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Are you ready to join the battle and stop the Necromancer from destroying the Universe in e-Funsoft's latest Match 3 title?
In around 18 months Microsoft will end support for Windows 10 so now is the time to start looking for a suitable Windows 11 machine. This offering from Acer in the Aspire series supports 'the earth' by using more suitable components, they name this feature VERO.
If you play your cards right, you could save the world from a dangerous virus.
Are you ready to tackle a world where cats have wings and a turtle is your mode of transport.
Continuing its Finding America series, Boom Zap takes us to the Great Lakes.
While the UK has an attraction known as the Lake District, America takes its version of the attraction several steps further with its Great Lakes offering.  Boom Zap has targeted this particular area of the American continent for this next title in its Finding America series and the subject of this review. Available in Collector's Edition format, this product comes with a choice of difficulty levels.
896754 Ecoegg Starter Ki

Ecoegg Laundry Egg

Laundry is something everyone does and like most people I tend to buy one of the advertised brands here is something different that could be the answer, it starts by costing less than most, and assuming it gets things clean and without irritation then for me its well on the way to being on my shopping list.
The first thing you will notice is that the egg once filled with the tiny balls is stated to work for 25 washes, very different from throwing in a single multi coloured package that you never see again as I assume it melts away during the wash.
Are your memories of childhood adventure true or not? Step back in time to relive past experiences and you might find out.
A Haunted House is the setting for this next title from DIGIMIGHT.  Described as a mystery puzzle, this game is based on a brother and sister who find themselves reluctantly returning to the old home where their grandfather had lived.  Memories were beginning to surface and the siblings were keen to discover  whether the ghostly encounters they had witness during their earlier visits were imagination or not.
You are given the job of stopping a winged monster from feeding on the souls of the men in a village.
 Cursed Fables - Twisted Tower is a Hidden Object Adventure game.  This review is based on the Collector's Edition version of this title from Elephant Games.  In this title you are cast in the role of Genhelia, an apprentice witch, who is hoping to be accepted into the local coven.  Normally this would be a straightforward process but the waters have been muddied somewhat by the earlier actions of your mother who had been accused of committing crimes against the coven.
Overseas trips can be challenging and educational as well as fun. They can also test your puzzle solving skills.
For this next mixture of possible holiday locations to visit while solving a selection of puzzles, Tiny Little Lion has opted to take players Down Under to the land of kangaroos and kiwis.  As with earlier titles in this particular series, various decisions can be made regarding the game playing environment to enjoy gaining info about the locations and selecting the puzzles to solve.
896730 emporiaSMART.5 min

Emporia E5 Mini

For those who do not want a full size screen but still want to use everything that a modern Smart Phone has and the help that older people and those whom this is their first Smart Phone need this offering from Emporia may fit the bill.
The  measures 13.5x6.5x.7cm and weighs 159 grams. This smaller size may suit those with smaller hands as a larger Smart Phone may be difficult to balance easily. Boot up once setup is complete is only 21 seconds so this might encourage people to turn it off at night.
By following the numbers, you can create pop art images.
Continuing with its Painting by Numbers theme, T1 Games' latest release is Pop Art 3.  As with some of its previous offerings, this particular title provides you with the appropriate tools needed to take an outline sketch and add the correct colours to its sections to produce a digital image. Allowing different people to use this Paint by Numbers package, you can create profiles that will record the progress made by individual novice artists.
With a pre-defined path to follow, this Crossroads relies on its stars to highlight the tasks ahead.
Continuing with its stories from the mythical environment known as the Crossroad of Worlds, Domini Games has brought to out attention the tale of the Star Riddle set in this puzzling environment.  This review is based on the Collector's Edition version of Crossroad of Worlds - Star Riddle which places you in the role of a Mystery Agency detective assigned with the task of capturing an elusive star thief.
When finances are tight, you are the one called up to raise the money for a family holiday.
The Smith family have set their hearts on enjoying a holiday in Paris.  Unfortunately with their finances and bank balance at a low level, they lack the funds to pay for this family holiday.
This book is not as you may think about people but about places. In fact it is about pubs in London that you might not have heard or seen, this book is full of pictures and it could encourage you to visit while they are still there. It could even suit a Fathers Day gift.
Staring at the beginning there is a Foreword by Suggs. This is followed by the contents 'Hidden Pubs of London' which have been divided into six areas which are City Slickers & Surrounds, Up West, Eastenders, Northern Stars, South of the River and Don't Forget your Travelcard. In total 38 pubs that you may want to visit but by reading about them and looking at the brilliant photos that accompany each pub you will want to visit.
896749 game StarL

