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As one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon need your help to return them to their full glory.
Developed by Suricate Games, Babylonia belongs to the Match-3 genre.  This game takes you back to a time in the dim and distant past when King Nebuchadnezzar ruled the grand city and kingdom of Babylon.  It was on his orders that the Hanging Gardens of Babylon were created.  These Gardens were given, as a gift, to Nebuchadnezzar beloved wife, Amyitis.
Mixing Hidden Object game play and restoring pictures, this next game involves the Incan Sun.
Developed by Jolly Bears Games, Undiscovered World: The Incan Sun is a Hidden Object game.  When playing this game there is a choice of three modes although only the first mode of Find the Incan Sun is initially available.  You need to complete this mode before you are granted access to Unlimited node (find all the objects in each location) and Mini Games (replay the eight mini games that occurs). Before embarking on this game you can create profiles for individual players.
It is time to become a collage graduate as you help a famous archaeologist
875301 game Spirit of the Ancient Fores

Helping Sarah

Do you need to practice your skills at recognising twins and triplets? If so, this next game could help.
Developed by Shaman Games, and bearing the rather impressive title of Spirit of the Ancient Forest, this next game belongs to the Hidden Object genre.  However, instead of the usual approach of producing lists of text objects or silhouettes that need to be found, this game takes a totally different route when presenting its challenge of finding the required objects.  It does this by simply not telling you what objects are required.
Take a trip through various worlds as you set out to protect a book from the clutches of somebody intent on ruling everybody.
Amaranthine Voyage: The Obsidian Book is a Hidden Object Adventure game developed by Eipix Entertainment.  The game forms part of a series that includes The Tree of Life, The Living Mountain and the Shadow of Torment with each title being a self-contained entity.  I have been looking at the Collector’s or Platinum version of The Obsidian Book which comes with a number of bonus items. The bonus items are available from the game’s title page under the heading of Extras.
A recent visit to view some of Amazon’s cornucopia of goods introduced me to a product designed to enhance my communication skills.
Are you ready to play a game?  I should explain that this is not the usual type of game that I review for Gadgetspeak.  Rather than a computer game offering visual representations of different environments as you search for clues and carry out tasks, this next game involves cards designed to pique your imagination and creativity as you produce your own visual imagery.
With 50 levels, many of which are challenging, this next game sets you the task of helping a young woman regain her memory.
Do you remember your dreams or are you the kind of person who wakes from a deep sleep knowing you have dreamed but can not remember an iota of these distant memories?  Whatever your answer, you could be an ideal candidate to enter the world of Oriental Dreams.  Developed by Adept Studios, this game is classified as belonging to the Match-3 with some additional features.
When a job offering arrives, with financial rewards that are too good to be true, then you should regard it with suspicion. Albert didn’t!
Cursed is a Hidden Object Adventure game which casts in the role of a young woman who is in the process of preparing for her forthcoming wedding to her fiancé Albert.  The preparations however were interrupted when Albert receives a letter offering him a job with financial rewards that would pay for the wedding, a home for the young couple and set them up for life.  Not surprisingly Albert takes up the job but then goes missing after arriving at his new workplace.
Not to be confused with Vesuvius, which proved quite capable of being destructive in its own way, Vesuvia is a Match-3 game with some minor elements of an adventure that will keep you occupied for many hours.
This game allows you to make a number of certain adjustments to its playing environment and type of game play.  Profiles can be set up for individual players.  These profiles will contain the volume levels for sound, music and voice-overs plus whether the game is played in full screen mode with or without a custom cursor.
As its title suggests Nightfall Mysteries Double Pack consists of two games. Bundles together by GameHouse, a popular gaming site, the two games are Curse of the Opera and Asylum Conspiracy. My review is written in the order I played the games rather than the order in which they were meant to be played.
Developed by Vast Studios, Curse of the Opera is a Hidden Object Adventure game that is based around a group of travelling entertainers who put on operatic performances.  Your role is that of a dogs-body or stagehand who seems to do the bidding of everybody else.  Prior to starting the game, you can adjust the volume levels for music and sound plus opt for full screen game play and voice-over dialogue.
Taking on the role of a sea captain, you need to discover why somebody has green eyes.
