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e-Funsoft has made use of several different storylines as the basis for its Match 3 game play titles. These storylines have featured an Academy of Magic, Biblical tales and the work of a couple of detectives in Victorian times.
The latest Match 3 title to emerge from e-Funsoft introduces the player to Helga who is a Viking Warrior.  Over 70 levels of Match 3 action, Helga sets out to seek the evil man who brought about the demise of her parents.  As a side issue she also looks to reclaim her homeland from invading forces.
A while ago I told you about a new small portable projector from Acer whose internal battery had enough power to show a couple of videos back to back. Here I get to try a full size offering from Optoma one of the leaders in projector technology. This is a unit that connect from a whole range of units and that includes your Wi-Fi. It is equally at home in less than HD, HD or 4K.
Over the years I have attended hundreds of presentations and so often when I arrive the presenter is struggling to get his notebook to connect to the hotels projector and often even connected the resolutions do not match so the presentation looks strange. Apart from the mains lead the back of the unit has twelve different connectors so whatever you are trying to connect should be covered providing you have the leads required. The projector is 30x30x10cm and weighs 2.5kilos.
895149 nero platinum suite 202

Nero Platinum 2022 : Nero

Some, with a memory that can stretch as far back as mine, may well remember a software product designed to burn content onto CDs. This was an early incarnation of a product from Nero.
Since that initial offering, the Nero software has expanded its range of capabilities into a fully fledged suite that can manage, play, create, edit, convert, backup and rescue your multimedia needs as it rips and burns the desired material.  The latest version of this multimedia suite is Nero Platinum 2022 which promises over 200 solutions.
Deserted following an earthquake, Black Isle returns to the news headlines as a reporter disappears.
Confirmed information has emerged from Black Isle recently.  This area of land was abandoned following a savage earthquake several years back.  Since then nothing apart from an occasional rumour.  However  matters are about to change as you are cast in the role of a Mystery Club detective in the Elephant Games title of Black Isle. I have been looking at the Collector's Edition of this Hidden Object Adventure Game.
With the aid of a clairvoyant, newspaper reporter and a police detective can you unmask the murderer of several women?
Having recently told you about a Samsung Chromebook that comes with the latest version of Wimdows here is their Chromebook offering that was released at the same time. So here you get a Chromebook that can also allow you to get mobile data to keep you in contact while out of the office and as it has its own SIM so no nicking mobile data from your phone.
The measures 32.5x22x1.5cm and it weighs 1431grams. The viewable screen is 17x31cm which gives the notional diagonal imperial measurement of 14 inches and the display is 1366x768. There is .5cm clear either side of the screen 1.5cm above it and 2cm below it. In the centre of the area above the screen is a 720p web cam. The 75 key keyboard has full size alpha and numeric keys. There is 2cm clear on the sides and 2.5cm clear behind it.
Are you packed and ready for your next vacation. This time your holiday has been arranged by European Quest for your enjoyment and knowledge of other cultures.
Published by Lazy Boy Games, European Quest belongs to the Hidden Object genre of titles.  By creating profiles, different people can play this game at their own speed as they visit various locations and complete mini game puzzles.  Settings for the volume levels used for music, ambience and sound effects can be applied with an option for full screen viewing turned on to encompass the scenery.
What is the connection between the cloak-wearing "invisibles" and a bus load of missing students?
As part of the Mystery Trackers series, Elephant Games have produced Raincliff.  This is a Hidden Object Adventure game based on the town of Raincliff that was abandoned by its citizens some ten years ago.  Random travellers, passing through the town, described it as haunted and felt unknown powers were roaming its streets.  This then is the location in which you must investigate in order to discover what had happened to a bus that went missing carrying university students.
When looking for clues as to why certain instances happen you need to communicate with the departed.
"Developed by e-Funsoft games, Paranormal Stories is a title that brings together elements of Hidden Object game play with a touch of psychic and paranormal capabilities.  By creating profiles, you can allow different people to play the game at their own speed and have their progress recorded.  Adjustments can be made to the volume levels used by background music and sound effects plus you can opt to view the game in full screen mode.
Having recently told you about a large outdoor camera that can be Wi-Fi or Ethernet here one that is a lot smaller but it still offers the choice of Wi-Fi or Ethernet but of course it weighs a lot less and has another very useful feature it’s a lot cheaper but still offers the same resolution of 2K.
The camera measures 5.5x5.5x7cm and its fixed mount can move it 7cm further out from whatever it is mounted on. Its hard wired lead can go through a wall or window frame up to 35cm from the camera. The mount allows a good area of coverage. At night you can set either monochrome or as an added help as deterrent full colour with the aid of the built in spotlight. You get a near instant notification of any movement being detected on your Smartphone.
Can you find all the cards that could bring riches beyond your wildest dreams or would you have a batter chance of winning the lottery.
Developed by ERS Game Studio, Haunted Legends – The Queen of Spades is a Hidden Object Adventure offering.  Available in Collector’s Edition format, this game involves the issues that can arise when an individual decides to sell their soul to the devil in exchange for a deck of cards with magical powers.
895111 Acer TravelMate P4 TMP414 5

