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A low-capacity shredder, that looks neat beside your computer, handles up to five sheets at a time, and easily copes with its stated capacity of 30 sheets.
The shredder is billed as a space saving compact shredder for 1-3 people.  The capacity on the box says 30 sheets.  Of course, this is the first thing I put to test.  I did indeed get the autofeed to handle 32 sheets before the shredder made that lovely noise that makes sure you know not to put any more sheets in.  However, being like every other normal lazy consumer, I wanted to see just how much more could be packed in.
This has been waiting to be reviewed since the Toy Fair in January and now with the sometimes warmer weather it seems a good time for some friends to indulge in drinking games.
It is sold as a game for 18+ but there is no need for the drinks to be alcoholic and indeed which drink is downed is as a result of a dice throw. So sensible adults or younger people could have a great game without ending up drunk and incapable. For two to eight players but I found in my tests that it performed best with at least four as the repartee was as least part of the fun.
While size can be an important factor, it should be complimentary to other features making up a device.
Claiming to be one of the cheapest MP3/Video players on the market, the MP-CS155 is MPMan's latest entry into this heavily populated sector.  Decked out predominately in black with silver embellishments, the MP-CS155 is small enough, measuring 80 x 42 x 10mm (L x W x D), to fit in any pocket without causing even the hint of a bulge.  Its weight of less than 50grams also ensures it will not over-burden you on your travels.
This is a slim sleek looking 20 inch panel however maybe not all is as it should be even if the image it gives is clear and crisp even at the end of a long day.
First the all important dimensions, the outer measurements of the screen are 48x31.5cm with the stand raising it 8cm above the desk. The viewable screen size is 43x27.5cm giving the diagonal screen measurement of 20.1 inches. The base is 26x18cm and is a silver/grey colour. The screen surround is black with a 2.5cm silver/ grey band. HP W2007V The screen have a good range of tilt both back and forward from vertical.
The arrival of a new high capacity memory card format has seen the need for a device capable of supporting this format. Kingston is happy to oblige.
Earlier this year the SD Card Association introduced the SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity) memory card format.  Unlike the previous version of SD cards, which had a capacity of up to 2GB and used the FAT 16 file system, this new SDHC format is capable of supporting capacities ranging from 4GB up to 32GB using the FAT 32 file system.  The increase in capacity and change of file system does mean that legacy devices will be unable to read the new card format.
Now here is a game/puzzle that is more addictive than a Rubics Cube, more frustrating than the Quality Street jigsaw I bought my other half for Christmas last year and bound to be a fantastic seller this festive season.
As my daughter and I eagerly unwrapped the package our copy of came in we couldn't wait to rip off the cling film and get going. Four hours later we were still at the dining table having zoomed ahead on several occasions, only to find ourselves having to backtrack again. Eternity II The feeling is just like when you find you have one stray white cube in the middle of a face of green squares on your Rubics Cube.
This is a surround sound speaker that can be used indoor or outdoor and while it is not intended to get wet it can – I am told – withstand the odd shower, also it can run on batteries or mains.
It looks a bit like a garden sprayer or even one of the pull along type vacuum cleaners on it's end - however it is a single speaker that radiates surround sound. It's overall dimensions are 40cm tall, 22cm wide and 20cm deep. In fact it is nearly circular in shape. The overall weight (without the power brick) is around 2.4 kilos and is easy to move. All the controls are sealed so the odd light shower it should survive.
While its dimensions are not exactly size zero, its keyboard appears to have been designed for users who do qualify for this description
Joining the ever-expanding family of Sony Ericsson Walkman phones .  This tri-band device (GSM 900/1800/1900), with 3G functionality for good measure, combines still and video camera capabilities; MP3/AAC music playback; 3D Java games; and the full range of mobile telephony features.  through this list of features might influence you to believe that product would be a fairly substantial device.
samsung l74w compact digital camer

Samsung L74 Wide Digital Camera

This is totally different from almost any other digital camera I have reviewed as almost all the settings are adjusted from the TFT touchscreen, certainly a first for me.
The is a maximum of 10x6x3cm and weights just on 200grams. It is black and always feels cold as the casing is metal the one strange looking item is the wrist strap hole that looks as if it was attached on the right side as an afterthought. Samsung L74 The rear is dominated by the 6x4.5cm display (this gives the 3 inch diagonal measurement) apart from this the rear has the telephoto/wide angle rocker and two buttons near the base.
slippies warm and cool indoor slipper

