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Can you stop the mirror breaker from creating their own world which they can rule?
Domini Games has returned to its Crossroad of Worlds environment with this next offering.  This return visit to the land of non-stop Hidden Object Adventure game play is entitled Mirrored Earth.  I have been checking out the Collector’s Edition of this title that comes with bonus offerings that are made up of Concept Art, Wallpaper, Music and a bonus chapter that acts as the supreme reward for completing the game.
You can join a Pirate crew and help find hidden treasure in this next game while playing cards.
DIGIMIGHT has taken the popular Solitaire card game and wrapped it into a story of Pirates and their love of buried treasure.  The result is a game entitled Pirates Adventure Solitaire.  Although not claiming to belong to the Collector’s Edition type of offering, this card playing adventure of High Seas pirates searching for rewards does include some bonus items which gradually become unlocked as the game progresses.
Adding to its Nature Escape range, Tiny Little Lion takes you on a visit to another 24 locations.
Once again those inventive people at Tiny Little Lion have returned to an area previously visited to create a follow-up title.  In this case the subject matter concerns the Hidden Object genre as the player is invited to visit 24 locations and carry out a variety of tasks.  The follow-up offering is entitled Nature Escapes 3 Collector’s Edition.  Justifying the C.E.
896314 Master Dater by Cyanide Happines

Older Children & Adults

Most toys and games are purchased in the three months before Christmas, and while I told you about the two games below in early summer I thought a little reminder in October if their subjects suit your household, these are for older children and adults.
Both games are from a company called Cyanide & Happiness. Players vie for attention and also try to create perfect or horrible dates using a range of specific – and perhaps very unusual – interests. You need to match cards using the three packs of cards ‘Head’, ‘Body’ and ‘Interests’. The ‘Head’ and ‘Body’ cards are slightly larger than the more prolific ‘Interest’ cards.
It is time to return to Magic City and solve murders and disappearances that are upsetting the status quo.
Domini Games has returned to its Magic City Detective environment for this next title.  Entitled Rage Under Moon, this offering places you in the role of a detective.  In this guise you are equally as ease when dealing with standard type humans and those who have retain their magical abilities allowing them to transform and make use of certain animal features.
Continuing its Daydream saga, Suricate Software takes you on an underwater experience as a princess and warrior try to save their worlds.
Suricate Software, in collaboration with Lucaciu Studio, has  added an episode to its Daydream Mosaics saga.  This tale of world saving proportions tells the story of the fragile balance between the worlds of Azure and Crimson.  Due to outside influences, the situation between the two worlds has become disrupted in such a manner that the Azure world could freeze while the Crimson world could become engulfed in a ball of fire.
Your Solitaire card playing skills are called upon to solve crimes in this next offering.
Solitaire Investigations is, as you might suppose from its title, an offering that combines some Solitaire game play with a degree of investigation action to challenge your gaming skills.  Developed by Lazy Turtle Games, Solitaire Investigations is set in Victorian London and focuses on the deductive powers of a private detective and his doctor friend who make a habit of solving crimes that have defeated the police.
As Christmas draws ever nearer I get the occasional chance to try games and puzzles here is one such item from a range by Geomag. This product is one of a range that gives the child a chance to use their brain to create an item that works.
Aimed at ‘8 plus’ this product should be for child old enough not to try eating parts of it but the ‘safety’ guide covers what younger children might try to do. The manual is in three languages all on the same pages with English always listed first. There are 130 pieces in total that come in four different sealed bags.
Why are ghostly figures causing problems at a winery and an attached hotel? It is up to you to solve the mystery.
Developed by Big Fish Games, Paranormal Files – Price of a Secret is a Hidden Object Adventure game.  I have been looking at the Collector’s Edition of this title that comes with a number of bonus items to enhance the player’s enjoyment.  Making up these bonus items are a familiar collection of items, some of which are available immediately, others have some progress has been made and, in the case of a bonus chapter only once the main game has been completed.
896223 HeyDoodle Reusable Colouring Ma

HeyDoodle Time : HeyDoodle

When is a toy not a toy? Maybe when it can serve some educational or artistic purpose.
It is commonly accepted that children can tend to imitate adults in how they act.  For example children may have seen you, or other family members, doodling on paper while hanging about on the phone waiting for a company to pick up your important call regarding some issue.  So why not put this action to use and provide children with their own doodling facility with this next product.
896225 I Love Finding Furbabie

Furbabies Rule!

