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When family members go missing, you will make every effort, as does Rose Carter, in this Alawar offering.
Developed by Alawar's Friday's Games, Stray Souls - Stolen Memories is classified as a Hidden Object Adventure excursion.  I have been looking at the Collector's Edition of this title.  Along with the main game, involving a mother's quest to rescue her daughter and husband from the forces of evil, this package features a number of bonus items.  The bonus collection consists of wallpaper, concept art, music, characters, mini games, video and an extra chapter.
Living deep underground, huge hungry snakes decide it is feeding time and people are on the menu. Can you stop this happening?
Forming part of the House of 1000 Doors series, Serpent Flame has been developed by Alawar's Five-bn team.  This particular game belongs to the Hidden Object Adventure genre and is the follow-up title to Family Secret and Palm of Zoroaster offerings. My review is based on the Collector's Edition of the game.  As usual with Collector's Edition titles, Serpent Flame features a number of bonus items.
Always be prepared is a Scouting belief and, in this case, it means be prepared to create mosaics.
Adventure Mosaics - Small Islanders is a puzzle game.  Developed by DIGIMIGHT, this game is of the nanogram variety.  For those unfamiliar with this type of puzzle game play, I should explain it involves creating coloured mosaics on a grid guided by numeric clues arranged along the top and left side of the grid.  Initially this form of game play involved monochrome mosaics but recently versions, such as this title, make use of colour in the make up of the image.
When a town's population drops to just 10% of its previous figure, you known something is wrong.
When you are asked to authenticate a legendary item, make sure you offer the correct verdict otherwise problems could occur.
As part of the GoGii developed catalogue of titles "Theatre of the Absurd" is a hidden Object Adventure game.  I have been looking at the Collector's Edition of the game which comes with a number of bonus items.  Included in the bonus items are an opportunity to explore the Atrium of Souls, solve the Corvus' Grand Decanter and restore the Hapsburg Cube.  These extra items are locked until the main game has been completed.
In Sherlock Holmes' Absence, a new detective enters the scene to deal with an adversary from an earlier investigation.
I must admit to misreading the title of this next game.  Being a fan of the television series of "Elementary", I should have no excuse for confusing "Mr" with "Ms".  For those who have not seen "Elementary", I should point out that this series is based on stories featuring Sherlock Holmes and Dr, Watson.  In "Elementary", Dr Watson's character is a woman and not the man of the original stories.  Something similar occurs with "Ms Holmes - The Monster of the Baskervilles".
With a change of clothing, eFunsoft has turned one game into another.
Following the release of "The Chronicles of Confucius's Journey", eFunsoft has turned its focus on to a biblical epic with "The Chronicles of Moses and the Exodus".  In both cases, these two titles belong to the popular Match-3 genre of game play.  In fact these two titles follow an almost identical pattern in their gaming format and the way they are presented to the gamer.
Are you up for a fight? No this is not a personal challenge but one based on the Quest of the Sorceress Match-3 game.
Usually when you take on the challenge of a Match-3 game, you are set the task of cleaning areas of a grid or collecting tiles of a particular type or colour.  But the Sorceress of this next game has something completely different in mind.  This TAG Publishing game of "Quest of the Sorceress" retains the standard features of creating groups of 3 or more similarly decorated tiles by swapping two adjacent tiles.
It is time to visit the world of Sacra Terra and rescue those trapped by a succubus,
Available in both Standard and Collector's Edition versions, "Sacra Terra - Kiss of Death" is a Hidden Object Adventure game that has been developed by Alawar Five - BN.  I have been looking at the Collector's Edition which comes with a few bonus items.  Along with an extra chapter that becomes available once the main game has been completed, you get Concept Art, Wallpaper and a Strategy Guide. Prior to entering the Sacra Terra gaming environment.
While featuring a wolf and grandmother, there is no Red Riding Hood in this next game.
The Curse of the Werewolves is a Hidden Object Adventure game.  I have been looking at the Collector's Edition of a game developed by Nordcurrent.  Along with the main game, involving the mystery of a missing grandmother and an evil influence, this Collector's Edition comes with three different wallpapers and three jigsaw puzzles using scenes from the main offering.
With a kidnapped detective, investigating daughter and a helpful dog, this next game sets you on the trail of missing relics.
During the coronavirus pandemic, with its associated lockdown and self-isolation, I have sometimes been reduced to watching repeats of some early black & white television programmes.  These programmes are based on Erle Stanley Gardner's Perry Mason stories.  The reason for this confession regarding my viewing of a very early crime based series is due to the appearance of a Penny Macey Mystery game on my review list.  This game is entitled Relics of Fate.
Put your Match-3 skills to the test as you take a journey with Confucius on his epic voyage.
Alexery Pajitnov has a lot to answer for with regards to puzzle addiction with his Tetris offering.
Where did the crew and cargo disappear to is a mystery you need to solve in this next game.
With the lengthy title of "Left in the Dark - No One on Board", this is a Hidden Object game.  Developed by Moonrise Interactive, this game places you in the role of Detective Charlotte Austin.  You are summoned by the Mayor of Providence to investigate the strange case of a sailing ship which left Providence with a full crew and plenty of cargo.  It then disappeared for a while before reappearing but without crew or cargo.
With more puzzles than you could shake a stick at, this next game tells the story of a town that can only be visited once every 300 years.
"As the sequel to the "Ghost of Maple Creek", "Enigmatis-The Mists of Ravenwood" is a Hidden Object Adventure game. Developed by Artifex Mundi, the game casts you in the role of a female detective on the trail of a demonic preacher who was featured in the original title.
I have been using the Collector's Edition of "The Mists of Ravenwood" which contains a number of bonus items categorised as Extras.  Some of the bonus items give immediate access while a couple require the main game to be completed before you can enter them.  In the case of the former you can check out Concept Art, Wallpaper and Achievements.
You are about to join a family of explorers on their quest to locate the City of Mists.
It all began with Great Grandfather who spun many tales of this strange island which, like the town of Brigadoon, would only become visible and accessible to mere mortals once every twenty years.  On one of these infrequent occasions, Great Grandfather claimed he discovered that the island was home to a mysterious vault that contained treasures untold.  As proof of this claim, Great Grandfather was happy to show off a mysterious charm required for access.
Charles Dexter Ward returns to try and undo the mistakes he made in the past.
Fans of Gothic Horror will no doubt recognise the storyline on which this next game of "The Soul Keeper" is based.  Drawing on a source of inspiration from a H. P. Lovecraft novel and forming part of the Dark Mysteries series, "The Soul Keeper" comes with the claim of being a supernatural Hidden Object game. I have been looking at the Platinum Edition of "Dark Mysteries: The Soul Keeper" which is developed by Cerucus Media.
As a fan of the Anne McCaffrey series of novels based on the interaction between telepathic dragons and humans on the planet Pern, I am instinctively drawn towards games with "Dragon" in their titles such as "The Legend of Eratus - Dragonlord".
Developed by eFunsoft, "The Legend of Eratus - Dragonlord" is a Match-3 game that follows the recent trend of dividing its action into a series of chapters with each section featuring upgrades that need to be completed before you are allowed to progress to the next chapter and areas of the realm where this story is based.  With this game, you are about to enter a land where King Haleth ruled over this peaceful land.