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880537 fujifilm X T2 system camer

FujiFilm X-T2

This is the second of three cameras from FujiFilm; this is an interchangeable lens camera that made a short visit to me courtesy of a Christmas In July event. Even after nearly two weeks of use I am still barely out of using Auto mode although it has accompanied me on a range of visits while out and about in the course of my travels for a range of events.
The FujiFilm X-T2 measures 15x9.5x12.5cm with the supplied 18>55mm lens fitted fully retracted, it weights 861grams. Like the previous offering it is powerful and really a small professional camera. A thorough read of the manual is a must to do more than use it in Auto mode as anyone who knows a little about cameras will realise that this is something that requires - no demands - respect. It is a 24MP offering also capable of 4K video capture.
880091 Fujifilm X Pro2 digital professional camer

FujiFilm X Pro-2

I see a good number of professional photographers at a range of events and while a lot of them have Canon offerings there are also Olympus and Fuji cameras. Here I get to try a recent mirrorless compact system camera that is very much in their professional range which really pushes my knowledge – or do I mean lack of knowledge – in this category of products.
While it is possible to attach a lens and focus on a subject with you taking the ‘easy’ way out and letting the camera make the choices it is designed for use for those whose knowledge knows as much as the camera so they get that ‘yes’ image. The FujiFilm X Pro-2 measures 14x8.5x11.5cm. The last figure with an 18>55mm lens fitted which can increase it to 15cm. It weighs 837grams.
While almost all mobile phones have screens to show the images they are capturing what they do not have is the ability to print them, yes Wi-Fi to the majority of recent printers and All In Ones will do so, most of those are not mobile devices.
So to capture the moment then maybe the Polaroid camera can be what the occasion wants. Here is their latest offering the Instant Square SQ6. The camera is chunky at 13x11.5x6cm and weighs 453grams. The film comes in a sealed pack of ten and full instructions are on the pack and in the manual, follow them or you will expose the film.
As this printer is designed to print square images then the best results will be when you set your phone to capture square images which on most will be called 1:1. However I also printed some more normal 16:9 and 4:3 images.
Often setting Wi-Fi linking between printer and SmartPhone is a lot harder than it should be. Here it was just a case of downloading the App from the iOS or Android store selecting the image and saying print. The FujiFilm battery operated printer is 13.5x11.3.5cm and weighs 366grams. The App for some reason is called Instax Share which given all the different Fuji Apps is somewhat confusing and indeed you need to download V3.
869591 Fujifilm FinePix XP90 tough compact digital camera

FujiFilm Tough

This small digital camera is made to withstand a tough life. It is also able to function underwater the claim is 15metres and the shock proof claim is 1.75metre drop, neither did I test but I take the manufacturers word, it has a bright yellow front just in case you drop it underwater.
The Fujifilm XP90 rugged, compact digital camera measures 11x6.5x2.5cm and it weights 207grams. Any camera that has a waterproof element needs to be well sealed which firstly means no visible movement of the lens when zoomed this is achieved by a periscopic movement within the case and the lens itself needs to be double skinned, next any part that opens IE the battery bay needs a good seal and a double lock.
This next product from Fujifilm adopts an almost retro style of photography.
I can remember, back in the day, the launch of a camera that could capture and then develop photos giving you almost “instant” hard copies of photos that had just been taken.  Named after the company responsible, or was the company named after the camera, the Polaroid was one of those devices that was almost a status symbol or a fashion accessory.  I have to admit that I was an early adopter of this camera capable of capturing and delivering monochrome images.
This is a digital camera small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Size however is no barrier to the number of mega pixels or the optical zoom it can produce, but before you jump to buy the largest zoom and the biggest mega pixel you need to qualify the image quality.
The FujiFilm Finepix F200 EXR measures 9.5x6x3cm and weights 192grams. Mine was black and silver. This unit has a huge TFT screen that at 6x4.5cm totally dominates the back of the unit. Squeezed in the remaining space on the back is a wheel the ubiquitous five position joystick and four small touch buttons. The left side is bare; the right side has a door covering the USB, HD and A/V outlet as well as wrist strap anchor point.
561327 fuji f60 digital camer

