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Having carried out some spring cleaning, you may be able to say "Yes" to the next question.
Do you have enough room for a cabinet in your home?  I am not referring to the type of cabinet you would use to display your awards, of which I am sure you have plenty, or your collection of knick-knacks.
Developed by Anewiki & RetroStyle, Animal Drop Safari is a game that belongs to the Match 3 genre.
Unlike more recent examples of this genre that I have checked out recently, Animal Drop Safari uses a more basic interface appearance with larger clearly identified tiles displaying coloured heads of popular cuddly, animal toys.  The game involves making matches of three or more tiles of the same colour need to be created by swapping two adjacent tiles. You are cast in the role of a photographer's assistance who sets off on a wild expedition around the world.
Developed by Big Fish Games, Labyrinths of the World – The Devil’s Tower pits the player against a vengeful god on a mission of destruction in this Hidden Object Adventure game.
In this game it is up to you to defeat an army from another world under the leadership of the god and save your world from the forces of evil.  I have been checking out the Collectors edition of this game which features a number of bonus items, some of which only become available after progress has been made in the main game.
Faced by a powerful curse, you will need to use your alchemy skills to win the battle.
veloped by World-Loom GAMES, "Lost Grimoires 3 - The Forgotten Well" has been categorised as belonging to the Hidden Object genre.  However this game also features elements of Adventure and mini-game action as you enter a world where the war between the Kingdom of Phoenix and the elves appears to be coming to an end.
"The Enthralling Realm - The Witch and the Elven Princess","e-FunSift"
While a short snappy title might suit a particular game, a longer title, such as “The Enthralling Realms – The Witch and the Elven Princess”, can give you some idea as to what you are in for when taking on its challenge.  This lengthy title offering makes a return to the environment that featured Avis, the master alchemist who has his own school of alchemy, and two orphaned girls, Coral and Iris, who became pupils of Avis.
Whether it is a fable or fairy tale, a mother will do anything to rescue her young son.
WWhen magic makes an appearance in a game you can be sure that matters will not always be what they initially seem.  For example Chronicles of Magic - Divided Kingdoms, developed by House of Fables, categorises itself as a Hidden Object game but it could easily fit into the Adventure Hidden Object genre as it tells a tale of good and evil.
Do you remember those days of carrying your game collection in your pocket? Now you can relive the experience.
Last year I reviewed a Retro Handheld Console developed by Orb Gaming.  This product, designed to fit in a pocket for use in various locations, formed part of the Thumbs Up’s extensive catalogue of novelty and useful offerings.  Since my original review, the Retro Handheld Console has undergone a number of cosmetic changes to its original design appearance.
There are ghostly figures about with a selection of puzzles and Hidden Object game play, as you tackle the mystery of Mournful Loch.
antasmat: Mournful Loch is a graphics Adventure and Hidden Object game.  Published by Big Fish Games, this Eipik developed title attempts to put the player in the correct mood with a flashy opening video sequence and an appeal to turn up your system’s volume level for the maximum effect.  You can, from within the game, adjust various levels for music, sound effects, voice dialogue and the music used for cut-scenes.
Brush up on your Match 3 game playing skills as you return to the Impossible Universe.
As you can probably surmise, Mundus Impossible Universe 2 is the follow-up title to the similarly named Mundus Impossible Universe.  Both titles, developed by Rumbic, fall into the Match 3 category of game play as you are taken on a journey by the Great Shaman to visit and explore some of the worlds making up this unique environment. In the case of this follow-up title, the worlds that form your travel plans start off with one that is, and remains, unnamed.
Let us step back in time with a quick detour into the future with this next game.
Guard Duty is a graphic adventure game developed by Sick Chicken Studio.  This game started life as a hobby project back in 2014 when Nathan Hamley and Andy Saunders-White decided to realise a childhood dream of making a graphic adventure game.
When I first saw the subtitle of this next game, it reminded me a little of the Mumbo Jumbo title of the Clockwork Man game I reviewed a few years ago.
