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Lego has been around for a long time, I seem to remember that originally there was one shape of brick and possibly just a single colour. Now things are very different and this set here is a case in point to produce a specific object.
I am old enough to remember time before Lego when the only construction toy was Meccano and you constructed most things from within your head. Now you have sets with a specific purpose and although some of the bricks are still the basic shapes a lot of them are specific to the task of constructing your Super Hero.
A visit to the dentist does not rate high on my list of favourite tasks. As a result I am always on the look-out for ways of keeping my teeth and gums in a healthy state.
Diamonds, for James Bond fans, are forever.  These precious stones are also, according to a classic Hollywood movie, “a girls’ best friend”.  Now, so Philips informs me, diamond (note the switch to the singular from the plural) is the latest high standard of oral cleanliness that is available from the company’s new electronic toothbrush.
This is a thin and light notebook – claimed as the thinnest – but as soon as you boot it up you notice it is also very fast so without looking you know that a ten second boot and seven second shutdown means it has an SSD drive.
The Samsung Series 9 NP900X4C measures 35.5x23x1cm maximum and weights 1665grams. The screens diagonal imperial measurement is 15inches. The viewable screen is 34x19cm with a near invisible webcam mounted in the centre of the screen top. It is capable of displaying up to 1280x1024.
Corel has never been afraid to open its purse strings to purchase software companies especially when it concerns graphics offerings. One of its latest purchases was ROXIO.
On one of its recent shopping trips Corel purchased ROXIO and its various software products.  One of these titles is ROXIO Creator which provides the user with a range of tools for capturing, creating and sharing media content plus burning this content to optical media.  The latest version of this software still bears the ROXIO name and is entitled Creator NXT.  Included with the ROXIO branded software is a full copy of Corel’s Paint Shop Pro image editing package.
As part of the Hidden Mystery Collectives series, Focus Multimedia has bundled together two Haunted Manor titles in a two-game pack. The two titles are Lord of Mirrors and Queen of Death with both being classified as Hidden Object Adventure games. Using the same front end, each of the two titles has its own installation routine which needs to be instigated separately.
687477 philips Monitor Lcd 27in 278g4dhsd monito

Philips 27inch Gioco

A slim and light panel from Philips, it is capable of 1920x1080 and the unit has a good range of forward and backward movement available on its base. There is no side to side movement but as its light its easy to move around.
The 27inch Philips Gioco monitor measures 62x37x2.5cm, the stand is 31x20cm. It raises the unit by 10cm from your desk. There is around 15% of back movement and around half that in forward movement. As the unit is light – but well balanced – moving it to the sides is easy. However as you can view it from close to being beside it little movement should be required. The viewable screen is 60x33.5cm and the diagonal imperial measurement is 27inches.
686614 philips AquaTouch AT896 Wet and Dry Shave

Philips AquaTouch Plus

I can remember my grandfather using a cut-throat razor which he would sharpen using a leather strap. Now we have safety razors, disposable blades and electric razors.
According to a recent survey, conducted by a sock subscription service for gentlemen (I had not realised that such an establishment existed), men have now overtaken women in what previously was considered to be an area that they dominated.  According to this survey, a man can now spend up to 75 minutes over his daily getting ready routine.  Women, on the other hand, only spend 70 minutes on their beauty regime.
Although the majority of laptops now incorporate a webcam, and they are also widely available for one’s desktop, there are many occasions when it would be useful to employ a camera for other tasks and not just using it to provide images of one’s face for Skype. The HueHD Visualiser is a versatile unit that will handle a whole range of imagery tasks on the desktop in addition to being a useful webcam.
It is a small unit, just a bit smaller than the size of a mains plug, attached to a 30cm flexible stalk, which terminates with a USB connector. This can be plugged directly into a USB port on the computer or via the provided desk stand. A 1.75metre USB cable is supplied to connect the desk stand to the computer. The visualiser has a 640 x 480 resolution and a viewing angle of 75 degrees and the focus range claimed is 5cm to infinity.
687474 Brother DCP J4110DW multi function printe

