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Can you solve the mystery of why a room with paintings is kept locked so that nobody can enter?
It is not the first time that an invitation to a wedding has opened the door for a series of mishaps and trouble to form a computer game.  In this case the invitation came from your sister who has just married a Baron and wanted you, in the role of her brother Alex Meijer, to visit her in her new home of Bird's Nest Castle.  This is the opening of Living Legends - The Blue Chamber Hidden Object Adventure game from the Friendly Fox stable.
There are different ways of searching and this next title gives you a choice of four ways to carry out the task.
Just Find It is a game whose title tells you just what you are letting yourself in for with its gaming activity.  Using a variety of modes you will be asked to find appropriate items within different situations and various locations.  Developed by Tiny Little Lion, this puzzle Hidden Object game comes with a Collector's Edition designation.  However unlike most other C.E. branded titles, Just Find It limits its bonus items to just Soundtracks and Wallpaper features.
They may have been dead for many centuries but the Pharaohs can still cause damage that you need to repair.
With this next title, Green Sauce Games would like to send you on an archeologically expedition to Egypt.  Entitled Ancient Relics - Egypt, this is a Match 3  adventure type game that sets you the task of putting right the damage caused by the husband and wife team of Robert and Linda.  This pair disturbed the tomb of an ancient Pharaoh and let loose an evil spirit that set about doing its worst.
When a weapon of destruction is broken up into parts, you must ensure it is not put back together.
Reflections of Life - Spindle of Fate is a Hidden Object Adventure game.  Developed by Grandma, who it is normally accepted knows best, this game offers the player the usual collection of set-up options.  Profiles can be created to record the progress of different players while adjustments can be made to the volume levels used by background music, ambient, sound effects and voice dialogue.
Join a family of four as you visit various locations to increase your knowledge while practising your searching skills.
AVI Games would like to take you on a Big Adventure.  This trip forms part of the company's Trip to Europe 5 game offering that belongs to the Hidden Object genre of action and is available in Collector's Edition format.  The bonus content supplied with this title is made up of bonus levels, extra puzzles plus a wallpaper section and the chance to replay the 20 music tracks featured throughout the game.
Can you help the latest "departed" to construct the ideal environment for their "eternal rest"?
The LGT SIA developed Laruaville series has now reached number 14 as the latest resident of this environment for new ghosts arrives to settle in and adjust to their new status.  This time the newcomer is an Oriental Sage with his collection of sayings and belief in recording knowledge.
The original Monopoly is probably the most famous board game in the country, it was far from new even when I played it as a child. Based on the streets of London but how many of you know which is the only street south of the Thames? Here however is the chance to play a version based on the streets of Cardiff.
is stated as suitable for anyone aged eight and over. A good solid board folded in four so that it can fit in the box, I remember the original was only folded in two but the box itself was separate with the pieces, the money and the Chance and Community Chest cards, now all in the box. I am pleased to the playing pieces remain the same except that are all chromed. The houses are still green and the hotels still red, the box has compartments for all the board streets etc.
With this next investigation into the Crossroad of Worlds, you need to discover who is turning off the lights.
With this next title, Domini Games has returned to its Crossroad of Worlds environment where the components of the Universe interact with each other.  In this latest visit to this cross-over point to various worlds, a threat has been encountered that will affect the delicate balance between various worlds.  Helping keep this balance in situ are certain Magic Stars.
Tiny Little Lion offers another selection of images on which to base your Jigsaw and Swap puzzle activities.
Continuing its excursion into the environment of digital jigsaw and swap puzzle game play, Tiny Little Lion's next stop-over takes in Thailand and Cambodia.  In it normal fashion, Tiny Little Lion allows profiles to be created so that the progress of different players can be recorded.  You can adjust volume levels for background music and sound effects plus select from a choice of resolutions and select the colour used for the displayed work space when puzzle solving is in operation.
When the victims include a relative of the Royal Family, your investigation increases in importance.
Mystery Case Files - The Last Resort is a Hidden Object Adventure game developed by Grandma.  I have been looking at the Collector's Edition of the game which bundles a number of extra features with the main investigative action that occurs during extreme wintery conditions.  These bonus items covers such topics as mini game puzzles, Hidden Object scenes, cut-scenes and making use of the collectible jigsaw puzzle pieces and home details you collect.