FujiFilm FinePix F60

This is a digital camera that is easily small enough to fit in a pocket or purse but this does not mean it is lacking in features. It is a 12MP offering that has scene recognition, face detection and auto red eye removal to mention just three.
It is 9x6x2cm and weights only 165grams. Doing a quick run round the unit mine was a rather nice matt black with silver fitments such as the Fujinon lens F=8-24mm. Above and to it’s right by a minimum of 2cm is the flash. The left side is bland while the right side has wrist strap anchor point and A/V out behind a door. The base have the rechargeable battery behind a door that also hides the card slot, to the left of this is the tripod anchor point.
554565 fuji s100 digital camer

FujiFilm Fine Pix S100

This looks very like a DSLR but it isn’t. In some ways it’s a poor mans DSLR accept that the lens is fixed but what a lens and it has over 14x optical zoom. The other big bonus it is a lot cheaper than a DSLR.
It is 12.5cm wide 9cm tall and between 15 and 21cm wide dependant on where the lens is. It is not light at 970grams. So the neck strap is all important, in fact it will look exactly like a DSLR but it will cost a great deal less. Anyone who has focused using the sides of the lens on a DSLR will love the fact that’s exactly what you do here. Most DSLR come with the basic 18-55mm lens and should you require more that’s another lens to carry around.
While many digital cameras can equal or even better the 10MP image size of this FinePix S8100 I cannot think of any that come up to the 18x optical zoom that it offers.
click to enlarge It is 10.5x9x7.5cm when off in your hand or hanging round your neck however when fully zoomed you need to add another 6cm to the 9cm width. It weights a tad under 500 grams. It comes with a 68 page Basic Manual and while this does very little to explain all the 'bells and whistles' it will get even the novice going.
This looks like a small DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) camera while is not it does have a range of features such as a decent continuous shooting mode only normally found on DLSR units.
click to enlarge It is 10x7x7cm when switched off, the lens can jut out by another 3.5cm. It is of course black and it weights around 360grams with - shock horror - the supplied 4x 'AA' batteries inserted. It is supplied with a neck strap partly as most wrists would soon get tired with that weight and probably partly as DSLR units always come with neck straps.
fuji z5 silver compact digital camer

FujiFilm Finepix Z5

This is certainly a camera small enough to slip into a shirt pocket, however do not let it’s lack of size make you think it is just another near entry level offering, it has hidden secrets.
The is 9x5.5x2cm maximum measurements. When you zoom in the lens does not move out and the zoom is handled internally working rather like a periscope. The weight even with the metal body is only around 150grams. FinePix Z5 This has a solid feel without being heavy.
fuji f30 1 camer

FujiFilm Finepix F30

Certainly a camera small enough to fit in any pocket or purse and while it is supplied with a woefully inadequate memory card it does come with a case as standard.
It is 9x5.5x2.5 but the width extends from 2.5cm to 6cm with the lens extended. The weight is around 200grams. All this means it is easy to fit into the palm of an adult hand. This is a 6.3mega pixel camera with 3x optical zoom that is various shaded of silver. Just for a change lets start with the back this is dominated by the 5x4cm TFT display and to the right of this are six buttons and a five position wheel.
fuji finepix v10 camer

Fujifilm FinePix V10

This powerful 5MP camera with 3.4 to 1 optical zoom is small enough to fit into the smallest pocket but has one of the biggest TFT displays I have seen.
The TFT display literally fills the whole back of the unit. The dimensions are 8.5x6.5x2.5cm and it weights around 150grams. The TFT display is 6x4.5cm and in a line along the bottom of the display are seven buttons that control the unit.
I think of this as a semi professional digital camera however the price seems to put it in the amateur camp. Certainly making adjustments to zoom and focus on the lens stem is a big leap from point and shoot.
The dimensions are 12x13x9cm and the 13cm depth increases by up to 4.5cm when the 28-300mm lens is fully extended. This gives 10.7 to 1 optical zoom. In the short time I have had it I have taken the opportunity to take as many images as possible and I have only scratched the surface of what this can do. There is a rather good built in flash but do not try taking images very close together when using it as it takes a while to recharge.