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It is time to produce mosaics as you join penguins exploring the Cosmos.
Those  pesky penguins are back in town with the latest Fantasy Mosaics title.  Now up to number 53 and subtitled Mysterious Cosmos, this Match Gems developed offering features the intrepid travellers of Una and Aaron.  This inquisitive duo embark on an intergalactic journey that involves a black hole and plenty of nanogram game play. I should explain for the benefit of those not familiar with the nanogram concept, this form of game play allows you to create multicoloured mosaics.
While there may be no fairies at the bottom of your garden, other strange creatures could exist elsewhere.
We are not alone or so we are led to believe.  Do not take my word for it as Domini Games has revealed the secret of this infiltration of our world.  This side-by-side existence does not involve an alien life-form which has chosen to share our planet but creatures from that dream-like state we have tried very hard to forget about.
When offered the chance of a royal style of life would you be able to resist the offer?
As part of the Living Legends series, Frozen Beauty is a Hidden Object Adventure game developed by 4 Friends  Game.  My review of the product is based on the Collector's Edition of the game which comes with a number of bonus items.  While bonus items dealing with Wallpaper, Screensavers, Music and Concept Art are available immediately, you will need to make progress in the game before being allowed access to Movies, Puzzles, Hidden Object and Extra game play offerings.
Europe is, yet again, the location for a series of Hidden Object scenes with puzzle solving thrown in for good measure.
The travel agents at Lazy Bay Games have come up with a second version of a European Tour for the stay-at-home traveller.  Classified as a Hidden Object trip, this is European Quest 2 which offers more of the same as that found in the original European Quest title. By creating profiles, different people can play the game and have their progress recorded.
Are you ready to progress on the path to become a Magician by completing the required Handbook?
In an effort to allow you to continue your training as a fully fledged Magician, BC Soft Games has come up with the Magician Handbook II.  With a subtitle of BlackLore, this Hidden Object and magic influenced game pits you against an evil magician pirate.  This is the BlackLore of the subtitle and he has captured all the world's magicians and fairies, apart from one stray fairy.
Can you survive the double threat of adverse weather conditions and fire-breathing dragons as you save the world from evil?
One topic that is never far from the thoughts of residents in the UK is that of the weather.  Whether is it too wet, too hot, too cold, too warm, the weather is not how we would like it to be and an alternate condition would rank high on our wish list.  But image what it would be like if we had to cope with a situation such as an Eternal Winter that forms the basis of  game developed by those innovative people at Domini Games.
Corporate advancements can be achieved in different ways including extending the life of your boss.
Here I am looking at two items that could well be solutions for a couple of Christmas ideas. Secret Identity is a game for both older children and adults. The second also ticks two boxes most will know what Top Trumps are, a set of playing cards, but they are always on a theme with great images, here the images are Sports Cars something that will appeal to all the people that cannot afford the real thing.
This is not an easy game to master, so it is not for younger children, the stated age is 10+ having said that the object is to make people guess your card which is probably the exact opposite to what the object of most other games objectives are. Unlike a lot of games for several players you need to be sober to get the best from it. It can be played by a minimum of three players and a maximum of eight players. You will need a level playing surface such as a good sized table.
With a missing relative, dead bodies and a statue of a wolf, just what is going on?
The Curse of Werewolves, developed by Nordcurrent, is a Hidden Object Adventure game.  I have been looking at the Collector's Edition of this game which comes with a couple of additional items to supplement the main game.  The additional items give you access to various wallpapers and three jigsaw puzzles that can be tackled immediately if you wish.
Why are the locals so secretive about Hob's Barrow and very reluctant to talk about this burial chamber?
Developed by Cloak & Dagger Games, The Excavation of Hob's Barrow is a sideways scrolling, point & click game that falls into the folk horror category.    With a point & click game, your on-screen character will respond to your mouse clicks by moving left, right and, in some cases, backwards and forwards through the layers of scenery in quest of their aims.  You are cast in the role of Thomasina Bateman.
Put your paranormal fears to one side and see if you can resolve the issues raised by a five-game pack.
Spirits & Demons is a five-game pack of Hidden Object Adventure games from the Alawar catalogue.  Making up this pack, supplied on a single DVD, are House of 1000 Doors – Evil Inside, Chronicles from Beyond – The Untold Story, The Other Side – Tower of Souls, Demon Hunter 2 – A New Chapter and Queen’s Quest – Tower of Darkness.
