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896725 Pixel Art 1

Pixel Art 14 : T1

With a method similar to Painting by Numbers, you can change monochrome pixels into colour.
Now up to version 14, Pixel Art is a title that combines elements of the Paint By Numbers concept with an underlying structure of pixel targeting.  Developed by T1 Games, this title allows different members of the family to create profiles to record their progress and the completed images they produced within a full screen environment.  Adjustments can be made to the volume levels used by background music and sound effects.
With various puzzles, different locations, pets that hide and tasks to complete, this next title lets you furnish a room.
Sweet Home - Look and Find is a Hidden Object game developed by AVI Games.  I have been looking at the Collector's Edition version of the product.  This offering comes with a variety of bonus items to add extra appeal to the gaming experience as numerous tasks are completed. The game mixes together a series of mini game puzzles situated in different locations that feature Hidden Object action based on the content found within the scene.
The Universe requires your assistance to correct damage caused by outside influences.
Are you ready for a new challenge?  This is the task facing you with the next episode of LGT SIA series of Spellarium Match 3 titles.  Now up to number 10, this challenge  will involve you in the cultivation of elemental crystals and secure suitable storage.  In order to carry out this task, it will require working through over 100 Match 3 levels of grid action while tackling various mini game puzzles.
You never know what you might find under a stone until you lift the stone.
When I first saw the title of this next offering from Seven Sails, I thought it was another example of the popular Paint by Numbers concept.  While, in a way, I was partially correct, my initial thoughts were a little wide of the mark.
An Antiquarium is a location storing a collection of antiquities.
In its original conception, an Antiquarium could hold any manner of ancient item that would be of interest to a relevant party.  However, in this case, an Antiquarium is also the title of a Hidden Object game produced by Seven Sails.  Rather than items of a certain age from a distant past, this Seven Sails Antiquarium has a more wider collection of content that is presented in a format suitable for different types of Hidden Object game play.
While searching for Mr. Jordan, you need to be aware that criminal gangs might be involved.
Hidden Object Secrets – Family Revenge is a title from the catalogue of offerings from Domini Games.  Available in Collector’s Edition format, this product offers the usual array of adjustments that I have come used to with Domini Games.
With areas of "The Land of the Free" as its source, Boom Zap brings together a mixture of Hidden Object searching and puzzle solving.
Boom Zap is continuing its campaign to provide the computer gaming community with interesting facts regarding areas of America.  This campaign started with the Pacific Northwest of America before moving on to the West of America.  Now the focus is on the New England area of America as part of Boom Zap’s Finding America series.  Like the earlier offerings, this New England title is available in Collector’s Edition format which adds extra content to the main game.
The popular podcast concept is used as the driving centre for this murder investigation.
Opening with a warning regarding its content having graphic depictions of violence, Elephant Game's title of It Happened Here - Streaming Lives places you in a city that is being plagued by grisly murders.  You are cast in the role of a mature journalist, called Emily Smith, who still bears the scars from the death of her husband after 25 years of marriage.
If you follow the instructions, will this turn you into an artist?
A few months ago I reviewed a title from T1 called Modern Art 13.  This product had transferred the concept popular with a previous generation, involving the production of paintings created by applying numbered paints to the same numbered areas of the canvas, to a digital based platform.  Maybe some of you might remember using the original Paint by Number kits from this time.
With this next title, you can join tourists visiting Los Angeles but do not expect an abundance of background information.
For the next episode of its Amazing Vacation series of titles, Lazy Turtle Games has decided to take us on a tour of the City of Angels.  Classified as a Hidden Object title, Amazing Vacation – Los Angeles spreads its field of operation over 20 locations covering different aspects of the host city.
896659 How Am I Weird Anger Smas

