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As one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon need your help to return them to their full glory.
Developed by Suricate Games, Babylonia belongs to the Match-3 genre.  This game takes you back to a time in the dim and distant past when King Nebuchadnezzar ruled the grand city and kingdom of Babylon.  It was on his orders that the Hanging Gardens of Babylon were created.  These Gardens were given, as a gift, to Nebuchadnezzar beloved wife, Amyitis.
Having had a rather good fan in my office for some of the hottest part of the summer now a slightly different device this one from Philips aimed at those who may struggle without better air quality so here the Philips Air Purifier.
This Philips Air Purifier  measures 66cdm tall, 35cm wide and 25cm deep. It comes assembled but not ready for use as you have to unwrap the filters which although in place are sealed until removed unwrapped and reinserted. The filters are in line, first the HEPA filter, then the NanoProtect AC and then the Pre-Filter. All the controls are on the top surface and are invisible when the unit is off.
With a model number that has a binary feel, this next product offers dual speaker connectivity.
The Edifier R1010BT product forms part of the company’s range of bookshelf multimedia speaker systems.  Available in a choice of black or, as in the case of my review system, brown, this Edifier R1010BT kit consists of a pair of bookshelf multimedia style speaker units and various connection leads plus mini booklet style documentation regarding the set up and use of the product.
875449 Terraillon Connected Scales Bathroo

Terraillon R-Link

One thing any person trying to lose – or gain – weight requires is an accurate scale. Here the latest offering from Terraillon is stated to be the thinnest on the market and because it is metal it’s solid and also very easy to keep clean.
This is however not only a scale to show your weight it also tells you other things like your body mass index, it shows body fat, body mass, body muscle and body water content. It can do that for up to eight different people and in the case of twins with identical body composition it asks which number to store the information under. All the data can then be transported to up to eight different SmartPhones using a free App downloadable from either iOS or Android store.
Until recently I was not even aware that Sennheiser did earbuds then I reviewed the Flex 5000 that came with a set. Here I have to thank Vodafone for allowing me to extend my review period with their Samsung Galaxy 8 phone as these earbuds were designed for the Galaxy range of phones and Tablets.
Lime green seems to be the in colour for ‘sports’ earbuds. These are very bright and of course they do show up in reduced lighting areas. The buds themselves come in three sizes which fit onto the overall fitment that flexes over the ear. The silicon buds are mid grey as is the control unit which is 28cm down the cable and below this once the two cables become one is the shirt or top grip to stop the spare cable moving around. 92cm further on (making the total cable length 1.
875455 acronis true image 201

Acronis True Image 2018

Your data is a valuable asset which should be protected by a product such as the latest offering from Acronis.
Keeping ahead of the current times, Acronis has released the 2018 version of its True Image personal back-up software for the home user.  According to Serguel Beloussov, co-founder and CEO of Acronis, this latest version of True Image is “the first and only personal back-up software that uses artificial intelligence to defend consumers against one of the fastest growing threat to their data.
Certainly not my favourite job and one that only gets done when things get really bad or as in this case when I am sent a tool to take the hard work out of cleaning windows and best of all remove the mess so all you see is clean windows.
I seem to remember a strap line that I think referred to a vacuum cleaner ‘so easy to use even a man can use it’ it seems appropriate here but no doubt if someone used it today there would be a pack of lawyers claiming certain laws had been broken. So I will simply say I found it easy to setup and use and yes I am a man.
Like an old friend, I welcome the latest version of Corel’s Paint Shop Pro on to my computer.
I can not state that I was totally surprised but it was a minor shock to realise that the subject matter of this next review, made its first appearance 27 years ago.  That was in August 1990 when Robert Veil released his graphics conversion utility.  The product was released as Shareware where you try before you buy, or as in some cases try and continue to use without buying as the Shareware offering was sometimes based on an honour system.
Mixing Hidden Object game play and restoring pictures, this next game involves the Incan Sun.
Developed by Jolly Bears Games, Undiscovered World: The Incan Sun is a Hidden Object game.  When playing this game there is a choice of three modes although only the first mode of Find the Incan Sun is initially available.  You need to complete this mode before you are granted access to Unlimited node (find all the objects in each location) and Mini Games (replay the eight mini games that occurs). Before embarking on this game you can create profiles for individual players.
Unlike the recent pod machine I reviewed from Lavazza this unit requires a single power lead as the creamer unit takes power from the coffee machine as is integral on its right side. The last two months have taught me one thing my top of the range instant coffee is not a match for quality coffee pods.
This Nespresso Machine measures 35x27x12cm, the exception is where the milk frother joins the unit two thirds of the way down the right side and then the width increases by 10cm to 22cm. While people who make ‘good’ coffee at home are in two camps the ‘bean’ and the ‘pod’. This machine is from the ‘pod’ arena and Nespresso are one of the leading players.
Offering a virtual toolbox approach, Parallels has bundled together a collection of in-house tools.
Probably better known by many as the developer of its Desktop software, whereby users can install and access a copy of Windows within a Mac environment, Parallels has released its Toolbox product for either the Windows or Mac platform.  This offering consists of a collection of tools designed to carry out specific tasks. Each of the provided tools has been designed to be activated by a single mouse click.  The product is available on an annual subscription basis for either platform.
875445 Bosch Smart Eyes Outdoor Camer