Acer TravelMate P4

This is a powerful Notebook from Acer that is very fast and while not a featherweight at 1.41 kilos it is very solid so should stand the odd knock or three. It still has the ability to be used in an office environment as it has Ethernet and a full sized HDMI port. So what else does this latest offering have to temp the user to dig into their wallet.
The Acer TravelMate P4  measures 32.5x22.8x1.3cm and weighs 1.41kilos. The left side has DC input, Ethernet, HDMI, two USB3 ports and USB ‘C’ which can be used to charge to save carrying a power brick on your travels. The front is clear. The right side has on/off button, two LEDs, micro SD, 3.5mm audio out and a further USB ‘C’. The back is also clear as the screen goes back to 180 degrees. The base has a long 28x.
Keeping it in the family is the basis for the work of the detectives in this next title.
Siblings can often have similar tendencies or interests.  This applies especially when the siblings are twins.  Domini Games has taken the possibility of this close relationship and build the world of Twin Mind.  I have been looking at the second title in the Twin Mind series for this next review.
Are you satisfied with your body? If not then you might like to adopt the route taken by a character in this next game.
Haunted Hotel – Charles Dexter Ward is a Hidden Object Adventure game developed by Specialbit Studio.  I have been looking at the Collector’s Edition version of this title.  Along with the main game, which spreads its story line over three days of activity, this product comes with a number of bonus items.  This additional content consists of extra game play with a bonus chapter, concept art, sound track and the making of the title.
895095 Canon T MAXIFY GX7050 4in1 multifunction printe

Canon Maxify GX7050

This is quite a chunky unit, however for what it packs inside its body it is certainly worth considering either for a home office of for a small company. It has two separate input trays underneath as well as a sit up input at the back at the top. However you want to use it is catered for as you have Ethernet, Wi-Fi and USB.
The Canon Maxify GX7050 is a multi-function machine meaning that it can Print, Scan, Copy and Fax. Unlike other such machines that have Fax abilities it does not make a fuss when you want to switch it off. The Canon Maxify GX7050 measures 39x38.5x29.5cm (WDH) and power Ethernet and USB are on the back left of it.
A trip to the Opera House can cause problems when you are mistaken for a former pupil.
It is advisable to avoid arguments when near the presence of a magic book.
Now up to the fourth title in the Amanda's Magic Book series is True Love.  There is no prize for guessing this Match 3 game is from that hot bed of game playing offerings known as e-Funsoft.  With this title e-Funsoft has followed its normal practice of enclosing its familiar Match 3 game play within a story line featuring Amanda and her friend Prince Charlie (no relation to any current or previous royalty).
With 30 rooms to explore, this next title sets you the task of restoring objects as you search for a strange machine.
While most game companies tend to refer to games as belonging to the Hidden object Adventure genre, Mumbo Jumbo prefers to use the Seek and Find Adventure classification.  One example of this is the rather lengthy entitled Mortimer Beckett and The Secrets of Spooky Manor offering. Even with the change of genre, this game offers the same range of initial features affecting the gaming environment.
For a gamer one of the most important factors is a fast refresh rate, it is literally the difference between gaming life and death. Here not only do you get fast refresh but also the things that will matter later on in life to keep your eyes healthy, no flicker and low blue light among other things. So what else does this 27inch flat panel have to offer?
The Philips Momentum 5200 27inc monitor measures 61x35.5x1.5cm. The stand is a sort of corral ‘C’ shape with the open part at the front it is 32x21cm and this can raise the panel by between 6 and 20cm above your desk. It panel can also rotate 90 degrees to be portrait. There is good tilt both back and forward, there is also as much side to side as you want as it rotates on the stand.
Delving into the work of a famous author, ERS sets you the task of finding Hidden Objects and enough roses to make a bouquet.
Following my recent look at The Disembodied Bride, it seemed an appropriate time to check out The Premature Burial.  As part of the Dark Tales series, this Edgar Allan Poe story has been used as the basis of an Hidden Object Adventure game, available in Collector's Edition, from the ERS Game Studios.  The collector's Edition package comes with a number of bonus items to support the main game element.
Pairing a P.I. with a vampire partner produces the central characters involved in this next game.
We have Tanya Huff to thank for the central characters of this next game.  The private investigators Vicki Nelson and her partner Henry Fitzroy, who is a 450 year old vampire and the possible son of Henry VIII, started their existence in Huff's novel before taking part in a television series entitled Blood Ties.  We can now get to know to them as they transfer their investigative talents to the computer gaming environment in the Brain College City Interactive Hidden Object title.
While it might not have been your chosen destination, these Elysian Isles offer a variety of environments.
895085 BuddyPhones School Safe Audio for Kid

