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When awakening from a deep sleep, you need to visit a Whispering Wood.
Developed by Lazy Turtle Games, The Far Kingdoms - Awakening Quest sets you on the trail of rescuing the Kingdom of Elysia from a sleeping curse.  This curse is the work of an evil witch named Morgana.  Not only has the witch cast this magic spell but she has also stolen a magic amulet which gives her special powers.
896589 Tapo C120 Indoor Outdoor Smart Plug In Wi Fi Security Camer

TAPO C120 Web Cam

This web cam can be used both inside and outside. It is especially good at night when there is little light around. A near 3metre long USB 'C' to USB lead fits into the back of the unit and there is also a 13amp USB plug supplied so you need to be less than that distance from a 13amp plug.
The camera is round at 5.5cm and is 5cm from the back of the USB 'C' lead to the front. It has a stand attached to the base that can be used as such or extended vertically by 9.5cm and screws are provided should you wish to permanently fix it to a wall. The camera rotates manually should you need to aim the camera at a different direction. Alternately it can be used with a supplied magnetic base plate to any magnetic surface or stuck to a clean wall.
896592 Winterland Solitair

Winterland Solitaire

If you play your cards right, then this game could improve your win ratio.
There are numerous computer titles, based on the Solitaire card game that are currently available.  In many cases those involved in the development of these digital format of the game have integrated the card playing aspect into a baking story with various interesting additions to suit the gaming experience.  However there are some exceptions to this trend and this next title under review is one such offering.  The product under focus is entitled Winterland Solitaire.
Can you discern truth from legend as you look into a story that has stood the test of time?
Is it a myth or reality?  Take your pick when the main focus is that of the Loch Ness monster.  This could be the challenge that faces you if you take on the challenge offered in the Domini Games title of Myth or Reality - Mystery of the Lake.  Available in Collector's Edition format, this offering comes with a wide selection of bonus items including a bonus chapter for those who finish the main game, to add to the overall playing experience.
Time to pair up with the Walker family as you add a coffee shop to the facilities on offer to the Animalville community.
The ever-busy Walker family continue in their efforts to enhance the appeal of Animalville.  With this latest venture, Jet Dogs Studio have set the family the task of creating a coffee shop for a place where the local residents of Animalville can spend their mornings and early evening relaxing periods.  You are cast in the role or providing help in the title of Shopping Clutter 21.
A rather different flat panel from AOC as it does not come with a standard stand instead part of the back folds out from the base. This can be used just with the USB 'C' to USB 'C' lead and as such it might go on journeys with you to show output from things other than a notebook and because of that comes with a fabric case to carry it in.
The monitor measures 36x23x1cm and weighs 1092 grams. It comes with four screws and a small panel should you wish to fix it to a wall. Also provided apart from the already mentioned USB 'C' to USB 'C' lead are a USB to USB 'C' lead, HDMI to mini HDMI lead and a power adapter with a two pin lead so you would need an adapter to plug into a 13amp plug.
Looking to enhance the gaming experience, Trust International as announced a new accessory.
Game players, especially the competitive variety, do like to surround themselves with the equipment that will enhance their playing skills and enjoyment of success.  If you fall into this category and are looking to add some extra features to your game playing experience then you might be interested in this next news announcement.  Trust International, a company seeped in the development of digital lifestyle accessories, has announced the arrival of its Luminous RGB Gaming Desk.
With echoes of the Flying Dutchman, creeping fog and disappearing work force, can you survive to solve this mystery.
Mystical Riddles - Ship from Beyond is a Hidden Object Adventure game from the catalogue of Domini Games.  I have been checking out the Collector's Edition version of the product which bundles various extra items to enhance the playing experience.  These bonus offerings are made up of a mixture of those that are available immediately while others will require needing to be encountered first in the main game.
896584 Acer Nitro 5 Gaming Laptop AN515 5

Nitro 5 Notebook

This Notebook made by ACER is one of the Nitro 5 range. Its not quite the most powerful but still should help you to stay alive for longer if you are into games. It is also a very useful business notebook as it has numeric keyboard included to the right of the main keyboard.
Going around the outside of the there is a Kensington Lock port, Ethernet, USB3 and audio out on the left, the front is clear, on the right are three LED's and two USB3. The back has charging port, USB 'C' and HDMI. The base has four mid sized rubber feet to keep it off whatever you place it on and allow extra ventilation. The 104 keyboard is 3cm in from the back and this space has the rather good speakers. Left and right has a .65cm gap and the 10.5x7.
Always keen to help, a friendly fox finds itself solving a crime that he is supposed to have committed.
About three years ago I came across Montgomery Fox.  This is a gaming character rather than an occasional visitor to my back garden in search of available food scraps.  Developed by Paprikan, Monty started his gaming career with the Case of the Diamond Necklace before tackling the Case of the Missing Ballerinas.  Now our pesky friend is back for a third adventure as he takes the lead in the Revenge of Victor Draven.
Can you provide the assistance required by a teenaged fox in the search for his sister?
For this next title under review, DIGIMIGHT would like to invite you to explore the delights that can be encountered in the Fantasy Forest.  This particular location is the chosen setting for a romp that is made up of a mixture of Solitaire game play and puzzle solving as you attempt to reunite a brother and sister.
How secure is your computer from outside attacks? It is up to you to make sure it is protected.
ESET has recently released its new and improved ESET HOME subscription based product.  Capable of operating on the Windows, macOS, Android and iOS platforms, this security based software will be available in a choice of three customer-centric packages depending upon the needs of the user.  Appropriately named , this choice of packages features a range of protection services. For the purpose of this review I have been checking out the protection offered by ESET HOME Security Premium.
896582 Nitro 5 Gaming Lapto

