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Continuing the adventures of the Victor and Gustav brothers, this time the Mystic Diary takes you to a haunted island.
Mystic Diary - Haunted Island is a Hidden Object Adventure game.  This title was developed by Sunray Game.  Following the well-established pattern, this title allows you to create profiles to record the progress of individual players as they delve into the mysteries of this environment plus make adjustments to the gaming environment.
Forget Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, other crimes in the Victorian era were solved by two other detectives.
Following the successful conclusion of their first Gaslamp Case of the Deadly Machine, e-Funsoft has brought back the intrepid duo of Jack and Morgan to solve Gaslamp Case 2.  This game is The Haunted Village played out in Match-3 game format. Prior to joining up with two of the leading detectives of the Victorian era, you can create profiles to record the progress of those playing this game.  Adjustments can be made to the volume levels used by sound effects and background music.
There is an evil spirit causing havoc with fireballs that you need to defeat in this next game.
Following a period of recovery, having survived an exploration of the Hours of 1000 Doors, it was time to return to this building that provides a portal to a series of other worlds.  My follow-up visit was to the House of 1000 Doors: The Palm of Zoroaster as the House made one of its infrequent appearances in a random location.  The result is a Hidden Object Adventure game developed by Five-bn.
Magicians are good at developing tricks but is it a trick when a magician goes missing?
Mystic Diary - The Lost Brother is a Hidden Object Adventure game developed by Sunray Games.  When you play this game of a brother's search for his missing brother, you have the familiar options of creating profiles to record the progress made by individual players.  You also have the option to adjust the volume levels for background music and sound effects with full screen viewing and a custom cursor.
With a cast list that includes pirates, a mermaid, sae monster and an island built to act as a retirement home, this next game is a nightmare from the deep.
You always remember your first time and this  occasion certainly qualifies.  The next title in my review schedule arrived in a box prominently displaying the GSP branding.  This is the company that provided the product that formed the basis for the first review I had published many years ago.  This product was a utility entitled "Do It on your Desktop".  While I still have my review copy of the software, the magazine that published my review has long since closed down.
Mexicana, The Gift, Twisted Lands; Origin, Love Alchemy and Forest Legends: The Call of Love are five titles which have been bundled together to create the Origin & Fate 5-pack.
Subtitled and developed by Happy Artist, Deadly Holiday: Mexicana places you, as its title might suggest, in Mexico for a Hidden Object Adventure game that involves you in trying to rescue a loved one from the world of the dead.  With options to create profiles for individual players, you can adjust volume levels for music and sound effects plus opt for full screen viewing and a custom cursor, the game can be played in either Casual or Expert level.
Are you ready to help a wife search for her missing husband?
Developed by Friday's Games, Stray Souls - Dollhouse is a Hidden Object Adventure game.  I have been looking at the Collector's Edition of this Alawar title which comes with the promise of featuring some bonus items stored within an Extras section.  However, unlike other titles bearing the Collector's Edition designation, Stray Souls - Dollhouse expects the main game to be completed before you are granted access to this Extras section and its titbits.
A house, whether a home or not, can hold many secrets waiting to be uncovered.
Developed by Five-bn and downloadable from the Alawar website, House of 1000 Doors: Family Secrets is a Hidden Object Adventure game.  I have been looking at the Collector's Edition of this game which places you in the role of Kate Reed who has been sent to investigate a strange structure which mysteriously appears in different locations around the world before disappearing again to appear elsewhere.
While often asking you to solve a mystery, the appearance of a game can be a mystery.
Last year I reviewed a game entitled Tower of God.  This game was based on a legend that if you had the skill, ability and desire to complete a climb to the top of a specific tower, then you would be granted a single wish.  Ironcode Gaming turned this legend into a computer game that consisted of Match-3 game play with accompanying occasional side-tracks of HO action, jigsaw puzzles, key release puzzles and matching pairs of card laid face down.
Can you navigate through this world, return shadowy figures to their normal shape, create potions, defeat enemies in battle and discover the cave city of Ermin-tera in order to recover the sacred relic?
Usually with games of the Match-3 genre, you can look forward to a series of grids with tiles that you need to remove by creating groups.  However there are exceptions and Cave Quest is one such title.  Developed by MD Studio, this game combines Adventure type activities with various forms of Match-3 game play. I have been looking at Cave Quest's Collectors Edition which contains a number of bonus items.
