Advertising with GadgetSpeak

From October 2008 GadgetSpeak are offering a limited number of paid advertising opportunities. Each advertising space is available for rent for a period of one month. During that month your advert will be presented on all GadgetSpeak review pages, blog pages and the front page.

We currently have two locations within the site, as illustrated in the adjacent image.

Position 1 - Top banner

Standard 728x90 banner advertisment. Limited animation accepted.

Physical size restriction limited to 20K bytes.

Position 2 - Right content bar

Four locations are provided to support 125x125 standard graphic advertisments. On each page display the four advertisment blocks are randomly rotated showing each advert an equal number of times, on average, in each of the four 'slots'.

Page layout is arranged so that all four slots are visible before the fold for those visitors using a maximised standard configuration browser and a screen resolution of at least 1024x768.

Physical size restriction limited to 10K bytes.

Accepted formats

Creatives are to be hosted on our servers. Accepted formats are JPEG, GIF and animated GIF. We do not currently accept Flash or other technologies.


We charge for each of the available advertising slots on a full month basis. We set the pricing for each slot 3 months rolling basis based on the projected levels of traffic. If you'd like to know prices for the next three months please get in touch.

The actual number of times your advertisment is displayed is directly related to the amount of traffic to the GadgetSpeak web-site in the advertising period and as such may be above or below our projected figures.

Historic traffic levels

Please get in touch for specific historical data for GadgetSpeak. As an example in August 2008 we received around 75,000 visitors and around 120,000 page views.

Other options

If you do not wish to purchase the whole of a position then we may be able to offer to present your advert to a portion of our visitors. This opportinity depends on demand from other advertising organisations.

If our standard advertising options do not satisfy your requirements then please do get in touch - if you have something specific in mind then we'll always try to help. For some ideas please take a look out our partners page.

Want to know more? Either send us a message...

...or call us on 01707 891840.