Brother DCP-J4110DW

This is an All in One unit with a big plus in that paper is fed landscape even though in normal use it will still print in portrait. The major difference is that the unit’s depth is somewhat less than when paper is stored in portrait.
The Brother DCP-J4110DW measures 46x32x16cm and this includes whatever cables you connect to it, the only extra is space required to lift the scan lid. If you require fax then other models in this range have it but for most home users this unit will complete their tasks at a lesser price. The controls are all on the front on a panel that lift from the base by 45degrees very useful when looking from above. There is a small touch screen 3.
Here I am looking at two items that both use dice to play. Neither of them use the normal 1–6 type dice. The first is very simple in its construction its called Letter Cubes. The second requires more input from the users called Talking Dice.
This has the main ‘rules’ on the face of the pack of twelve dice each face has a different letter and each letter has a score associated with it. The rules are 1)Throw the dice. 2)Build a word. 3)Score points. Turn to the back for a detailed explanation and variations thought of by the inventor but the basics are exactly the three points listed. Stated for an age range of ‘7+’ it is likely that the best games will be for people of closely matched vocabularies.
Born on March 24, 1874 in Budapest, Ehrich Weisz was to become one of the more charismatic characters of his generation before he died of a ruptured appendix on October 24, 1926 at the age of 52. Perhaps if I mention that Ehrich was better known by his stage name of Harry Houdini then everything will become clearer.
As well as his interest in magic and escapology, Harry Houdini became interested in the occult.  Using the skills he had learned through his stage and circus work, Houdini was able to expose the tricks used by so-called mediums.  His end came about when he was unable to resist a challenge to perform one of his signature tricks by allowing a student, named J. Gordon Whitehead, to punch him in the stomach.  Houdini died shortly afterwards from a ruptured appendix.
Way back in 2012 I attended a presentation where Thecus were involved, I heard nothing from their better known UK partner but a trickle of press releases emerged from Europe which eventually led to the unit arriving for review.
While the largest NAS I have previously looked at was a two drive offering. This five drive offering does everything to make the expansion easier. However it is still small enough to sit on a desk should that be required. It is 18.5x23x24cm the last figure the depth is without anything connected, add another 3cm for mains lead and Ethernet connections in the rear. Also at the back are four USB, HDMI, VGA and a range of audio connections.
It has been several months since I last took a look at an Epsom printer. Bringing this period to an end is a new multifunction unit in white.
After a steady stream of lacquered black devices of the multifunction persuasion arriving for review, it made a pleasant change to open up the latest product to reveal a pristine Apple White unit from Epsom.  The product in question is the Epson XP-605.  This multifunction unit provides you with the ability to scan, print and copy documents using a choice of USB and wireless connectivity.  This multifunction device also features a CD/DVD labelling option.
Adding to its series of Weird Park titles, Alawar sets you the task of rescuing children trapped in various Fairy Tales.
It all begins with a night-time car journey.  There you are driving along with loud music blaring out of the radio to ensure you do not drift off to sleep while at the wheel.  Shortly after passing a sign for Fair Gate Town your concentration is broken as a young girl appears in the passenger seat and speaks to you.
687473 Samsung NX1000 Digital Compact System Camer

Samsung NX1000

This camera has a removable lens, mine came with a 20-50mm offering that is fine for a lot of normal images. However its small size could possibly have it confused with a basic digital camera, this it certainly is not.
It is 11.5x6.5x11.5cm, it weights 400grams without the provided neck strap. My preference was to use it as a digital camera and while you would need a capacious pocket it easily fits into a bag. The hold grip for the right hand is comfortable. The left side has only the anchor point for the neck strap. The right side has the opposite anchor point as well as a door that hides micro USB and mini HDMI sockets. The base has a door behind which the solid battery and any SD card you use will rest.
It is not just celebrities who can benefit from a digital make-over. Now you can use a software package to tidy up your own image.
The digital age has totally disproved the old adage that “the camera never lies”.  No longer can we put our trust in the displayed image will give us what actually existed at the moment of capture.  Often referred to as “airbrushing”, this technique can be used to remove unwanted items and blemishes plus add what was never there in the first place especially with regards to the physical appearance of the individual subject.
Some say size is important, certainly for this All in One lack of size is vital as this is a portable unit that has a battery for when mains power is unavailable. It connects via Bluetooth or USB so no leads are required for the former.
It is 34x19x8cm when closed, it weights just a tad over 3kilos. Lift the lid and the 8cm height becomes 38cm with paper loaded. Once the lid is lifted the small touch screen needs to be lifted 45degrees and that is about it. If you are using mains power then the DC lead fits in back left and the USB lead connects back right, there is also a USB port beside it. The ‘Home’ screen has just three options, Print, Scan or Copy. Touch any of the three to proceed to more detailed screens.
686581 corel cad 201