But Duskless – The Clockwork Army, as well as increasing the mechanical force as its focus, is a different kettle of fish. Rather than an adventure game, Duskless – The Clockwork Army is a Match 3 game. With a cast list that includes King William, Hiro a young inventor, Jane a fighting warrior and the evil Professor Bazel, this steampunk game challenges you to save Etherpoint City from Professional Bazel’s plans involving his band of killer robots.
A Match 3 journey is complicated by the appearance of various creatures and disadvantaged inhabitants.
Alchemist’s Apprentice 2 – Strength of Stones is a Match 3 game developed by Quick Click Games that take you on a journey to find a missing uncle.  As the “2” part of the product’s title might suggest, this is a follow-up offering.  Unfortunately as I missed the original title, I do not know how closely this title follows the pattern set by the first game.
Transported from the past, your on-screen detective, with paranormal skills, has crimes to solve.
Classified as belonging to the Hidden Object genre, Paranormal Stories has been developed by e-FunSoft Games.  In this game you take on the role of Esther, a private detective who has built up a reputation of being successful at completing her cases.  Her reputation is such that she is often called in to help by the local police.  However we are getting a little ahead of ourselves.
Put away your fishing rod as this sea-based offering involves mermaids and pearls.
I have to confess to never having actually met a mermaid.  I do not suppose that you have never had this type of meeting either.  Perhaps, like me, you would like to attempt to rectify this particular omission in your life experience by playing a game entitled “League of Mermaids”.
You may have heard of the golden age of gaming. Now you can experience it for yourself or pay a return visit.
A few months ago I took a look at several gaming units which were based on those machines that ate up our pocket money and loose change as we spent time in various establishments such as cafes and social areas.  These gaming devices, offering opportunities to play classic titles that included the Pac-Man™, Dig-Dug™ and Galaja™ blasts from the past, were table-top units with dimensions of 115 x 175 x 105 mm (W x H x D).
This next title comes from that hot bed of creative gaming talent known as FIVE-BN Games.
Forming part of the Lost Lands series of game episodes, this offering is sub-titled Mistakes of the Past and deals with a dark sorceress who was buried centuries ago but now walks among the inhabitants of the Lost Lands.  Your role in this game is to put right this mistake of the past and restore harmony to the Lost Lands. The game, which belongs to the Hidden Object Adventure genre, is available in Collector’s Edition format featuring a number of bonus items.
Just over a year ago I took a look at Secret Investigations: Nemesis. Now it is the turn of a follow-up offering in the series. This is Secret Investigations: Revelations.
As with the original title, Revelations belongs to the Hidden Object genre.  I will not bore you too much with the story line behind this game but it starts with a Wedding scene and involves a number of locations initially represented by decorated furniture shields or they might be free-standing paintings.
Classified as a Hidden Object Mystery game, Dead LinkPages Torn, has been developed by Phime. The game opens with a disturbing scene as a young woman is captured when taking a late night run through the countryside. Fortunately this video sequence can be skipped in order to move on to the main title screen.
Before embarking on Dead Link – Pages Torn you can create profiles for different players and adjust some of the gaming environment settings.  Adjustments can be made to the volume levels for music, sound, ambience and voice delivery for the game’s dialogue.  You can opt to play in full screen mode with a custom cursor that changes shape when different actions are possible.  The game has four levels of difficulty that range between Easy and Expert plus a Custom level.
If it is hidden then find it and you might end up at Atlantis.
Developed by Domini Games, Mysteries of Ancient Inventors Atlantis is a Hidden Object game with a fair sprinkling of mini-game puzzles to help break up the steady diet of Hidden Object action.  In this game you are cast in the role of a young woman archaeologist who, with the aid of her grandfather, sets out to discover the lost city of Atlantis and the mysteries this hot bed of inventors produced.
Checking your ancestry can cause problems as this next game reveals.