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896080 nickwatch_play_fuzzy_strap_a_2_1_2_1 cop

A Watching Watch : NickWatch Watchinu

Technology can help keep an eye on your child through the use of technology.
The NickWatch, as its title might indicate, is a watch which doubles as a time piece, monitoring device and source of entertainment.  This product has been developed by the Israeli start-up company named, not surprisingly, Watchinu (try saying it).  Designed under a licence agreement with the popular children's brand of Nickelodeon, Watchinu feels the product should be suitable for the younger members of society aged between six and nine years.
896075 POCO M5 Smartphon

POCO M5 Smart Mobile

This is the latest Smart Phone from a new company to me. POCO is the gaming arm of Xiaomi who I have reviewed phones from in the past. The M5 can switch refresh rates Video 30Hz or 60Hz, Gaming 60Hz or 90Hz and Scrolling at 30-60-90 Hz. Overall the cost of this POCO offing is not very much at all.
The POCO M5 smart phone measures 163x77x10mm in its supplied case that protects the back and sides, it weighs 222grams. Going around the outside has the volume rocker and the on/off button on the right side. The base has speaker and microphone with the USB 'C' charge point in between, this can also be an OTG device. The left side has SIM entry point. The top has 3.5mm socket for headphones or earphones and a further microphone.
Put on your detective hat and search for an elf with a potion to replace human blood when Vampires are hungry.
It is time to return to the Domini Games' developed Magic City.  In this instance the case for you to solve, in your role as a detective, is that entitled Secret Desire.  For those unfamiliar with Magic City, I should explain that this particular location is a place where normal humans and those with additional mystical abilities can exist side-by-side within the same environment.
If does help when searching for stolen treasure, if you can also catch the thief.
Detective Agency - Gray Tie is a Hidden Object Adventure game developed by AVI Games.  My review is based on the Collector's Edition of the game which includes a number of bonus items.  Some of the bonus items, such as Achievements, Wallpaper and a Music Player can be accessed immediately.  However for replaying mini game puzzles and tackling bonus game levels, you will need to complete them first in the main game.
If you fancy a trip to a travelling circus then this next title could suit your needs but only is you can resist temptation.
Gloomy Tales - Horror Show is a Hidden Object Adventure title.  This game revolves around a travelling circus that puts on a Halloween Festival to attract customers to its display of monsters.  There could, however, be an ulterior motive behind the promised performance. I have been looking at the Collector's Edition of this Domini Games developed product.  Packaged along with the main game are a number of bonus items.
A hotel is like a world in miniature. It can hold many secrets but perhaps not ones as dangerous as the Final Journal.
When the local hotel bears the name "Final Journey", you can hardly expect it to be the ideal place to spend a restful break.  In fact this place of residence is the chosen location for a battle between groups of monsters to see who will take over control of the human world.  This is the premise behind Haunted Hotel: Eclipse, an Hidden Object Adventure game from the development team known as Elephant Games.
Most of us take a keyboard or a mouse for grantage they are just there and we use them. Often they are Wi-Fi sometimes they are corded and just occasionally Bluetooth. These from JLAB are all three. The mouse has an added plus in that you get a three month trial of TIDAL probably the best widely available streaming service.
This is not a small mouse, it is 12cm from back to front, between 5 and 8cm wide and 4cm tall. Apart from the normal two buttons and scroll wheel there are sic other programmable ones. Not finished yet as the left side has a thumb rest and indeed a OLED display showing the amount of battery remaining and indeed which mode you are in. The base has an on/off button and a mode change button with the infra red between them.
How do you continue a saga after the central character dies? Perhaps you involve Gods and Monsters.
The latest Match 3 offering to emerge from e-Funsoft continues the on-going saga of Helga the Viking Warrior or perhaps brings it to an end.  Let me explain this apparent contradiction.  In this third episode, entitled Asgardian War, our battle-hardened heroine is once again faced by over-whelming odds and, sad-to-say, Helga finally admits defeat.  Her forces leave the battlefield as Helga lays dead on the ground. But wait, this is not the end for Helga.
While not regarded as standard estate agency skills, could you help provide a suitable domain for Count Dracula?
Laruaville 13 is the latest offering in the long-running saga of Match 3 game play from LGT SIA.  In this instance the game is based around an anomaly concerning the activities of Count Dracula who, we have always been led to believe, was immortal and could not be killed.  Yet despite his immovable grip on a steady supply of human blood, this central character of numerous horror movies was able to metamorphosis into a ghost and enter the domain of Laruaville.
896040 HP Pavilion All in One PC 32 b0101n