Following on from Haunted Halls Green Hills Sanatorium. when game players were introduced to the evil Dr. Blackmore, the story line moves onto the evil doctor's latest experiments which, this time, involve young children.
The second episode in the Haunted Halls series, subtitled Fears from Childhood, is a Hidden Object Adventure game as the player is once again given the task of thwarting the plans and latest experiments of the dastardly doctor.  I have been looking at the Collector's Edition of the title which adds bonus game play, screensavers, wallpaper, concept art and a sound track features that are available once the main game bas been completed.
Veronica Rivers is a rescue pilot who never seems to be too far from a dangerous situation. As a result she has been cast as the central character and heroine in a number of Hidden Object Adventure game. Two of these titles have been bundled together to form the subject matter of this next review.
Developed by Dragon Altar Games, the title of Portals of the Unknown starts with Veronica working at the North Pole. She receives a distress call and she sets out to help. The game consists of a mixture of mini game puzzles, Hidden Objects scenes, evidence gathering, dialogue and linking cut-scenes. Any dialogue in this game is delivered solely in text format while cut-scenes contain a minimum of animation with overlaid windows to add focus to any activity.
Can you help a young girl escape the machinations of a King and his Chancellor companion?
The Painted Tower, as you might suspect, forms part of the Drawn series of Puzzle Adventure games.  As with the other offerings in this series, the game is based around a concept of magic paintings that can draw people into fantasy worlds.  In this case the game is built around a magical tower that is not acting as it should and a young girl, called Iris, who is currently trapped inside.
895653 The Monogamy Couples Board Gam

Fondle and Monogamy

Christmas is just around the corner and while it is a time for families and especially younger children. What of those of teenage years approaching adulthood, well games of an adult nature might be of interest that may even lead to a relationship. Here are two such games the first for up to four players but playable with less. The second is a for a couple of consenting adults. So dependant of age you may start with Fondle and move on to Monogamy.
In the box are a 1.2x1.2metre mat with a range of pieces of fruit in various positions, a 25cm circular double sided spinner, four pairs of coloured glasses and a 21x15cm piece of card that has the rules in six languages. I suppose it’s a little bit like twister as the mat has positions that you might have to say place a foot.
Can you handle murder, mystery and madness when tackling this collection of titles?
Take a smidgen of murder, add a flavour of mystery before sprinkling in some madness and the result could be a triple pack of Hidden Object Adventure game play.  Entitled Murder, Mystery & Madness, the three main ingredients of this package are Shades of Death - Royal Blood, developed by VOGAT Interactive, Time Mysteries - Inheritance, developed by Artifex Mundi, and Doors of the Mind - Inner Mysteries, developed by QB9.
Join a family as they try to escape from an ancient curse in a new museum.
Some, of a certain age, might have fond memories from their youth that involve sitting in a cinema wearing a pair of red and green glasses to watch a film in 3D.  Those same paper-framed glasses with their red and green eye pieces make a reappearance in this next Hidden Object Adventure game entitled Escape the Lost Kingdom.  Developed by GOGII, this game integrates you as a member of a typical family, made up of mother, father, daughter, son and troublesome pet.
Join Victorian detectives as they set out to solve the mystery of a village conducting human sacrifices.
Your holiday plans are put in disarray by weather conditions and the appearance of a phantom.
Mountain Trap - The Manor of Memories is a Hidden Object Adventure game.  Developed by Color Brush Studio, this game casts you in the role of a person who sets out to help a friend who is in trouble and then spends more time and effort helping a phantom bride. When setting up this game you have the usual assortment of options.  Named profiles can be created to record the progress of different players.  Whatever name you give to the profile will be used for your in-game character.
There are plenty of images to select from as numerous cats set you a puzzle.
Jigsaws have come a long way since the first commercial offerings were developed by the British cartographer and engraver John Spilsbay around 1760.  Consisting of a European map on hardwood which was cut out by a saw, the first jigsaws were meant for use as an educational tool to teach children about geography and the layout of different countries. While still being retained as an educational tool, the focus of jigsaw has developed in other ways with a computer base being just one of them.