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892263 Plantronics Poly Studio P5 Professional WebcaPoly P5 Camera

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on Oct 13, 2021
Plantronics is a name some will know as they produced headsets and Bluetooth earpieces for many years. Then there was another company that did things in larger office environment, just over two years ago the two companies’ combined to produce Poly. Like so many things then went on hold through Covid and now we see what they combined to produce.

892139 Smooth Q3 GimbaGimbal for smooth movement

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on Sep 29, 2021
A gimbal was something that gave professional camera people the ability to capture video smoothly whilst they were on the move, now SmartPhones capture such good movies they also need Gimbals so that you and me can also move while capturing movies and in a way they need to be better as we amateurs are not used to moving while capturing images.

891605 Samsung Galaxy A5Samsung Galaxy A52

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on June 2, 2021
This is the latest Samsung offering to cross my desk, my unit has a matt sky blue back, a shiny slightly darker blue sides and a very shiny front. There are a vertical line of three cameras top left of the back and a forth camera and LED flash beside these.

891529 instax mini 40 instant camerFujifilm Instax mini 40

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on May 24, 2021
If you take images while out and about and like to get instant photographs from what you shoot then something like this offering from Fujifilm could well be the answer. I recently reviewed an offering from Polaroid that turns out to be not so instant so this more compact offering from Fujifilm has the word Instax in the title so let’s see.

891412 Polaroid Now I Type Instant CamerPolaroidNow

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on Apr 19, 2021
While Polaroid cameras have been around for a very long time new models and colours continue to be launched. Even new film types for a range of different scenarios. I was sent both i-type and 600 film types to test with one of their latest PolaroidNow, but I see other types are also available.

891335 Thinkware F200 Dash CaThinkware Dash Cam

Published in Cameras by mfereday on Mar 25, 2021
Offering to add visual capture facility to your car is a device from a company with strong Korean connections.

890806 Ranger Black DSLR SlinA Camera Bag

Published in Cameras by mfereday on Dec 3, 2020
Providing camera storage is a product from HEX.

888804 YI Home Camera 1080Home Security Camera

Published in Cameras by mfereday on Apr 30, 2020
While hardly what you would call the ideal circumstances, the period of self-isolation has provided the type of situation that can help with the setting up and checking out of a home security device. By taking on the role of an intruder, you can see how the product works.

887791 Olympus PEN E PL1Olympus Pen E-PL10

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on Feb 3, 2020
Every new Pen camera from Olympus is a pleasure to review. For such a small overall unit to give brilliant quality images and video without you having to be a semi-professional user is great. This latest offering camera only was sent with the new 14-42mm lens so I could review it.

887641 Hive View Indoor Security CamerHive Security Protection

Published in Cameras by mfereday on Jan 21, 2020
With a title of Hive View, the subject of this next review has to be a security camera that has been designed to keep you informed as to what is happening in the home when you are on your travels.

887552 Olympus E M5 Mark III Body SilveOlympus OM-D E M5 III

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on Jan 13, 2020
This offering was sent to me body only but with a 12-40 lens for my testing. I was surprised first by the way it arrived in a brown box with each part bubble wrapped and second when I mentioned no manual to be told no printed manuals are supplied now with any of our cameras. Even for someone used to using an interchangeable lens unit surely no manual is not the way to go, however you can still download one in PDF from the website.

885905 Neos SmartCam security camerA Product Boost

Published in Cameras by mfereday on Oct 15, 2019
Adding to its original SmartCam device, Neos has increased its functionality.

885512 Polaroid Pop Polaroid Pop 2

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on Sep 11, 2019
This is both a camera and a printer all in one unit, you can take pictures on it and print them on Zinc paper or as it has Wi-Fi to your phone take images on your phone and send them wirelessly to the units printer for immediate printing while still out and about.

885372 D Link DCS 8515LH HD Motorised Pan and Tilt Wi Fi CamerD-Link Pan and Tilt Camera

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on Aug 28, 2019
I suspect most people know of ‘R2D2’ a droid in Star Trek, this camera looks rather like it, it can pan and tilt so unless there is something solid in its line of vision whoever is there gets seen and unlike most other cameras this continues to see where the suspect goes as it can track their movements.

885111 Olympus TG 6 Tough CamerOlympus Tough TG-6

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on Jul 24, 2019
It been a while since I have reviewed a camera that can fit in your pocket, of course most recent SmartPhones have better than average cameras but I do not know any that can shoot underwater as this latest offering from Olympus can.

