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Yet more Match 3 action with a new lead character from e-Funsoft.
Dipping into its seemingly inexhaustible supply of characters, e-Funsoft introduces Jake Everest to fans of Match 3 game play.  Jake has the appearance of a typical comic book character cast in the role of an archaeologist specialising in the retrieval of ancient items that some how have ended up for sale on the black market.  Jake's introduction to the gaming fraternity comes in the form of e-Funsoft's Match 3 title Wakanga the Unseen Civilization.
Follow-up titles can take you in many different directions as this next game goes to show.
Thanks to the work and skill of various story tellers, we know of several fairy tale heroes and heroine in their moment of glory.  But have you considered what life had in store for them after their initial fifteen minutes of fame?  With this next title, 4 Friends Games has taken a look at what might have happened once life settled down after Goldilocks invaded the personal space of a family of bears.
While Star Trek had enough problems with its transporter, image the problems a commercial version of the device could bring.
Teleportation does not always deliver the service you might expect.  Sometimes, rather than transport you to the requested destination, you could end up in circumstances that were not as you expected.  For instance, a family of three were looking forward to a relaxing holiday in pleasant surroundings when they ended up on a deserted island.  This was bad enough but then matters took a turn for the worst.
896005 HONOR Magic 5 Lit

Honor Magic5 Lite

This is the latest offering to cross my desk; it is a SmartPhone that takes the screen right to the edge of the display. Like most recent quality SmartPhones it is all about the cameras and here they are amazingly good. The rest of the phone is also rather nice.
The Honor Magic5 Lite measures 15.7x7.5x.7cm and it weighs 177 grams. The viewable screen is 15.5x7.2cm which gives the notional diagonal imperial measurement of 6.67 inches. The screen resolution is 2400x1080. As supplied to me there is 6GB of RAM + 5GB Turbo, 128 GB of storage and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 695 processor. For those who need it the USB ‘C’ connection also supports an OTG (on the go) storage device. This phone came with Android 12 and Magic UI 6.1.
Digging into the Academy's past, e-Funsoft relates a story that has a familiar ring (no pun intended) to it.
Following a gap of some six months, e-Funsoft has returned to its Academy of Magic series with this next offering in a tale of Match 3 action.  As with the previous offering in this series, "The new Beginning" being a prequel in the Academy's time line, this latest episode entitled "Ring of Darkness" returns you to the early days of the Academy's history as a new school term begins. Enrolling into this new batch of students can be achieved by creating profiles for individual players.
Are you sitting comfortably? Then I will relate the new of a pair of headphones that could enhance your listening experience.
A recent announcement from Sony informed me that the company has two new headphone models that could well appeal.  These headphones are the and models.  The two models give the purchaser the choice of over-ear or on-ear wireless connectivity when wearing the headphones. Designed for over-ear use, the WH-CH720N is a wireless headphone product.

Name Your Price : Retro phones

If you do not use a device then maybe somebody will pay you to let them use it.
You may recall hearing that an old mobile smartphone fetch a rather substantial amount of money when it was put up for auction recently.  The phone in question was an original Apple smartphone, released in 2007, that had never been used.  In fact it was safely ensconced in the original packaging.  This was the 8GB phone with its 2mp camera, original bearing a £500 price tag, was sold at the auction for £52,617 which, even at today's prices, was a rather large mark-up.
896001 Pure StreamR Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speake

