Valentine Day Gifts

Feb 4, 2023 in Misc Review : Headsets Headphones Speakers Sony
For those willing to mark the day with a special gift, here are a few suggestions from Sony.

Broken Heart SagaTutti Frutti Darkarta - A Broken Heart rated 7 out of 10

Are you up to facing a monster whose mode of transport is a flying buffalo?

Acer 16inch Swift EdgeAcer 16inch Swift Edge rated 9 out of 10

Feb 1, 2023 in Laptops/PCs/Apple
A 16inch notebook that does not weigh that much, it also does not feel that much larger when you move around with it. Unlike a lot of such devices I get to review this one has an AMD processor, this one runs at 2.7GHz. It has 16GB of RAM and a 1TB SSD.

Animal Kingdom SearchAnimal Search Seven Sails rated 6 out of 10

Jan 31, 2023 in Entertainment Review : Animal Search Seven Sails
Can you find required animals when they do their best to blend into the background scenery?

Tarot Card CluesStrange Cases Tarot Card Mystery Sulus Games rated 5 out of 10

Fortune telling cards are used to direct your investigation into the mystery of a triple kidnapping.

review 895908 Spooky Dwellers Collectors EditioGhost BustingSpooky Dwellers Collectors Edition Ikigames rated 7 out of 10

When the spirit world invades a Match 3 environment, you can be sure the scale of your task will be increased.

review 895846 Emporia SMART.Emporia Smart.5Emporia Smart 5 rated 8 out of 10

Jan 25, 2023 in Phones Review : Emporia Smart 5
Another recent offering from Emporia a company that produces phones that look normal while offering extra assistance for those of us over 65 who may or may not be retired. Early assistance phones tended to look rather different and while they offered the assistance needed some were reluctant to use them as they were embarrassed.

review 895906 Boulies Elite ergonomic gaming chaiSitting Comfortably

Jan 24, 2023 in Misc Review : Boulies ELITE FIT
Whether at work or at play, a comfortable position can help you perform to your best.

review 895855 Mystery ValleThe Crime of MurderMystery Valley Goblinz rated 6 out of 10

Jan 21, 2023 in Entertainment Review : Mystery Valley Goblinz
Can you help a FBI agent solve a murder?

review 895854 Sacra Terra Kiss of DeatKiss of DeathSacra Terra - Kiss of Death Five-bn rated 7 out of 10

Reading a book during a meal can cause unwanted side-effects.

review 895902 HONOR 70 Mobile Phone 5Honor 70 Smart PhoneHonor 70 Smart Phone rated 9 out of 10

Jan 18, 2023 in Phones
The CES show in the USA is where a lot of technology gets launched however the show made a big thing of not inviting certain big players this year as their support for Ukraine holds firm. There are still a good number of new offerings around launched at about the same time but not actually in the CES show. Technically this SmartPhone was launched in 2022 but only now have I been offered one to review.

review 895853 Panopticon Path of ReflectioDisappearing MagicianPanopicon - Path of Reflection Cyber Cradle rated 6 out of 10

The chance to repair past mistakes is on offer as you return to your hometown to solve a mystery.

review 895840 Fairy Tale Mysteries The BeanstalStop the GiantGogii The Beanstalk rated 6 out of 10

Jan 14, 2023 in Entertainment Review : Gogii The Beanstalk
Are you ready to join the Grimm Brothers' Fairy Tale Institute and help save the world?

review 895842 The Man With The Ivory CanFramed for MurderThe Man with the Ivory Cane Cateia Games rated 6 out of 10

Are you in control of your actions and life or is somebody leading you around by the nose?

review 895838 Emporia 10.1 inch easy to use Seniors Tablet PEmporia Tablet with KeyboardEmporia Tablet with Keyboard rated 8 out of 10

Jan 11, 2023 in Laptops/PCs/Apple
It looks a lot like any normal Tablet but has software that helps those who are slowing down due to age or other reasons. With the aid of a £50 keyboard/book cover – purchased at time of sale – it can be turned into a Notebook so you can still type normally and the magic does not end there as the Tablet is exactly 10.1inches and for that reason Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point are all free to use forever.

review 895841 4 Play Collection Dark MysterieFour Titles of MysteryVarious Ghost Paintings The Sleeping Palace The Beast of Lucan Isle The Soul Keeper rated 7 out of 10

Four for the price of one is the opportunity offered by this next product.