Book and Slippers

Mid summer may seem a strange time for slippers but with recent cold wet spell they are very acceptable and a good book is always something whether in the garden of the armchair.
Slippies from Gizoo To call these slippers is a slight misnomer. They fit on the feet but walking in them is not easy - nor encouraged - as they do not have non slip soles. The contents of the sole is a flaked substance and will often move to one end. However after a couple of minutes of wear it redistributes about the base. They are microwaveable and frezzeable dependant on the weather.
Phones, a baby monitor, wireless router, credit card, streaming movies, and a virtual environment all come together with this latest news report.
When you have influence it is always best to go straight to the top.  This was the approach adopted by BT when presenting new products to the press recently.  Where better to site this occasion but at the top of the BT Tower with its fast lifts taking you to the top and down again. Naturally, being BT, new phones were high on the agenda of new products.
This is a DAB/FM unit produced in conjunction with talkSPORT and I believe exclusively in Black. However don’t worry if your not a sport fanatic all other DAB and FM stations are available.
This can be used away from mains either with 6x'C' cell batteries or the Pure ChargePAK that once installed will be automatically charged while run from mains, in previous tests I got around ten hours of use between charges using one.  The dimensions of the are 21x14x6cm and it weights around 1.2kilos with batteries. The left half of the front is a speaker grill the speaker behind it is around 6cm round.
Forget tanks, aerial attacks and modern day weapons as you step back in time to take part in the close combat of ancient warfare
The title "The History Guide: " says it all.  This is a real time strategy game which involves taking part in ancient battles between the and opposing forces. The action is supplemented by material from the History Channel series.  Unfortunately, as I have not seen the History Channel programs on this subject, I have no idea how closely the game follows the television series content and so will concentrate on the game element.
This must be considered to be a cross between a desktop and a tablet PC with the built in touch screen being the part like a tablet. However overall it is certainly not a mobile offering. The Vista speed rating is 4.6
HP are often at the forefront of design and innovation and while this features several features new to me I am not sure the format is quite right. The comes with lots of memory and a large hard disc but it also is slow to shutdown and very slow to boot up. Graphics are good and watching a DVD is a nice experience.
As we add more and more devices to our desktop, the clutter increases. Bringing order to this chaos might be achieved with an animal touch.
It does not matter how much care you take but it is almost inevitable that the various leads running to and from your computer system will become entangled.  It is almost as if these leads and cables had a life of their own.  Whenever you were not looking, they could hold regular get togethers as they intermingle and become twisted around each other.
Continuing my series of 32 and 37 inch TV’s here is the latest offering from Toshiba that has full HD abilities but does it come at a detriment to standard TV broadcasts?
First the all important dimensions, the is 91.5x66x12cm on it's stand. The screen surround is 91.5x60cm with the viewable screen 82.5x46.5cm giving the diagonal inch measurement. For those needing to move it the weight is around 20kilos. It is described as gloss black but while the screen surrounds are black the speaker grill below the screen is grey and the various controls under that are silver grey to match the 'C' shape stand.
flytech dragonfly closeu

FlyTech Dragonfly

Regular readers will know that I first saw this at the Toy Fair in January and it was one of the items I requested to review as and when available, now it has arrived from Gizoo.
While it can - and does - fly outside a good space away from anything breakable is required indoors to avoid problems. I would suspect the reason it scared Andy's wife was not because of anything else other than the threat of breaking items. The full comment from Andy on my Dream Toys report was "I've used the Remote Flytech DragonFly, I crashed a few times at the start but soon got in to it, GREAT fun but scared my wife ha".
Clutching his notebook (paper variety) our roving reporter preened himself before posing for a photographic session.
Samsung L730 When launching several new digital cameras where better to hold the event than in a hotel frequently used by celebrities.  However while the various cameras were there in all their splendour, I failed to notice even one minor celebrity.  Maybe nobody had told them of the photographic opportunity afforded by the presence of the new Samsung digital camera range.
Here I am looking at not one but two mice from Kensington, the first a traditional desktop rodent. The second a smaller wireless offering primarily for notebook users. Both rodents are optical so no balls to pick up the dust and grit.
Ci20 Optical mouse My first joy on receiving this rodent was that it was in a box so no need for the industrial scissors. It is jet black with two grey stripes down the sides. 12cm long 6cm wide and a maximum of 3.5cm tall. On first glance it is a conventional 3 button offering but the left side has two more making it one of the 5 button variety.
It never ceases to amaze me the number of innovations that have been added to the standard computer keyboard. For example
What features do you look for when deciding on a new keyboard?  Maybe you are looking for a keyboard that is not going to take up too much work space or perhaps wrist-rest functionality is top of your list of requirements.  For many it would be the presence of additional keys that give control over multimedia features and/or accessing other elements of the operating system.
casio lk 300tv electronic keyboar