A doctor, detective and possible victim come together to solve a series of murders.
Shifting its focus to Murder by Moonlight, the next title from e-Funsoft is entitled Crimson Night.  This is a Match-3 game involving a series of murder that you are meant to solve as you assist Detective Elliot Moore. As usual you can create profiles to record the progress of individual players.  You can also adjust the volume levels used for background music and sound effects plus opt to play the game in full screen mode.
Sometimes mistakes committed earlier can be remedied later.
Do you fancy a trip to the "Spirit World"?  If so then e-Funsoft is willing to act as your travel agent.  While retaining the touch and feel of a sense of magic, e-Funsoft has taken its love affair with Match-3 game play from the Academy of Magic to Amanda's Magic Book.  Now up to version 3, Amanda's Magic Book is subtitled The Spirit World.
When putting together your meals for the day, you might have worries about an increase in your waist size but not if you use the method adopted by this next title.
A poplar board game of yesteryear, and probably still popular in either its original or more modern computer format, is that of completing jigsaws.  Recently I have been looking at Tasty Jigsaw Happy Hour 2.  Developed by 8 Floor, this game offers you a collection of 500 images which act as the source material image for your jigsaw puzzles.  These puzzles can then be completed at your own speed without the need to take up table space within the household.
If you need help then look elsewhere as this next Adventure game has no Hint feature.
Described as an Action game, although it could easily be designated as an Adventure game, this next title under review is The Wild Case.  Developed by Specialbit Studio, The Wild Case casts you in the role of an unnamed character who is sent to investigate a strange phenomena and discover more about the appearance of creatures with glowing eyes. Prior to entering the environment found in The Wild Case, you can make adjustments to the volume levels used by background music and sound effects.
With Cinderella relegated to a secondary role, the focus falls on the Fairy Godmother.
As part of the Fairy Godmother series of games, the one based on the story of Cinderella is a Hidden Object Adventure title.  Developed by Domini Games, this title conjures up a fresh take on the Cinderella story as the Fairy Godmother is accused of crimes and arrested. I have been looking at the Collector's Edition version of this game which comes with a number of bonus items.  The bonus items in Fairy Godmother - Cinderella have been grouped together in an Extras section.
Modern computer games have changed out of all recognition. This next game is an example of how it use to be.
Dipping into my "oldies bag" I came across of the Mysteryville 2 game.  Developed by Nevosoft and originally published by, this game is an early example of Hidden Object game play.  It is the type of game that would suit somebody taking their first steps into the gaming world of Hidden Object action. Allowing different people to partake in this challenge of Hidden Object and puzzle solving of this game, you can set up profiles to record the progress of each participant.
By creating mosaics, you can earn the funds to pay for a mechanical horse.
This next game from Digimight shows a change of focus.  Rather than deal with the Dwarf Brethren, this game concentrates on the work conducted at Mira's Workshop.  While the location of the game may have  altered from the forests and mountain homes of the Dwarf environment to the workshop, used by Mira and her friends to deal with mechanical matters, the style of game play remains the same.  This is a nonogram game.
Rather than a trip to the cinema, a film story could come to you with a game like Righteous Kill.
With a title that might send a shiver running up or down your spine, Righteous Kill is a Hidden Object game developed by Starz Media.  As you might suppose from its title, this is a game based on the film of the same title.  The film relates the story of New York police detectives, played by Robert De Niro and Al Pacino, tracking down a serial killer.
Combining five different titles featuring the battle between good and evil but are you up to the fight?
Recently I checked out a five title pack from the Focus Multimedia label entitled Darkness & Sorrow.  Now it is the turn of a similar offering from the same source.  This time the package consists five Hidden Object games brought together under the banner of Angels & Despair. As with the Darkness & Sorrow games, originally launched under the Alawar brand, the five titles making up Angels & Despair have the same heritage.
Continuing the Academy of Magic series, e-Funsoft turns a student into an evil wizard.
A new term starts at the Academy of Magic.  As the new students arrive for their lessons in magic, e-Funsoft has come up with the next version of its popular Match-3 series as students need to battle the latest threat to their way of life from the forces of evil.  This time the threat comes in the form of Dark Possession.