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Anti virus software should keep your computer safe from 'infection' from malicious software that can cause you a lot of hassle. Anti-spam software attempts to block incoming unsolicited email - all too common these days. Many products incorporate both virus and spam filters in one product.

896425 Panda Dome Premiu

Panda Dome Premium

There are several versions of Panda ranging in price from Free to around £30 depending of what is covered, however if you have more than one PC extra PC's seem to be covered for only a few pounds extra when purchased direct from Panda. There are also options for more than a single year. Here I am looking at Panda Dome Premium.
Once installed it will automaticity start a full scan and unless its a new PC this is likely to take several hours just leave it on in the background to do its job. I downloaded it from the Panda site it took only a few minutes to starting the full scan which can be more than 30,000 files to scan. After the full scan you can choose one of three types of scan, full scan, custom scan or critical areas.
Acronis is a piece of software that I have used for years, even if a virus or worse gets through a complete reinstall is possible and you are even protected – although not without cost – from a hard disc failure and this latter event happened to me a few months ago.
Any disc over time will eventually fail  and a few months ago my hard disc failed to boot, sometimes the reinstall of this section of the hard disk can then rewrite this important section but not on this occasion.  So instead of a new hard disc I purchased a SSD drive and then proceeded to transfer my complete ‘C’ drive to it and once done I had a PC full of life, booting instead of taking up to around five minutes was complete and ready to work in less than 20 seconds.
While your computer can hold plenty of personal data, it does require assistance to keep it safe.
Personal data has an attracting for many as they can not keep their hands off it. It is up to you to protect this type of data from the schemes of hackers.
Setting up the product, in its initial format, is relatively easy as you follow a series of instruction screens.  These screens will include options to accept or decline for feedback to be sent to Eset and whether you want to enable or disable potentially unwanted applications.  The installation routine concludes with an initial automatic scan of the system under protection. As well as this automatic scan, there is a choice of other types of targeted scans.
Watch out, Hackers about and it is up to you to protect your computer data with the appropriate software.
As a young child I can remember playing a game we knew as "Pig-in-the-Middle".  Now as an adult, with a thicker waist line and many grey hairs, it seems the situation is returning.  I, and many others, find ourselves in the middle of an ongoing battle that is taking place between security companies and those who are intent on infiltrating the computer data and facilities of ours for their own nefarious purposes.
886505 panda dome advanced securit

Panda Dome Advanced

This is one of several security software products that promise to keep you safe. What each product promises is slightly different so they all have a place according to what you want, here an offering from Panda their Internet Security offering.
The ‘Dome’ is what they claim will protect you; some of the offerings are switched on by default others are up to you. When you click on it the front screen will tell you your PC is protected and how many files it has scanned in my case 162,216 when I looked, scroll down the Window to see exactly what is and is not currently protected. The first choice is Scan and this would take place when required once done it then checks everything extra as it is connected or attached.
Do you know where you are going or what you are planning to do? I only ask because somebody else might be privy to this information.
For some reason whenever I hear of, or come across the term, "Stalkerware", my thoughts immediately turn to the victim being a celebrity who is the target for this type of malware.  But as recent research into this anti-social phenomena has shown, this is not always the case.  The perpetrator of this type of attack is not just interested in celebrities but also ordinary members of the public in their attempts to gather the information they need to carry out their nefarious activities.
A lot of software is sold as a subscription some stop working once the subscription ends other will continue to work with limited functionality which in the case of security software probably means you will soon find you have problems with viruses and other nasty results. So one thing you always keep right up to date should be security software.
I am old enough to remember when you purchased a floppy disc and then later a CD-ROM but as threats became more immediate these needed to be updated and so what you buy now is a download link and these are updated every time you go online as the threats are not just updated monthly weekly or daily but all the time.
F-Secure, as you might presume from the company’s title, offers users a range of hardware, software, apps and Cloud protection solutions.
For those looking for an all-round protection software solution, F-Secure offers its Total product which consists of three main elements.  There is another fourth element but I am reserving that element for another review.  The three main elements are SAFE, FREEDOME VPN and KEY.  As well as being available on a subscription basis, there is also a 30-day trial version for checking out the product.
It is that time of year when many people decide on a route to improve their lifestyle but some care should be taken.
Have you made your’s yet?  I must admit to be rather lax in this particular matter and have allowed other issues to take up my time.  This situation had already arisen before I received an email that stated “those that do, could well find themselves vulnerable to a particular type of scam.
Do devices control your life or not? Are you sure?
No doubt you have heard the rumour that has recently been making the rounds on social media and other outlets.  I know I have come across several instances that certainly re-enforce the message being delivered by this rumour mill.  However just in case you are one of the few who have managed to isolate themselves from such trivia.  I should explain that there is a belief that the digital world was developed to help us in different aspects of our lives.
Adding to its family of industry-leading anti-virus and security protection products, Kaspersky has developed its Security Cloud offering.
With a description of being “the first security-as-a-service with a tailor approach”, Kaspersky Security Cloud (KSG) is available in personal and family editions.  The product combines patented adaptive technology and comprehensive protection against the threat of viruses, Trojans, worms and phishing amongst other attacks by configuring itself to fit comfortably with the user’s behaviour. This review is based on the personal edition of the product.
876521 mcafee life safe anti viru