Developed by Seven Sails, Obscure Legends: Curse of the Ring is a Hidden Object Adventure game.  Your role in this game is that of a sea captain whose ship is wrecked in a violent storms in the Caribbean Sea in 1875.  You find yourself, as the sole survivor, cast ashore on a mysterious island that is home to a strange character with glowing green eyes.
Unlike Dr Who and the TARDIS, you need a glove to visit various time periods in this next game.
Wave of Time, published by Itera Labs, is a Hidden Object Adventure game.  This game, as its title might indicate, is based on the concept of time travel and what might happen if an object from the future was left behind in the past by a participant.  That somebody is you in your role of a young woman called Jane who has been having some memory problems of late.
Taking you on a trip through Old London, this next title adds a range of features to the familiar Match-3 game play.
Developed by Kool Haus Games, Antique Shop – Lost Gems London is the follow up offering to the similar entitled Antique Shop – Lost Gems Egypt.  Fortunately no knowledge of the earlier title is required to play this latest offering which is based on a cursed historic London City built around this Match–3 offering as you find clues and solve mysteries on your archaeological journey.
Put your skills as a thief to good use as you attempt to thwart a secret cult intent on taking control.
Released as a combined effort from Playrix Games and Shaman Games is the Hidden Object Adventure game entitled Fall of the New Age.  I have been looking at the Collector’s Edition of the game which features a number of bonus items to which you gain access once the main game has been completed.  These bonus items include Concept Art, Wallpaper, Screensaver, Art, Music and Video.
Eden’s Quest: The Hunt for Akua is a treasure hunt dressed up as a puzzle game with just a smidgen of adventure game play to add some extra sparkle.
Eden’s Quest: The Hunt is set on an island that is divided into zones that need to be completed in the appropriate order.  In this game you are cast in the role of Eden Hunt who has recently received a Woman of the Year award for her discovery of a 2300 year old Egyptian tomb. On her return from this mission, Eden discovers that she has been invited to take part in a challenge to join a treasure hunt to find Akua and win the prize of $10,000,000.
Developed by BLAM! Games, Dangerous Game: Illusionist belongs to the Hidden Object Adventure genre. This game is available in Standard and Collector’s Edition versions. My review is based on the latter version which has a number of bonus items.
Dangerous Game: Illusionist’s title screen gives you the option to create profiles for those planning to play the game in your household.  A profile can contain a player’s individual progress plus the volume levels for sound effects, music and voice dialogue.  You can also decide whether to play in full screen mode with or without a custom cursor which changes shape to indicate when different actions are possible.  Four levels of difficulty are available.
Stepping back in time, you can visit 19th century Eastern Europe as you attempt to defeat the plans of an evil being called Mephisto.
While classified as a Hidden Object game, Exorcist does have its fair share of Adventure and Puzzle elements.  Developed by Intenium and Deep Shadow, this game casts you in the role of Garret Ghostfighter who lives up to his name by taking on the task of tackling and defeating ghosts in 19 century Eastern Europe.  In the case of this game, Garret’s main adversary is called Mephisto who appears to control several ghosts and has some hold over out hero.
With a choice of playing methods, this next game presents you with numerous Match-3 grids that need to be completed.
It is time to step into Wizard Land.  Developed by Rumbic Studio, this game belongs to the Match-3 genre with one or two extra items thrown in for good measure as you attempt to restore the status quo in Wizard Land. At one time this enchanted land, home to Wizards, Witches, Fairies and all manner of strange creatures was a happy place where magic rules and the mood of the inhabitants matched that of the gorgeous storybook style scenery.
After withstanding massive storms, the Elven tribe land on a lost island and start to make their new home.
Developed by FIVE-BN Games, Lost Island – Eternal Storm is a point-and-click adventure title with a strong element of puzzle solving and Hidden Object exploration action.  The game opens with a fairly dramatic, story-setting 3D sequence that can be cut short if you are in a hurry to get to the main action which is set in the location of the Lost Island of the product’s title.
Forget the popcorn and fun rides, a visit to the Carnival of this next title is more concerned with a missing mother.
When a lengthy opening animated sequence involves a mother, named Susan Jones, taking her young daughter into a carnival’s House of Horrors, you should have a good idea that any subsequent events will involve a force of evil and numerous problems.