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877239 Roccat KHAN Pro Competitive Gaming Headse

Khan Pro Headset : Roccat Khan Pro

Time to settle down to a gaming session with a new headset from Roccat.
The Roccat Khan Pro is a gaming headset designed to be your companion as you tackle the challenges offered by a variety of computer games.  Decked out in black, embellished with various matte silver imagery and the company name, the Khan Pro combines an on-the-ear style of headset with an adjustable stick style microphone.
Starting in Paris, this next game takes you on a trip to various locations as you seek a missing father
Modern Tales:  Age of Invention belongs to the Hidden Object Adventure game genre.  You are cast in the role of Emily, the daughter of an inventor who plans to show off his energy emitter during the World Expo taking place in Paris during 1900.  But, not surprisingly, things do not go as expected as a scheming madman has evil plans of his own to take over the world by abducting the most brilliant minds of the era.
877205 BenQ BL2706HT 27 inch 1080p Business Monito

BenQ BL2706HT

A large flat panel showing 1920x1080 may seem like overkill for spreadsheets or word processing but of course if you have 20:20 vision you can change the % rate shown, as an example a notebook will often show the display at 150% or 125% this defaults to 100% so you see a lot more.
Large panels are useful for group viewing and as almost all recent panels have near 180degree viewing angles you can gather a lot of people around one and it’s normally much easier than connecting a projector and it also avoids having to find a blank piece of wall that the projector would require for display. It is 62x37x1.5cm its stand raises it by between 8 and 21cm from your desk. The total weight of the unit is 7KG. It can be used either portrait or landscape.
Offering to provide key protection for your online activity is a product from Yubico.
How safe is safe with regards to your actions and valuable data?  Perhaps a few words of explanation are required to clarify my original question and its relevance to you and your personal computer equipment.
877206 Nextbase 612GW 4k Ultra HD Resolution In Car Dash Ca

NextBase Crash Cam

A dramatic title but today there are people out there determined to make you crash into the back of them by their actions so unless you have an ‘independent’ witness the fact that you hit the car in front makes you automatically guilty.
A Dash Cam can tell via satellite and video the speed you were doing, the exact time and date as well in some cases if you were talking but more importantly it gauges where that vehicle you just hit came from if it has crossed lanes if it has braked excessively etc. Most importantly it is classed as an independent witness. So any money you spend on a Dash Cam is an investment against the possibility of losing your extremely valuable no claims bonus.
877208 cd cleane

CD Head Cleaner

If you have ever looked at things on Amazon then you often get ads in the form of an email sometimes at the same price and sometimes at a price that is just too good not to buy, this item was under £3 but then there was delivery but as part of the recent Black Friday round of reductions it became only £2.24 with free delivery.
For a while the CD player in my bedroom has become rather picky about what it will and will not play. In the worst cases it said No Disk and whatever I did this remained the same, sometimes just rotating the disc 90 degrees meant it would play. Sometimes a disc would play for a few minutes and then stop and a few other nasty tricks which I will not go into. In all cases the CD’s in questions played without problem in my audio system in the lounge and in my PC’s CD drive.
877101 Dell Inspiron 15 5000 15 Inch Noteboo

Dell Inspiron 15

A big silver grey notebook from Dell was their latest offering to land on my desk. A large screen and a surprisingly small keyboard almost lost with lots of free space all around it may not sound that encouraging for you to read on.
The Dell Inspiron 15 5000 measures 37.5x25x1.5cm and weight just over two kilos. Bootup is ten seconds and shutdown to blank desktop only two seconds. One fact I cannot normally give is that after a full charge and being left unused for ten days the battery was still 98% charged. The reasons for the lack of use were a nasty bug affecting me and then several trips out which meant that little was done workwise but since that useful fact is available I have shared it.
As a member of Philips S Line range of business monitors, the Quad-HD 27inch 272S4LPJCB ticks all the right boxes for the discerning user. It provides 2560 x 1440 native resolution, is mounted on an ergonomic stand, provides a range of features and offers a choice of connectivity. In addition, Philips claims that it is built using 25% recycled materials.
877103 Amplificazione DJ Pioneer speaker

Pioneer DJ Speaker

At the start of 2017 I told you about a pair of pioneer headphones, here what are described as DJ Active Monitors while they are that they are also a rather good pair of speakers for home use so even MP3 sounds can sound excellent.
They are two way bass reflex speakers with ¾ inch tweeter and a four inch woofer. The speakers are 22.5x14.5x22cm. The total weight is just under 5 kilos. The total power output is around 40watts. There is a power lead that plugs into the left speaker and a connecting lead that runs from the left to right speaker which connects via crocodile clips. Also supplied is a 3.5mm to RCA lead.
877168 Adonit Jot Pro

Adonit Pro3 Stylus : Adonit Pro3

Artists tend to use a pen or pencil when creating a picture, so why not use something similar when working on a computer screen.
As the capabilities and feature sets of modern computer devices develop in various ways and directions, so the available tools adapt to take advantage of the changes made to the make-up of our must-have units.  Take, for instance, the humble pointing tool used to provide the user with the means to carry out tactile communication with the computer.
877102 panasonic evolta AA batterie

