Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 24

Published in Software by mfereday on Sep 22, 2020
For those wanting to don their video director's hat, Corel offers this next product.

890081 Corel PaintShop Pro 2021 UltimatPaintShop Pro 2021

Published in Software by mfereday on Sep 17, 2020
During the ever-passing years, PaintShop Pro has undergone numerous make-overs. It would have taken somebody with the skill of a Nostradamus to get even close to how the original file conversion program would develop into today's graphics suite offering.

889876 parallels toolbox parallelParallels Toolbox

Published in Software by paul_smart on Sep 9, 2020
'How do I do that' or 'let me think' as I do not complete that task very often. Windows can do most things however it often makes the task difficult. Parallels Toolbox has a range of one step tools to complete the tasks that Windows makes more complex, some may even seem impossible this collection of over thirty different tools are in a simple package.

889629 Bitdefender Total SecuritBitDefender

Published in Software by paul_smart on Aug 19, 2020
The only way you know if your Anti Virus or Total Security product is doing its job is if it fails; and, if you have no problems, then it is probably doing its job. While I have previously told you about what McAfee and Kaspersky have to offer today its BitDefender.

889604 Parallels Toolbox 4.Plenty of Tools

Published in Software by mfereday on Aug 6, 2020
Stuck for a way to completing a task that should be simple then the answer might be a Toolbox.

Ccleaner Update

Published in Software by mfereday on May 7, 2020
Personal Computer users will appreciate that over time their piece of equipment will often loose its initial fast responsiveness. Tasks that once could be completed at a rate that was more than acceptable during the earlier months, now take their time thus causing degrees of frustration.

887720 TutorialFacial Improvement

Published in Software by mfereday on Jan 30, 2020
A picture, so they say, may be worth a thousand words but sometimes the image does not tell the complete story. Images, especially those of celebrities, have sometimes been doctored to enhance and modify the original image by specialist using software such as PortraitPro 19 from Anthropics Technology.

886505 panda dome advanced securitPanda Dome Advanced

Published in Software by paul_smart on Nov 27, 2019
This is one of several security software products that promise to keep you safe. What each product promises is slightly different so they all have a place according to what you want, here an offering from Panda their Internet Security offering.

886234 McAfee Total Protection 202McAfee Total Protection 2020

Published in Software by paul_smart on Nov 11, 2019
A lot of software is sold as a subscription some stop working once the subscription ends other will continue to work with limited functionality which in the case of security software probably means you will soon find you have problems with viruses and other nasty results. So one thing you always keep right up to date should be security software.

885742 Nero Platinum UnlimiteNero Platinum or Nero 365

Published in Software by paul_smart on Oct 9, 2019
No longer do Nero do a standard version but now you can get a Nero 365 Platinum that expires in a year or Nero Platinum that will keep working – without the addition of any new features – for ever, either way the contents of the package is Nero Platinum.

885599 Acronis True Image 202Acronis 2020

Published in Software by paul_smart on Sep 16, 2019
I have used Acronis for years it has often been able to replace a file or files that would otherwise be lost, earlier this year after a hard disc crash I was able to say ‘thank you’ when I was able to restore everything on a new hard drive. These days Ransonware is one of the most popular tools for thieves and used correctly even that can be thwarted.

885539 Corel Pinnacle Studio 23 UltimatCorel Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 23

Published in Software by mfereday on Sep 10, 2019
Adding to its range of graphics software products, Corel has released version 23 of its Pinnacle Studio offering. I was fortunate to have been sent a free version of the top of the range Ultimate product rather than the standard Studio or Studio Plus products.

Spring Cleaning

Published in Software by mfereday on Aug 29, 2019
If your computer seems slower than usual then maybe it is time for a spring clean.

885445 paintshop pro 2020 ultimatPaintShop Pro 2020

Published in Software by mfereday on Aug 27, 2019
As a long established fan of a product originally developed as a file conversion utility and launched in 1991 by Robert Voit's JASC company, it is that time of year when I can look forward to the arrival of the latest version of PaintShop Pro. Now firmly entrenched as part of the company's family of graphic software, Corel has sent me a copy of PaintShop Pro XX to review for

885414 parallels toolbox 3.5 mac and windowDesktop Parallel Tools

Published in Software by mfereday on Aug 22, 2019
Time does not stand still especially when a company take-over is involved as part of the process. In some cases favourite projects can suffer the short-end of the straw as it is ignored but this is not always what occurs. Take for example the Parallel's Toolbox and how the company reacted to a take-over..

