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Unlike some graphics software titles available on a subscription basis, this next offering can be purchased with a single payment.
Developed by the French DxO company, PhotoLab is photo-editing software.  Now up to version 4, this software is available in either Essential or Elite offerings.  This review is based on PhotoLab 4.0 Elite which comes with several new features including the excellent DxO DeepPrime technology but more of that a little later. Firing up this application for the first time can be a little time consuming.
For those wanting to don their video director's hat, Corel offers this next product.
Corel has recently added to its range of products with the release of Pinnacle Studio 24.  This product is available in three different versions.  You have the choice of Studio, Studio Plus and Studio Ultimate versions.  My review of the product is based on the Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 24 software. When fired up for the first time, you are presented with a Welcome screen which provides links to a series of tutorials and new features that have been introduced with this version 24.
During the ever-passing years, PaintShop Pro has undergone numerous make-overs. It would have taken somebody with the skill of a Nostradamus to get even close to how the original file conversion program would develop into today's graphics suite offering.
Now up to version 2021, the latest edition of PaintShop Pro is available as either the vanilla or ultimate offering.  I have been looking at the top-of-the-range Ultimate product of PaintShop Pro 2021.  This version of the graphics software comes with a collection of bonus items made up of Painter® Essentials™ 7, PhotoMirage™ Express and Corel AfterShot™ 3.
As a long established fan of a product originally developed as a file conversion utility and launched in 1991 by Robert Voit's JASC company, it is that time of year when I can look forward to the arrival of the latest version of PaintShop Pro. Now firmly entrenched as part of the company's family of graphic software, Corel has sent me a copy of PaintShop Pro XX to review for
While this current version of PaintShop Pro package is available in either Standard or Ultimate editions, I was in the fortunate position of working with the Ultimate version of this photo editing and design graphics software.  As you might suppose, the Ultimate version of PaintShop Pro 2020 comes bundled with a number of bonus items that add extra value and functionality to the product.
They say “The camera never lies” but this is a view that those innovative people at Anthropics Technologies would not subscribe to.
Over the years Anthropics Technologies has developed a number of graphics editing products aimed at specific areas of photography.  One of these areas is that of Landscapes with the product bearing the not unexpected title of LandscapePro.  Recently the company has launched the latest edition of this landscape editing software.  LandscapePro V3 is available in versions entitled Standard, Studio and Studio Max.
883200 DxO Photolab 2 bo

DxO PhotoLab

There has to be a first time for everything and this was that kind of occasion for me when looking at this next product.
Photo editing software comes in a variety of brands and product offerings for different sectors of the market.  I am not just referring to the Windows and Mac platforms here but also the areas at which the product is aimed.  Some of these photo editing products are obviously targeted at the home enthusiast and amateur consumer, while certain products have a more professional feel to their feature sets and overall appeal.
A product I have used since its very early days when it was ‘shareware’ it was purchased a good while ago by Corel who do what they do to improve and enhance its features, then they add lots of extras so this basic product is now anything but basic.
Like most products this has a lot of extra features so while the 442MB of download is not large this then swells and while the initial install took around 16minutes you may still find that some features need extra time. These days most packages have lots of tutorials and I suggest you give yourself time to watch them just to see exactly what some of the effects can do.
880811 Nero Platinum 2019 Bo

Nero 2019 Platinum

The next of the 2019 versions to cross my desk and again a product that gets used all year and not just while being reviewed. However I tend to use one feature the CD/DVD burning software at least once a week all year other features less frequently.
Nero is such a broad ranging product that few will ever be expect in all the modules and that is why Nero KnowHow Plus is so useful once it is turned it helps you to do what you want even if you are not really sure how to accomplish what you want to do. It sits on the right side of your Desktop and gives help and advice. Nero is a suite of products in one there are six main products as well as extra ‘Apps’.
This next product is made up of tools that allow you to take control of the different aspects of your digital life.
Not wanting to get behind the times, Nero has released the 2019 version of the company’s multimedia package while we still have a few months left in 2018.  As is Nero’s normal practice with its flagship product, Nero 2019 is released in Standard and Platinum versions.  I have been looking at the Platinum product which consists of six titles namely Nero Video, Nero MediaHome, Nero BackItUp, Nero Recode, Nero Burning Rom and Audials Music Recorder.
880192 PaintShop Pro 2019 ULTIMAT

