Juliette's Tale 

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Can you assist Juliette when she tries to restore the balance between the Azure and Crimson Worlds?

Daydream Mosaics 2 Juliette s Tale

Daydream Mosaics 2 - Juliette's Tale is the forerunner of Daydream Mosaics 3 - Shards of Hope which I reviewed recently.  Based on Nanogram game play, this Suricate Software title introduces the player to Juliette who will require your assistance in restoring the balance between the magical Azure and Crimson  Worlds that have been disrupted by a mysterious event known as Riving.

As with the other Daydream titles, you can make the usual adjustments to the game playing environment plus create profiles to allow different people to play the game and have their progress recorded.  Adjustments can be made to the audio volume levels used by background music, ambient and sound effects.  The game can be played in full screen mode with a custom cursor and with a choice of tile sets.  Three levels of difficulty are available as you select from Relaxed, Normal or Advanced offering no time limit and when non-required cells are identified.

As mentioned earlier, Juliette has to restore the balance between the Crimson and Azure Worlds.  This task will require the setting up of sanctuaries by completing more than 100  nanogram levels and solving various puzzle before using the rewards in the form of gems gained from these tasks in order to build up the sanctuaries.

The main nanogram game play follows the same  pattern as used in the other Daydream titles.  A grid structure will be overlaid with a series of templates representing the different colours of the mosaic.  Each template will be accompanied by numeric clues, arranged along the top and down the left side to indicate how many groups and their size in each row and column.  There is also a proviso that groups of the same colour should be separated by at least one blank cell when completing the mosaic templates.

The completion of each mosaic brings a reward of gems and up to three stars.  If you are dissatisfied with the reward then you can replay the level and try to improve your performance along with the reward of stars and gems.  The awarded gems are used to purchase the various items available for restoring the sanctuaries to their full religious status and appearance.  Completed sanctuaries can be saved and become available for the player to use as necessary.

The stars also have their part to play in this game.  Giving the player a respite from the steady diet of nanogram game play, Suricate Software has built nine mini games into this title.  These mini games have each been allocated a set number of stars and become available when the appropriate number of awarded stars is reached.  Included among the mini games are those for finding gems which appear flickering within a scene or you could be asked to identify the differences between two similar scenes.

Linking together the sections of different game play is the story dealing with Juliette's tale to restore the balance between the two worlds.  This story is broken up into twelve sections with access gradually being granted throughout the game.  Each section consists of a static scene that is overlaid with printed remarks from Juliette.

It was noticeable that the size of the created groups to produce mosaics tended to increase the further you progressed in the game.  This certainly reduced the game's overall challenge but you do get plenty of gaming action.  I downloaded my copy of this game from where it is priced at $9.99.  The game requires a 1.2 GHz processor with 1024MB of RAM running Windows 7 and later.

Daydream Mosaics 2 - Juliette's Tale | GameHouse

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OverallDaydream Mosaics 2 - Juliette's Tale Suricate Software rated 68 out of 100

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