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From where do authors get their inspiration? This next game may provide the answer.
With a title that seems more at home when uttered with a pause partway through, Enlightenus is a game that belongs to the Hidden Object Adventure genre.  Developed by Blue Tea Games, Enlightenus casts you in the role of a detective who receives a message from an author, named Edgar Lee, who required your help.  As Lee was your favourite author when younger, you were only to willing to help him locate the missing pages from his novels.
Digging down in my collection of games not in their first flush of youth. I came across the story of Malgray Castle.
Usually when vampires are featured in a game then you can expect more than your fair share of blood, gore and an overall atmosphere that is soaked in layers of gothic terror.  But usually does not mean always and there are exception to the rule.  Take for example the game of Vampireville which was developed by Nevosoft.  Vampireville combines Hidden Object game play with a puzzle solving aspects.
With a back story of wizards, villagers and an angry dragon, this next game presents linked grids.
Storm Tale 2 continues the story of Erik and Annabelle as related to the old wizard Griffri.  Presented in the format of a Match-3 game with some extra elements, this Green Sauce developed game focuses on the destruction caused by the dark wizard Tyrannus and the dragon under his control.  You are cast in the role of a helper assigned to assist Erik and Annabelle as they set about rescuing the unfortunate villagers following the devastation inflicted on their land.
Be careful what you wish for, lest it come true or maybe that should be that you should be careful as you may receive it. Whichever is your preferred version of the old adage, it forms the basis for a title from the Grim Tales™ series of computer games.
Developed by Elephant Games, The Wishes is a Hidden Object Adventure that involves the trouble a young boy gets into when he accepted the help of an old woman.  As usual with games of this genre, profiles can be created so that different people can play the game and have their individual progress recorded.  Various adjustments can be made to the game playing environment.
The hard working dwarves return to produce more mosaics in this next title from Digimight.
A few months ago the members of the Dwarves Craft took me on a journey based around the story of a returning son helping rebuild his father's home.  Now the central character of that title has continued his adventure by setting out to explore the Northern Ridge of the Dwarves world.  His intention is to meet up with the legendary Dwarven craftsman and possible benefit from the craftsman expertise.
Joining the collection of Grim Tales stories is The Stone Queen. This game belongs to the Hidden Object Adventure genre and comes from the Elephant Games team of developers.
Like other titles in the extensive Grim Tales series, The Stone Queen allows you to create profiles to store the progress of different players plus make some adjustments to the game playing environment.  Different audio output levels can be set for elements such as music, sound effects, environment and the voice dialogue delivered by voice actors.
Children can find it easy to get lost especially when surrounded by attractions. Can you help re-unite a grandma with her missing grandson?
Penguins do seem to appreciate mosaics.  I am not referring to the artistic designs produced by the Roman Empire of many centuries ago but those that form the basis of Match Gems nonogram puzzle offerings featuring members of a penguin family.  In this case the penguins are Mrs Penrose who, when taking her grandson Robby, on a trip to an amusement park, manages to loose the youngster.  Her resulting search for the boy is covered by the game Fantasy Mosaics 45 - Amusement Park.
Have you ever considered what happens to games once they get past the first flush of popularity?
Occasionally an unsold copy could be left to gather dust on a retailer's shelves or maybe it could be purchased by another publisher to be re-released as a single offering or packaged along with other similar titles.  Falling into the latter category is a collection of five Hidden Object games.  These titles are National Threat 2, Echoes of Sorrow 2, Dark Strokes, Treasure Masters Inc - The Lost City and Esoteria - Hollow Earth.
Set in an area of London during the late 19th Century, you find yourself in the role of an investigator attempting to solve a series of horrific crimes.
With the original story coming from the pen of Robert Louis Stevenson, Joindot created The Mysterious Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde game.  This title belongs to the Hidden Object Adventure genre. Profiles can be set up in the game so that different people can play and have their progress recorded.  Options are available to adjust the volume levels for background music and sound effects plus view the game in full screen mode and make use of a hardware cursor.
Described as the "True story of Sleeping Beauty", the Curse of the Briar Rose belongs to the Dark Parables series of titles. Developed by Blue Tea Games, this title offers Hidden Object game play as you take on the role of a detective tasked with solving the mystery of fast spreading vines threatening the local environment.