Nitro 5 Laptop from VERY

Quite unusually this is not an actual review. Nitro is a range of notebooks, the one I wanted to review was not currently available from ACER. To buy it is only available from VERY, so next week all being well I will tell you about the model I am reviewing that is a little less powerful and -because the VERY offer is so special- is more expensive. If my review continues to be as promising as it currently looks then this unit if I had reviewed it could well earn the very rarely awarded 5 by 5 award.
So what does this offer firstly the screen is bigger than most at 17.3 inches, second it has a 1TB SSD drive twice the size of the unit I am reviewing. It has a 12th Gen Intel processor where my unit is 11th Gen. Most other features are simular so while this unit costs £999 against £1049 for the unit I am reviewing you see why with the larger screen, slightly later Gen Intel processor and double the size of SSD this is a very powerful unit.
Islanders and wildlife need your help to repair the damage caused by violent storms.
When recently reviewing the Mixo Games' title of Twistinfo Turtle Bay, I noticed a reference to the company's earlier offering of Twistinfo - Bird Paradise.  Following up this lead I was able to download and check out this puzzle solving offering which arrives in Collector's Edition format.  This product bundled various bonus items to supplement the main game action and forms the focus of this review.
Judging by the number of cat images available on the Internet, you might suppose that this popular pet is in total control.
The Ailurophiles (that's cat lovers for those who have not swallowed a dictionary) at 8 Floor Games have produced their version 4 of the company's Cute Cats series of jigsaws.  As usual this title presents its collection of 500 images spread over five books, each holding 100 images displayed on 26 pages.
Now the tourist season is over, can you spare the time to help the fairies tidy up their home from rubbish left behind.
Developed by Seven Sails, this next game, entitled Enchantment - Secret Hideaway Collector's Edition, sets you the task of tidying up the location known as Thicket Wood from the after-effects caused by the tourist season.  As Thicket Wood is home to fairies, and they much prefer a spick and span environment to the current clutter state, your work will involve a number of tasks as you return the woods to a fairly friendly state.
Only three inches bigger than a 24inch offering but the amount of extra space on your desktop is considerably more 2160x1440 as against 1920x1080, until you see the extra amount of Desktop you will not believe how much larger it is. The imperial diagonal screen measurement is 27inches.
The best way to describe it is an 'L' that has fallen on its side so you have a 16.5cm area at the right that is 32cm high and a10cm area that is 60cm long at the base so that's lots of extra information or as this is a gaming flat panel a chance to see your enemy a lot sooner. The measures 60.5x30.5x1.5cm. On the bottom right underneath are six buttons that control everything including volume level from its internal speakers. However the Auto settings for brightness etc.
When the land erupts, you need to come to the rescue of an island's animals and human residents.
Like the mythical island of Saint Marie, home to the BBC Television's "Death in Paradise" series, which has far more than its fair share of murders, the Mixo Games created location of Turtle Bay is similarly affected.  However, in this case, the affliction concerns natural disasters rather than the murder of individual residents of the island.  You can visit this location and discover more about it with a visit to Twistinfo - Turtle Bay Collector's Edition game.
Gems earned playing Solitaire can be used to enhance buildings.
With this next title from the Suricate Software catalogue, the company has combined the Solitaire game play, taking place in an underwater environment, with scene building elements and bonus puzzle action.  Entitled Jewel Match Solitaire Winterscapes 2 Collector's Edition, this product allows for several adjustments to be made to the playing environment.
Crime does not pay especially when you try to make amends and get sent threatening letters for your trouble.
Domini Games has returned to its Crossroad of the World environment for this next product under review.  This particular episode is entitled "Cursed Letters" and sets you the task of discovering who is responsible for sending threatening letters to somebody you had helped in the past. The Crossroad of World is a situation that brings together the components of the Universe so they can interact with each other.  Unfortunately this arrangement can sometimes cause problems.
896544 Honor Magic V2 5G Mobile Phon