Panasonic Batteries

Most will think that once you have located the correct size of battery the only real choice is do you use Alkaline 1.5v or Rechargeable 1.2v. According to Panasonic while any battery that fits will work getting the best performance is down to the correct type of battery.
The four grades are EVOLTA, Pro Power, Everyday Power and Alkaline Power – each one with a different capacity. As different appliances require different levels of energy, Panasonic want to help battery consumers “see the wood for the trees” by guiding them through their purchase decision. So as with so many things today you need to use an App this one is available in the iOS or Android store.
Looking for a way to save money on your next smartphone purchase then Wileyfox might have a solution.
You have only to walk down your local High Street to get the confirmation as to how crowded is the mobile phone market.  Often matching, and in the case of my High Street out-numbering the collection of coffee shops, these mobile phone establishments have more different handset models for your selection than you could shake a stick at.  The manufacturers of the various brands are constantly seeking ways to make their handsets more attractive to the buying public.
877100 Blink XT Indoor Outdoor Home Security Camer

Blink XT Outdoor Camera

It’s over a year since I told you about the indoor version and here at last is the promised outdoor version, it seems CE compliance takes longer than everyone thought. So here the camera that can work between -25c and +45c and it has no wired connection.
Slightly larger back to front than the indoor but apart from that it works in virtually the same way, the only difference rather than automatically shining a light when full colour images cannot be given because of lack of light this uses infra-red to give you a sharp image.
If the multifunction aspect of modern smartphones is not enough for you then Lenovo offers a modular approach.
As part of the impressive line up of Lenovo products, the Moto Z2 Play is a modular designed handset.  The modular design of this product means that additional features can be added to suit the individual needs of the particular user.  These additional features, or mods as they are referred to, include items such as extra battery life, wireless charging capability and special camera facilities.
Fancy over-dosing on Hidden Object game play, then read on.
Having just watched the rather gory Hansel & Gretel movie, it seemed the appropriate time to check out the Shaman Games Studios “Catch the Witch” offering.  This particular game belongs to the Hidden Object genre and casts you in the role of Alice who is an apprentice of the world famous witch known as Circe. Before entering this world of magic, witches and Hidden Object game play you can make adjustments to the playing environment and create a playing profile.
877099 first dates the gam

First Dates

This board game for adults is based on a TV series, as I have never seen it I can only comment on the game. Strangely it has a 17+ rating that until now I did not know exist, I know of 18+ but that was/is a film classification which used to be – in my youth - ‘X’ or I believe ‘H’.
While there is a folded 22.5x22.5cm sheet with the rules you can probably get the idea better by watching the You Tube Video – link at the end – the box contains everything you need for a probably alcohol fuelled evening and it may even put a relationship of three to the test. The game is said to be for six to ten players – there needs to be an even number – as you play as a pair, six would be fine.
Tucked away on your wrist, this Nokia device can check on various health issues.
As a sign of the times, whenever I now think of Nokia my thoughts tend to drift towards the subject of health matters.  Over the last few months I have looked at a blood pressure monitor and a BMI weighing machine from Nokia.  Now it is the turn of the company’s Steel HR product which is a wristwatch device that combines activity-tracking features with heart rate monitoring capabilities.
877098 brando 3D Moon USB Lam

Brando 3D Moon USB Lamp

Brando used to use the strapline ‘everything USB’ this was rather disproved by an excellent electric screwdriver set recently reviewed that used standard batteries to power it stil looking at their website most thing are still USB orientated.
The Epson ET-2750 EcoTank inkjet printer is a compact 3-in-1 print/copy/scan unit which, instead of small capacity cartridges, uses built-in reservoirs that are filled from large bottles of ink. This is claimed to reduce printing cost by 74% and so meet the needs of the busy home user who wants to keep an eye on costs.
The unit is quite small, roughly 15 x 14 x 10 inches high, and black in colour. Hence, it does not take up too much “real estate” or look out of place in the modern home. There is just one paper input tray at the rear with the printed documents emerging from the front to land on the pull-out tray which can be pushed out of the way when the printer is not in use. The ink tanks are visible at the front right hand of the machine so that it only needs a glance to check the ink levels.
877169 Blink XT Add On Camer

Added Blink Protection : Blink Blink XT

Whether inside or outside, Blink will offer to provide home security protection.
Blink, the wire free home security and HD video monitoring system has been enhanced with the introduction of a new camera unit.  Developed as the result of customer’s requests, this latest camera, known as the Blink XT, is a waterproof model suitable for use outdoors in all kinds of weather.  This product can be integrated into an existing system or used as a standalone offering.
877095 Cello C32229T2 32  inch televisio