The story of Sleeping Beauty began, as I am sure you know, with the birth of a new princess who was cursed at birth.  Later, when pricked by a spindle, the princess and everybody else residing in the castle fell into a deep sleep that could only be broken by the princess being kissed by a prince.  At this point, the kiss woke up everybody apart from the princess and thus the legend of the Sleeping Beauty was born.
Joining the ranks of Match-3 game play is Arabian Treasure - Midnight Match. The game has been developed by REDZONE Studios, a company I have not encountered before.
This game certainly qualifies as one of the slowest title to load that I have come across.  It felt you were left staring at its initial screen displaying a hand shape cursor for what seems ages.  This continues until you click the mouse and are then moved on to the game's title screen displayed in a central area of the monitor.  This rather compact view of the action is a foretaste of what you have got to come when actually tackling the Match-3 game play.
By the time you read this review, we could be allowed to take holidays where ever we want. But perhaps not to this location.By the time you read this review, we could be allowed to take holidays where ever we want. But perhaps not to this location.
This  BOOLAT Games, this title belongs to the Hidden Object Adventure game genre.  It sets you the task of exploring a town where the inhabitants have disappeared and time seems to stand still. Prior to starting this adventure, you can make the usual collection of adjustments as you create profiles to record the progress of individual players.  Adjustments can be made to the audio levels for environment, music and sound effects.
It is time to travel around Egypt as you search for objects concealed in various locations.
Thinking back, and it did require some delving into my memory bank of past-playing gaming, my first encounter with Hidden Object titles was the Amazing Adventures series developed by SpinTop Gaming and released on the PopCap label.  This series of titles took you to different locations where you needed to find hidden objects and play a number of puzzle type games. I was reminded of the series when I came across a boxed copy of Amazing Adventures: The Lost Tomb.
Step back to Victorian London as you investigate and foil an attempt to take over the world.
Stepping back just over a century in time, e-Funsoft has based its latest Match-3 offering in London as it was during the reign of Queen Victoria.  The game in question is Gaslamp Cases - The Deadly Machine.  Following the usual pattern of recent 3-Funsoft Match-3 titles, this game consists of a series of chapters made up of a number of grids, conversational interludes between two static characters and various sets of upgrades that need to be completed in order to progress.
Starting at a new school can be difficult, especially one run by an evil witch.
Now available on the budget BlackLime label, Gothic Fiction: Dark Saga is classified as an Hidden Object Adventure title.  Developed by ERS Game Studio, you are cast in the role of a young mother who will do anything to rescue her daughter from the clutches of an evil witch. Allowing different people to play the game and have their progress recorded, the game supports the creation of profiles.
A previous client asks you for help to solve a mystery. Are you up to the task?
Developed by Iki Games, the 10th Corpse is a Match-3 offering.  In this game you are cast in the role of a private detective.  You have been hired by Madame Vinterfragen, a renowned philanthropist, who you have worked for before.  This time you have been asked to investigate various mysterious incidents that have been occurring recently in her family mansion. Profiles can be created to allow different people to play the game at their own speed and have their progress recorded.
Are you ready to join the Top Secret Finders to discover what went wrong with an experiment in an isolated town?
Top Secret Finders, or TSF for short, is a Hidden Object Adventure game from the BlackLime series of titles.  The game is based around a secret experiment involving the specially created town of Melton.  Classified and given the code name of VNV-33, this experiment was designed to create and test the first ever Time Collider.  A small group of scientists were integrated into the normal residents and the town was closed off from the outside world apart from radio communication.
This game's title says it all. Witch Hunter: Stolen Beauty concerns a witch who uses her power to steal the beauty and youth of others. This then is the story of a young woman, named Angelica, who sets out to defeat a witch known as Madame Flemet.
Forming part of the BlackLime series of Hidden Object games, this offering opens with you cast in the role of Angelica as your grandmother relates the tale of how she ran away from a finishing school that was run by Madame Flemet.  The mere mention of Madame Flemet's name was enough to bring forth the presence of the witch, who then attacked your grandmother, and stole your youth and beauty.
Can you help our virtual hero as he survives his time at a special university?
Gamers of a certain age, and even older, might well recall the excitement and thrill of playing the Quest for Glory series of adventure RPGs titles.  Now, some twenty years later, is the opportunity to return to this environment created by Corey and Lori Cole and relive their previous obtained glories with a sequel offering.  This opportunity is brought about with the release of the husband and wife team of Corey and Lori Cole's latest production entitled Hero-U Rogue to Redemption.