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Delving into the work of a famous author, ERS sets you the task of finding Hidden Objects and enough roses to make a bouquet.
Following my recent look at The Disembodied Bride, it seemed an appropriate time to check out The Premature Burial.  As part of the Dark Tales series, this Edgar Allan Poe story has been used as the basis of an Hidden Object Adventure game, available in Collector's Edition, from the ERS Game Studios.  The collector's Edition package comes with a number of bonus items to support the main game element.
Pairing a P.I. with a vampire partner produces the central characters involved in this next game.
We have Tanya Huff to thank for the central characters of this next game.  The private investigators Vicki Nelson and her partner Henry Fitzroy, who is a 450 year old vampire and the possible son of Henry VIII, started their existence in Huff's novel before taking part in a television series entitled Blood Ties.  We can now get to know to them as they transfer their investigative talents to the computer gaming environment in the Brain College City Interactive Hidden Object title.
While it might not have been your chosen destination, these Elysian Isles offer a variety of environments.
895085 BuddyPhones School Safe Audio for Kid

Buddy Phones

While they are stated to be for kids these fitted me without any problems and as they lacked any child orientated advertising they could be worn by most adults without any problem. This is not just a smaller version of an adult headset as it comes with three different volume levels for Toddlers, Kids and Travel with the levels increased by 10dB for each mode and unless you show the child how to do this they will never know it’s called ‘Safe Audio’.
They are 18cm from the base of the ear pads to the centre of the padded headband and the same from side to side when the ear pads are parallel. For those noisy times there is ANC active noise cancelation. Another feature that may appeal to the young is Buddy Link that with the aid of a 3.5mm cable these headphones can play output to another set of headphones. Linking Bluetooth was very simple and quick and of course once linked every time you reconnect its automatic.
Cats like to hunt and you can join in with this next game.
895071 OPPO Find X5 Pro 5G Smartphon

Oppo Find X5

Having just told you about a very unusual phone the Samsung Fold I expected my next to be more normal the initial setup seemed to go OK but here a cautionary tale do read the choices carefully and I must admit I did not and so after two days trying to switch it off I conceded and started again and read the choices more carefully now I do have a normal phone.
I am aware few regularly turn their phone off but there are occasions when a phone call is unacceptable yes you can set to vibrate but some forget and switching off is failsafe. I have no idea who would not want the ability to switch off but answer one choice wrongly during setup and that is what you get. Even so it’s on/off key and volume up at the same time so no danger of doing it by mistake.
Match 3 game play is often used to carry out a variety of tasks. In this case it allows you to rebuild an ancient temple.
If, for whatever reason, you Google the word "Etemenenki", you might discover that the word means "temple of the foundation of Heaven and Earth" and that this temple was built between the 14th and 9th century BC.  I mention this brief information regarding Etemenenki because this temple is involved in this next game entitle Ancient Jewels - Babylon. Developed by Game Glade, this is a Match 3 game where you need to earn money to complete a task.
Whether at work or play, your computer relies on a mouse to provide the link between the user and its software.
Trust Gaming, a company developing value-for-money digital lifestyle accessories, has announced the launch of its Redex low latency, wireless gaming mouse in the UK.  This product is the GXT 908 Redex device which will be available from Amazon priced at £34.99.  Designed as being suitable for use either at play or work, this mouse can operate wirelessly or in wired mode with the latter providing the route for charging the mouse's built-in rechargeable battery.
A lot of energy drinks do not taste that good and they often have a lot of E numbers. Here are three different energy gels that are all honey based and all the contents are stated to be natural and when I don my glasses to read the list of ingredients of the back of the sachets there are only two or three items listed according to the flavour.
Can you face your fears? The patients in Green Hill Sanatorium have no choice but to do so unless you can help.

Xplora XGO2

This is marketed as a Smart Watch for kids. The stated age range is 5-12 years, maybe my thoughts would suggest towards the top of that age range. However as I often see babies in their push chairs watching videos or playing games on their mother’s phone so perhaps I am wrong.
A trip to a cemetery could result in you being called upon to help its residents.
With the bouts of bad weather recently, it seems appropriate to take a look at a biblical storm.
With this next title, e-Funsoft has returned to the biblical arena with a follow-up offering to its Moses & Exodus Match 3 game.  This time the Match 3 action takes on The New Chronicles of Noah's Ark.  Spread over 70 levels, split over five chapters, with each one containing four upgrades to the development of this story, this e-Funsoft game can be played in either Timed or Relaxed mode of Match 3 action.
I am not normally a big chewer but as I was offered some samples I gave it a try, anything that offers the chance of not catching recent bugs is a plus as far as I am concerned. While I have heard of the possible advantages of Zinc the word Chitosan was new to me but not it seems for Microsoft Words spell checker.
Each Tablet is 1.5cm across and around .5cm thick covered in a glossy coating, they start to do good things in the mouth as you start chewing. The blurb says lasts for up to an hour, well in my tests I was still getting a good minty taste after two hours. The benefits should start to be given after fifteen minutes of chewing. So what is Chitosan? ‘Chitosan is a natural sugar polymer found in nature.
Based on the Mississippi, this next game takes you on a trip to different locations and various time periods.
This portable projector has an internal battery big enough to show two full length movies. Connection types are Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, direct cable and more. Best of all it costs less than £400 and it has an Auto Portrait mode when needed. The base allows you to connect a tripod, even without one you can choose its position as it is twelve sided.
It is 10x10x18cm and setup once I had charged it – recommended at three hours – took only as long as it took me to read the thirteen sides in English in the 176 page Quick Start Guide. A long press on the on/off button and the projector light comes on with an easy to follow screen that lets you choose the source and how you want to connect.
More use to the limelight of the Olympics, your game character sets out to help a town with their chosen competition.
Published by BraveGiant Ltd., Nora's AdventurEscape describes itself as a Hidden Object Adventure game.  The game's developers have opted to present this offering in story book style both in the graphics used throughout the game and the flow of its story line featuring various characters who are static in appearance and only communicate with printed text rather than spoken dialogue delivered by voice actors.
895051 Frankenstein The Dismembered Bride Gam

