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When the land erupts, you need to come to the rescue of an island's animals and human residents.
Like the mythical island of Saint Marie, home to the BBC Television's "Death in Paradise" series, which has far more than its fair share of murders, the Mixo Games created location of Turtle Bay is similarly affected.  However, in this case, the affliction concerns natural disasters rather than the murder of individual residents of the island.  You can visit this location and discover more about it with a visit to Twistinfo - Turtle Bay Collector's Edition game.
Gems earned playing Solitaire can be used to enhance buildings.
With this next title from the Suricate Software catalogue, the company has combined the Solitaire game play, taking place in an underwater environment, with scene building elements and bonus puzzle action.  Entitled Jewel Match Solitaire Winterscapes 2 Collector's Edition, this product allows for several adjustments to be made to the playing environment.
Crime does not pay especially when you try to make amends and get sent threatening letters for your trouble.
Domini Games has returned to its Crossroad of the World environment for this next product under review.  This particular episode is entitled "Cursed Letters" and sets you the task of discovering who is responsible for sending threatening letters to somebody you had helped in the past. The Crossroad of World is a situation that brings together the components of the Universe so they can interact with each other.  Unfortunately this arrangement can sometimes cause problems.
896544 Honor Magic V2 5G Mobile Phon

Honor Magic V2 very Smart Phone

It looks like any standard 15x7cm phone both in size and weight however it unfolds to become almost 15x14cm to give a much larger surface viewing area. So when folded the display is the front and the units three cameras are the back. When unfolded the right of the back are the cameras the left of the back is blank while what was the inside becomes the double sized front.
At the widest bit the is only just over .7cm wide, this increases to 1.2cm at the top left where the three cameras are in a vertical line, the total weight is 240 grams. This is the first foldable phone I have seen that does not seem to be thicker at the fold and therefore when your finger moves over it there is no disturbance. When viewing in the unfolded state you have a wider view and still have 20:9 aspect ratio. Folded or unfolded the refresh rate is still up to 120Hz.
Offering to keep your fingers warm through the cold of Winter is a collection of appropriate jigsaws.
Usually when a Jigsaw puzzle type game arrives for review, it is the work of 8 Floor Games but, in this case, Denda Games is the company responsible for Puzzle Pieces 4.  Subtitled Farewell Dear Winter, the product takes you on a  pictorial journey that is meant to inspire you as the season moves on from the icy cold of Winter to the more friendly embrace of Spring and the rebirth it offers.
Like history, popular bygone past-times can re-appear for a second outing of gaming activity.
Several years ago, maybe as much as a decade or so, a popular past-time product was a Painting by Numbers kit.  Using the supplied paints, you could colour in a template for a particular scene which consisted of numbered areas by applying the appropriate numbered colours in the outline sketch.  This concept of art-made-easy was an ideal candidate to make the transition from a physical kit to a digital environment.
When the police can not solve an outbreak of criminal activity, you are expected to come to their aid.
Unsolved Case- The Scarlet Hyacinth is a Hidden Object Adventure game from the Domini Games' catalogue of titles.  This review is based on the Collector's Edition version of the product which casts you in the role of a private detective called in by the police to help solve what turns out to be a wave of crimes which threatened to plunge the city into chaos unless you can help.
896550 HP Spectre x360 2 in 1 Laptop PC 1

