are eight different colours all of which are pastel to make the whole range of colours. There are seven different shapes. Even though they are far too big for a young child to eat I see the box says they are 'food grade non toxic'. The actual age stated on the box is 3+. It is by no no means a cheap item but the items mentioned above encourage young learning while they play.
Learn about the Pacific Northwest of America with this next game from Boom Zap.
Boom Zap would like to take you on an educational tour of the Pacific Northwest of America.  This offer comes in the form of the company’s Finding America – The Pacific Northwest package.  Available in Collector’s Edition format, this is a Hidden Object game with bonus chapters and numerous mini game puzzles to enhance the playing pleasure.
896455 iStorage DatAshur PRO+C 256GB Secure USB Type C Memory Stic

datAshur Pro +C : iStorage

Combining portable convenience with encryption protection, this next product will safeguard tour important data.
The popular USB device has been around now for a good number of years.  Often originally used as a give-away by various companies to promote their products rather than a printed flyer or catalogue, the USB device has appeared in various guise as it acted as a WiFi receiver, television receiver, a dongle type product or even more recently as a storage device as it USB capacity increased considerable and additional functionality was implemented into its feature set.
When visiting Animalville, you can be sure there will be plenty of work for you. On this occasion you will need to track down a stolen bicycle.
As its title indicates, this next game combines some serious Hidden Object game play with a smattering of detective action.  Developed by Jet Dogs Studios, Shopping Clutter 17 - Detective Agency classifies itself as a puzzle game which is set in the environment of Animalville.  The inhabitants of this place go about their business in a happy manner and crime was non-existence apart from an occasional parking problem.
896442 The Traitors Official BBC Card Gam

Last Minute Gifts

First a pair of cheese knives that are at home when together. Second a card game based on the BBC TV Series The Traitors. Neither are that heavy so will be easy for anyone to post.
These knives are rather different and although sold as a pair they are for different types of cheese, the solid blade for hard cheese and the patterned blade for use with softer type cheeses. Each knife is just under 14cm long with 6.5cm of that being the handle. When together the blade is facing inwards towards the other knife. When apart the cutting part of the knife is a curve. The oblong top part forms a face when together and in that position there is no danger to anyone.
Match 3 titles do seem to have a habit of developing into a series of offerings that follow a similar pattern with regards to their style of action. One instance of this trend can be seen with this next title under review..
A recent arrival from Itera Labs is the third title in the StarL series of Match 3 action.  This particular series increases the importance of colour as part of the creation of groups as you carry out various Match 3 activity such as swapping two adjacent tiles and the removal of certain tiles. Following on from the first two episodes of this series, profiles can be created so that different people can play the game and have their progress recorded.
Whenever you relax, conditions can deteriate but do not worry as you can always call on the Cleaning Queens to help tidy the place.
As you might suppose from its title, Cleaning Queens 2 is the follow up offering to the game that introduced us to Ana and Beth.  These two characters were determined to conquer all manner of dust, untidiness and all manner of rubbish within their community.  With this offering, Brave Giant Studio continues the adventures of the Cleaning Queens as they attempt to banish all forms of disorder from their community within a series of task based sessions.
Can you solve the mystery of why a room with paintings is kept locked so that nobody can enter?
It is not the first time that an invitation to a wedding has opened the door for a series of mishaps and trouble to form a computer game.  In this case the invitation came from your sister who has just married a Baron and wanted you, in the role of her brother Alex Meijer, to visit her in her new home of Bird's Nest Castle.  This is the opening of Living Legends - The Blue Chamber Hidden Object Adventure game from the Friendly Fox stable.
896425 Panda Dome Premiu

Panda Dome Premium

There are several versions of Panda ranging in price from Free to around £30 depending of what is covered, however if you have more than one PC extra PC's seem to be covered for only a few pounds extra when purchased direct from Panda. There are also options for more than a single year. Here I am looking at Panda Dome Premium.
Once installed it will automaticity start a full scan and unless its a new PC this is likely to take several hours just leave it on in the background to do its job. I downloaded it from the Panda site it took only a few minutes to starting the full scan which can be more than 30,000 files to scan. After the full scan you can choose one of three types of scan, full scan, custom scan or critical areas.
There are different ways of searching and this next title gives you a choice of four ways to carry out the task.
Just Find It is a game whose title tells you just what you are letting yourself in for with its gaming activity.  Using a variety of modes you will be asked to find appropriate items within different situations and various locations.  Developed by Tiny Little Lion, this puzzle Hidden Object game comes with a Collector's Edition designation.  However unlike most other C.E. branded titles, Just Find It limits its bonus items to just Soundtracks and Wallpaper features.
While working from home might mean you can provide your own security, when away you might need some assistance.
Since being founded in 2014, the San Jose, California company, YI has been involved in the development of Edge Computing and intelligent video technology.  Recently the company has added its product line-up with the .  I have had the opportunity to check out this device for home monitoring purposes. Adopting a slim-line type of appearance, the YI PRO camera's stand is predominately white in colour with a black bulbous lens protruding from the front of the stand.
They may have been dead for many centuries but the Pharaohs can still cause damage that you need to repair.
With this next title, Green Sauce Games would like to send you on an archeologically expedition to Egypt.  Entitled Ancient Relics - Egypt, this is a Match 3  adventure type game that sets you the task of putting right the damage caused by the husband and wife team of Robert and Linda.  This pair disturbed the tomb of an ancient Pharaoh and let loose an evil spirit that set about doing its worst.
896424 WITHINGS ScanWatch 2 Heart Health Hybrid Smartwatc

Withings Scan Watch 2

This is far more than a Smart Watch it could perhaps with careful use save your life. The original Smart Watches had some health details, a Scan Watch goes further and now the Scan Watch 2 is more like a doctors surgery on your wrist.
If you are new to Withings then download their App to your phone and then once you have an account just link the to it. If you already have a Withings account you just need to link your new watch to it and in a few minutes you can be going through its new features. Its a big jump from a Smart Watch to the Scan Watch 2. In fact it is also a big jump from Scan Watch Light to Scan Watch 2. The main features of the Scan Watch Watch 2 are divided into five main feature areas.
When a weapon of destruction is broken up into parts, you must ensure it is not put back together.
Reflections of Life - Spindle of Fate is a Hidden Object Adventure game.  Developed by Grandma, who it is normally accepted knows best, this game offers the player the usual collection of set-up options.  Profiles can be created to record the progress of different players while adjustments can be made to the volume levels used by background music, ambient, sound effects and voice dialogue.
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