Casio LK-300TV Keyboard

I love music but I am no musician, however this Casio keyboard with all it’s learning modes would certainly give me the best chance to at least grasp the rudiments of music.
Around twenty years ago I got an old Casio keyboard and that is exactly what it was a keyboard and little else. This top of the range offering is a world away from that. It is a five octave keyboard but what lies behind the keyboard is the guts of the unit. It is 95cm long, 34cm deep and 3cm tall at the front increasing to 13cm at the back.
Smile please as Canon’s new entry level PowerShot camera blends various technologies into a lightweight body.
Adding to its already impressive range of digital cameras, Canon has released the to replace the A530 model.  This is a 7.1 mega-pixel camera that is tastefully decked out in silver lightweight casing and small enough to fit in a pocket without causing too much of an unsightly bulge.  The reason for placing the camera in a pocket is that no carry pouch is provided although you do get a wrist strap.
This is a widescreen panel that is also a dock for your iPod allowing you to charge and or play it while working at your PC. Just like the Swiss army knife this has more much more.
For regular readers the is basically the same unit as I but as that was a 19inch panel it's maximum display size was 1440x900 while this 22inch one can display 1680x1050. Viewsonic VX2245 reviewed on the 6/6/07 The overall dimensions are 52x38x6cm and it weighs a little over 6kilos. I remember my first 17inch monitor if you moved it you certainly had somewhere nearby to put it down again.
Wind up radios have been around for a while, Solar power has been usable abroad, now with global warming they become viable here, combining the two could suit the UK.
, as this is the ultimate green product it is no surprise that it is a green colour. It is 7x5x8cm and weights only around 200grams. It may come in other colours as the packaging shows a white unit. This is a rectangular unit The front is a grill mesh with a 4cm circular speaker behind it. The top has a small five piece rod aerial that extends to 22cm and 4.5x3.5cm solar panel. The left side has circular volume control and earbud input.
Some might say You should never consider yourself a mobile user until you have suffered at least one power shortage. OF course you could take precautions.
Mobile technology is great.  It can make life easier; increase your productivity; and satisfy your entertainment needs where ever you are.  However you can attract some envious, curious or even disgusted looks when using a portable device in some public environments.  You are also reliant a great deal on the availability of appropriate power sources to keep your devices up and running.
This device shaped like a letter ‘Y’ is a two port USB hub but – and here’s the difference - it is also a 2GB stick/pen drive, so data can be stored on it from the PC or from the devices you connect to the Yego.
It is 8cm in length a maximum of 4cm wide at the top of the 'Y' and only 1.5cm wide. The one I saw was green and white and with a green LED in the shape of the 'Y' when connected. It has a small connecter in the trough of the 'Y' to allow attaching to a keyring. So a device only slightly larger than a pen/stick drive has a second use as a USB stick. Memory gets smaller and cheaper but here it has a second use.
Put together the components of an inkjet printer with duplex capability, a flat-bed scanner, fax features, card reading facilities with wireless connectivity and the results could well be the Lexmark X9350 product
This Wireless Office All-in-One (AIO) device is the latest edition of the Lexmark family of products aimed at the small office and home office environment.  Tastefully decked out in matt silver and pale cream, this box shaped unit has a protruding control panel and 150 paper input/output tray.  Convenient hand grips, positioned on either side of the box, help when you need to relocate the X9350 for any reason.
hp photosmart d5160 photo printe

HP Photosmart D5160

This is grey and cream in colour inkjet printer. It’s rather low slung and could even be acceptable in the lounge. Also, it is quite quiet when in use, even in economy mode.
The Hewlett Packard is 43x35x14cm, paper is stored face down in the base and delivered face up on top of the paper storage tray so no extra space is required. There is also a built in 15x10cm paper tray that photo paper can be left stored (face down) in and only when you select photo tray is it moved back into place. After printing of the 15x10 photo images it is moved forward out of the way. In fact the whole paper storage on the D5160 is quite novel.
Taking photographs is fun but then there comes the problem of how best to organise these images and make creative use of them.
With the corresponding rise in hard disk capacity at economic prices and the overwhelming popularity of digital photography ruling the roost, the need to organise your collection of images into a presentable and easily retrievable format can be a strenuous exercise.  AlbumPlus X2 is a software application from Serif that offers to provide photo management features combined with the ability to put your digital images to some creative use.
canon dc201 digital camcorde

Canon DC201 Camcorder

Like a lot of recent camcorders this records to mini (8cm) DVD’s either DVD-R or DVD-RW. This is the lowest specified of three almost identical offerings but don’t let that put you off.
It seems strange to call a 30x optical zoom entry level but of the three in this grouping it is. I took both movie and still images with the and was perfectly happy with both. Canon DC201 It is 13x8x4.5cm and it's weight is around 400grams. The recording method is not the old fashioned tape or by hard disc but by DVD's. It works with both 'R' and 'RW' DVD's. However this model can also support DVD-R DL (dual layer for added recording time).
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