Cello 32inch Curved TV

Recently I visited HMS Belfast and saw the whole range of Cello TV’s including the recently reviewed Battery TV offering, here is something that is a first for me in TV’s a curved screen offering although I have reviewed a couple of computer panels that have curved screens.
This is their smallest curved TV at 32inches. My normal TV is a little larger but I choose the 32inch for logistical reasons, Cello place their stand supports towards the end of the TV and what I sit my TV on would not be wide enough to support anything larger. Having moved my TV further back and unplugged my aerial input as well as the HDMI connection between my PVR and my TV I was ready to assemble and install the Cello in front on my own TV it weighs just over four kilos.
877096 Canon TS9155 multifunction printe

Canon TS9155

While I have seen All In One units in both grey and black colours this is a first for me, a black unit with a red top, before you ask it’s not my blood. While even if it has a CD to make installation easy it refuses to use it and downloads which could be a problem for those with a poor Internet connection.
Downloading and installing the drivers and basic software took 6 minutes and just under 400MB of hard disc space on my Windows 7 system. As seems normal on most Canon units I review, both the USB and power input are back left of the unit. This is a six ink offering. The last statement should tell you this is not a unit you would buy to print emails and documents but a photographic printer.
877108 Huawei Honor 7

Honor 7X phone from Huawei

The recent worldwide launch of two new smartphones held in London by Huawei brand Honor was held with the slogan “For the Brave”. One, the Honor View 10 was described as “challenging the smartphone market with AI” will be available early next year while the other the Honor 7X is available now.
The Honor 7X is a good all-round phone for the budget-conscious. It has a large high-resolution display, dual-lens camera, 4GB RAM and 64GB storage. The phone with an all over black finish (but also available in blue) weighs 170 gm (just under 6oz) and packs a 5.93 inch 18:9 “FullView” edge-to-edge screen providing 2160 x 1080 FHD+ resolution into its 155 x 75mm overall size.
877097 Kaspersky Family Security Clou

Kaspersky Family Security Cloud

Having in recent years told you about Kaspersky Internet Security here a different product from Kaspersky their Family Security Cloud offering. This it seems is only available as a download product so for me to review it I was sent a link to download it.
The download is not large by today’s standards at just over 150MB but for it to work efficiently you need regular Internet access. This product firstly considers what is and is not safe for any devices that your children might have access to.
With the tag line of Blink and you are home, this next product guards your home.
Having surrounded your home computer system, and the data it holds, with your preferred choice of antivirus and Internet protection software, you might have thought you were safe and secure from outside intrusions.  But that is only part of the problem faced by many.  No matter how many hours you spend in the virtual computer environment, there are still those excursions in the real world of bricks & mortar to consider.  Just what is going on in your home when you are away.
876928 Nespresso Inissia Coffee Capsule Machin

Nespresso from Amazon

Prime membership from Amazon brings certain benefits including guaranteed one day delivery and extra substantial reductions on certain items; this coffee machine from Nespresso was £30 cheaper as a Prime member than for everyone else.
As a reviewer when you see various good quality coffee in a range of machines by Nespresso and others you miss it when they go away. While my normal instant coffee is one of the best out there I admit that I have become ‘hooked’ by better quality such as that supplied by two decent recent Nespresso review units.
Music on the move has become an increasingly popular past-time as we adopt a mobile life style. Unfortunately the audio output of many mobile devices used to store and deliver the audio entertainment is often relegated into second and sometimes an even lower rating position when it comes to improvements being made to the new version of devices. Stepping in to help in the respect of improving audio output is the nano iDSD Black Label DAC/headphone amp from iFi.
Music on the move has become an increasingly popular past-time as we adopt a mobile life style.  Unfortunately the audio output of many mobile devices used to store and deliver the audio entertainment is often relegated into second and sometimes an even lower rating position when it comes to improvements being made to the new version of devices.  Stepping in to help in the respect of improving audio output is the nano iDSD Black Label DAC/headphone amp from iFi.
While searching for your father, you encounter a cursed child.
Cast in the role of a psychic named Scarlett Everitt, you need to take the lead in solving the challenge of Scarlett Mysteries – Cursed Child.  Developed by World-Loom Games and published by Artifex Mundi, this Hidden Object Adventure title is described as an interactive gothic horror novel set within a steampunk frame.
876930 Philips HU4811 2000 Series Air Humidifie

Philips Humidifier

A lot of homes need a Dehumidifier as there is too much moisture in the air or even the walls of a property but almost as nasty is having a too dry atmosphere especially if you have frail people, by trying to keep a home warm you could also make it too dry.
This item from Philips is circular 33cm tall and 22cm wide. It is in two parts with the point where the two parts join together being slightly wider than the top or the bottom. Where a Dehumidifier starts without water in its talk and stops working when the tank is full a Humidifier cannot work without water in it and once its tank is empty it will stop working until more water is poured into it.
Combining the functionality of a notebook and tablet elements is a product from Acer
Adding to its extensive range of computer based products, Acer has released its Swift 3 offering.  While classified as a notebook type device, the Acer Swift 3 adopts the more modern style of product by incorporating the ability to split itself into two separate units.  A straightforward ripping motion is all that is required to turn the basic notebook format into a tablet and detachable keyboard arrangement.
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