Bosch Eyes FD 720

This is an external light and a camera and it runs on a standard power lead so if you already have an external light – with or without a sensor – you can just replace it and this will come on when something is sensed and it also records automatically.
This is certainly the most expensive security camera I have reviewed. It is external and has an integrated light so it is a two in one device. Open the box and there is the light camera unit at 20.5x10.5x6.5cm and a backing plate that fits without overhang on the rear of the unit. There are two screws and raw plugs together with a small Philips screwdriver. Lift the snug fitting padding to find three 44 page manuals and one of these is in English.
875446 nkd AQUA filter water bottle BPA fre

Bottle Filter ndk pod

On a recent visit to London during the rounds of Xmas In July I saw a rather nice coffee machine – reviewed 1st September – an electric scooter - sorry no review – and this water bottle. The contents come out as a clear liquid even if they are put in with colour, no it’s not a magic trick but the secret is in the filter inside of what is otherwise like a quality padded standard water bottle.
The example I saw at the event was the demonstrator pouring a cola into the bottle and a clear liquid emerging from the bottle. Yes I did ask the question about passing your own ‘water’ into the bottle and would the liquid coming out be drinkable, he said he had not tried it and before you ask neither have I during my tests. The bottle states ‘removes up to 99.9% of bacteria, viruses + more’.
Glancing through a recent brochure of suggested Christmas gifts available from Philips, I noted six different shaving products. One of these products is the Philips Shaver Series 9000 which is the subject of this next review.
The Philips Shaver Series 9000 comes in two versions.  The 59211/12 model, which is the subject matter of this review, consists of the Shaver 9000 unit, a SmartClick Precision Trimmer, semi rigid zipped Travel pouch and a power lead with a standard two-pin plug.  The Series 9000 also features the 59211/26 model which adds a SmartClean Plus system.  This element has the capability to clean, lubricate, dry and charge the shaver’s internal battery.
A pair of lime green earbuds – other colours are available – have kept me company on a range of journeys in an around London. The first advantage is that your SmartPhone remains well and truly out of site be it in your pocket or purse.
These are described on the box as Wireless Sports Headphones with LED neckband.
As part of its range of graphics products, Corel has released the latest version of its Pinnacle Studio offering.
Pinnacle Studio 21 is the latest version of Corel’s video editing tools package for the Windows environment.  Three versions of the product are available, designed to cover the needs of different users.  You can select from Standard, Plus or Ultimate offerings.  My review of the product is based on the 64-bit version of Pinnacle Studio 21 Ultimate.
It is time to become a collage graduate as you help a famous archaeologist
875448 Roberts Radio ORTUS1BK DAB Alarm Clock Radi

Roberts Ortus 3

It’s been a couple of years since I have been offered a Roberts DAB radio to review. While I have looked at offerings from other manufacturers the Roberts units have not been available. This I assume was down to the excellent PR lady I have been in contact with for some years moving on.
This is a DAB/FM Alarm Clock Radio, it is 19x11.5x6.5cm but you will need another 3cm behind it as the power lead sticks out by that much. Instead of the more normal rod aerial this uses the wire type offering it is 60cm long and emerges from back right it should either hung down or be stretched up especially for the initial scan of DAB stations, in my area it found 96 stations. This is a mono unit but you can listen in stereo via headphones or earbuds.
As a walking repository of various medical ailments, I am always on the look out for health offerings such as this next product.
According to recent research conducted on behalf of the National Health Service (NHS), an estimated 25% of the UK adult population suffer from hypertension, often without realising the fact.  High blood pressure or hypertension can be caused as the result of smoking, poor diet and the lack of exercise.  It has been known to raise the risk of heart attacks, strokes, kidney disease and dementia.
While I get to see a range of new phones from Vodafone here are something that I have previous not seen. First a very nice small pair of on ear headphones ideal for traveling with, second a small cube speaker for those occasions when you share your sounds.
These headphones are small, with the phones parallel there is only 13cm between them, at the same position and no side extension it is only 17cm to the base of the head padding. Fresh ‘N Rebel seems to be the name for these matt blue on ear headphones. There is close to 1.5cm of padding on each ear and nearly 1cm on top of the head.
875237 Nest Cam IQ indoor security camer