An Ultimate Suite

From its humble beginnings, this next product is growing into a graphics suite.
Over the years, currently bubbling away at 28 and still counting, Corel’s Paint Shop Pro has undergone a number of make-overs since it was first released by Robert Veil as a file format changing utility available as a Shareware product.  Now firmly established as a member of the Corel family, Paint Shop Pro offers a range of graphics facilities and tools for enhancing images.
Putting your digital photos to work can be achieved with this next product from MAGIX
As a result of the digital age take-over, the collection of captured image owned by users has grown substantially.  Taking up space on hard disk storage devices, these images are just crying out to be put to some useful service on our behalf  Offering to be helpful in this respect is MAGIX’s Photostory Deluxe software with the release of the product’s latest 2019 version of this slideshow creating product.
Adding to its extensive portfolio of graphics products, Corel has introduced the world to its PhotoMirage offering
Designed to allow the user to bring photos to life with scroll-stopping animation, PhotoMirage software comes with the claim of being as “easy as 1-2-3” which certainly brought back memory of office software of old.  But back to the present day with PhotoMirage which is aimed at photographers, artists and digital marketers. It has to be admitted that PhotoMirage did not get off to the best of starts.
Taking its time to appear, Reallusion’s latest animation software reaches version 3
Unlike some companies, who tend to release new versions of their software on an annual or even a more regular basis, Reallusion takes a slight different approach.  New versions of the company’s software only appear when additional features are available.  It is for this reason that I have had to wait for over three years for the appearance of Reallusion’s CrazyTalk Animator 3 to arrive.  This software is available in Pipeline, Pro and Standard versions.
Corel has announced the availability of the latest version of its Pinnacle Studio software.
Now firmly established as part of the Corel family of graphics software products, Pinnacle Studio provides a range of movie-making options.  Version 21 of this software was released last year with a choice of Standard, Plus and Ultimate offerings aimed at the needs of different groups of users.  My original review of Pinnacle Studio 21 Ultimate . Now Corel has released Pinnacle Studio 21.5 Ultimate which brings new features to this movie-making software.
With a pedigree stretching back many years, the latest version of Corel’s flagship has arrived.
As the years roll by, and memories fade, it can sometimes be difficult to remember some of the software titles that were market leaders when you took your first hesitant steps into the world of computing.  But this sentiment does not apply to one particular old friend, namely CorelDRAW.
Regular readers will know music – jazz – is my passion and photography is my hobby. My photographs are unlikely to win awards as I tend to want realism. I once took a photo of a friend with a camera I was reviewing and sent him the result, his reply ‘you can see every crease and wrinkle I look about 200’ luckily it was not a lady friend or she would no longer be a friend.
However when you spend a long time trying to get the perfect shot and something just spoils it I can see why you would want to remove the ‘spoil’ factor. In today’s bloatware world a program that is less than 400MB to download is pure joy, and if you already have something like Photoshop it can even become a ‘plug in’ to that package.
Sometimes it can be possible to miss a clue when conducting the installation of a new product. I will be generous and state that this could have happened when I installed the latest versions of MAGIX’s Photostory software.
A few years when I wrote a Shareware column, graphics editor products were a popular subject. This next title is a late addition to this genre.
I suppose the event I am about to relate could well qualify as an example of Sod’s Law.  When examining four different titles from the same company I was not expecting the fourth offering to prove the most stressful when it came to the task of installing it.  But that is what happened with Smart Photo Editor from Anthropics Technology.  To clear up one point from the start, all four titles were installed and checked out on the same computer.
Maybe your face might not launch a thousand ships, as the face of Helen of Troy is claimed to have done, but this next software might help when using your digital image prior to setting sail.
It does seem somewhat incongruous that Anthropics Technology, a company best known for its face enhancement software, should be based in a location known as Ugli Campus in West London but maybe it is a case of opposites attract.  The company has recently released the latest version 17 of its PortraitPro offering which is available in Standard, Studio and Studio Max editions.  I have been looking at the top-of-the-range PortraitPro Studio Max version.
Both these award winning products are now available in a single box. So if you normally take videos but want to get a photo from a video or if it’s the other way round then the solution lies in having both items to get the best possible results.
Two top of the range photo and video manipulation products supplied in a single box by Cyberlink, you not only get a good discount by buying both together but you also get a digital copy and 50GB of cloud storage for 12 months. It comes on two DVD’s, the basic programs are on DVD 1 and took ten minutes to install on my Windows 7 notebook, the installation took 2.69GB of hard disk space. DVD 2 has extra content for both packages. There is a six side 18x12.