Does a Tiny Little Lion qualify as a Furbaby or not?
Continuing with its "I Love" theme, Tiny Little Lion has come up with I Love Finding Furbabies Collector's Edition.  This title combines Hidden Object game play with a variety of mini game puzzles plus a number of bonus items. Allowing different people to play the game, profiles can be created to store their performance and progress.  Separate volume levels can be set for background music, sound effects and ambience.
Writing this at the start of September but this product being small and easy to post is an ideal present that auntie or uncle can send to their niece or nephew without exorbitant extra charges. I don’t get the chance to see too many items aimed at younger children. But to my knowledge this is the first item of this type that I have knowledge of.
The product consists of a wipe clean ‘Mini Mat’ which has outlines of 13 wild animals and three felt pens (wipe clean). The mat is 30x20cm and has 13 different outlines of animals to colour and each has a capital letter beside them which can also be coloured in. Once the mat has been coloured in it can be wiped clean ready to be used again on another day. The three Hey Doodle felt pens have clip on lids in the colour of the ink while the rest of the pen is white.
Adding a matching colour requirement to Match 3 game play is a feature found in a game from Itera Labs.
A few months ago I took a look at a new title from Itera Labs.  This was a Match 3 game entitled StarL that relied more on challenging game play than a backing story.  At the time I was undecided as to the reason for the game's title and I am no wiser as Itera Labs has now released a follow-up title which you will not be surprised to hear goes by the name of StarL 2.
896218 ESET Smart Security Premiu

Smart Security Premium : ESET

While your computer might appear safe and secure on your work space, how well is it content protected?
Since it was founded in 1992, ESET, a Slovakian based company, has built up a well-established reputation for developing solutions to protect computers and their users from unwanted outside criminal influences.  Recently I have been checking out the company's Smart Security Premium product as the basis for this review. In common with other Internet security packages, the prefers to be installed in an environment that does not contain any other anti-virus solution.
Evolution has a lot to answer for as our planet's residents involve in different ways and still continue to do so.
Are you looking for a new occupation?  If so then you might be interested to discover that Animal Globe magazine has an opening for a photographer to work on a special project.  To learn more about this job, and the special project it involves, you will need to check out The Red Book.  This is a Hidden Object game developed by Jet Dogs Studio to judge your aptitude for the skills the work requires.
While I have previously looked at many scanners, I think this is my first A3 scanner. I have looked at several A3 units that were ‘All In One’. So while any A3 unit is somewhat larger than an A4 unit this seems not to be that much larger. So if you have need to scan items of A3 size rather than using A4 and joining the two images together this is for you.
The   measures 41x33x46cm with the input and output trays open; it is 41x23x11cm with them closed. The power input and the USB connection – lead provided - are side by side back left corner, the controls on the unit are on the right side of the top in a vertical line. The exception is a slider on the front edge when you choose U-turn or Straight as the image path.
Rather than limit the player to a single visit to each Hidden Object scene, this next title encourages multiple visits to the different scenes.
Point 8 Games has released a follow-up title to its Amazing World 2 excursion into the genre of Hidden Object challenges.  Not surprisingly this follow-up is entitled Adventure Trip - Amazing World 3.  Your virtual trip will cover an area that spreads from London's Big Ben tourist attraction to the Fort Amber in India.  The game takes you on a voyage covering 20 different locations that each require multiple visits to gather all the necessary items.
896210 jlab jbud min

News from JLab : JLab JBuds Mini

They say "Size matters!" and in this case it is more of a matter that "the smaller the better".
Product designers and manufacturers are constantly on the lookout for ways to make their offerings stand out from the pack.  JLab, a San Diego company that produces personal technology products, has opted to take the size route as a means of distinguishing its latest product.  This is the JBuds Mini.  Befitting its title, this product has been designed to provide the Best Fit for Smaller-Sized Ears.  Available now the JBuds Mini comes with a price ticket of £39.99.
Put your puzzle solving skills to the test as you check out Greece and Turkey.
Tiny Little Lion has expanded the range and reach of its vacation offerings.  Following on from Ireland, which was its starting point, this gaming software development company then move on to Japan as the focus of its puzzle based view of its virtual travel agency.  Now the company has taken a look at the dual pairing of Greece and Turkey as the source area for its collection of puzzle type challenges which is entitled Vacation Puzzles - Greece and Turkey.
896206 CREATIVE Zen Air DOT Lightweight Sweatproof Headphone

