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879414 mood ligh

Mood Book Light Lamp

A black leather book with creamy white pages looks very innocent until you open it, red, blue, green, purple and white light emerges in sequence from the pages, yes not a book at all but a light powered by three ‘AAA’ down the spine.
This mood light measures 16x13.5x2cm and weighs 270 grams. Anyone opening this not so little black book is certainly in for a surprise it is held shut by magnets and you need to exert a good force to open it at all. At first I thought there must be some tape holding it shut but no it’s just its magnets. So no addresses, phone numbers or emails of past or present lovers or friends just a light so here the black book has a new twist.
Taking its time to appear, Reallusion’s latest animation software reaches version 3
Unlike some companies, who tend to release new versions of their software on an annual or even a more regular basis, Reallusion takes a slight different approach.  New versions of the company’s software only appear when additional features are available.  It is for this reason that I have had to wait for over three years for the appearance of Reallusion’s CrazyTalk Animator 3 to arrive.  This software is available in Pipeline, Pro and Standard versions.
879413 Morphy Richards mypot pressure cooke

Morphy Richards mypot

This is a multi-functional pressure cooker as not only can it work as a conventional pressure cooker but also has the ability to be a slow cooker – there’s an oxymoron – cook from frozen ‘to sear’ and according to the book even prepare desserts.
The Morphy Richards MyPot measures 30cm tall and round at 29cm across weighting 3.675 kilos it is stated to handle up to four litres at a time. I remember my grandmother’s pressure cooker it was a good way to redecorate the kitchen as more than once it had a mind of its own and dinner ended up everywhere. My mum had one a generation later and this was more reliable providing you followed the rules and were very careful when the pressure was removed.
The Brother MFC-J5330DW is a 4-in-1 multifunction device that can print up to A3 in size and is targeted at the small office.
Deep down, under the ocean waves, is a pleasure park for the aquatic inhabitants. Now is your chance to join them.
While you might expect a game’s title to give you a clue as to what you might be faced with – but this is not always the case.  Take for instance Tales of Lagoona 3 – Frauds, Forgeries and Fishsticks.  Set 20,000 leagues beneath the sea, this Hidden Object game offers little explanation with regards what to expect as you set about rescuing Poseidon Park.  So lets take a look at what this enigmatic title has to offer, starting with environmental adjustments.
879321 Olympus OM D E M

Olympus E-M5 II

While a lot of better mobile phones has decent enough cameras I still get a buzz to test out a proper interchangeable lens camera from a good manufacturer. Here is such an item from Olympus now at M5 iteration II.
The The Olympus E M5 II is not a large unit but is powerful and the images its takes are superb. As always I start in Auto mode while I familiarize myself with everything it can do.
When space is at a premium you might like to consider a tower system from Lenovo.
The Lenovo Ideacentre 620S could be classified as a tower computer but that could send out the wrong message regarding this device.  Yes this Lenovo kit does consist of the elements (keyboard, mouse and system box) making up a tower system but one aspect marks this computer as a breed apart.  That aspect is the system box which immediately reminded me of a binocular case, door stopper or even a speaker unit with regards to its size and shape.
879320 Canon PIXMA TR8550 printe

Canon Pixma TR 8550

This is a four in one unit as it prints, scans, copies and for those who still use it faxes. However for those wanting to use it via Wi-Fi you can print from any mobile device as well as direct from an SD Card so it’s very versatile.
The Canon Pixma TR 855 measures 43x43x18cm, the last figure is on the left as this is where the page feed mechanism is it is only 14cm tall at the right side. The dimensions given include the 39x8cm front display shelf being raised from vertical (closed) to horizontal, it can be at any angle in between to suit your viewing angle of the 10.5x6cm display mounted in the centre of it. The only other control on it is the on/off button with its LED mounted to the left of the display.
879369 ubiata

Foreign Location Viewing : Ubiatar

I have to admit that I struggled to get to grips with a foreign location based initiative.
While reduced travelling time (although the same could not be applied to airport arrival and departure establishments which tend to operate on the tortoise principle) have made the geographical world seem smaller for would-be travellers, not everybody can take advantage of this facility.  Work considerations, family circumstances and health issues can all play a part in keeping individuals in close proximity to their home environment rather than travel the physical world.
878824 Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Quad Core CPU motherboar

Raspberry Pi 3 B+

I had read a good bit about this tiny bare board computer that a lot will use for a single purpose. Then I was offered the chance to review one of the new batch that can take the required power from an Ethernet cable which seemed unusual at least.
My computing life goes back before the PC, in fact my first computer was made by Tandy and you had to load the operating system and files from a cassette tape. My first surprise was the lack of size the box it arrives in is 9.5x7x2.5cm and the total weight is 60 grams including the box. The next is that it comes with no instructions only a health and safety sheet.
Ever been to Brazil? This next game might provide you with a suitable alternative to a physical overseas trip.
Developed by “What Day Is It Games”, Brazilian Adventure belongs to the popular Hidden Object Adventure genre.  In this game, set in 1959, you take on the role of a freelance airplane pilot who is contracted to fly his passenger, Mr. Hanari, to his destination.  However engine problems cause an emergency landing and your passenger is less than pleased by this development and refuses to settle his bill.
878825 nokia sleep B2 tracke