Pure StreamR Revisited

Few devices get reviewed more than once, one exception was another Pure offering called ‘The Bug’ and that was one of their first offerings and it is still in daily use. So when a friend asked me to see if I could get her Pure StreamR working I sort of remember reviewing it shortly before Lockdown so I said yes.
She had got it cheaply somewhere and all she had was the unit so firstly I downloaded the Instructions and then found a lead to charge it, while it looks like a USB ‘C’ it’s not so that took a while of sorting out from a range of slightly older offerings. This is basically a battery unit and you should only need to recharge it after around 15 hours of use. Next I left it charging overnight and when I looked in the morning a saw a green light on top of the near square unit.
When is an Android smartphone not an Android smartphone? Could it ne when it has been deGooglised?
Usually when a smartphone arrives for review purposes, it is accompanied with details regarding the physical components making up the device.  However in this case the relevant information was not included.  The reason for this was that this review was to focus on the software installed on the smartphone.  However I do feel that the hardware does deserve a brief mention before concentrating on the software element. The smartphone in question is the Murena One.  Featuring a 6.
Can you assist Juliette when she tries to restore the balance between the Azure and Crimson Worlds?
Daydream Mosaics 2 - Juliette's Tale is the forerunner of Daydream Mosaics 3 - Shards of Hope which I reviewed recently.  Based on Nanogram game play, this Suricate Software title introduces the player to Juliette who will require your assistance in restoring the balance between the magical Azure and Crimson  Worlds that have been disrupted by a mysterious event known as Riving.
Our Beautiful Earth 6 brings together an exploration of the world with Hidden Object game play and some mini game puzzle solving.
Developed by BD Studio Games, Our Beautiful Earth 6 is available in Collector's Edition format with several bonus items being added to the game's main exploration of the world.  The extra items, available from the game's title screen, consists of 10 bonus locations featuring Hidden Object scenes, access to the 40 mini game puzzles featured in the main game, 19 music tracks and 18 wallpapers.  All the extra items are available immediately.
This is the latest set of over ear headphones to cross my desk. On the face of it they are Bluetooth meaning you have the freedom to move around within the range of Bluetooth. However unlike earbuds which are either Bluetooth or corded with this set from Shure you have the option to use them corded should you wish to do so.
The Aonic 50 wireless headset measures 15cm from earpiece to earpiece when parallel; there is 18cm from base of earpiece to centre of the well-padded headband. There is 3cm plus of expansion available on each side for those who need it. The right earpiece has USB ‘C’ connection for charging as well as on/off button, volume up and down and a slider control. The left earpiece has the 3.5mm connection for the times for wish to use them corded.
Mixing travel and mosaic creation is the aim of this next game.
As its title indicates, Travel Mosaics 16 - Glorious Budapest combines elements of travel, Budapest and nanogram creating game play.  Developed by Jet Dogs Studio, this puzzle title allows different people to play the game through the use of profiles to record their progress.  Adjustments can be made to the volume levels used for background music and sound effects with the game being  viewed in full screen mode with a custom cursor.
895952 Lost Grimoires Stolen Kingdo

Magic Rules the Land

Returning home after a long absence can highlight changes that you might find disturbing.
"Lost Grimoires - Stolen Kingdom","Artifex Mundi"Lost Grimoires: Stolen Kingdom is a game that sits firmly within the Hidden Object Adventure genre.  In case you are wondering the Grimoires part of the product's title refers to a book of magic spells and invocations.
It is Fantasy Mosaic time yet again as Match Gem takes you back to school to brush up on your mathematical skills.
As the latest environment for their long-running Fantasy Mosaics series, Match Gem takes us back to school to tackle nanogram game play.  You will be accompanying Penguin Harry as he goes back to school to brush up on his mathematic skills.  He can then put this knowledge to work by becoming a mosaic puzzle expert in Fantasy Mosaics 54 - Back to School.
895947 CREATIVE Zen Air Lightweight True Wireless headphone

Creative Zen Air Earbuds

This is the latest set of small in ear earbuds from Creative. They connect via Bluetooth so you get a cordless connection. This allows you more freedom to move around that little bit further away up to around ten metres or maybe a little less according to what the walls are made of.
In the outer cardboard box is an inner white plastic container this is 6.5x5.5x2.5cm and this contains the earbuds. Also in the outer box is a short USB ‘C’ to USB lead to charge the container and a couple of difference sized gels as well as a small Quick Start Guide. The container with the earbuds weighs 46 grams and the buds within it weigh only 5 grams each. Before staring you should charge the container.
This next title offers the opportunity to enhance images and create your own wallpaper scenes.
Recently I reviewed a game entitled Daydream Mosaics 3 - Shades of Hope.  This game was based on the story of two individuals from separate worlds coming together to try and stop the destruction of their environment.  As I enjoyed playing this game, I decided to check out the earlier titles in the Daydream Mosaics series developed by Surricate Software. Not surprisingly, this first title in the series is entitled Daydream Mosaic.
While having important relatives can be useful, be aware they might call on you for favours.
There exists a magical land, hidden from view of normal beings by layers of spells, known as Albian.  This is the home of the most powerful wizards, sorcerers and magicians who have been known to enjoy a good knees-up and party well into the night.  Each year the residents organise a massive knees-up under the guise of a Convention of Magic Masters.  The latest such event is to be held at the castle belonging to the Fairy Godmother who just happens to be your Aunt Gwendolyn.
Combining together different USB ports, Atom Studios has developed a plug which might prove useful.
It is surprising how easy it is for your collection of devices, whether portable or not, can build up in even a short time period.  When checking through your various devices that make use of USB technology for their data and power transfer, you will probably find a range of different USB standards.  My own personal collection of such devices produced candidates that were of the Type A, Type B, mini, micro, USB 2 and the latest USB C  type connection.
895919 KIOXIA TransMemory U366 USB Flash Drive 128G

