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895085 BuddyPhones School Safe Audio for Kid

Buddy Phones

Published in Entertainment by paul_smart on Apr 6, 2022
While they are stated to be for kids these fitted me without any problems and as they lacked any child orientated advertising they could be worn by most adults without any problem. This is not just a smaller version of an adult headset as it comes with three different volume levels for Toddlers, Kids and Travel with the levels increased by 10dB for each mode and unless you show the child how to do this they will never know it’s called ‘Safe Audio’.
They are 18cm from the base of the ear pads to the centre of the padded headband and the same from side to side when the ear pads are parallel. For those noisy times there is ANC active noise cancelation. Another feature that may appeal to the young is Buddy Link that with the aid of a 3.5mm cable these headphones can play output to another set of headphones. Linking Bluetooth was very simple and quick and of course once linked every time you reconnect its automatic.
886163 Orbitsound ONE P70W V1 Airsound Soundba

Orbitsound One P70W v2

Published in Homes and Gardens by paul_smart on Nov 6, 2019
A recent very noisy event at an iconic London institution had me see a range of audio items one such was this soundbar from Orbitsound and if you delve through the Gadgetspeak archives you will find other such reviews from them.
This recent offering has Airsound and Airamp technology. Airsound means wherever you place the unit in the room you get surround sound. Airamp is an active amplifier which increases clarity and reduces distortion. You can connect to it by Wi-Fi or Bluetooth the setup for these is via an iOS or Android App. The third choice is via optical and the required lead is supplied in the box. There is also an option to listen via Aux input.
869460 Wilko Milkpan Stainless Steel non stic

Wilko Milk Pan

Published in Homes and Gardens by paul_smart on Sep 19, 2016
A simple thing that I am sure we all have at least one of, this however is something different as it is a lot taller than most, it is very solidly constructed and I see that it comes with a ten year guarantee and it still costs only £10.
Milk pans are often flimsy things and normally quite low the one I have had for years is 14cm across and 7cm tall, it weights 325grams. This offering from Wilko is still 14cm across but 12cm tall and weighs 675grams. The inside is coated in a non-stick material, the outside is stainless steel.
774343 boombo

Touch Speaker Boombox

Published in Entertainment by paul_smart on Mar 23, 2014
This is nothing to do with NFC as the word ‘Touch’ might cause you to think. It is a mobile speaker that allows you to place any Smartphone or ‘i’ device on top of it and the internal speaker output is greatly increased and I mean ‘greatly’.
It is 12.5cm deep and 10x10cm at the front and 7x10cm at the back. It weighs only 218 grams. No other connection is required it has an internal solid battery that you can recharge by the micro USB to USB cable provided. So when you want to share your music simply place your device on top of the Boombox switch it on and whatever is coming from your unit’s internal speaker is greatly increased without distortion.
Many older people do not want or need lots of texts and mobile use as well as mountains of calls a month. So a service that offers some of everything at little or no cost seems nirvana. I have been testing one such service from Ovivo.
Many years ago a single PAYG call cost 49p a minute but in the early days your credit was still there if not used straightaway. I remember one such service that charged 15p a minute for the first five minutes in a day and then 5p a minute after that. Nowadays the main problem – for a lot of people – is using their allowance before the month comes to an end.
653905 M Audio Keystation Mini 3

M-Audio Keystation Mini 32

Published in Misc by paul_smart on Jan 2, 2012
This is a small 32 key keyboard that connects via USB to your PC. The software is what makes this small keyboard something that really stand out it is Sibelius First a slightly cut down version of the full product that costs several hundred pounds.
The keyboard is 42x10.5x2cm, so the keys themselves are smaller at 7x2cm and the black keys 4.5x1cm in size. You have 19 white keys and 13 black keys however with the aid of the seven buttons on the left side of the keyboard you can raise of lower octaves to get a full keyboard. Here you will also find a volume knob to control sound. The box describes it as ‘32 note ultra-portable keyboard controller’ which although a bit of a mouthful describes it.
This gadget is highly recommended as a great value item - you could invest in several job-specific power tools and find that each one in itself was not as accomplished in its job as the Bosch PMF. This is a genuine all-rounder and it is hard to find fault with its design, ability and versatility
Teutonically solid and rugged in your hand, the Bosch PMF 10.8 Li power tool can tackle a multitude of jobs around the home and is also built well enough for professional use.  Being a  sawing, cutting, scraping and sanding tool, with just this and a power drill you could take on most of the DIY tasks you might need to tend to around your property.
These earphones are truly impressive. From sharp and clear highs through superbly natural mid-range and right on down to their speciality - a round and resonant bass - the Audeos punch well above their weight in the price/performance stakes.
To save reinventing the wheel, allow me to first quote from the official press release for this genuinely excellent product: "Phonak, the world’s leading manufacturer of hearing instruments, has extended its popular range of earphones with a new model designed for music-fans seeking a dynamic, powerful bass sound.
622982 paper jamz drum ki

