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As part of its family of graphics products, Corel has just released the latest version of its Pinnacle Studio 22 software. Versions of this software are available in Ultimate, Plus and Standard editions.
When I checked out the previous version of Pinnacle Studio, I noted that the installation routine was not the quickest operation when completing this task.  The same can be said of this latest version.  Running the software’s installer module took 67 minutes to set up the Pinnacle Studio 22 Ultimate on my work system.
Adding television reception to your computer has never been easier with various companies offering products. This next product was developed by Pinnacle but now forms part of the Hauppauge portfolio
Now up to version 12, Pinnacle’s video editing Studio software is available in three flavours. These are the basic Studio, Studio Plus and Studio Ultimate.
This review is based on Studio Plus 12 which consists of a DVD, 300+ page User Manual and a Getting Started Guide. The installation routine supplied with this product offers you the options to install the main Studio Plus software and select from additional titles that include Instant DVD Recorder, SureThing Labeler and Adobe Reader 8.1.2.   As part of the Studio Plus installation you will need to enter a 25-character serial number.
Adding to its current range of video capture solutions, Pinnacle has developed its Video Transfer kit which does not require the presence of a computer in order to work.
The Video Transfer solution can take content direct from a video source and transfer it to a range of USB enabled devices.
As we move from an analogue to digital environment. You may wish to take your home movie videos with you as you adjust.
Adding to its range of video capture and archiving devices, Pinnacle has released the Dazzle DVD Recorder (DVC100).  This product acts as a conduit between a video source and whatever is your designated DVD destination.  Adopting the same tear shape used by the other Dazzle products, the DVC100 is easily identified by its bright red colour.
Putting your digital video content to good use is the aim of software available from Pinnacle.
Not to be confused with VideoStudio 11 Plus from Corel, Studio Plus version 11 from Pinnacle does perform a similar function as it helps you capture, edit and burn your digital media content.  Three versions of Studio Plus 11 are available.  These are Standard, Plus and Ultimate.  This review is based on the Plus product which certainly does not stint with the amount of material supplied with this product.
Poor manuals make reviewing difficult, however when far better manuals – for other products – are on the same CD it makes you fume.
This is a device to play music either though headphones or your hi-fi. It is circular at 6cm and 25cm long. It comes with a small cradle to sit it on. The rear has Line Out, Headphones, DC input and an SD/MMC card slot. The front has a 6x1.5cm two line display and that apart from the remote control is it. It is designed to work as a wireless device (either WEP or no security) via your router. It has two sides showing you how to connect leads.
From analogue and tape to optical and digital media is made a simple process with a new product from Pinnacle.
The Dazzle Platinum is generally no long available. You might like to read our review of the latest product, the . Dazzle DVD recorder According to my Concise Oxford Dictionary, the word "Dazzle" means "Glitter" or "Confuse or dim with excess of light".  Fortunately neither of these definitions applies to .
Home video editing is now within everybody’s grasp with Pinnacle’s latest offering.
Turning your computer into a basic entertainment centre is within the grasp of everybody. But are the results what you might expect?
Computer TV tuners are getting smaller.  The latest such device to arrive from Pinnacle is slightly larger than a USB memory drive.  Appropriately this tuner goes by the title of PCTV USB Stick.  Measuring 84 x 30 x 13mm (L x W x D), this device is coloured white.  It slots into an available USB 2.0 port and has a connection socket for either a roof-top aerial or the supplied rod antenna.
Ever thought of turning your computer into a home entertainment centre? Check out how the Pinnacle PCTV 200e fared.
Ever fancied being able to pull together all your media content from everywhere for viewing or listening on a TV? In theory the Pinnacle ShowCenter 200 can do this.
Looking to expand your notebook and/or home entertainment capabilities, then we have some news for you.