Rebuild Your Wife

When a favourite item is broken into pieces, it is perhaps repairable. But is the same true when it is the wife that is broken into pieces.
Created by Mary Shelley, Frankenstein has been the central character of a number of stories depicted on the silver screen or computer games.  In this instance, this character is in the role of Baron Albrecht von Frankenstein, a scientist based in Bavaria, in the Anuman Interactive game entitled Frankenstein - The Dismembered Bride. Running quiet happily from its supplied DVD, this game supports both the Windows PC and Mac platforms.
895023 philips monitor 243S1 usb

Philips S Line 243S1

A 24inch Philips flat panel that has all the normal connections including those less normal like USB ‘C’, Ethernet and a USB hub. So this means for those of us still using Desktop or Tower Systems the main unit could be just that bit further away and the nirvana or a clear desktop just that little bit nearer.
It is 54.5x32.5x1.7cm; the viewable screen is 53.5x30.5cm which gives the notional diagonal imperial measurement of very close to 24inches. The native resolution is 1920x1080 for most applications. Its stand is 20.5x20.5cm and can raise the base of the screen between 2 to 14cm above the stand. There is plenty of back tilt and a little forward tilt, no side to side movement but if this is required just move the whole panel on the stand which is stated to have 178 degree viewing angle.
So where do authors get their inspiration from to use in their work? Maybe it could be from research.
When starting a new project, an author could struggle for appropriate inspiration.  This is especially true when the subject matter is that of horror stories.  The ideas for these type of tales do not automatically spring out from nowhere or maybe they do for you to develop into the next best seller.
895047 Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G Mobile Phon

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3

This can be considered two phones in one, ‘folded’ it’s a little narrow compared to most recent offering, ‘unfolded’ you need large hands or a flat surface to lay it on. Having told you about the Samsung Flip last year here is its big brother the Samsung Fold.
The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 measures 15.5x6.5x1.2cm folded and when opened it is 15.5x12.5x.7cm it weighs 273grams. The stated figures say you have a 7.6 inch main display and a 6.2 inch closed display. The right side has volume rocker with on/off button below it. The base has USB ‘C’ microphone and speaker. The left side is the hinge; the top has microphone and speaker. The right side of the other half has the SIM entry point.
Continuing the saga of crime solving by the duo of Victorian detectives is the next game under review.
When serious incidents of crime occur in Victorian London who do you send for?  As these events predate the Ghostbusters, it has to be the dynamic duo created by e-Funsoft Games.  So the word was sent out for Morgan Johnson and his faithful companion, Jack Brown, to return to London and solve the spate of bombings that forms the basis of Gaslamp Cases 3 subtitled Ancient Secrets. As with the other titles in this Gaslamp Cases series, this third title belongs to the Match 3 genre.
Completing the MatchVentures series is further Match 3 action as you prepare the country's defences.
Taking your data with you on the road can be useful. But how do you keep it safe? iStorage has a solution.
As a long-time user of various products from iStorage, I was keen to check out the company's latest offering.  The chance to do this arose with the arrival of the DATASHUR SD which promised the dual capacity of easy mobility and encrypted security of data accessible from different locations. Giving the appearance of a lengthy USB stick drive, with measurements of 90 x 17 x 10 mm (L x W x D), the DATASHUR SD device could easily fit into a pocket or bag or be attached to a key-ring.
895033 IMOU Cruiser 2MP Outdoor Pan Tilt Camer

Imou Cruiser

This is an outdoor camera, it is designed to be mounted on a ceiling or wall and hang downwards. Unlike a lot of small indoor cameras this is designed to be seen and therefore this can have the effect of deterring before intrusion happens.
The camera is 15cm from top to base disregarding the aerials and is round at the base at 11cm. It can be hung or attached from the supplied fitment. Everything you need to fit is supplied apart from a screwdriver and drill, they even supply a template.
A modern twist on a traditional tale forms the next game based on Hidden Object action.
Based, if only with regards to its title, on the original story of Beauty and the Beast, this next game takes its theme from the way beauty can overcome many obstacles.  In this case the Beauty of the product's title sets out to rescue a Prince who has been infected by the guiles of an evil enchantress.  The result of this spell is that the Prince has become the Beast of the story.
Anything seems to be possible in a dream, the same could be said of the island known as Devil's Triangle.
895004 Samsung Galaxy Book Go 14 Inch with Windows 10 Home Lapto

Samsung Galaxy Book Go

This is one of three different models of notebooks that have something that few notebooks have, a SIM slot so that when out and about you do not have to rely on your SmartPhone or dodgy open Wi-Fi to stay in touch. While I have seen this before it has only been on a very few Tablets and not on a full notebook like the Samsung Galaxy Book Go.
The  is the first notebook to come my way that has Windows 11 pre-installed. It is 32x22.2x1.2cm and weighs 1350 grams so will not weigh down your bag. So on initial startup after the normal 15 minutes of questions and choices you are ready to go. The viewable screen is 31x17.5cm which gives the notional diagonal imperial measurement of close to 14inches. The screen resolution defaults to 1920x1080 with 125% being the setup default if your eyesight is excellent then 100% may work for you.
Bringing together a BRIDE and a LEGACY, this dual offering tells the tale of two sisters.
Starting with the death of relatives, this game develops into the theft of an artefact.
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