Paper Jamz Drums

Published in Entertainment by paul_smart on Oct 24, 2010
First let me admit I am a frustrated drummer, second as regular readers will know I am a big jazz fan. However life does not always/sometimes/hardy ever give you what you want, here however for £25 I can enjoy myself.
This is version two of the Wake Up Light. I reviewed the first one nearly two years ago (26-3-08) and this one is smaller and does extra things so it is certainly not only a lovely peaceful way to be roused from your slumbers.
The most important part is the light. I have tested Philips Wakeup Light extensively through the darkest days of the years. You can set the maximum intensity of the light but whatever power you set it at 30 minutes before the set alarm time it starts glowing at a very low level slowly building up (like a very fine light dimmer switch) to the maximum level you have set that coincides with whatever alarm you have set.
578244 canon ixus 110 is compact digital camer

Canon Ixus 110is

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on June 8, 2009
If it isn’t broke don’t mend it does not seem to apply to the highly successful range of Ixus cameras. I have reviewed several and numerous things are in different places in fact it looks quiet different to earlier models.
I suppose change had to happen as the wide screen mode alters the form factor it is still small and powerful but the shape has changed. It is 9.5x5x1.5 when the lens is fully extended this adds 2cm to the last figure. The weight is 160 grams. Mine had a powder blue face but they are available in a range of colours. The right side has a door covering the HDMI and A/V out sockets as well as a very trendy looking wrist strap anchor point.
568771 sandisk sansa mp3 player rang

A Small MP3 Player

Published in Entertainment by mfereday on Feb 19, 2009
Sometimes you could be forgiven for thinking that mobile music was the sole preserve of the iPod but there are other devices often with a far more attractive price point.
Size, as we all know, isn’t everything – a truism that is perfectly illustrated by the Sansa Clip.  This is a tiny MP3 player measuring 55 x 35 x 16mm.  The Sansa Clip is available in a choice of colours such as Black, Candy Apple Red, Hot Pink, Silver and Ice Blue with capacities of 1GB, 2GB or 4GB.  This review is based on the silver 4GB model.
554636 rim BlackBerry Bold 9000 fron

Blackberry Bold 9000

Published in Phones by petew on Oct 27, 2008
Like most people I'm very aware of the existence of Research In Motion (RIM) and their BlackBerry products. This is the first time I've used one in anger, and I'm pleased to say it's not all hype!
In this case I've been provided with the Blackberry Bold 9000. This is one of the wider variants that has a small, but full qwerty keyboard and a landscape orientated screen. Total dimensions are 114 x 66mm with a 16mm depth and a weight of 136g. The device feels very solid and well built. The rear of the device has a leather-like textured cover that is removed to insert the SIM card or to access the battery. For once it's good to see a cover with a proper clip that makes removal simple.
An on-line service to turn your digital prints into so much more - from prints and enlargements to collages and collages; from cushions and handbags, to photobooks and wall art.
photos were all filed in virtual albums on the Photobox in a the passworded account I created earlier. click to enlarge On-line Digital Photo Printing from Photobox You know the story.
bitdefender total security 2008 packag

A Total Solution

Published in Software by mfereday on Apr 19, 2008
Completing our look at BitDefender’s three-pronged protection approach brings us to a total security solution.
Rather than take the pick-and-mix route when deciding on how best to protect your computer from outside influences, you could opt for an all-in-one approach as adopted by BitDefender Total Security 2008.  Arriving with the promise of providing comprehensive proactive protection, this product is aimed at digital families and those looking for a total solution for their peace of mind needs.
philips wake up light alar

Philips Wake-up Light

Published in Homes and Gardens by paul_smart on Mar 26, 2008
Do you wake up with a start when your alarm goes off? If you were in a deep sleep this can often make you grumpy and even tired all day. This could well be the solution.
Philips are now a leader in things for health benefits. I have been using this for three weeks now and I certainly feel better for it. It is 29cm tall, 18cm wide and 12cm deep. The majority of the unit - all bar the bottom 8cm - is a white cover for the light - a screw in 100watt bulb - but this is not just any light. The ability to dim lights has been around for years normally operated by a switch.
Here is a fascinating game with myriad possibilities for kids through to adults - a chequerboard puzzle of 18 pieces which cover 64 squares in 101 different challenging combinations.
The Kaleidscope Classic is part puzzle, part strategy game, and can be played by an individual or up to 3 people. It has taken 20 man-years to develop and is the work of two Australians: Inventor / psychologist, Dr. Mark T Wood and mathematician / physicist, Frank H Dyksterhuis. When you unwrap it, the Kaleidoscope Classic looks like a chequerboard of black and red squares.
If you've had enough of the 'retro' look that seems to be mandatory from many DAB radio manufacturers, and want an excellent, full feature DAB radio into the bargain then the Roberts Gemini 55 radio should definitely be on your short list.
The is an all-in-one DAB (Digital Audio Broadcast) radio, available in either glossy black or white depending on your preference. Size is 27cm by 13cm, with a depth of 7cm and weighs in at around 1Kg. The unit comes complete with a mains adaptor. If you prefer to run from battery then you'll need 6x'C' cells, which will add a reasonable amount to the weight.
casio lk 300tv electronic keyboar

