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886206 Kaspersky Internet SecuritAvoiding Stalkerware

Published in Misc by mfereday on Nov 14, 2019
Do you know where you are going or what you are planning to do? I only ask because somebody else might be privy to this information.

886205 pacum portal vacuum cleaneSaving Storage Space

Published in Misc by mfereday on Nov 12, 2019
Getting more clothes into a small space is made easier by the next product.

886171 Evoluent VerticalMouse A Stand-up Mouse

Published in Misc by mfereday on Nov 7, 2019
Is the use of a computer mouse causing pain, then the following might help.

886014 Pikachu Pokemon Light up FigurinTwo Pokémon Items

Published in Misc by paul_smart on Nov 1, 2019
First one of the smallest at less than 10cm tall which has either a looping light or a light always on inside the rabbit. Second one of the largest Pokémon items and certainly for the older child which has induction charging for your iPhone and also USB for those of us without ‘i’ devices.

Phishing Mac

Published in Misc by mfereday on Oct 29, 2019
Scammers are directing their efforts at the Mac community

885931 VONMAHLEN Allroundo Multi Charger CablVonmählen Allroundo

Published in Misc by paul_smart on Oct 25, 2019
A new name to me and without a visit to the Amazon Christmas event it would have probably stayed that way. This is a portable USB lead that has USB or USB ‘C’ on one end a coiled lead to fit into a small carry case and three different ends to make sure it has a fitment to suit whatever you need to charge, so wherever there is power so do you.

A Christmas List

Published in Misc by mfereday on Oct 24, 2019
Helping draw up a shopping list of toys is a top ten of offerings from Hamleys.

885910 Pokemon Eevee 3D Alarm and LamPokémon Lamp Alarm Clock

Published in Misc by paul_smart on Oct 23, 2019
This is ideal for a first alarm clock for a child; it can also act as a night light. Dependent on the child’s age it can be powered by ‘AAA’ batteries or USB. It also has a built in sensor so you can even check the room’s temperature.

885991 Goji True Wireless Rechargeable Bluetooth EarphoneWireless Earbuds

Published in Misc by mfereday on Oct 22, 2019
With its carry and charging facilities, this next product might suit your ear bud needs.

885894 brando Magnetic Ball ClocBrando Magnetic Ball Clock

Published in Misc by paul_smart on Oct 18, 2019
This is clock but it has no numerals and no hands, so before you shout ‘who has nicked the hands’ it never had any. This is a magnetic clock and ideal for the executive desk as it’s a clever piece of kit and certainly something that requires good light either natural or powered as this just works day after day with no external connections.

885908 MOFT Adjustable Height Folding Laptop StanMaking a Stand

Published in Misc by mfereday on Oct 17, 2019
If you work on a laptop and suffer from back problems, this product may help to ease the strain

885724 iFrogz Little Rockerz Wireless HeadphoneDinosaur Style Headphones

Published in Misc by mfereday on Oct 10, 2019
Turn your child into a dinosaur loving music fan.

885703 gogi noise canceling headphoneGoji PRO Headphones

Published in Misc by mfereday on Oct 1, 2019
When considering the purchase of a set of ear buds, Currys/PC World can offer a product with its own neck band.

Ransomeware Increases

Published in Misc by mfereday on Sep 26, 2019
Offering to look after YOUR money, criminals continue to increase their activities.

885596 PuroQuiet On Ear Active Noise Cancelling HeadphoneHeadphones for Children

Published in Misc by mfereday on Sep 24, 2019
I am sure that at some time or other you must have encountered a situation where your mobile device emits a warning to reduce the volume output level. This next product could help in this respect.
The Allroundo from German company Vonmählen is a USB charging cable kit that is pocketable and offers a useful way of connecting one’s Apple or Android phone or tablet to an appropriate power source.

885609 brando11inUSB ‘C’ All the ports you need

Published in Misc by paul_smart on Sep 20, 2019
As notebooks get smaller something had to go, the easiest to lose was the optical drive, other things were harder possibly the Ethernet connection and then the flood gates opened as some devices have just a single USB ‘C’ and sometimes little else.

885586 12181061 222467787135801Adding Iron Man

Published in Misc by mfereday on Sep 17, 2019
Do you need encouragement to tidy up a work area?

885503 amazon kindle oasiKindle Oasis Reader

Published in Misc by mfereday on Sep 7, 2019
Amazon started life as a book seller, now it sells EBook readers.

885441 SUBCF002200_1Brando Magnetic Suction Phone Razor

Published in Misc by paul_smart on Sep 6, 2019
While most will think of Brando as the King of anything USB this is a slightly different offering as it actually takes power from your phone for those occasions when the end of the day is a long way away but your beard needs some attention to make you look as though it is still 9AM.

Asking for Help!

Published in Misc by mfereday on Sep 5, 2019
When computer problems arise, do you ask others for help? If so who do you ask?

885343 parallels toolbox 3.5 mac and windowParallels 3.5 for Windows

Published in Misc by paul_smart on Sep 2, 2019
The latest version of this ‘gadget’ for Windows is now available. I sometimes get into trouble for calling an item a gadget but when people say our product is not a gadget I say fine, please define ‘gadget’ and while they are thinking I add, a tool to make a task easier? Very few people disagree with my definition and this certainly makes some Windows tasks easier. They also do a MAC version but as I do not have a MAC I can only tell you about the Windows items.
This is a small leather wallet with a push action that partially ejects up to six credit cards each to a slightly lesser extent so you can select the one you need at the checkout of hole in the wall easily, quickly, and more securely.

885351 Edifier R980T Active Studio Bookshelf SpeakeEdifier R980T

Published in Misc by mfereday on Aug 15, 2019
Taking a more basic approach is a speaker system from Edifier.

885352 ekster parliament slim walleWhere's My Wallet?

Published in Misc by mfereday on Aug 13, 2019
Technology can help you find what you may have misplaced.

885255 brando mini superhero faBrando Handheld Fan

Published in Misc by paul_smart on Aug 9, 2019
Sometimes people snort at me our product is not a gadget, I say fine, define to me what a gadget is, while they are thinking I add would you disagree with the statement ‘something to make a task easier’ I have yet to have anyone disagree with that statement. Certainly this item from the King of USB Brando certainly keeps you cooler in hot weather and saves the need to move your hand and say a newspaper back and forward over your face.

885282 Varta Slim Powerbank Portable Charger and batterPower from Germany

Published in Misc by mfereday on Aug 8, 2019
When you need to draw power from a bank, a Varta product could help.

885156 BeHear Now sound enhancement headseBeHear NOW

Published in Misc by paul_smart on Aug 7, 2019
As we grow order most will notice that they have to say ‘pardon’ far more often and that people mumble far more – or at least we think that they do – however hearing loss is a factor everyone has to face so what if anything can be done. In my own case I have Tinnitus – a ringing in the ears – which makes discerning speech when several are speaking in the same room near impossible.

885281 Apricorn Aegis Fortress L3 portable secure drivProtected Portable Data

Published in Misc by mfereday on Aug 6, 2019
External drives are useful but they do need a layer of protection such as that provided by encryption.

885155 Roamwild Car Crack VaRoamwild Car Crack Vac

Published in Misc by paul_smart on Aug 5, 2019
Hard to get places can be accessed with this item, and if something metallic like say a ring has got out of reach then this small unit has a magnetic end to attract and before you capture it you can locate it with its LED light on the end.