More StarL Game Play

Are you strong minded enough to enter the world of StarL and leave before completing its 130 levels.
Introduced to the gaming community little more than a year ago, the StarL envir4onment of Match 3 game play has now reached version 4 of this particular challenge.  As with the earlier episodes in this series, profiles can be created to record the progress of different players and make adjustments to the playing environment.  The game can be played in full screen mode with set volume levels plus showing instructions in a variety of European languages.
Can you infiltrate a criminal gang and bring them to justice?
As the follow-up offering to the case of the Scarlet Hyacinth, Domini Games has released Unsolved Case - Above the Law. I have been looking at the Collector's Edition of this Hidden Object Adventure game which is based on the spectacular murder of a city's mayor and the investigation that resulted from this high-profile crime.  You take on the role of a detective hired to go undercover and infiltrate a crime family so as to bring them to justice for their crimes.
When under attack from enemies, climbing a tower might not immediately seem the route to go - but you never know.
Following on, well over a year since the previous version, Tower of Wishes 3 arrives with yet another collection of Match 3 game play that takes you on a journey to have your special wish granted.  Developed by Ironcode Gaming, Tower of Wishes 3 switches the location of its focus to that of Japan.  You are cast you in the role of Rya, a skilled ninja, who is currently under threat from advancing hordes.
896719 emporiaSMART.6 Senior Mobile Phone with 5G VoLT

Emporia Smart E6

While the vast majority of younger people are perfectly happy with 'bare' Android phones those 'more mature' and those of 'retired' age who may only have used a basic Nokia type phone to make a receive calls. These people still need assistance when doing more online.
This offering from Emporia looks like any standard recent phone, it has great photo and video taking capacity and from a distance no one would know the user is getting more support to do things like getting online and working with the likes of 'What's App' and indeed many other Apps. The measures 16x7.5 x less than 1cm and weights 210grams. The right side on/off button, the base has USB 'C' connector for charging and more. The left side volume up/down rocker and SIM entry point.
Whatever your favourite creature, pets have a special ability to take over your life including that part set aside for gaming.
Once again Pets take centre stage with my gaming review output with this next title from Tiny Little Lion.  Based on Hidden Object game play, with a spattering of mini game puzzles, this title is I Love Finding Cats & Pups.  My review of the title is based on the Collector's Edition version of this product which comes with a number of bonus items that consist of bonus chapters, wallpaper, music facility and details of the developers' cats and pups.
In the form of a digital magazine, this next title could keep you busy for many days ahead.
Are you a puzzle fan addict?  If so then this next title could provide your fix for the next few months.  The offering in question is the Clutter Puzzle Magazine Volume 16 No 2 Collector's Edition version.  Developed by Joe Cassavaugh, this special edition of puzzle challenges consists of 1,800 puzzles to text your ability at dealing with clutter.
896725 Pixel Art 1

Pixel Art 14 : T1

With a method similar to Painting by Numbers, you can change monochrome pixels into colour.
Now up to version 14, Pixel Art is a title that combines elements of the Paint By Numbers concept with an underlying structure of pixel targeting.  Developed by T1 Games, this title allows different members of the family to create profiles to record their progress and the completed images they produced within a full screen environment.  Adjustments can be made to the volume levels used by background music and sound effects.
896703 Trust ODY Spill Resistant Silent Wireless Keyboar