Buddy Phones

While they are stated to be for kids these fitted me without any problems and as they lacked any child orientated advertising they could be worn by most adults without any problem. This is not just a smaller version of an adult headset as it comes with three different volume levels for Toddlers, Kids and Travel with the levels increased by 10dB for each mode and unless you show the child how to do this they will never know it’s called ‘Safe Audio’.
They are 18cm from the base of the ear pads to the centre of the padded headband and the same from side to side when the ear pads are parallel. For those noisy times there is ANC active noise cancelation. Another feature that may appeal to the young is Buddy Link that with the aid of a 3.5mm cable these headphones can play output to another set of headphones. Linking Bluetooth was very simple and quick and of course once linked every time you reconnect its automatic.
Cats like to hunt and you can join in with this next game.
895071 OPPO Find X5 Pro 5G Smartphon

Oppo Find X5

Having just told you about a very unusual phone the Samsung Fold I expected my next to be more normal the initial setup seemed to go OK but here a cautionary tale do read the choices carefully and I must admit I did not and so after two days trying to switch it off I conceded and started again and read the choices more carefully now I do have a normal phone.
I am aware few regularly turn their phone off but there are occasions when a phone call is unacceptable yes you can set to vibrate but some forget and switching off is failsafe. I have no idea who would not want the ability to switch off but answer one choice wrongly during setup and that is what you get. Even so it’s on/off key and volume up at the same time so no danger of doing it by mistake.
Match 3 game play is often used to carry out a variety of tasks. In this case it allows you to rebuild an ancient temple.
If, for whatever reason, you Google the word "Etemenenki", you might discover that the word means "temple of the foundation of Heaven and Earth" and that this temple was built between the 14th and 9th century BC.  I mention this brief information regarding Etemenenki because this temple is involved in this next game entitle Ancient Jewels - Babylon. Developed by Game Glade, this is a Match 3 game where you need to earn money to complete a task.
Whether at work or play, your computer relies on a mouse to provide the link between the user and its software.
Trust Gaming, a company developing value-for-money digital lifestyle accessories, has announced the launch of its Redex low latency, wireless gaming mouse in the UK.  This product is the GXT 908 Redex device which will be available from Amazon priced at £34.99.  Designed as being suitable for use either at play or work, this mouse can operate wirelessly or in wired mode with the latter providing the route for charging the mouse's built-in rechargeable battery.
A lot of energy drinks do not taste that good and they often have a lot of E numbers. Here are three different energy gels that are all honey based and all the contents are stated to be natural and when I don my glasses to read the list of ingredients of the back of the sachets there are only two or three items listed according to the flavour.
Can you face your fears? The patients in Green Hill Sanatorium have no choice but to do so unless you can help.

Xplora XGO2

This is marketed as a Smart Watch for kids. The stated age range is 5-12 years, maybe my thoughts would suggest towards the top of that age range. However as I often see babies in their push chairs watching videos or playing games on their mother’s phone so perhaps I am wrong.
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