Casio LK-300TV Keyboard

Published in Entertainment by paul_smart on Aug 1, 2007
I love music but I am no musician, however this Casio keyboard with all it’s learning modes would certainly give me the best chance to at least grasp the rudiments of music.
Around twenty years ago I got an old Casio keyboard and that is exactly what it was a keyboard and little else. This top of the range offering is a world away from that. It is a five octave keyboard but what lies behind the keyboard is the guts of the unit. It is 95cm long, 34cm deep and 3cm tall at the front increasing to 13cm at the back.
goodmans GHDD8015F2 fron

Goodmans GHD 8015F2

Published in Entertainment by paul_smart on Mar 27, 2007
This is a small sized high quality twin tuner PVR, I have been happily using it for several months and in that time I have not had a single problem with it.
First let me explain - the is a twin tuner unit and not a twin recorder unit. You can watch one channel while recording another. You can playback something while recording another, however, you cannot record two programs at the same time. Goodmans GHD8015F2 It is very small in comparison to other such units in fact the width and depth are no more than a standard video recorder but the height is half that.
sony ericsson k800 phon

Sony Ericsson k800i

Published in Phones by petew on Nov 19, 2006
Want to cut down on the clutter in your pockets? The Sony Ericsson k800i can replace your phone, iPod, digital camera and personal organiser with a single, neat, light weight gadget!
I've just upgraded (painfully) my venerable . I've had it for over 4 years now and unfortunately the battery is now giving up the ghost. It's cheaper to get a new phone than a new battery - crazy? Probably. My choice this time round is the . I wanted a phone that did everything and was likely to last another four years. This phone meets the former requirement - only time will tell on the latter! Physically the phone is smaller than my old Nokia at 105x47x22mm and a little lighter at 115g.
canon isus 800 IS camer

Canon Ixus 800IS

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on Aug 8, 2006
A popular saying is that great things come in small packages, this certainly seems to be true in the case of this digital camera.
The is 8.5x5.5x2cm and weights only around 200grams. Certainly the images taken with this camera look excellent. It is a 6mega pixel offering and has 4x optical zoom. Canon Ixus 800IS I have only very minor gripes to make about this unit so lets get them out of the way first. Images are stored on an SD card but only a 16MB card is supplied.

Acer AL2021 Panel

Published in Laptops/PCs/Apple by paul_smart on Dec 21, 2005
Just six months ago I attached this unit to my main work PC, it is normally in use for around ten hours a day. It has also done stints on other systems and even connected to notebooks.

The Idaptor

Published in Entertainment by paul_smart on Oct 16, 2005
This is certainly the best Freeview adapter I have used, it is also the smallest, the easiest to setup and probably one of the cheapest, if case you are unsure I liked it.
    Unbelievably it is only a maximum of 8x7x2cm and it fits into the SCART socket on the back of your TV. It simply is an enlarged SCART plug, it comes with a power adapter and a small IR adapter so you can change channels from your armchair with the supplied remote. Definitely a product where the parts are bigger than the whole.

HP PSC 1610

Published in Printers/Scanners by paul_smart on June 21, 2005
Multi Function Machines are getting smaller and neater, they now occupy a footprint smaller than an inkjet printer took not that long ago. Sometimes as here they are called All In Ones.

JVC DVD & HDD Video Recorder

Published in Entertainment by paul_smart on Apr 30, 2005
No tape involved you can record to DVD – either R or RW - or to the built in hard disc certainly a vast improvement on the quality associated with VHS tape.
Without - hopefully - giving to much away, this to me is an "object of desire" I first saw a pre production unit last summer and I am told I have looked at the first one in the UK. You can see it for yourself during the next three weeks or so on the Abrocour stand at the Ideal Home Show.
We all like a bargain especially at this time of year and this one sounded so good I checked the price twice and they even offer free delivery.

Skype Is FREE

Published in Phones by paul_smart on Oct 21, 2004
Last November I discovered Skype at version 0.97, it worked well but as with the 'Chicken and the Egg' problem not all that many users. This week Skype for the first time notched one million concurrent users.
Version 1 launched in the early summer and I now spend more time on Skype for no cost than I do using the phone. All you need is the free Skype software, download time from around one minute. Probably another minute to complete the installation and maybe as long to create a basic profile. To run Skype on a PC you need a microphone and some speakers.


Published in Laptops/PCs/Apple by paul_smart on Oct 13, 2004
This product came along at a very opportune time as a new version of my ‘current’ anti spam package had just brought out a new version, for me anyway it turned out to be unusable.