As Christmas draws ever closer here are two boxed game products that remind you of the fact every time you look at their boxes. First a box that contains eight games in the one box. Second a fun filled race to the North Pole and it does not get more Christmassy than a visit to the North Pole.
The eight different games in the one box are Xmas Lists, Xmas Charades, Xmas Trivia, Santas Sack, Bah! Humm Bug, Under The Tree, Santa Says and Silent Night. These are stated as suitable for 12 plus and 2 or more teams. There are eight packs of different cards – actually four packs of double sided cards – to get get the eight packs. Also in the box are a large while pad of plain paper and a slightly smaller marked ad of paper to keep scores for all eight games.
Can you save the Vampire nation from total annihilation with this new Match 3 title from Iki Games.
With a title, that I have no doubt will cause me to struggle when pronouncing it, Nocturnarya is a Match 3 game developed by IKI Games.  I have been looking at the Collector's Edition of this blood-thirsty title which comes with a number of bonus items to supplement the main game.  These bonus items are made up of wallpaper, background stories, bonus levels and some extra mini game puzzles.
With 22 possible puzzle types and over 100 locations, you have plenty to select from with this next title.
So how do you plan to celebrate Halloween?  Tiny Little Lion hope you might put your puzzle solving skills to the test with this next software.  To this end Tiny Little Lion has developed their Super Spooks Subgame Spectacular Collector's Edition offering.  As befits its rather lengthy title, this product comes with a collection of game pay that covers a wide range of puzzle options to appeal to different players.
With its fair share of potions, spirit creatures and skeletons, this next title should make you feel completely at ease during Halloween.
This next game, from the inventive people at Elephant Games, opens as you receive a letter from an old friend called Martha Williams.  She was visiting Ardanti Castle where  she was being held prisoner and being forced to invite you to join her there.  Fortunately Martha was able to include a cryptic clue that not all was well and that she required help from you.
Can you work your way through a haunted manor in this Match 3 guided tour?
It is that time of the year again and Ironcode Gaming has released its latest title to help you celebrate the occasion of Halloween.  Aiming to get you in the mood to face the spirits of the night, this Ironcode title goes under the name of Halloween Trouble 5.  This is a Match 3 game that is set in the mysterious world of a haunted manor.
Looking to practise your jigsaw solving skills then this collection of 500 cats could provide the incentive.
Obviously there is at least one staff member at 8 Floor Games who is a cat owner to explain yet another entry in the company's Cute Cats series of jigsaw offerings.  1001 Jigsaw Cute Cats 3 is the latest title to arrive from 8 Floor Games.  As with the other titles in this 1001 series, you are presented with 500 images of felines doing their best to captivate their audience with their antics and cuteness.
When a Phoenix joins forces with Gargoyles, madness is bound to follow but can you cope?
Friendly Fox takes players on an excursion to the Dark City environment with its International Intrigue Hidden Object Adventure game.  I have been looking at the Collector's Edition version of this title which comes with a collection of bonus items to enhance the gaming experience.  While some of the bonus items can be accessed immediately. others, such as Achievements, Collectibles and Morphing items, require progress in the game before they can fulfil their operation.
As Christmas draws even closer more games come in for review. Here I am looking at Nostalgia something that as an older person I have a lot of and this game reminds one of the past. The second offering is Family Quiz Nights and it has questions suitable for both children and adults.
The first thing to say is that it has a good solid box, the board is 25.5x25.5cm and is one piece - no fold - to tear or rip. The inside of the box has nine compartments eight of which have appropiate packs of cards the ninth has playing pieces and a rather special dice that has two of each one, two and three.
Once again Detective Amanda is given the run-around as she investigates the case of a stolen painting.
Following on from the Detective Agency Gray Tie title, AVI Games has set Detective Amanda, and her male companion, another case involving retrieving stolen property.  In this latest case, the stolen item is a valuable painting.  As in the earlier case, the thief seems to regard the whole incident as a kind of game similar to Hide & Seek.  It is up to you to aid detective Amanda in the Hidden Object Adventure game of Detective Agency - Gray Tie 2.
Do you yearn for the fast arcade action of yesteryear? If so then this next title might appeal.
Sometimes the title of a product under review can bring back memories of a period long since past.  This is one of those occasions.  On coming across Bricks Crusher Breaker Ball, this title immediate reminded me of some classic titles of yesteryear such as Pong, Space Invaders and Break Out.  While more like the Break Out format, Brick Crusher Breaker Ball does contain a version of Pong but more of that later.