CorelCAD 2013

There is one product in the CAD market that people think of even if they never use CAD. However providing certain rules are adhered to there is no reason why others cannot work in the same arena here an offering from Corel.
Most CAD packages are not cheap and this offering from Corel does not break this rule. The name everyone knows was when I last saw a copy protected by a dongle. Unlike other Corel products you do not get extra bundled offerings. However the price is the offering here from Corel as it reads and writes even the latest version of AutoCAD files in .DWG format. While I have only used it in the Windows environment it is said to work just as well for those working in the MAC arena.
While I could never claim to be a fan of the lacquered black coating that decorates numerous electronic devices, I have to admit that the Canon PIXMA MG6350 has a certain visual appeal. With its rounded corners, sloping base and top, this All-in-One unit would not look out of place in either a work area or living room as it fulfils its function of a Print, Copy, Scan and Direct Photo model.
At a casual glance the MG6350 might seem a run-of-the-mill device providing print, copy and scan facilities.  However closer examination of this lacquered black box with dimensions of 486 x 369 x 148mm (W x D x H) reveals some innovative features that sit alongside the standard arrangement of an A4 flatbed scanner mounted on top of an inkjet printer supported by two paper input options.
686580 AOC M2752PQU 27 inch Widescreen MVA LED Multimedia Monito

AOC 27inch M2752P

Another excellent offering in the larger panel field from AOC this can connect via VGA, DGI, HDMI or Display Port the last more commonly found on MAC computers. This is an offering from their professional range.
The screen of this AOC 27inch M2752P measures 64x39x2cm, with the visible portion being 59.5x33cm this gives the notional diagonal measurement of 27inches. The stand is round at 25cm and it raises the screen by a minimum of 6cm from the desk. The screen resolution is 1920x1080. Under the right front bottom edge are five buttons which in normal use are invisible, these allow you to make changes outside of Windows.
684955 serif PhotoPlus X

PhotoPlus X6 : Serif PhotoPlus 6

As regular as clockwork, Serif brings out upgraded versions of its graphics software aimed at the budget conscious user.
I must admit to having a somewhat soft spot for Serif and the company’s software.  This feeling dates back to when Serif first appeared on the scene with graphics products that were developed as budget-priced alternatives for the then market-leading offerings that came with wallet-squeezing price tag.
Legend has it that once upon a time, Gods walked upon the earth as they dwelled with ordinary mortals. When the time came for these beings to return to the sky, they left behind nine mysterious jewel boards through which they were able to communicate with those they left behind.
Over time the many wars fought resulted in all but one of these jewel boards being destroyed. The location of the one remaining board, known as the Oracle of Ur, was lost until a clue was discovered by a determined archaeologist. This clue was hoped to reveal the location of the last board and uncover the truth behind this 4,000 year old story. This is the background to iWin’s fourth instalment of the award winning Jewel Quest Mysteries series.
686579 Canon PIXMA MP230 All in One Colour Printe

