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It’s time to strap on your cannon and destroy creatures that are intent on laying your home city to waste.
Up until now the inhabitants of Svetlograd have felt safe and secure from any threats from outside.  The protection offered by the surrounding rocks, shrubbery, trees and some magical artefacts has been enough to keep evil forces from disturbing the peace and tranquillity of the city.  However a new threat, in the form of an army of evil imps, has appeared and the original protection is not sufficient to hold back this advancing horde.
Runes, magical artefacts and hairy characters are all waiting for those who venture into an Emerald Tale.
When it comes to the development of 3-in-a-row games, Enkord has plenty of experience.  Following on from titles such as Jewel of Atlantis, Jurassic Realm and Clayside, Enkord's latest 3-in-a-row puzzle offering is Emerald Tale.  Set, not in as you might imagine from the title, but in a world of runes, magical artefacts, hairy creatures and an over-abundance of plant-life - hence, maybe, the emerald reference.
Returning to the puzzle-solving genre, Enkord’s latest game has our reviewer improving his living conditions.
Making an improvement to your living environment would rate high on most people's wish list.  When that living environment is a virtual one then the improvements can be brought about by a combination of puzzle solving skills and mouse manipulation.  Plus, of course, you will need a copy of Enkord's latest game entitled Clayside.
Strap yourself in as we take off in our spaceship to protect the planet from waves of alien attacks in a new game from Enkord.
The anticipation you can feel when coming face to face with a follow-up title can be both worrying and exciting.  You can never be sure whether the developers have expanded and improved the original theme or are merely trying to cash in with a mish-mash of ideas that demean the original product.
It is puzzle solving time again as we check out an ancient tower that hides secrets of the Zodiac.
The city of Atlantis, prehistoric dinosaurs, and an ancient Zodiac tower might seem like an unusual progression but not to Enkord.  First it was Jewel of Atlantis; next came Jurassic Realm (both reviewed earlier on this site); and now it is the turn of Zodiac Tower.  In each case the game is of the puzzle genre and involves the removal of gems, stones or tiles in order to make progress through various screens.
I must admit that my mouse and hand/eye coordination has been put under considerable pressure recently. The cause of all this activity is a new game.
Following on from its Jewel of Atlantis title, Enkord has now turned its attention to a period of history even further back in the mists of time.  Instead of ancient artefacts, it is prehistoric animals that form the centre of attention of the company's latest puzzle game.  Entitled Jurassic Realms, this game is built around tiles embellished with distinctive icons.
Fancy a chance to explore the ruins of Atlantis then solve the puzzles presented by this game.