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Bringing dead parents back together is the task set by this next game.
Stormhill Mystery - Family Shadow could be described as a story within a story. To achieve this state you are presented with a Hidden Object game as a son's request to fulfil the wishes of his deceased father. Before entering this Hidden Object adventure, you can make minor adjustments to the game playing environment and create profiles for different players.
What would you say to a free holiday? Think carefully before you answer.
Following a late night of revelry and enjoyment, you open your morning post to discover that you have been booked on a free holiday,  Unfortunately the location of this unexpected gift was that of the Bermuda Triangle.
Can you solve the mystery of a strange mist that cause a village to disappear?
TForming part of the Strange Cases series of titles is "The Secrets of Grey Mist Lake".  This game belongs to the Hidden Object Adventure genre and is available in Standard and Collector's Edition versions.
Take a sample from the Spirits of Mystery and sprinkle in more than a touch of the Song of the Phoenix and you have a tale of thwarted marriage with a royal theme
Developed by ERS Games and available from various downloading sites, Spirits of Mystery: Song of Phoenix is a game which is available in either Standard or Collector's Edition format.  My review is based on the Collector's Edition which includes a number of bonus items adding extra appeal to the product. As usual with other games of this type, several of the bonus items give the player immediate access to content.  These items include wallpaper, concept art and screen savers.
Putting a curse on an Undertaker can produce strange results.
A question!  Who would you select as the central character is a game entitled Haunted Legends?  In the case of ERS Games Studio, the decision was taken to place The Undertaker in the central character role for the company's Haunted Legend title which belongs to the Hidden Object Adventure genre of game play. This game is available in a choice of Standard or Collector's Edition formats.  Following my usual practice, I will be looking at the Collector's Edition of the product.
It is a Grim Tale of a burning school and missing children.
Grim Tale: The White Lady is a hidden object game that is available in Standard and Collector's Edition versions.  I have been checking out the Collector's Edition of the Grim Tale The White Lady game.  With this edition you get a number of bonus items with the main Hidden Object game.
As its title should indicate,Witch Island 2, subtitled Legacy, is a follow-up offering that casts you in the role of a determined young woman who needs to use her wits and knowledge of magic to break a spell inflicted, by an evil witch, on the local inhabitants.
Belonging to the Hidden Object genre of game play, Witch Island 2 allows you to create profiles for individual players so that the game can be played by other family members.  These profiles can contain the volume levels for features such as music, sound effects and the spoken dialogue delivered by voice actors playing the parts of in-game characters.  You can also decide whether the game should be played in full screen mode or not.
Join Alice and Sam as they try to restore the Hobbit Village.
Forming part of the Enthralling Realms series of game, is the Curse of Darkness.  This offering belongs to the Match-3 genre of game playing.  Other titles in this particular series include An Alchemist Tale, The Witch and the Elven Princess, plus the Blacksmith's Revenge.
As part of the Strange Case Files series, this next title involves the secrets of Grey Mist Lake.
With a title that could not be described as snappy. "Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove Sacred Grove Collector's Edition" is classified as belonging to the Hidden Object Adventure genre.
Continuing the Lost Land saga, FIVE-BN mixes a wandering Harpy with gold tainted by a curse.
Categorised as a Hidden Object Adventure game, the FIVE BN Games developed "The Golden Curse" forms part of the "Lost Lands" series of offerings set in a world inhabited by strange characters featuring more than its fair share of magical influences.  I have been looking at the Collector's edition of the game which is supplied with a number of bonus items that add to the appeal of the game.
There are some strange goings-on in Kronville. Can you help?
Mixing together elements of a mysterious fire, a missing school bus with its passengers plus ideas gathered from child-centric stories, is a Hidden Object Adventure game entitled Kronville: Stolen Dreams.
Mixing together Match-3 and Hidden Object game play takes you to the Opera.
Not to be confused with the classic Night at the Opera movie, starring the Marx Brother, A Night At The Opera is a murder mystery game designed by Angler Games.  In this particular storyline, the unfortunate victim of the ultimate crime is Prima Donna Madame Agnes who is a travelling opera singer.  No doubt you will be pleased to hear that you are not cast in the role of the victim.
What first attracts you to a game? Is its the title or other issues.
I sometimes feel that the name of the production company to be more appealing than its latest product offering.  Take, for instance, the which failed to really excite me.  However I was amused by the developer's company name which was "Jolly Bears Games". With this particular title, Jolly Bears Games has produced a Hidden Object Adventure game that places the player in the role of an anonymous explorer.  This character has a strong interest in the legend of the Incan Sun.
Join the Penguin family as you create mosaics.
Checking back over my recent reviews of game titles, revealed that I had been neglecting one of my favourite genre of gaming playing activity.  The neglected genre was that of nanograms.  Since I last took a look at the family of penguins and their close affinity with challenging the player with nanogram puzzles, several different versions of the game have appeared.
Based on an idea by David Molyneux, subsequently developed by Three Headed Eagle and published by Play-In Digital, "The Seven Chambers" is a game that belongs to the Hidden Object genre.
The game involves the trials and tribulations of a young woman's apprenticeship as she attempts to master the Karmic influence that the planets bring to the world.  As you take on this role you will need to battle clawed beasts, fallen angels and tricky alchemists plus manipulate lost souls as you explore past lives and memories.
Get out your red shoes as you attempt to escape from the land of Oz.
This next gane is based on the creative imagination of L. Frank Baum who introduced us to the fantasy land of OZ.  Ruled by a Wizard and inhabited by a variety of strange creatures including flying monkeys, witches, a talking scarecrow, tin man and a lion with no confidence, the land of Oz has featured in books, movies, television series and a musical.  Now it is the turn of a game entitled "Bridge to Another World - Escape from Oz.
Having carried out some spring cleaning, you may be able to say "Yes" to the next question.
Do you have enough room for a cabinet in your home?  I am not referring to the type of cabinet you would use to display your awards, of which I am sure you have plenty, or your collection of knick-knacks.
Developed by Anewiki & RetroStyle, Animal Drop Safari is a game that belongs to the Match 3 genre.
Unlike more recent examples of this genre that I have checked out recently, Animal Drop Safari uses a more basic interface appearance with larger clearly identified tiles displaying coloured heads of popular cuddly, animal toys.  The game involves making matches of three or more tiles of the same colour need to be created by swapping two adjacent tiles. You are cast in the role of a photographer's assistance who sets off on a wild expedition around the world.