884906 AVG TuneUp 201A Suite of Utilities

Published in Software by mfereday on Jul 9, 2019
As another year passes, I take a look at the latest version of an old friend

884484 acronis true image 201Acronis for REAL

Published in Software by paul_smart on June 10, 2019
While I have restored files and folders which have become corrupted the only REAL test is when your computer fails to boot and at the very least this is not a trivial process. Yes my hard disc crashed, so first job is to get it removed from the computers case, second get a replacement drive and then with the aid of the Acronis disc a chance to do a complete restore.

TheBat! Email client

Published in Software by adrianmorant on June 2, 2019
TheBat! V.8 is the latest incarnation of a versatile shareware email client which is available in both Professional and Home versions.

883986 Anthropics LandscapePro VChanging the Scenery

Published in Software by mfereday on May 9, 2019
They say “The camera never lies” but this is a view that those innovative people at Anthropics Technologies would not subscribe to.

883775 f secure key securitA Protection Suite

Published in Software by mfereday on Apr 27, 2019
F-Secure, as you might presume from the company’s title, offers users a range of hardware, software, apps and Cloud protection solutions.

883200 DxO Photolab 2 boDxO PhotoLab

Published in Software by mfereday on Mar 26, 2019
There has to be a first time for everything and this was that kind of occasion for me when looking at this next product.

Subscription Vs Ownership

Published in Software by paul_smart on Mar 20, 2019
Some years ago Microsoft vastly reduced offering the chance to own certain software notably their flagship Office product in favour of a subscription model where you continue to pay every year/month to continue using the product.
A product I have used since its very early days when it was ‘shareware’ it was purchased a good while ago by Corel who do what they do to improve and enhance its features, then they add lots of extras so this basic product is now anything but basic.


Published in Software by paul_smart on Jan 25, 2019
Passwords are a pain, good passwords are a greater pain, but no password or one that is easily cracked are the greatest pain of all. Certainly you should never use words such as names and try not to repeat passwords however tempting.

881379 Kaspersky Security Cloud familKaspersky Security Cloud Family

Published in Software by paul_smart on Dec 24, 2018
A recent visit to what used to be a very run down area near Paddington found lots of new offices off a busy main road with what I assume was a small river or canal running through all very upmarket. My meeting was with a top man from Kaspersky Labs to chat about the latest threats that affect us all even if all we have is a PC or mobile phone.

880811 Nero Platinum 2019 BoNero 2019 Platinum

Published in Software by paul_smart on Nov 16, 2018
The next of the 2019 versions to cross my desk and again a product that gets used all year and not just while being reviewed. However I tend to use one feature the CD/DVD burning software at least once a week all year other features less frequently.

880778 Kaspersky Total Security 201Kaspersky Total Security 2019

Published in Software by adrianmorant on Nov 11, 2018
Kaspersky Total Security 2019 is aimed at meeting a family’s need for computer security with Safe Kids parental control being one of its additional features.

880651 Nero Platinum 2019 BoA Multimedia Suite

Published in Software by mfereday on Nov 1, 2018
This next product is made up of tools that allow you to take control of the different aspects of your digital life.

880633 McAfee LiveSafMcAfee LiveSafe

Published in Software by paul_smart on Oct 24, 2018
A company that started as Anti Virus protection but now so many nasty things are not strictly viruses but other ways have been found to affect your PC or mobile device and perhaps the most noticeable is stealing your wallet the last mentioned is not literal but once your cards are compromised they do remove everything you have and even things you don’t like your sanity.

880511 acronis true image 201Acronis True Image 2019

Published in Software by paul_smart on Oct 15, 2018
Yes it’s the time of year when lots of software companies vie to be the first to bring their ‘2019’ products to market. Here is one that I use all year not just while I review it and on a couple of occasions when disaster has struck it was there to help.