Kioxia USB Flash Drive

Video files are often very big, and while they can of course be moved around by Wi-Fi it is often easier to have them on removable storage, a USB drive is still quite large but these days a USB stick can be very small even to being able to attach onto a keyring. If you do then it’s important as in this case that it is made of metal as keys can damage plastic.
Here I am telling you about a 128GB storage stick that is only 4cm long a tad over 1cm wide and .4cm wide. This latest offering from Kioxia is the ideal way to move around with video, audio and photos.
Sharing your personal collection of favourite music, in a variety of locations, is possible with this next product.
While earbuds and headsets are fine for personal individual listening to your favourite music or audio book content stored on mobile devices, they can not really be considered adequate for group listening sessions.  One possible solution to provide group listening capability would be through the use of a sound bar that could deliver a wide spread of audio output as part of its functionality.
For those willing to mark the day with a special gift, here are a few suggestions from Sony.
As Valentine Day approaches you might be considering a gift for your special one.  Sony has several items which might be just the product you are looking for to celebrate the day.  Providing the means to deliver your message of love could be either headphones or speakers.  Sony can offer the following different devices:- The tailor sound to your personal preference.
Are you up to facing a monster whose mode of transport is a flying buffalo?
Categorised as a Hidden Object Adventure title, Darkarta - A Broken Heart is a game developed by TuttiFrutti Interactive that is available in Platinum Edition format.  The product's main game is based around the trials and tribulations of a family of three.
895916 Acer Swift Edge SFA16 41 16 inch Lapto

Acer 16inch Swift Edge

A 16inch notebook that does not weigh that much, it also does not feel that much larger when you move around with it. Unlike a lot of such devices I get to review this one has an AMD processor, this one runs at 2.7GHz. It has 16GB of RAM and a 1TB SSD.
Its dimensions are 36x24x1.5cm and it weighs only 1179grams which is meant to be the world’s lightest. The viewable screen is 34x21.5cm which gives the notional imperial diagonal measurement of 16inches, this is 4K 3840x2400pixel and OLED. On the left edge are two USB ‘C’, USB3 and HDMI. The right side has 3.5mm socket for headphones, USB3 and two LED’s. Both the front and back are clear. The screen goes back to around 45 degrees.
Can you find required animals when they do their best to blend into the background scenery?
How well do you know the creatures of the Animal Kingdom?  This next title, developed by Seven Sails, gives you opportunity to test your skills at recognising the members of the Animal Kingdom.  Encased within the environment of Hidden Object game play, you can explore a collection of scenes to see if you can recognise numerous examples of its residents hiding within the scenery.
Fortune telling cards are used to direct your investigation into the mystery of a triple kidnapping.
With this next game, you are cast in the role of Claire Ellery, an experienced FBI Agent.  Your task is to investigate the triple kidnapping of three victims. This crime has taken place in a small, almost forgotten fishing town whose name escapes me.  Forming part of the Strange Cases series, this investigation quickly becomes known as the Tarot Card Mystery as you follow a number of clues involving the appearance of Tarot Cards bearing messages suggesting appropriate action.
When the spirit world invades a Match 3 environment, you can be sure the scale of your task will be increased.
895846 Emporia SMART.

Emporia Smart.5 : Emporia Smart 5

Another recent offering from Emporia a company that produces phones that look normal while offering extra assistance for those of us over 65 who may or may not be retired. Early assistance phones tended to look rather different and while they offered the assistance needed some were reluctant to use them as they were embarrassed.
The Emporia Smart.5 measures 5x7.5x.8cm and weighs 174grams. The viewable screen is 12.4x6.2cm which gives the notional diagonal imperial measurement of 5½inches. The screen is 1440x720 pixels. The Home screen is half an image of your choosing at the top and four larger buttons for the lower half, Phone, Email, Photos and Notifications. Swipe left and you get a further eight large icons these fill the screen in two columns of four.
895906 Boulies Elite ergonomic gaming chai

Sitting Comfortably : Boulies ELITE FIT

Whether at work or at play, a comfortable position can help you perform to your best.
News has just reached me regarding the launch of a product from Boulies, the UK based premium office and gaming chair specialist. This announcement concerns the arrival of its latest series of ultra-comfortable chairs for both gaming and office use.  Consisting of two series, these new offerings form the Elite Series, which is considered perfect for gaming and entertainment, and the award winning FIT Series.
Can you help a FBI agent solve a murder?
The usual options of creating profiles, so that different people can play the game, with adjusted volume levels for music and sound effects plus full or wide screen viewing.  The game can be played in either Normal or Advanced difficulty levels offering varying Hint/Skip recharging speeds and the use of sparkles.
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