HP i7 Notebook

This i7 processor Windows 11 touch PC from HP is available only from Curry's so I decided that I should check it out. If offers a lot in a quite small overall package and is '2 in 1' as its not only a notebook but also a tablet.
It is 31.5x21cm, its 1.5cm thick at the back and only 1cm thick at the front and it weighs 1512grams. Going around the outside has HDMI out, USB 'C' and audio out on the left, the front is clear, the right side has micro SD card connection, two USB and finally a 3.5mm charge point, you can of course also use a USB 'C' lead to charge as well. There is nothing on the back as the screen goes back 360 degrees as this can also be used as a Tablet. It has an 84 key keyboard, there is 1.
Adding colour to a sketch can increase the drawing's visual aspect.
Although arriving classified as a relaxing puzzle game, Paint by Pixel seems better suited to the role of a colouring tool with abstract capabilities.  Developed by Tiny Little Lion, this offering provides you with a range of sketch-like drawings.  These pictures can be coloured in using a set palette whose content can be adjusted to suit your artistic tastes and preferences. As the product's title indicates, this offering provides the means to add colour to various pre-drawn sketches.
AVI Games takes you on a trip to discover the delights of Brazil.
The combination of travel excursion outings based around a basis of Hidden Object game play continues to make regular appearances on release schedules.  The latest such offering to come my way is Around the World - Travel to Brazil.  Developed by AVI Games, this offering is available in Collector's Edition format which bundles extra items to enhance the gaming experience of the player.
Be prepared to tackle a variety of tasks within an underwater environment in this title from Suricate Software.
In the past I have played and reviewed several Suricate Software titles.  As a result I have got use to being faced with a gaming environment featuring the main game complemented with a scene building reward for making progress in the main game.  This next titles of Jewel Match Aquascapes 2 follows a similar pattern.  This title is available in Collector's Edition format which forms the basis of my review.
A lot of recent notebooks no longer have HDMI out in fact some Notebook/Tablets no longer have USB and just have USB 'C'. So this latest small and neat flat panel from Philips solves the problem while still allowing you to connect via HDMI but still has your back even if you only have USB 'C'.
This 24 inch monitor from Philips is very small and light and the only thing you do not have is the ability to raise or lower the panel, so the measurements below are what you get, you could if required place some books under the base to raise it should it be required. The panel measures 54x31x1.5cm, there is some back movement, the stand raises it by 10cm from your desk. While this is a 24inch flat panel (23.
With dragon's bones and fiery breathe, this next title sets you the task of ending the reign of Winter.
Domini Games continues its story of Royal Romances with this next offering.  Entitled Endless Winter, this tale of a Kingdom, gripped by a seemingly eternal season of snow and ice, is available in Collector's Edition format.  Bundled with the main game is the usual collection of bonus items, some of which can be accessed immediately while other require game progress to be made or even completed.
When sorting through masses of unwanted items you might find an occasional object of value.
Inviting you back to its Animalville gaming environment for the next episode of item finding and puzzle solving, Jet Dogs Studio has released its next Shopping Clutter offering.  Now up to version 18 of this particular series, this offering is entitled Antique Store.  It deals with the work being undertaken by Uncle Rat as he sets about opening Animalville's first antique store with the assistance of other members of the Walker family.
The combination of a Magic Book and a friend, called Charlie, yet again causes problems Amanda must solve.
For this next release, e-Funsoft has produced version 8 of Amanda's Magic Book.  Subtitled Among the Spirits, this Match 3 game continues the  story of Amanda's adventures as she sets out to put right the problems caused by others through the completion of numerous levels of Match 3 action. In this case the adventure starts as Amanda and her friend Charlie set out to visit a festival in Japan.
896411 RISWOND Wireless Doorbel

Wireless Doorbell

As we get older one thing that normally happens is that your hearing will deteriorate. Possibly turning the TV volume up will help but that has other side effects like not always hearing your doorbell, here is one solution from RISWOND.
In the box a 6x3cm clock type battery bell push, the 11x5.5x2.5cm bell, a fold out 10x6.5cm 14 side instruction sheet and a small container with two double sided sticky tape fixings the same size as the bell push back together with two screws and two fixings for screws. The top part of the bell has a 13amp plug on its back so if you have skirting board plugs this could be a problem as there is 6.
Are you ready to put your Hidden Object searching and puzzle solving skills to the test with this latest American excursion?
Following on from its Finding America - The Pacific Northwest, Boom Zap has moved its focus to the West for its next Finding America excursion.  As you might expect, this latest title follows the same pattern used by the original offering of mixing together Hidden Object searching with mini puzzle action.
The battle between the King and the forest creatures continues as you seek to bring an end to the conflict.
Domini Games has added to its Royal Romances series of Hidden Object Adventure titles that deal with the conflict between the King and the creatures of a magical forest.  This latest episode is subtitled The Power of the Chosen One.  I have been looking at the Collector’s Edition version of this title which features several bonus items to enhance the playing experience.
Join a party of young people as they set out to enjoy New Year's Eve in a snowy environment.
While some people prefer the sunshine period for taking their holiday break, others prefer the excitement and adventure you can encounter when facing the demands of winter.  DIGIMIGHT has based this next release on those embarking on a winter holiday.  The result is the Winter Holidays game from the company's Adventure Mosaic series of titles.
896528 SUUNTO Wing Open Ear Bone Conduction Headphon

