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If you're a supplier, vendor or PR practitioner representing a product you'd like us to review then get in touch with us.

We're interested in anything that fits, however loosely, into the realm of 'gadget'.

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If you manufacture or supply a gadget reviewed on GadgetSpeak then why not link through to the review on your site? Your customers will appreciate our unbiased review of your product.

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About GadgetSpeak

GadgetSpeak is a fun and interactive talk shop where members contribute to lively debate on the latest gadgets. Whether it's the coolest mobile phone, or the hottest hi-fi, members can write about it and find out what other gadget fans think!

With over 4,600 reviews and articles plus our community blog GadgetSpeak is one of the best places to come for that independent review before you part with your money!

All GadgetSpeak members are encouraged to speak up, share their views and expertise, search out other opinions, and just have a little fun.

If you'd like to contact us with suggestions, comments, or product announcements then please use our contact page

How we're funded

Running a successful site like GadgetSpeak doesn't come for free - it's not something you can put on your ISPs inclusive 25Mbyte hosting service!

While we like to run GadgetSpeak for the fun of it - we do need to cover some of our costs. How do we do this? Mainly through advertising :

  • Paid advertising
    Recently launched on GadgetSpeak - we've created a small number of slots for paid advertising. You can see these in the banner and in the right hand column. These provide an ideal opportunity for people that have gadgets to catch the eye of our thousands of daily visitors!
  • Affiliate links
    Where we can find a good supplier of a product that we review we provide a link to their site. Where possible we try to find a supplier that has an affiliate scheme. Within the article though we'll list other suppliers if they are cheaper. If you click on an affiliate link and then buy from that supplier we get a small commission.
  • GoogleAds
    used by lots of sites - Google does all the work for us and tries to put relevant adverts onto our pages without us doing very much work. When a visitor clicks on the site we get a (very) small referal fee We've been quite disappointed with how relevant these ads have actually been (web-site optimisation and printer ink cartridges everywhere!) so we don't use these very much any more.

If you're going to buy the product - then using an affiliate link has the added advantage that you'll be helping to keep GadgetSpeak going - and it won't cost you a penny! Smile

Awards and listings

This is a new section which we're hoping to add more to over the coming months as we spread the word about GadgetSpeak!


We've not entered for many awards yet, but we've been awarded our first. We'd like to thank all the judges for these awards for taking the time and effort to trawl through the applying sites - not an easy task we're sure!

WM8C Stamp of Excellence Award

The WM8C Stamp of Excellence is our first award - of which we are very proud. The criteria for winning this award are quite demanding and not that many sites are lucky enough to win. With this in mind we're doubly pleased to have been awarded 'Silver'.

Where we're listed

GadgetSpeak is listed in a number of on-line directories including:

Test Seek

TestSeek - the renamed 'findproductreview' site, helps people find expert product reviews. We're very pleased that they felt GadgetSpeak reviews were up to the mark and have linked through to a large number of our articles.

If you want a second, third or even fourth opinion before commiting to that big purchase then they are the people to show you where!

Best Ezine Featured Site

BestEzines maintains a great list of references to on-line and email electronic magazines (e-zines) like GadgetSpeak. They check each site before it is listed to prevent those irritating link-only sites search engines often throw up.

They also allow reading to post reviews of e-zines. We've only recently listed and it would be great to have some of our visitors review our site. Just click this link to see our listing and review our site!