review 895809 Amandas Magic Book 6 Aladdins Magic LamAmanda and Aladdine-Funsoft Amanda's Magic Book - Aladdin's Magic Lamp rated 6 out of 10

When a magic book meets a magic lamp, you can be sure there is trouble ahead.

review 895811 The Hidden Mystery Collectives Haunted Manor 1 and Haunted PlacesTop Evidence Haunted Manor - Lord of Mirrors Haunted Manor - Queen of Death rated 6 out of 10

Can you survive and escape an evil presence in two manor houses?

review 895824 Gioteck HC2 Special Edn Xbox OnGioteck HC2Gioteck HC2 rated 9 out of 10

Jan 4, 2023 in Entertainment
Sadly this headset arrived a little too late to get published prior to Christmas, however anyone with a little Christmas money left this would be a great way to spend it as this can be both a set of headphones or a headset as the microphone is easily removable. I had to double check the price as to my mind it is far too cheap for a unit of this quality.

review 895810 Tower of Wishes 2 VikingAscend the TowerIroncode Tower of Wishes 2 - Vikings rated 8 out of 10

Acting like a stairway to a wish, this next game contains a tower you need to climb.

review 895802 Gaslamp Cases 5 The Dreadful CitLondon is Quarantinede-Funsoft Gaslamp Cases 5 - The Dreadful City rated 6 out of 10

Are you ready to step forward and assist a fight-back against the mysterious illness affecting London?

review 895801 Ugreen Nexode 100W USB C Charging Station Ugreen Nexode 100W USB C Charging StatioPower to Charge

Dec 29, 2022 in Misc Review : Ugreen 100W 65W
As out collections of rechargeable devices increase, so does the required ability to charge them.

review 895818 Emporia SUPEREASY SEmporia SuperEasy MobileEmporia SuperEasy Mobile rated 8 out of 10

Dec 28, 2022 in Phones
This can be a near standard Android phone or by clicking on Emporia during the initial setup one that offers more assistance and help without looking like a phone designed for the older user. While it does have an emergency button the back below the camera it does not look like one it just looks like a second camera so no one need know.

review 895804 Daydream Mosaics 3 Shards of HopRestoring the BalanceDaydreams Mosaics 3 - Shades of Hope Suricate Software rated 8 out of 10

Can you help restore the balance between two worlds when they collide?

review 895803 Haunting Mysteries Triple PacSome Haunting MysteriesHaunted Mysteries Triple Pack The Naze Paranormal Crime Investigations - Brotherhood of the Crescent Snake Gaurdians of Beyond - Witchville rated 7 out of 10

Step into worlds with more than their fair share of ghostly figures as you are required to solve mysteries.

review 895806 Adventure Mosaics Autumn JourneA Trip to the CountryDigimight Adventure Mosaics - Autumn Journey rated 6 out of 10

Join a group of friends as they take a camping trip to several locations.

review 895807 Zhiyun Smooth 5S Combo Gray Gimbal StabilizeSmooth 5S ComboSmooth 5S Combo rated 8 out of 10

Dec 21, 2022 in Phones
This is the latest Gimbal from Zhiyun. It comes in a solid fitted zip up case with the parts easily accessible. In facts the only assembly required is attaching the tripod to the base of the handle for those times that you use it remotely. The whole Gimbal has a very solid construction and feel in your hand.

review 895805 Castle Gunnar GameCrime Solving AuthorCastle Gunnar Games rated 5 out of 10

Dec 20, 2022 in Entertainment Review : Castle Gunnar Games
Never judge a book by its cover especially when murder is involved.

review 895796 Trust Trezo Wireless Keyboard Mouse SeTrust TREZO Quiet Keyboard SetTrust TREZO Quiet Keyboard Set rated 9 out of 10

Dec 19, 2022 in Laptops/PCs/Apple
This latest Keyboard and Mouse set from Trust is said to be their quietest. So if you are someone who the tiny noise of a keyboard clicking disturbs you then this could well be who this set is aimed at. I can understand if one person is typing in an otherwise quiet room that the keyboard can sound loud or indeed if someone is typing while others are watching TV or listening to music.

review 895790 Travel AlonHoliday ExplorationTravel Along rated 6 out of 10

Dec 17, 2022 in Entertainment Review : Travel Along
Stay-at-home holidays continue to be popular with the appearance of yet another title in the genre.
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