HP All In One

All in One is something that normally relates to a printer-scanner-copier and possibly even fax unit. Here however it relates to a screen that also has a computer built into it, the only extras you need are keyboard and mouse and here even they are included.
This is a large screen measuring 71x47.5x2cm which gives notional diagonal imperial measurement of 31½ inches. There is a 3 inch area below the screen that houses the units speakers. The sides are only .5cm as is the top but there is a built in web cam that you pull up when required and this protrudes from the centre of the top of the screen by 2cm. It has a 13 Gen Intel i7 processor running at 1.4GHz. There is 16GB RAM and it has a 1GB SSD drive, this has 892GB free.
Another world, another problem, with flowers having a major role to play.
Developed by Domini Games, Maze of Realities - Flower of Discord is a Hidden Object Adventure game that is the focus of my next review.  I have been looking at the Collector's Edition of the this title.  Along with the main game, this product comes with a number of bonus items to enhance the appeal of the title.
Sometimes a contract with an evil spirit will require the payment of a true heart.
Connected Hearts - Fortune Play is a Hidden Object Adventure title developed by Domini Games.  I have been looking at the Collector's Edition of this product which comes with a number of bonus items to add appeal to the main game.  These bonus items are accessible from a pictorial representation of a theatre stage.  Areas of the stage are set aside for a bonus chapter, concept art, wallpaper, music, achievements, puppetry, video, mini games, puppets and Hidden Object scenes.
Tired of being cast in a single role, then this next title gives you a split personality as you become three different investigative agents.
Gather all Sleuths, whether of the amateur or professional variety, and join forces to tackle Elephant Games latest Detective United - Deadly Debt title.  This is a Hidden Object Adventure game that is available in Collector's Edition format.  Along with the main investigative game, this version of the product comes with a number of bonus items to stretch your gaming capability.
896032 Zhiyun Molus X100 Pro 100W LED Video Ligh

Zhiyun Lights Molus X100 Pro

While good quality modern SmartPhones can take excellent videos and images they do need some help first a good quality Gimbal as however steady your hand may be a Gimbal makes all movements smooth. Second lights unless you are outside on a bright sunny day you need help and here Zhiyun has a range of offerings light enough for a single person to setup and still be able to take the images.
This offering called X100 Pro not only has the light itself but all the extras you are likely to need for a range of differing uses. The X100 itself weighs only 385g. You can of course just purchase the light but some of the ‘extras’ are things most people will need like a Diffuser. The actual light is 14.5x9.5x3cm, the light itself is circular at 8.5cm. It comes in a padded zip up container 25x22x12.5cm which also contains a charger and a battery, leads and a diffuser.
With 500 images to select from, this next title gives you plenty of jigsaw solving practice.
I note that those jigsaw fanatics at 8 Floor Games have been busy yet again.  Their latest output is entitled 1001 Black Raven Jigsaw.  As with their previous offerings, you can disregard the 1001 part of the product's title but can still look forward to plenty of jigsaw action as you will be presented with 500 images with which to practice your jigsaw solving skills.
Sometimes an "old wives' tale" can have a grain of truth in it as Friendly Fox reveals in this next gaming title.
There is an old legend which states that a mischievous fellow, known as a leprechaun, has a pot of gold which is kept hidden from human eyes.  While many attempts have been made to relieve the leprechaun of its wealth, this can only be achieved on the eve of the Summer Solstice.  But be aware that the leprechaun can call upon help from other mysterious creatures to protect what is his if you try to steal this pot of gold.
With this next game you can travel the world while sitting in front of your computer screen.
Developed by Seven Sails, Travel Along 2 is a Hidden Object game.  As the "2" part of its title should indicates, this is a follow-up to the original offering.  It follows the same pattern as presented in the original title with regards to the type of content and how the game allows you to set up options for individual players. Profiles can be set up so that different people can test their Hidden Object and other playing skills with their progress being recorded.
896050 TP Link Tapo Smart Iot Hu

TAPO Smart Items

This is a range of small items that all do their jobs linked though a single Smart Hub. Apart from The Smart Hub I was sent three items a Motion Sensor, Temperature & Humidity Sensor and a Contact Sensor. You can then link extra such units so various door and windows are all covered so no chance of leaving with an open window. While the App is useful so is a in house sound and here both are available as the Smart Hub has a sound output.
Like so many things today you download an App to your phone and then you always know the conditions of the various items. Once downloaded select the model of your Smart Hub with Chime – it wants the part number in this case Tapo H100 found on the front of the box, setup an account and log in after this you just need to select any devices you have to connect to it. The Smart Hub is 7x4.5x3.
When plants take on the shape of people, you know there is trouble afoot and you will be called into action.
A Friendly Fox will take you on an excursion to the Redwood National Park.  This educational trip comes in the form of Edge of Reality - Lost Secrets of the Forest.  I have been checking out the Collector's Edition of this Hidden Object Adventure game.  As usual with titles bearing the CE designation, this game comes with a number of bonus items to add extra appeal to its participants.
896033 JLab Go Work Pop Wireless Headsets with Microphon

