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Can you help a magician undo a past mistake and reunite him with his loved one?
As part of the BlackLime games series of titles, The Great Unknown Houdini's Castle belongs to the Hidden Object genre.  The game is rated at being suitable for those aged 7 and older.  It is based on the efforts of an apprentice of the Great Houdini called Alan Whitehead who is trying to contact the world famous magician and escapologist.  Houdini had died 50 years earlier.  The reason for this unusual action will become clearer later in this review.
Providing camera storage is a product from HEX.
Although great strides have been made in the performance and capability of the photographic aspect of today's smartphones, the more serious photographer, whether of the professional or amateur variety, will prefer to use a Digital Single-Lens Reflex (DSLR) camera when capturing their images.  However, rather than the easy convenience of slipping a smartphone into a pocket or the like, a DSLR camera will need a more substantial storage facility when not required.
890804 myfirst headphones BC wireles

Headphones for the Young

Adding to their child-centric product line up, has released a set of wireless headphones.
Headphones are available in a variety of styles with a collection of attributes that will appeal to a whole range of users.  However, most of these headphones, especially those that tend to come my way, have been developed specifically for the more adult section of the population.  Widespread as that section of society may be, there is one group that might feel neglected with regards to the choices on offer for their personal use.
890542 Creative Pebble V3 Minimalistic Desktop Speaker

Creative Pebble V3

It is rare for me to form an instant like or dislike and even rarer for this not to change during the course of the review period. This arrived as I was trying to stream something via a notebook that has adequate speakers when it is on your lap or desk, if you walk to the door you lose the context so as soon as I unpacked the Creative Pebble I plugged it in, instant plug and play and I could clearly hear even outside the room.
The Pebbles are 12cm across, 12cm tall and 12cm from back to front, however they are not round and in places are far less than that. A triangle might describe them better as the speakers are angled at 45 degrees. The left unit is hardwired to the right unit. The right unit has a wire emerging from the back to link to the left unit and another also hard wired that goes to the USB ‘C’ port.
Not an ordinary juicer that extracts a good amount of content from soft fruit but a masticating juicer that does much more with almost anything that has juice, so for those of you who want juice from Celery or Carrots or even things like onions this is the tool to do it.
It is 40cm tall, 37cm from back to front and 14cm from side to side, unlike most juicers that would require you to do most of the work like quartering an Apple before inserting this has a large capacity seven centimetre wide tube and once inserted any juice is soon extracted and then the remains – and in the case of soft fruit this is not much – is then masticated to pulp.
When law enforcement fails to respond to a call for assistance, you need to help yourself.
e-Funsoft has taken its Match-3 game offering, dusted it down with a selection of different tiles and background scenes, before placing it in a new story line environment.  The result of this make-over is this next game entitled Murder by Moonlight - Call of the Wolf.  Using the Match-3 game play as its central element, the game casts you in the role of a young woman named Carol.
With a title that clearly identifies the product's purpose, myFirst Fone is a watch-phone that is aimed at the young child member of the family. As the term watch-phone might not be too familiar to you, I should explain that this multifunction device combines the functionality of a wristwatch and a phone within a single product. The myFirst Fone is being aimed at children within the 6 to 12 year age group.
Built around a traditional circular wristwatch, this product sets out to provide features that might appeal to both the young child and parents.  Befitting its targeted market, the myFirst Fone R1, to give it its full title, would hardly be considered a stylist item.  However the bulky watch element and the rubber wrist strap, both coloured black in my review sample, should suit most children with its multifunction purpose rather than appearance being regarded as its main attribute.
Regular readers will know that I find sleeping difficult, often its 4AM before I start to sleep even then its poor so the SleepHub from Cambridge Sleep Sciences was a no brainer for me to request to review. Initial tests were nothing short of amazing. I have a watch that records sleep length and more importantly the deep sleep part of that.
Often prior to the arrival of the SleepHub my sleep score was described as POOR and a figure of 20 was achieved. By night three I was scoring 80 and best of all my deep sleep was no longer in ten minute chunks but up to an hour in length. In good sleep you drift off in a ‘U’ shape with the bit at the bottom being the deep sleep part this can last the best part of 90 minutes and then with good sleep you just repeat with the nirvana eight hours.
TCP. with more than 25 years of experience in the production of lighting products, has released its Smart Wi-Fi Multicoloured LED bulb.
Brightening up the home environment, especially important as we are spending more time at home due to the restriction enforced during lockdown, is the task of TCP's latest product.  Available as either a bayonet (my choice) or screw-type 60W product, this bulb could, at first sight, easily be mistaken for a regular dumb bulb device.  However. once inserted in an appropriate light socket, the bulb reveals its true colours (pun intended) in the form of additional features.
890635 Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G Mobile Phon