Canon AIO Pixma MP230

For those wanting to print a bit, scan a little a copy occasionally this could be the answer. This small unit is easily able to sit on a shelf or under a desk without causing any problems. Press the on/off and print, scan or copy.
The Canon AIO Pixma MP230 all-in-one printer measures 44x32x12cm when shut. Place A4 paper in the rear sit up tray and the 12cm height becomes 32cm and the 32cm depth becomes 38cm. This unit has no paper output door to open and output is delivered face up from the front base of the unit.
684953 iLuv iHP636RED ReF Deep Bass On Ear Headphone

iLuv Headphones : iLuv Ref

Although predominately a developer of products designed specifically to enhance the functionality of various Apple offerings, iLuv does occasionally produce kit that supports other brands.
One product that encompasses both the Apple and non-Apple offerings is the iLuv ReF™ range of on-ear headphones.  The ReF™ is the first range of products to be created as part of the company’s Fashionology® collection.  Fashionology® is an attempt to bring together a meld of fashion and technology so that appearance matches performance.
686578 Roberts Sound70 Digital Sound Syste

Roberts Stream 70

As the front of the Instruction Manual calls it, CD / USB / SD / DAB / FM Digital Sound System with dock for iPod and iPhone. As I would say a proper audio system to suit everyone apart from those who still play LPs.
The main unit is 17x14x24cm with cables inserted in the rear. The first figure the height would need to be increased by the height of your ‘i’ device as this sits above the height mentioned and a couple of centimetres to allow insertion of CDs. The pair of provided speakers are 17x12.5x7cm each. They are hard wired with a 2metre long lead to a double plug arrangement that fits into the back of the main unit, so the maximum spread of the speakers is 4metres.
686577 cyberlink power director 11 ultimat

Power Director by Cyberlink

This is another of the recent releases that I waited for a working copy of Windows 8 to review. If you are serious about editing your videos then this software can do it, transform, add, delete, modify and more then this can do it.
Like a lot of other packages doing simple things is easy, doing more complex things will require practice to achieve. If however you are willing to learn Cyberlink users online are often willing to share their hints and tips. As with other recent items the install needs to take place from the Desktop and not the glossy home screen that so far I can find no real use for. However that may change if and when one of the many touch unit’s lands on my desk.
As part of its male grooming product line up, Philips, with its mantra of bringing simplicity to people’s lives, has released its most advanced premium electric shaver to date. This is the SensoTouch 3D model which offers the male community the choice of dry or wet shaving from a single unit.
Launched with the claim of producing the ultimate shaving experience, the SensoTouch 3D comes with GyroFlex 3D technology.  This technology uses a distinctive three-dimensional component set up that allows the shaver heads to follow the contours of your face.  This feat is achieved through three floating heads that are raised above the body of the shaver and automatically adjust as the SensoTouch is moved around the jaw line, checks and mouth.
686576 Prestigio MultiPhone 3500 dual sim android smart phon

Prestigio Multiphone PAP3500DUO

This is the first dual SIM phone to cross my desk. Surprisingly – to me anyway – it is running quite an old version of Android at 2.35. Having two SIMs may avoid the huge number of people I see using two different phones.
The Prestigio Multiphone measures 11.5x6x1cm and weights 124grams. As with most modern phones almost all the controls are via touch screen. The external connections are on/off on the right side, headphone (3.5mm socket) on the top, volume + or – on the left side and micro USB connector on the base of the unit. That is all of the units external controls.
Not one but two opportunities to explore the Dark Dimensions where evil forces have taken control of the local population.
As part of the Hidden Mystery Collectives, Focus Multimedia has released a Dark Dimensions double bill.  Making up this two-game pack are Dark Dimensions City of Fog and Dark Dimensions Wax Beauty.  Separate installations will need to be carried out for each title with individual profiles being set up for those playing the games.  These profiles include the volume level for background and sound effects plus whether to opt for the special or standard cursor.
The Scuderia FS1 is a wireless Bluetooth speaker dock. The product forms part of the Ferrari by Logic3 collection of audio offerings. As you might suppose from the Ferrari influence the Scuderia has more than a touch of Italian style in its general appearance.
Opening the rather sturdy box (little chance of this product being damaged in transit) revealed that the Scuderia FS1 was packed so securely that it took a little time and plenty of effort to remove the foam rubber casing that totally encased the speaker unit.  Included in a separate box were power leads for use in the UK, Europe and America plus an audio lead with 3.5mm jack plugs at either end.
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