Nokia Sleep B2

Not the first sleep aid I have reviewed but this is the easiest to setup and install. As with all these products there is an App easy and quick to download from either the iOS or Android store, then connect once a day to get all the sleep details uploaded.
I know most will leave their phones on but as I still have a landline my phone goes off in the evening and stays off till the next day that’s how I know the data will still be transferred once the link is established even if it not immediately after you rise. In fact I left it off for three days and all the outstanding data was then shown.
It has been said that there is a dastardly plot afoot and you have been chosen to thwart the evil plans of the Dark Lord. But are you to up the task?
Developed by Shaman Games Studio, “A Plot Story” had been classified as belonging to the Hidden Object genre of titles.  The game is spread over more than 90 levels of game play as you work your way through various screens and challenges. However before entering this world based on a medieval appearance, as you attempt to foil evil deeds and stop the stealing of a soul, you are given the opportunity of making some adjustments to the game’s playing environment.
878823 Nest Cam Indoor security camer

Nest Cam Indoor

While I must confess to already being a convert to Nest as I have their Smoke Alarm/Carbon Monoxide detector their Indoor Camera was new to me having been brought to my attention by an on the ball PR person trawling through previous reviews.
Installation is just a matter of downloading the Nest app from the iOS or Android store, scanning the cameras code and attaching the supplied USB lead to the supplied USB fronted plug, the link takes place and you can then view the camera output on your phone. One big advance over some other cameras is that this offering from Nest knows the difference between ‘motion’ and ‘person’.
878740 Untamed Raptor Blaz

UNTAMED Raptors : WowWee UNTAMED Raptor

You may have heard of the expression “Talk to the hand” but are you as familiar with “Beware the finger!?
Described as the first-ever line of animatronical collectible toys, the WowWee developed Fingerlings® recently won the 2018 Collectible Toy of the Year and the overall Toy of the year awards.  Now more bite has been put into the product with the arrival of an UNTAMED™ element/ for the intrepid dinosaur collector to partake Joining the original gang of Fingerlings, featuring the baby monkeys, unicorns, sloths and glitter monkeys, are the UNTAMED Raptors.
878692 Vodafone Smart E8 Payg Mobile Phon

Vodafone Smart E8

Let’s make no great claims for this phone it’s cheap and while it looks good perhaps it should be regarded as a spare or emergency phone, it’s slow to react and load and perhaps the best thing about it is the Vodafone service which is good.
However while I often struggle to find bad points to say about a device here it is no problem, looking for good points is harder, well lets see, solid and cheap. It is 14.5x7x.9cm and weighs 168grams. Screen shutdown is 4 seconds but activity is still happening, Bootup is poor at best it is 57 seconds. The viewable screen is 8.2x11.1cm which gives the notional diagonal imperial measurement of 5 inches; the display is 480x854 with a low ppi of 196.
Are you sitting comfortably? Then let me tell you a story to help ease your journey on the road to slumber.
Mind Candy, with its vision to create worlds that fire the imagination of the child with products such as the company’s flagship brand of Moshi Monsters, has now released the Moshi Twilight Sleep Stories.
878875 squar

Yes you can pay by card

If you are a small business or even a sole trader then accepting card payments is difficult or more likely near impossible, the card companies often set rather high barriers. However a company called Square in the UK have an offering that works with a £46.80 Card Reader and your mobile phone and you even get your money next day.
I saw this small device demonstrated at a briefing in London at the end of May. The customer touched the card on their reader it links via the phone and a beep on the device says the transaction is completed, all data is sent encrypted and next day the money arrives in the vendors account. Apart from the £46.80 (Inc. VAT) all you the vendor pay is 1.75% per transaction and there is no minimum charge. So if you sell some flowers for £20 you receive £20 – 1.