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G

Having recently told you about a Samsung Tablet that could make and receive calls here something a little smaller that can be held to your ear without attracting attention as it is more normal in size for a SmartPhone, the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G.
The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G measures 15.7x7.4x.8cm and weighs 192grams. The viewable screen is 15x6.8cm and this gives the notional diagonal imperial screen measurement of 6.5 inches. The screen is Quad HD+ at 3200x1440. Going around the outside it has the volume rocker and the on/off button on the right, the base has a speaker, USB ‘C’ socket and a pin hole microphone, the right side has nothing while the top has a pin hole microphone as well as the SIM entry point.
When world war conflict exists, what better time to search for a device promising the ability to rule the world.
Do you fancy ruling the world?  If so then you might be interested in the Spear of Destiny,  Regarded as the most powerful artefact in the world according to ancient legend, it is stated that whoever has possession of the Spear of Destiny can rule the world.  To help you understand the power of this device, Brave Giant Games have developed the Spear of Destiny - The Final Journey.
890671 D Link DIR X1860 EXO AX1800 Wi Fi 6 Router with Gigabit Etherne

WiFi 6 Router : D-Link DIR-1800

Offering a range of improvement in regards to performance and facilities, D-Link has released a new router.
Adding to its EXO AX Series of routers, D-Link has released the DIR-X1800 Wi-Fi 6 router.  This product comes with the promise of delivering exceptional capacity, next generation speed and range, excellent efficiency, backwards compatible and has been designed for use in device-dense environments such as a smart home.  I have been given the opportunity to check out the performance of this AX1800 Wi-Fi 6 router.
890468 streamlocator hu

Stream Locator

Sometimes there are things that you would like to view although there they are not immediately available because of where in the world you live. So a router that can be ‘elsewhere’ could be an advantage. This offering can help to achieve whatever you want it to, wherever you are in the world.
It is 14x21x3cm and out of this unit are four aerials that are each 19cm tall so the actual space taken may vary. The test unit I was sent comes with a UK plug on a one metre lead so power must be less that that away from where you set it up. There is also a 70cm Ethernet lead supplied. The router itself is not designed to stand and has a couple of holes in the back so it can be hung on a wall so not taking up valuable desk space as most routers do.

In-Car Karaoke : In-Car AI Roxie

While I enjoy listening to music when driving, I prefer somebody else, other than me, to provide the entertainment.
You have probably seen, and maybe even enjoyed joining in with one of James Corden's Carpool Karaoke sessions that involve various celebrities having a sing song within a car.  I must admit to being one of those people who have not had the "pleasure" of participating whether as a spectator or as part of the choir.
With all of us spending more time in our ‘bubbles’ clean air is vital as otherwise if one gets a cold – or worse – we all get it. So this device from Philips could well help. It is rare that I quote the top of the box in this introduction but here it seems appropriate ‘removes 99.97% of airborne allergens’ is the claim.
The claims are that it removes Pollen, Pet Danger, Household Dust, Outdoor Pollution, Gas, Dust Mite Allergens, Bacteria and Virus. You can track everything via the Philips Clean Home App. The Philips Air Purifier 3000i AC3033 measures 64.5cm tall and round at 27.5cm, it comes fully assembled but you have to remove the lower back half to remove the packaging from the filter which is already in place. It has a 1.8 metre hard wired mains lead that emerges from the base at the back.
Farmyard animals gather together to produce a travelling bubble-like environment to test the player's shooting skills.
Published by Zariba Ltd., Bubble Zoo 2 has been categorised as a Match-3 game but I prefer to think of this title belonging to the Shooter genre.  By that I mean the type of game where you shoot objects at a travelling chain to reduce its size or even remove it completely.  You can achieve this by making sure the colour of the fired projectile is the same as that of the area it hits.
Combining extra functionality connections and plenty of storage capacity is a device from OWC.
Available in capacities ranging from 2 to 32TB, the OWC Mercury Elite Pro Dual product combines drive storage capability with a 3-port hub functionality.  Adopting a rather sturdy appearance, the Mercury Elite Pro Dual device is a silver coloured, aluminium box with dimensions of 240 x 140 x 85 mm (D x H x W) and a weight of 1760g.  Included with the main drive unit are a power cable, USB Type C cable and a USB Type C to USB type A 3.2 cable.
890379 KIKKERLAND iBed Lap Des

Felt iBed Storage (Lap-Desk)

While this is box that things can be stored in I do not think it describes it very well. Most will use it while sitting or lying in bed and it can support your Tablet at an angle and still leave you able to write or type on the top of the box without things moving around, it you like it’s a third hand.
The other word in the title ‘felt’ to me does not describe the moulded base and sides while they are felt my feelings make felt a soft substance that moves and this is solid. It is 36x24.5cm at the top and 33x21cm at the base, it is 7.5cm deep. My review period of it overlapped while I was reviewing the Samsung Tab S7 one of the Tablets along with various iPads mentioned in the instructions that came with the item.