McAfee Live Safe

McAfee call this the ULTIMATE antivirus, identity and privacy protection for all your PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets, so while you may have purchased it for your PC all those other devices such as your Phone and Tablet are also covered.
Even if you get a box – or card – from a retailer you do not get any media which means you have to download it from the web address given, this may seem like an extra step but of course Anti-Virus needs updating all the time as the bad guys are always updating their threats. So you get the latest version and not one produced weeks or even months ago.
Keeping your computer system safe from virus threats is the task on offer from this next product.
As regular as clockwork, or perhaps as over-aggressively as clockwork, your computer will download the latest updates and reminders from your antivirus protection company to renew your subscription.  That is, of course, if you have this important form of protection which I am sure most of you do have.  However for the few that have not taken out this type of insurance protection, then this next product could well be of interest.
872020 fix me stick antiviru


Most viruses are clever and even though you can often delete them they remain in memory and to remove them from there is trickier. So perhaps the best way to remove them is when they are not active and that means outside of Windows.
Assuming that your PC allows you to boot from a USB stick this device called FixMeStick may be able to help. In a perfect world place this stick in a USB port and it will update itself – so Ethernet or possibly Wi-Fi will need to be active.
As one of the leading players in the arena of computer protection, Bitdefender has a range of software offerings to suit the different needs of users. You can select from products such as the 2017 versions of Antivirus Plus, Internet Security, Family Pack, Antivirus for Mac or Total Security which is the subject matter of this next review.
Available in a choice of boxed product or download, Bitdefender Total Security 2017 is the company’s current flagship offering.  If you opt for the latter method of receiving the product, as I did, then I would advise that you also download the User Manual.
871372 Panda Internet Securit

Panda Security 2017

Having told you about McAfee and Kaspersky the latest offering from Panda arrived. Most Notebooks I get to review come with some sort of Anti-Virus or Internet Security trial installed, so when one arrives without such security it’s an ideal testing medium.
A lot of items that I get to see are downloads and often what I test the software on comes without an optical drive, the unit I used to test this had no optical drive in fact it only had a standard USB port on the keyboard section of a Tablet.
Kaspersky Internet Security 2017 forms one-third of the company’s latest batch of protection software for PC, Mac and mobile users.
As with Kaspersky Total Security 2017 reviewed recently, this software product is available for different numbers of devices on a one or two year subscription basis.  Depending upon your needs, you can purchase this product to cover 1, 3, 5 or 10 devices using a mixture of Windows, Mac, iOS and Android platforms.
It is up to you to ensure your computer and mobile devices are protected from malicious threats.
Described as “Our best protection for your family on PC, Mac, Android™, iPhone & iPad”, Kaspersky Total Security software comes as either a download or retail purchase package.  Actually that is not strictly true as the retail package does not contain a physical copy of the Kaspersky software.
I have always regarded Bitdefender as a software company with its undoubted expertise in the area of security and antivirus – that is until now.
The reason for this change is the Bitdefender entry into the field of hardware arena with the launch of the company’s Box product.  While a definite change in product type, Bitdefender has remained true to its roots as this hardware release is still steeped in the field of protecting devices from malware infestation.