Zen Air Dot

While headphones both over and on ear have their place there are also times when what you need are ear buds and this latest offering from Creative come in a case that is only the size of a medium sized pebble.
The case is 5x4.5x2cm and weighs only 33 grams with the buds inside. Unlike all earbuds I have previously seen there are no gels so the bud itself fits into the ear, they are 1.5cm from top to bottom and less than 1cm wide at the base, there is a 2cm long arm at the base that balances what is in your ear without excessive plugging. The back of the case has a USB ‘C’ socket and a short USB to USB ‘C’ cable is supplied to let you charge your buds.
e-Funsoft's Gaslamp Cases series has now reached number 7 with this latest release.
This particular episode in the company's Match 3 Victorian detective drama is entitled The Faith of Rasputin.  In this game are trio of unlikely heroes, consisting of Morgan, Jack and Eleanor, are charged with the task of investigating the appearance of an illicit drug which is spreading like wildfire through parts of London.  The drug is causing all manner of aggression and violence amongst its users.
When a game character complains of being bored then you know things will start to get busy.
Ignoring the possibility that Two for Solitaire might be considered an oxymoron, Strange Investigations - Two for Solitaire Collector's Edition is a Hidden Object Adventure game.  Developed by Big Fish Games, and indicated by the CE designation, this product comes with a number of bonus items to enhance the main game.
Usually a map can be used to reveal the location of treasure but in this case the map finds itself replaced by numbers.
When I came across this next game in my review schedule I thought its title gave an indication that this was another entry in the Nanogram genre of game play.  It was an easy mistake to make as Treasure by Numbers evoked a scenario of creating mosaics in a grid like structure by following numeric clues but I was clearly mistaken.
Do you have hard water from your tap? It is especially hard in the area I live in. So being able to filter the water you drink is important. The filter removes lots of different items that arrive in your cup/glass if you drink direct from the tap.
The unit is 26cm tall, 25cm from front to back and 11cm wide. It can hold up to 5 pints (2.8 litres) of water. When you open the box you have the main unit, the top, the lid and the filter. There is a ‘Quick Guide’ but the assembly guide could be better and I tried – unsuccessfully – to put the top in the wrong way but this would mean that water would take many hours to get into the unit instead of a few minutes.
The Empress may have issued the challenge but are your playing skills up to the task in this next offering?
Offering to give you some practice in honing your gaming ability 8 Floor Games has produced The Empress of Mah-jong game.  This cornucopia of mah-jong levels spreads itself over six graded location that are made up of 20 individual levels.  You need to prove you are good enough to advance through the levels and location in order to achieve success and a reward from the Empress. The games gives you the usual collection of options for setting up the gaming environment.
The "Bridge to Another World" series of games, from Friendly Fox, currently stands at 10 titles covering various enchanting realms where anything could happen.
Occupying my current game playing time is "Bridge to Another World - Endless Game Collector's Edition.  Along with the main Hidden Object Adventure game, this title comes with a collection of bonus items adding extra value to the package.  These bonus offerings contain the usual mixture of items with some available immediate and others that require you to have already encountered them in the main game.
Organising a wedding is difficult enough but adding ghosts as wedding guests to the mix can only add to the complexity.
Developed by Elephant Games, this next title is part of a series covering twenty separate games that are based on a hotel that is haunted.  This game is entitled Haunted Hotel - A Past Redeemed Collectors Edition.  It is a Hidden Object Adventure game based on events surrounding the wedding of James and Rebecca at the Hotel del Pasado. As usual with games released in CE format, several bonus items come bundled with the main game.
896188 Acronis Cyber Protect Home Offic

Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office

Acronis is a piece of software that I have used for years, even if a virus or worse gets through a complete reinstall is possible and you are even protected – although not without cost – from a hard disc failure and this latter event happened to me a few months ago.
Any disc over time will eventually fail  and a few months ago my hard disc failed to boot, sometimes the reinstall of this section of the hard disk can then rewrite this important section but not on this occasion.  So instead of a new hard disc I purchased a SSD drive and then proceeded to transfer my complete ‘C’ drive to it and once done I had a PC full of life, booting instead of taking up to around five minutes was complete and ready to work in less than 20 seconds.
A Cruise Director's work involves numerous tasks as you will discover with this next title from Casual Arts.
It is Vacation Adventures time again.  This time you are engaged in the role of Cruise Director 8 as you tackle the Collector's Edition of this Casual Arts title.  Due to its CE classification, Cruise Director 8 comes with a number of bonus items made up of Wallpaper, Music tracks, bonus levels and various puzzles.  While the main game features numerous Hidden Object type levels, this form of puzzle is absent from the bonus puzzles mentioned earlier.
News has reached me of a product designed to keep your portable devices up-and-running when their battery runs low.
As we tend to rely more and more on the functionality and easy accessibility of our portable devices, it does increase the difficulty of ensuring there is a source of power available when it is needed.  Offering to supply a solution to this type of problem is the launch of UGREEN's MagSafe 10,000 mAh Battery Pack.
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