Data Protection : iStorage! datAshur BT

iStorage continues to push the boundaries with regards to protecting mobile data.
Think of this large Tablet that can be used in the home, the office, and anywhere in between as it has a Sim and can therefore keep you in contact anywhere. It has rather good speakers however few will want to hold it to their ears because of size, so Bluetooth for a headset and some form or privacy for your phone calls.
The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 measures 28.5x19.5x.5cm and weighs 576 grams this with the supplied stylus attached in its charge port on the back. The viewable screen is 26.5x16.5cm which gives the notional diagonal imperial measurement of 12.4inches. This review unit was sent to me by Vodafone who have it available in Black or as I was sent Mystic Bronze. It is currently available in 4G or 5G versions the former is £17 a month cheaper.
Switching, due to circumstances, from a live to digital event, DreamToys 2020 announced its choice of toys that should captivate.
890506 Doogee S96 Pro Rugged Smartphon

News from DOOGEE : DOOGEE S96 Pro

For the more energetic, outdoor customer, DOOGEE has a possible handset.
Announced as the world's first infrared night vision Android 10.0 rugged smartphone, the S96 Pro is a new offering from DOOGEE Hen tong Technology Co. Ltd.  Available in a choice of Fire Orange, Army Green and Mineral Black, the S96 Pro has dimensions of 167 x 81.4 x 15.5 mm (H x W x D) and a weight of 310g (including the battery) which presumably reflects its rugged appearance.
While a lot of devices claim to take your blood pressure they give a single figure and most will know your blood pressure is made up of two components systolic and diastolic the ideal reading is something like 120 over 80. What most devices give you is your pulse which in a fit and healthy person can be around 60 when resting.
Your doctor will use a cuff that fits on your arm and in the times when it was possible to see a doctor in person outside of an A & E visit they would attach such a device to your arm and then tell you to stop talking while they take your reading. This unit has a solid rechargeable internal battery which means the display sits on your arm along with the cuff and will work either on a bare arm or over a shirt and still give accurate readings. The solid part is 15x4.
It's sale time for a weekend with Huawei.
With Black Friday fast approaching, Huawei has today announced it will be offering huge savings across its portfolio of smartphones, audio and wearable units, in its first Golden Weekend on the Huawei Store. In celebration of reaching 5 million customers in the UK, Huawei is rewarding fans with discounts of up to 33% on a range of cutting-edge products.
890350 Beginners Music Ti

More Christmas Ideas

Two small and useful items for the young, the first a table game and the second two musical toys that may even lead them into a useful career as a musician. They are from the same PR company that sent the large .pdf file in August these items are both reasonably priced. With current restrictions both items are suitable to be posted without costing a fortune.
First the Table Top Bowling Game that does not need a huge amount of flat space to play it. It is 1.2metres long and 23cm wide and weights 294 grams. The flat laminated sheet is supplied rolled up in a box with the weighted pins and balls there are two weighted magnetic strips that go at either end of the sheet to keep it flat. The six pins are each 7cm centimeters tall with a small weight to help keep then standing.
Can you help solve mysteries steeped in the past?
Artifacts of the Past - Ancient Mysteries belongs to the Hidden Object genre of games.  This title, developed by Kranx, was originally published by Big Fish Games and is now available as part of the BlackLime catalogue of titles. Profiles ca be created so that different players can participate in solving the ancient mysteries on which this game is based.  You also have the usual options regarding the game's playing environment.
Time for some news about a set of headphones that promises extended play time.
I suppose it could be regarded as one of those "Big Red London Bus" moments but, in this case, it is one that has some "bells and whistles" added to it.  Earlier I had checked out a set of wireless headphones that came with over 20 hours of playing time from a single charge.  I felt that this was rather impressive but then I received news of another set of wireless headphones arriving in my in-box.
890315 ACER Aspire 5 A514 5

Acer Aspire A514-52

Acer seem reluctant to bring in new names, as I have reviewed an Aspire 5 in the past, only the bit after the ‘5’ varies here however there is doubt that this a different unit as the previous one weighed over 2kilos and this one only clocks in a tad over 1.5 kilos so what else is new on this small and light laptop?
The Acer Aspire A514-52 laptop computer measures 32x23x1.5cm and weighs 1524grams. The viewable screen is 31x17.5cm which gives the notional diagonal imperial measurement of close to 14 inches. The screen is HD 1920x1080 with the default display set at 150% but I was perfectly happy using it at 125%. The 84 key keyboard has 4cm clear behind 2.5cm clear either side and 9cm clear in front with the 10.5x6.5cm trackpad mounted 9.5cm from the left and 12.5cm from the right.
An online launch event introduced a new Xiaomi family of smartphones plus a wrist adornment.
Xiaomi has announced the arrival of its latest range of smartphones.  This is the all-singing, all-dancing Mi 10T family of handsets that is made up of the standard version, Pro model and a Lite offering.  As you might expect the whole family supports 5G technology. Taking on the role of the company's flagship offering, the Mi 10T Pro has been designed to take your mobile creativity and exploration experience to the next level.  Featuring dimensions of 165.1 x 76.4 x 9.
890277 iris drawing compas

Desk Items in BRASS

Do you know someone who has everything and is therefore a nightmare to get presents for? I may have a solution especially if they work at a desk, a range of three basic items but made in high quality brass any of which would be a huge talking point. I am told that only two of the three are currently available and the third is a pre-production sample.
First the Stria Ruler – pre production – it folds out to 30cm – 12 inches – and is marked on both sides one in centimetres and the other in inches. A two centimetre area in the centre is what it pivots round. Open or closed it’s an accurate measure with the centimetres and the tenths marked as inclines to .5cm. The inches are marked in sixteenths of an inch.
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