Trimming Facial Hair : £Braun BT5050

Looking for a present for a male partner then maube this next product will appeal.
This was actually announced over a year ago but due to a change of agency it was only when sometime later I spoke with them that one was forthcoming. The reason for speaking was another such printer recently reviewed from another manufacturer.
ZINK technology means no ink so the shiny white paper looks just like ordinary photo paper used in standard printers but of course it is not. The unit is 11.5x7.5x2.2cm and it weighs 183 grams. It has an internal battery that is recharged by supplied micro USB to USB lead. The HPSprocket app is downloadable from the iOS or Android store and connection is via Bluetooth. In the small box is the Sprocket and a sample pack of 10 sheets of the special paper.
Pack your bags, you are off to visit worlds where everything is possible.
Mundus – Impossible Universe is the title of a game which takes the player on a journey encompassing a kaleidoscope of worlds to explore and populate with elements.  Developed by Rumbic, Mundus – Impossible Universe is a Match 3 title which makes us of a variety of playing styles, each with a particular set of rules based around achieving designated set targets within a specific period.
Anyone who spends a good amount of time gaming needs a fast PC/Notebook good connection speed a detailed - good resolution – panel and extremely good hearing and communications, this latest headset from Sennheiser can take care of the last mentioned.
With no extension in the cups the distance from the lower edge of the cup to the base of the padded headband is 16cm and as there is up to 4cm of extension in each arm this can be increased to 20cm so it should suit any head from an older child to a large headed person. With the pads parallel and fully extended the distance between them is 17cm and fully contracted it is 13cm. The total weight of the headset is 378 grams.
Some people collect trivia by the bucket load. Now you can dip into their collection.
Having recently finished taking a look at a game with the word “Hidden” in its title, I was unsure of what to expect when another game with “Hidden” in its title found its way on to my computer.  I quickly realised that this second offering was totally different.  To give it its full moniker, “Einstein’s Diaries: Hidden Facts: The Hawaiian Island” was developed by Point8 Games.
878690 Philips OneBlade Hybrid Trimmer & Shave

Philips OneBlade

This is an electric shaver and beard trimmer that has everything in ‘one blade’ it is usable wet or dry. The recent trend for a lot of shavers it to go multiple blades, what the first misses the second will get etc. Here is a slim and light unit.
It weighs only 96grams 16cm long and roughly 2.5cm square for all but the last 2.5cm where the neck starts to turn to give the shaving angle. My unit very dark grey back and front with a ridged lime green rubberised colour on both sides so it is very grippy when wet.
878676 Magix ACID Pro

A Welcome Return : MAGIX ACID Pro 8

Generally upgrades appear frequently but not in this case.
While perhaps not quite qualifying for the full Rip Van Winkle award for dormant arousals, MAGIX has awoken its ACID PRO software from a period of slumber that has lasted ten years.  In the interim period since the software’s last release in 2008, ACID PRO has undergone a change of ownership as the product departed from Sony Creative Software and made its new home with the MAGIX family of graphics, audio and video products.
878712 master locks padlock

Master Locks

A new name to me but I got up at the crack of dawn – or what is the crack of dawn to me at my age – and travelled through the London rush hour for a briefing held at a house in the Kings Cross area of London to get to know their products, I liked what I saw and in time you should hear about three of the items I saw, first an overview of their whole range.
If you have a decent bicycle you will know that keeping it safe from being stolen is not easy and in the back garden of the house I saw a number of locks that would defy almost all thieves and send them looking for an easier target. These range from locks and chains to multi sided metal that will make bolt cutters small enough to carry ineffective. They have locks with key entry so small that picking them would only work in TV programs.
Corel has announced the availability of the latest version of its Pinnacle Studio software.
Now firmly established as part of the Corel family of graphics software products, Pinnacle Studio provides a range of movie-making options.  Version 21 of this software was released last year with a choice of Standard, Plus and Ultimate offerings aimed at the needs of different groups of users.  My original review of Pinnacle Studio 21 Ultimate . Now Corel has released Pinnacle Studio 21.5 Ultimate which brings new features to this movie-making software.
878630 PX1   Kids Mobile Phone Android

ThePhoneCloud PX1

Maybe suitable as a phone for a younger child because every action is monitored, once older although it has good intensions I doubt the child will allow their parent or guardian to know their exact whereabouts all the time.
The purpose is to protect the child from being bullied and while in my day the bullying was done face to face nowadays it seems to be done predominately online and this phone has a large range of words – some I have never heard of – that it will not allow to be used without being reported. The Phone itself is a rather nice 5.5inch screen running Android 7 with an overlay which is called "The PhoneCloud Control Panel" that you are unable to close even should you want to.
Designed for the bookshelf, this next audio system features two-tone speakers.
Developed by Edifier, the R1700BT product is a Bluetooth bookshelf speaker system.  The kit consists of a pair of speakers covering active and passive roles.  The speakers can be connected to a gaming console, computer, TV or for delivering streaming audio from Bluetooth-aware devices such as a smartphone or tablet.  Also included in the package are a small remote control unit, a selection of leads and a User Manual booklet in various European languages.
878591 Dimplex EvoRad Oil Free Radiato

Dimplex ECO895

A lot of homes will have a Dimplex radiator, they are ideal for an extra splurge of heat. The latest offering does exactly that and a bit more for a start it can be remotely controlled by Bluetooth and an App but while earlier offering had a thermostat not much else, with this you can set in advance the times to go on/off automatically and still have a manual override.
In the past most electric radiators were oil filled, this offering from Dimplex has no liquid in it at all and test show this heats up a room quicker and for less cost than the oil filled alternatives, it has another plus it is lighter to move around. Open the box and remove the radiator it is 42x55x13cm, it has two feet (each with two castors) and these increase the width to 30cm and add 6cm to the height.
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