Anger Smash

If you are looking for an item suitable for Fathers Day (16-6-24) then this game could will fit the bill. Another feature in favour is that unlike a lot of other games the playing time is only 15 to 30 minutes.
Its solid box contains two packs of cards which come in a solid box 12x10x3.5cm that should keep the cards safe between games. There is a 12 page rule book the same size as the box so it can sit safely on top of the packs of cards. Each pack of cards are two different types so in fact there are really four packs, two packs of 48, one of 14 and the other just 10.
Rather than give you a view of the outside world, a window can depict a scene from a story.
With its title giving a strong clue as to its form of game play, Stories in Glass sets you the challenge of solving puzzles based on the concept of building up stained glass windows.  Developed by Tiny Little Lion and subtitled Winter, this puzzle game brings together a variety of picturesque scenes formed from glass elements and with a Winter based theme.  You just need to correctly position the coloured glass elements in various shapes to produce completed scenic images.
Jigsaw fans have another sources of puzzles to keep them busy with this next title.
Those with a very long memory may recollect a song by the Searchers entitled “Sweets for my Sweet”.  I was reminded of this popular song from over 50 ears ago when taking a look at this next offering from Denda Games.  This was due mainly to the product’s subtitle.
Take the opportunity to discover more about the history and civilisations of various countries with this next title.
World Wonders – Hidden Histories is a Hidden Object / Mini Game Puzzle offering from the 8 Floor Game team.  Available in Collector’s Edition format, this title invites you to visit a number of countries and discover more about their past history and the civilisations they represent.  The schedule on offer with this title takes in Cambodia, Jordan, Egypt, China, Greece, Thailand and Mexico plus the additional CE bonus of a visit to India.
It is time to test your nanogram skills as you travel around Africa.
Following on from taking a Winter Holiday excursion, as part of its Adventure Mosaic series, DIGIMIGHT spreads its scope even further and offers to take you on a Moto-Trip to Africa.  This journey will encompass stop-overs in Egypt, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia and Madagascar.  Each of these locations features 30 levels of nanogram game play that is mounted against localised landscapes of the visited area.
Match 3 game play provides the platform to return a relic to its normal resting place.
e-Funsoft has added to its extensive collection of Match 3 titles that challenge players.  This latest addition comes as part of the Gaslamp Cases series of Victorian melodramas.  Now up to number eight in this particular series, the Gaslamp Cases 8 offering is entitled Quest for the Relic and features the combined investigative talents of Morgan, Jack and Tensin as you are led through a story line that many, including myself, will find quiet forgettable.
Can you complete a range of tasks as you set out to defeat a Witch and take control of a Wand of Power?
Itera Labs has added to its Witch Island series of titles with a third offering entitled Legacy - Witch Island 3.  Your role in this combination of Hidden Object game play and mini game puzzle solving is that of a Princess.  Your task will be to set out to defeat an evil Witch who has plans of taking over the two worlds to which she will invite you to visit.
When awakening from a deep sleep, you need to visit a Whispering Wood.
Developed by Lazy Turtle Games, The Far Kingdoms - Awakening Quest sets you on the trail of rescuing the Kingdom of Elysia from a sleeping curse.  This curse is the work of an evil witch named Morgana.  Not only has the witch cast this magic spell but she has also stolen a magic amulet which gives her special powers.
If you play your cards right, then this game could improve your win ratio.
There are numerous computer titles, based on the Solitaire card game that are currently available.  In many cases those involved in the development of these digital format of the game have integrated the card playing aspect into a baking story with various interesting additions to suit the gaming experience.  However there are some exceptions to this trend and this next title under review is one such offering.  The product under focus is entitled Winterland Solitaire.
Can you discern truth from legend as you look into a story that has stood the test of time?
Is it a myth or reality?  Take your pick when the main focus is that of the Loch Ness monster.  This could be the challenge that faces you if you take on the challenge offered in the Domini Games title of Myth or Reality - Mystery of the Lake.  Available in Collector's Edition format, this offering comes with a wide selection of bonus items including a bonus chapter for those who finish the main game, to add to the overall playing experience.