Work and Play Tool : Go Work Pop JLab

Recently I was informed of a headset aimed at those who require a device that is suitable for both work and play.
Following on from the general acceptance of the Work From Home concept and its WFH logo, we now could be about to be asked to accept a concept that combines work and play within the home environment - something I have been doing for a good few years.  To this end JLab, a leading personal technology company and number one true wireless brand in the US, has announced the arrival of its Go Work Pop headset.
Offering a wide spread of choice, this next game is a mine of information regarding a part of America.
As I take my first look at this next title, the cars, parked in the street outside my home, bear a thin layer of frost to mark the recent drop in temperature.  It does seem appropriate that the product facing me for review is entitled Vacation Paradise - Florida.  Lets hope it will help warm me up somewhat as my ageing fingers play their tune on my computer.
896029 HP 960 4K Streaming Webca

HP 4K Webcam

Some screens come without a webcam but there are times when one is required and indeed these may require better resolution so a 4K webcam has its place, this offering from HP is quite chunky and because of the higher resolution it needs to be connected via USB3.
This iHP 960 4K streaming webcam measures 11cm deep, 5cm wide with support and 6cm from base of folded support to top of camera. The only other items in the box are a 1.5metre USB ‘C’ to USB lead and a getting started sheet. Let’s start with the instructions they are one of those multi language sheets that say very little and expect the six illustrations to say everything.
One way of making your product stand out from the herd would be to add a decoration.
In a dim and distant past, situated in the time of magic, there were two kingdoms represented by a Dragon and a Phoenix. This is one version of their story.
At first I though an apostrophe was missing from this product's title but then I decided the eyes were of a type rather than a belonging.
Mystical Riddles - Behind Doll Eyes is a Hidden Object Adventure game developed by Domini Games.  I have been looking at the Collector's Edition of the title which features a number of bonus items to supplement the main game.
This is a ground coffee machine that has the huge advantage of a built in timer so that your first cup of coffee can be ready to drink either when you wake up or arrive at your work first thing in the morning all you need to do is prime the machine with water and your favourite ground coffee before you leave the night before or before you go to bed. Even if you forget I found around six minutes was enough to be getting that high from the coffee smell.
The measures 35cm tall, 24cm wide and 21cm deep. This works in a slightly different way in that all the water in the talk is turned into coffee so working out the amount of ground coffee to inset in the top is important as otherwise the coffee you get with not be to your taste.
896026 Murena One Android Mobile Phon

Problem Solved : Murena One /e/OS

A problem shared can be a problem solved as happened with this product.
Recently I reviewed the Murena One smartphone.  This review is accessible at .  While I was reasonably happy with most aspects of the smartphone with its additional layer of privacy protection, I did encountered a particularly annoying problem regarding the delivery of email messages to the phone.
There is a twist to the tale of a Fairy Tale heroine as revealed in this next game.
Taking on the role of a stepmother, especially in the realm of Fairy Tale Land, may not be everybody's cup of tea.  But in this case the role does come with a castle for residence, the title of Queen and a step-daughter named Snow White.  So how could you resist the opportunity when it comes offered in Elephant Games' Cursed Fables - White as Snow title. The Collector's Edition version of this Hidden Object Adventure game comes with a number of bonus items to supplement the main game.
A new entry to the Match 3 genre offers a choice of mini game puzzle action.
It makes a pleasant change to come across a Match 3 puzzle game that does not come with a back story to justify its existence.  Often the back story will have little reference to the Match 3 action around which the game is based and could be regarded as an excuse to re-release previous game play technology.  Rather than opt for a back story, this next Match 3 title, developed by Itera Labs, has replaced it with several mini game puzzles.
895991 MAXIFY GX3050 3 in one refillable ink tank Wi Fi printe

Canon Maxify GX3050

This is the latest ink tank unit that can print, scan and copy. Early versions required very careful filling of ink tanks, now this is easy and there is no chance of spilling even a drop of ink. The unit itself is smaller and best of all no difficult questions to try an answer as you link it into your network.
The  measures 40x40x19cm; add another 13cm to the depth when you pull out the tray to receive printed sheets. I would say that that installation time from removing the various bits of tape to having downloaded the software inserted the contents of four bottles of ink and printed a test sheet at around 35 minutes. Everything is easy from the small 2.5cm square screen on the unit, and indeed from your PC.
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