Nest Cam IQ

This is the latest – and certainly the best – Nest indoor security camera that I have seen, the information about when and what was seen along with the video quality makes this a wow product for any internal security purpose you may have.
The initial email notification will say ‘Someone’ or ‘Something’ has been seen with a still image you can then click on the link and see a very high quality video with exact timeline. It is possible for you to identify people so it can say change this message to ‘Mother’ or ‘Jimmy’ for example and if they have access you can then ignore the message.
After a number of in-ear products, this next listening device is of the over-the-ear offering.
Developed by Sandberg, the Blue Storm is a wireless headset which forms part of the company’s Esports Equipment range of products.  Arriving with a five year warranty, this product consists of the Blue Storm headset, a 16cm audio cable for use when the music is supplied from a non-Bluetooth source, a 54cm micro-to-standard USB lead and a small, brief Quick Guide booklet which relies more on illustrations than text.
As my trips to various venues around London for Xmas in July comes to an end I smell the inviting coffee from Lavazza and here in the form of a tiny machine for your Expresso or other black offering as well as a separate machine for those who prefer their coffee white with a coffee shop head.
Always popular with Gadgetspeak readers are coffee machines of all types no matter if they are pod or bean machines and if they have good coffee with them then this reviewer gets his fill of extra nice coffee as his reviewers perk. While the quality of the coffee is the most important factor, for those who love a cappuccino then being able to foam the milk is also important and the kit as supplied to me does that. Few will disagree that the Italians know about coffee.
875302 f secure sense IoT Internet route

Router Protection : F-Secure Sense

Just how smart is smart? Your home may contain any number of devices that claim to be smart but do you really trust them to respond in an appropriate manner when they receive instructions, especially when the instructions emanate remotely from an outside source not under your control. It could happen.
The current big topic, referred to as IoT or Internet of Things, is for all your household goods, whether fridges, kettles, lights and even air purifiers, are all interconnected and remotely accessible via the Internet and a mobile device.
875301 game Spirit of the Ancient Fores

Helping Sarah

Do you need to practice your skills at recognising twins and triplets? If so, this next game could help.
Developed by Shaman Games, and bearing the rather impressive title of Spirit of the Ancient Forest, this next game belongs to the Hidden Object genre.  However, instead of the usual approach of producing lists of text objects or silhouettes that need to be found, this game takes a totally different route when presenting its challenge of finding the required objects.  It does this by simply not telling you what objects are required.
Not just another Tablet/Notebook this looks very different and while it has an attached keyboard there is nothing showing when it is turned off and it can also be used with a (pen) supplied as a drawing area altogether taking things in a new direction.
They do a PC and an Android version I was sent the Android one. It is extremely thin and could even be described as a book because of the way the hinge looks, it is 25.5x17.5x1cm, the last figure the thickness is at the back and its even less at the front, it weighs 690grams. The viewable screen is 21.5x13cm. Everything about this unit is minimized.
With the tag line of “Effort Rewarded”, this next product reports back on how your heart copes during various activities.
he MYZONE MZ-3 is a physical activity belt that has been designed to track the user’s heart rate during various forms of tasks conducted as part of a work out session.  The product consists of a wearable hardware device and a downloadable app that is available from either the App Store or Google Play depending upon your preference for the mobile device that will provide feedback regarding gathered data.
When the first ‘Polaroid’ type camera came out it was the camera equivalent of sliced bread. The models were big and the quality of the image was not that great but to see the image immediately was what people wanted to have.
Here a Hybrid camera from FujiFilm that can function as a near normal camera but still have the ability to produce that near instant image. The FujiFilm Instax SQ10 measure 12x11x4.5cm and weighs 471grams. It has two modes, the ‘Auto’ mode is what you have with any conventional camera, whatever you click the shutter on gets printed which of course can be expensive as the film strips are not the cheapest.
This is a food scale which when use with an App might help you to lose weight, that is you have the willpower to keep it up and above all NO SNACKING BETWEEN MEALS the last directive is perhaps the most important thing of all.
The scale is 26x15.5x1.5cm and weighs 606 grams with the required – not supplied – 3x‘AAA’ inserted. The batteries are inserted in the back of the scale and each corner is raised slightly by a tiny foot to insure accurate measurement. The deck of the scale has a 5.
875145 STM Kings Backpack for 15 Inch Laptop China Blu

A Bag called King : STM King

Taking your equipment on the road requires a suitable receptacle to provide protection and easy access.
Designed by STM, the King is a rucksack type bag or, as the Australian designers prefer, a Backpack.  Available in a choice of botanical green, china blue, tornado grey or, as in the case of my review sample, desert brown, the King has dimensions of 47.
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