884145 Neos SmartCam security camerCamera Based Insurance

Published in Cameras by mfereday on May 21, 2019
Neos might not be a familiar name to regular reader of but its product might be relevant.

883601 nextbase 412GW dashcam car camerAccident Protection

Published in Cameras by mfereday on Apr 18, 2019
When assigning blame after a traffic accident, an independent witness could prove useful

883523 Polaroid Mint Instant Print Digital CamerCapture and Print

Published in Cameras by mfereday on Apr 9, 2019
Smile please you are about to be printed could mean Polaroid is out and about.

881002 Olympus OM D E M1 Mark II Compact System CamerOlympus E-M1 Mark II

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on Dec 5, 2018
This is a flagship camera for Olympus and is often sold body only. I was sent the unit with a 12-40mm lens. It arrived at a time when I had several events at iconic place, the OXO tower, the Shard and perhaps the most poignant the 100 years from the end of the First World War at the Imperial War Museum which is currently the home of the Ceramic poppies.

880700 Polaroid Originals 9010 OneStep Plus Instant i Type CamerPolaroid OneStep+

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on Nov 12, 2018
All of us of a certain age remember the original Polaroid cameras, this one looks very much the same, however this has a big plus over the original it has Bluetooth and can link to your SmartPhone. So with this new camera old technology meets new.

880537 fujifilm X T2 system camerFujiFilm X-T2

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on Oct 19, 2018
This is the second of three cameras from FujiFilm; this is an interchangeable lens camera that made a short visit to me courtesy of a Christmas In July event. Even after nearly two weeks of use I am still barely out of using Auto mode although it has accompanied me on a range of visits while out and about in the course of my travels for a range of events.

880184 Olympus PEN E PL9 16 MP Compact System CamerOlympus Pen 9

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on Sep 12, 2018
This is an enthusiasts camera, quality in a small package, but still able to give excellent ‘auto’ images and if you know better then the various special scene and manual mode allow you to get that extra special image to say great.

880093 Acer Holo360 4K 360 Degree CamerAcer Holo 360 degree camera

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on Aug 31, 2018
This camera is much the size of a mobile phone and like a great many mobile phones it runs on Android. While it has internal storage it can also accommodate a micro SD card and indeed initially slightly more puzzling it can also take a SIM card, this is however solely so you can send data that you capture while still out and about to various sites.

880091 Fujifilm X Pro2 digital professional camerFujiFilm X Pro-2

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on Aug 29, 2018
I see a good number of professional photographers at a range of events and while a lot of them have Canon offerings there are also Olympus and Fuji cameras. Here I get to try a recent mirrorless compact system camera that is very much in their professional range which really pushes my knowledge – or do I mean lack of knowledge – in this category of products.

879773 fujifilm instax SQUARE SQ6 instant camerFujiFilm Instant Square SQ6

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on Jul 25, 2018
While almost all mobile phones have screens to show the images they are capturing what they do not have is the ability to print them, yes Wi-Fi to the majority of recent printers and All In Ones will do so, most of those are not mobile devices.

879321 Olympus OM D E MOlympus E-M5 II

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on June 8, 2018
While a lot of better mobile phones has decent enough cameras I still get a buzz to test out a proper interchangeable lens camera from a good manufacturer. Here is such an item from Olympus now at M5 iteration II.

877985 Olympus PEN E PL8 Pancake Zoom KiOlympus Pen E-PL8

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on Mar 7, 2018
This is a small removable lens camera from Olympus that goes under the ‘Pen’ name that Olympus first created several years ago with a single offering that has now grown into a brand all of their own for small easy to use quality cameras.

877375 GoXtreme Vision 4K action video camerGoXtreme Vision 4K camera

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on Jan 26, 2018
A small camera that comes with a large number of fittings so however you use it you should be able to get great videos and images up to 4K. My use of it was far more mundane but I was still amazed at the video and sound quality it produced.
As always I start by opening the box and looking at the components before I go anywhere near a car, if I need to refer to the Quick Start Guide then for me anyway the setup is not that straightforward, here I needed to study the Guide before I worked things out.

877206 Nextbase 612GW 4k Ultra HD Resolution In Car Dash CaNextBase Crash Cam

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on Jan 8, 2018
A dramatic title but today there are people out there determined to make you crash into the back of them by their actions so unless you have an ‘independent’ witness the fact that you hit the car in front makes you automatically guilty.