Trust Keyboard/Mouse

This Keyboard and Mouse set from Trust is sold as 'silent'. Like almost all keyboard/mouse sets these days they are 'wireless' so you have a far greater area available available to use them.
The keyboard is 44x13x1cm you can raise the back from 2cm to 3.5cm with the provided lift out step. The keyboard has 107 keys with the top line the function keys having a further 13 actions via a two button action. It is powered by two 'AAA' batteries already inserted and waiting to be activated by pulling out a short paper lead. There is an on/off switch just above the numeric keypad and to the left of the three LED's.
With various puzzles, different locations, pets that hide and tasks to complete, this next title lets you furnish a room.
Sweet Home - Look and Find is a Hidden Object game developed by AVI Games.  I have been looking at the Collector's Edition version of the product.  This offering comes with a variety of bonus items to add extra appeal to the gaming experience as numerous tasks are completed. The game mixes together a series of mini game puzzles situated in different locations that feature Hidden Object action based on the content found within the scene.
The Universe requires your assistance to correct damage caused by outside influences.
Are you ready for a new challenge?  This is the task facing you with the next episode of LGT SIA series of Spellarium Match 3 titles.  Now up to number 10, this challenge  will involve you in the cultivation of elemental crystals and secure suitable storage.  In order to carry out this task, it will require working through over 100 Match 3 levels of grid action while tackling various mini game puzzles.
You never know what you might find under a stone until you lift the stone.
When I first saw the title of this next offering from Seven Sails, I thought it was another example of the popular Paint by Numbers concept.  While, in a way, I was partially correct, my initial thoughts were a little wide of the mark.
Freshly ground coffee then gives your coffee machine machine the best chance to give you that excellent feeling normally only achievable from a first rate coffee shop. While it is advantageous to have freshly cooked beans, it is more important to have freshly ground beans, hence the coffee shop grinds while you wait.
This is a small machine at 19x9x8cm and it weighs 894 grams. There is a 44 page operating instruction guide which is in 12 languages. The mains lead is to my mind a little short at 50cm long and the only other item in the box is a 12cm long brush to clean out the inside of the machine.
896715 Antiquariu

Antiquarium : Seven Sails

An Antiquarium is a location storing a collection of antiquities.
In its original conception, an Antiquarium could hold any manner of ancient item that would be of interest to a relevant party.  However, in this case, an Antiquarium is also the title of a Hidden Object game produced by Seven Sails.  Rather than items of a certain age from a distant past, this Seven Sails Antiquarium has a more wider collection of content that is presented in a format suitable for different types of Hidden Object game play.
While searching for Mr. Jordan, you need to be aware that criminal gangs might be involved.
Hidden Object Secrets – Family Revenge is a title from the catalogue of offerings from Domini Games.  Available in Collector’s Edition format, this product offers the usual array of adjustments that I have come used to with Domini Games.
With areas of "The Land of the Free" as its source, Boom Zap brings together a mixture of Hidden Object searching and puzzle solving.
Boom Zap is continuing its campaign to provide the computer gaming community with interesting facts regarding areas of America.  This campaign started with the Pacific Northwest of America before moving on to the West of America.  Now the focus is on the New England area of America as part of Boom Zap’s Finding America series.  Like the earlier offerings, this New England title is available in Collector’s Edition format which adds extra content to the main game.
896714 Trust Ayda On Ear USB PC Headse

Trust AYDA Headset

This Trust Headset is designed for those who work 'connected' as unlike most recent offerings it is not Wi-Fi but USB. The whole unit is quite small with as little as 15cm from the base of the earbud to the centre of the padded headband.
As stated the measures only 15cm from the base of the earbuds to the padded headband this can be increased by 2.5cm with the side expansion but some with larger heads might find them a little small. They are an on ear headset as the distance across the oval buds is 5cm side to side and 6cm top to bottom not enough to totally cover an adult ear. I do not have a particularly large head but needed the full 2.5cm expansion for them to sit over the top of my ears.
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