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You might find some surprises when checking the details of famous paintings.
During the initial development stages in the construction of a Hidden Object game, important consideration needs to be given to the various locations used to place the various objects to be discovered.  In the case of this next title, the game's developers hit on the idea of using famous items of artwork.  The player's task is to find the listed items integrated into paintings and restore the paintings to their original state.
Taking a train journey sets you on an adventure to find your son and solve a mystery.
Taking you on a journey to another world with a mystery to solve is a title from the Big Fish Surface series.  Developed by Elephant Games and entitled "Mystery of Another World", the next game under review belongs to the Hidden Object genre.  I have been looking at the Collector's Edition of this game which comes with various bonus items adding extra appeal to the main game in which you take on the role of a father looking for his missing son.
Leonardo, the detective cat, returns for further Match 3 game play.
A little over a year ago I reviewed a game entitled "Mystery Loss".  This game belonged to the Match 3 genre and dealt with the less than dynamic duo of Grandma and her pet cat, named Leonardo, as they attempted to solve the mystery of a case of bird-napping.  Now Intersol has produced a follow up offering which is simple entitled "Mystery Loss 2". As with the original title, "Mystery Loss 2"  is a March 3 game but with a slightly different cast list.
It is a strange, strange world you are about to enter with Skyland - Heart of the Mountain gaming environment.
I have been looking at the Collector's Edition of Skyland - Heart of the Mountain.  Developed by Cordelia Games, this Hidden Object game comes with a number of bonus items.  These elements can be accessed from an Extras section on the product's main title screen.
This next title combines Hidden Object, Match 3 and Card Pairing game play.
"The Far Kingdoms - Hidden Magic" belongs to the Hidden Object genre of gaming.  Developed by Lazy Turtle Games, this title casts you in the role of a princess who had embarked on a sort of gap year experience to broaden her knowledge of the wide world and different communities over which she would eventually rule.
Be careful what you seek as it could bring more trouble than it is worth.
Developed by Interactive Dreamscape, Outlaws: Corwin's Treasure is a Hidden Object game.  With this particular title you are invited to an abandoned town of St. Matrick,  This location is rumoured to be the site where the fabled ancient treasure, known as Corwin's Treasure, is meant to be hidden.  You have been hired to help the wealthy Mr. John Atkins, who to ensure your full cooperation and loyalty, has arranged for your wife to be kidnapped and held prisoner.
Be careful what you drink otherwise you could end up like a character in this next game.
Designed by Magnussoft, Wizard Quest - Adventure in the Kingdom is a Match 3 game set in a land where royalty, magic and fire-breathing dragons are important factors in this storybook land.  The game involves an ancient wizard named Sygmand who spends most of his time creating potions and sometimes he even knows what the potion is meant to do.
Bringing dead parents back together is the task set by this next game.
Stormhill Mystery - Family Shadow could be described as a story within a story. To achieve this state you are presented with a Hidden Object game as a son's request to fulfil the wishes of his deceased father. Before entering this Hidden Object adventure, you can make minor adjustments to the game playing environment and create profiles for different players.
What would you say to a free holiday? Think carefully before you answer.
Following a late night of revelry and enjoyment, you open your morning post to discover that you have been booked on a free holiday,  Unfortunately the location of this unexpected gift was that of the Bermuda Triangle.
Can you solve the mystery of a strange mist that cause a village to disappear?
TForming part of the Strange Cases series of titles is "The Secrets of Grey Mist Lake".  This game belongs to the Hidden Object Adventure genre and is available in Standard and Collector's Edition versions.
Take a sample from the Spirits of Mystery and sprinkle in more than a touch of the Song of the Phoenix and you have a tale of thwarted marriage with a royal theme
Developed by ERS Games and available from various downloading sites, Spirits of Mystery: Song of Phoenix is a game which is available in either Standard or Collector's Edition format.  My review is based on the Collector's Edition which includes a number of bonus items adding extra appeal to the product. As usual with other games of this type, several of the bonus items give the player immediate access to content.  These items include wallpaper, concept art and screen savers.
Putting a curse on an Undertaker can produce strange results.
A question!  Who would you select as the central character is a game entitled Haunted Legends?  In the case of ERS Games Studio, the decision was taken to place The Undertaker in the central character role for the company's Haunted Legend title which belongs to the Hidden Object Adventure genre of game play. This game is available in a choice of Standard or Collector's Edition formats.  Following my usual practice, I will be looking at the Collector's Edition of the product.
It is a Grim Tale of a burning school and missing children.
Grim Tale: The White Lady is a hidden object game that is available in Standard and Collector's Edition versions.  I have been checking out the Collector's Edition of the Grim Tale The White Lady game.  With this edition you get a number of bonus items with the main Hidden Object game.
As its title should indicate,Witch Island 2, subtitled Legacy, is a follow-up offering that casts you in the role of a determined young woman who needs to use her wits and knowledge of magic to break a spell inflicted, by an evil witch, on the local inhabitants.
Belonging to the Hidden Object genre of game play, Witch Island 2 allows you to create profiles for individual players so that the game can be played by other family members.  These profiles can contain the volume levels for features such as music, sound effects and the spoken dialogue delivered by voice actors playing the parts of in-game characters.  You can also decide whether the game should be played in full screen mode or not.
Join Alice and Sam as they try to restore the Hobbit Village.
Forming part of the Enthralling Realms series of game, is the Curse of Darkness.  This offering belongs to the Match-3 genre of game playing.  Other titles in this particular series include An Alchemist Tale, The Witch and the Elven Princess, plus the Blacksmith's Revenge.
As part of the Strange Case Files series, this next title involves the secrets of Grey Mist Lake.
With a title that could not be described as snappy. "Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove Sacred Grove Collector's Edition" is classified as belonging to the Hidden Object Adventure genre.
Continuing the Lost Land saga, FIVE-BN mixes a wandering Harpy with gold tainted by a curse.
Categorised as a Hidden Object Adventure game, the FIVE BN Games developed "The Golden Curse" forms part of the "Lost Lands" series of offerings set in a world inhabited by strange characters featuring more than its fair share of magical influences.  I have been looking at the Collector's edition of the game which is supplied with a number of bonus items that add to the appeal of the game.
There are some strange goings-on in Kronville. Can you help?
Mixing together elements of a mysterious fire, a missing school bus with its passengers plus ideas gathered from child-centric stories, is a Hidden Object Adventure game entitled Kronville: Stolen Dreams.
Mixing together Match-3 and Hidden Object game play takes you to the Opera.
Not to be confused with the classic Night at the Opera movie, starring the Marx Brother, A Night At The Opera is a murder mystery game designed by Angler Games.  In this particular storyline, the unfortunate victim of the ultimate crime is Prima Donna Madame Agnes who is a travelling opera singer.  No doubt you will be pleased to hear that you are not cast in the role of the victim.
What first attracts you to a game? Is its the title or other issues.
I sometimes feel that the name of the production company to be more appealing than its latest product offering.  Take, for instance, the which failed to really excite me.  However I was amused by the developer's company name which was "Jolly Bears Games". With this particular title, Jolly Bears Games has produced a Hidden Object Adventure game that places the player in the role of an anonymous explorer.  This character has a strong interest in the legend of the Incan Sun.