Suunto Wing News : Suunto Wing

Based in Finland, Suunto believes that adventure can still be aesthetic.
Recently I was introduced to Suunto, a leading company in the design and innovation involved in the production of sports watches, dive computers and digital services popular with adventurers.  The reason for the introduction was related to the company's launch of its Suunto Wing product.  Designed by athletes for athletes, the product that can be used in different outside environments.
A lot of money is spent each year of Easter Eggs and most of them will have vanished by Easter Monday. This year Easter is at the end of March so now is the time to consider what to buy.
This offering is something rather different the outside looks great being a mid brown colour and what is inside is definitely not for children as its a alcoholic mixture of the finest Cocoa mixed with vanilla and cream.
When their dancing time is interrupted, the fairies call on your help to rescue their captured comrades.
Living as they do in a magical forest, the fairies of this world like to come out, whenever they can, in order to dance and play to their heart’s content.  However this period of enjoyment was brought to a sudden end when the mischievous goblins decided to interrupt the proceedings.  They launched a lightning strike on the playful fairies as they were enjoying themselves.  The goblins kidnapped several fairies and carried their victims back to their goblin village.
896520 Lost and Found Agenc

Lost & Found Agency

Mixing Hidden Object and mini game puzzle solving, this next title puts you to work at the Lost & Found agency.
The Lost & Found Agency has a vacancy for a detective to work in its investigation department.  After a brief meeting with Emilia, a director of the firm, you are quickly hired to fill the vacancy and work for the firm.  So begin Lost & Found Agency, a Hidden Object Adventure game and the subject of this next review.
896516  HP 325 FHD USB Webca

HP 325 FHD Webcam

A lot of flat panels and even a few notebooks now come without a webcam, possibly as size matters more than communication so there is a place for an external webcam apart from its ability to have better resolution than most built in offerings.
While your laptop can look after your data, you can look after your laptop with an appropriate carry case.
News has just reached me regarding the launch of certain laptop accessories from Trust Electronics Ltd.  These new additions to the company's product line-up of sustainable solutions consist of a selection of backpacks, a carry bag and sleeves that form part of the Trust Avana and Lisboa brand ranges.  All these new products will arrive bearing the company support for green credentials by being constructed from fabric produced using recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles.
Not to be confused with an old television soap, are you up to visiting a bar in order to face your demons?
Elephant Games would like to invite you to an establishment known as Crossroads (this is not the almost forgotten television soap well known for its flaky scenery) but a building which often passes unnoticed by the casual public.  It is a bar which could exist nowhere and everywhere.  Its presence tends to remain low-key until it feels that a prospective client actual needs its facilities.
As a crime reporter you are hired by the police to help them solve a series of murder.
Adding to its numerous Hidden Object Adventure titles, Domini Games has released Criminal Archives – Alphabetic Murders as a Collector’s Edition offering that comes with a number of bonus items.  Some of these bonus items can be accessed immediately while other will require progress to be made in the main game before they can be used.
896511 Poly Sync 10 USB Speakerphon

POLY Sync 10

This is a Microsoft Teams dual microphone Speaker Phone, I found it also did its job with other similar products like Zoom and other platforms.
The speaker phone has two microphones capable of detecting angles up to 1.5 metres away as well as a 50mm quality speaker. The unit is suitable for rooms around 3x3 metres. It is 18x8x4cm and has a wrap round USB 'A' lead of 72cm length. The controls on the top front are simple and easy to understand. Just four touch buttons volume -, microphones off, volume + and phone connect, if you have this version designed for Microsoft Teams there is a fifth button on the left of the others.
Hidden Object game play mixed in with classic art provides the way to restore a home of an aunt and uncle.
Published by Meridian ’93, Hidden World of Art 4 belongs to the Hidden Object game play genre.  With this particular title, you can create profiles to allow different people to play the game and have their progress recorded.  Adjustments can be made to the volume levels used by the background music and audio sound effects used in the game.  You can opt to view the game in full screen mode with a custom cursor to represent the mouse pointer.
We are well-known for loving our pets and this next title re-enforces our affection.
If you enjoyed the My Lovely Pets title from AVI Games then you now have the opportunity of more of the same with the follow-up release, which is not surprisingly, entitled My Lovely Pets 2 in Collector's Edition format.  The usual selection of adjustable options are available when playing this game.  Profiles can be created so that different people can play the game and have their progress recorded.
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