Honor Magic V2 very Smart Phone

It looks like any standard 15x7cm phone both in size and weight however it unfolds to become almost 15x14cm to give a much larger surface viewing area. So when folded the display is the front and the units three cameras are the back. When unfolded the right of the back are the cameras the left of the back is blank while what was the inside becomes the double sized front.
At the widest bit the is only just over .7cm wide, this increases to 1.2cm at the top left where the three cameras are in a vertical line, the total weight is 240 grams. This is the first foldable phone I have seen that does not seem to be thicker at the fold and therefore when your finger moves over it there is no disturbance. When viewing in the unfolded state you have a wider view and still have 20:9 aspect ratio. Folded or unfolded the refresh rate is still up to 120Hz.
Offering to keep your fingers warm through the cold of Winter is a collection of appropriate jigsaws.
Usually when a Jigsaw puzzle type game arrives for review, it is the work of 8 Floor Games but, in this case, Denda Games is the company responsible for Puzzle Pieces 4.  Subtitled Farewell Dear Winter, the product takes you on a  pictorial journey that is meant to inspire you as the season moves on from the icy cold of Winter to the more friendly embrace of Spring and the rebirth it offers.
Like history, popular bygone past-times can re-appear for a second outing of gaming activity.
Several years ago, maybe as much as a decade or so, a popular past-time product was a Painting by Numbers kit.  Using the supplied paints, you could colour in a template for a particular scene which consisted of numbered areas by applying the appropriate numbered colours in the outline sketch.  This concept of art-made-easy was an ideal candidate to make the transition from a physical kit to a digital environment.
When the police can not solve an outbreak of criminal activity, you are expected to come to their aid.
Unsolved Case- The Scarlet Hyacinth is a Hidden Object Adventure game from the Domini Games' catalogue of titles.  This review is based on the Collector's Edition version of the product which casts you in the role of a private detective called in by the police to help solve what turns out to be a wave of crimes which threatened to plunge the city into chaos unless you can help.
896550 HP Spectre x360 2 in 1 Laptop PC 1

HP i7 Notebook

This i7 processor Windows 11 touch PC from HP is available only from Curry's so I decided that I should check it out. If offers a lot in a quite small overall package and is '2 in 1' as its not only a notebook but also a tablet.
It is 31.5x21cm, its 1.5cm thick at the back and only 1cm thick at the front and it weighs 1512grams. Going around the outside has HDMI out, USB 'C' and audio out on the left, the front is clear, the right side has micro SD card connection, two USB and finally a 3.5mm charge point, you can of course also use a USB 'C' lead to charge as well. There is nothing on the back as the screen goes back 360 degrees as this can also be used as a Tablet. It has an 84 key keyboard, there is 1.
Adding colour to a sketch can increase the drawing's visual aspect.
Although arriving classified as a relaxing puzzle game, Paint by Pixel seems better suited to the role of a colouring tool with abstract capabilities.  Developed by Tiny Little Lion, this offering provides you with a range of sketch-like drawings.  These pictures can be coloured in using a set palette whose content can be adjusted to suit your artistic tastes and preferences. As the product's title indicates, this offering provides the means to add colour to various pre-drawn sketches.
AVI Games takes you on a trip to discover the delights of Brazil.
The combination of travel excursion outings based around a basis of Hidden Object game play continues to make regular appearances on release schedules.  The latest such offering to come my way is Around the World - Travel to Brazil.  Developed by AVI Games, this offering is available in Collector's Edition format which bundles extra items to enhance the gaming experience of the player.
Be prepared to tackle a variety of tasks within an underwater environment in this title from Suricate Software.
In the past I have played and reviewed several Suricate Software titles.  As a result I have got use to being faced with a gaming environment featuring the main game complemented with a scene building reward for making progress in the main game.  This next titles of Jewel Match Aquascapes 2 follows a similar pattern.  This title is available in Collector's Edition format which forms the basis of my review.
A lot of recent notebooks no longer have HDMI out in fact some Notebook/Tablets no longer have USB and just have USB 'C'. So this latest small and neat flat panel from Philips solves the problem while still allowing you to connect via HDMI but still has your back even if you only have USB 'C'.
This 24 inch monitor from Philips is very small and light and the only thing you do not have is the ability to raise or lower the panel, so the measurements below are what you get, you could if required place some books under the base to raise it should it be required. The panel measures 54x31x1.5cm, there is some back movement, the stand raises it by 10cm from your desk. While this is a 24inch flat panel (23.
With dragon's bones and fiery breathe, this next title sets you the task of ending the reign of Winter.
Domini Games continues its story of Royal Romances with this next offering.  Entitled Endless Winter, this tale of a Kingdom, gripped by a seemingly eternal season of snow and ice, is available in Collector's Edition format.  Bundled with the main game is the usual collection of bonus items, some of which can be accessed immediately while other require game progress to be made or even completed.
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