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885441 SUBCF002200_1Brando Magnetic Suction Phone Razor

Published in Misc by paul_smart on Sep 6, 2019
While most will think of Brando as the King of anything USB this is a slightly different offering as it actually takes power from your phone for those occasions when the end of the day is a long way away but your beard needs some attention to make you look as though it is still 9AM.

Asking for Help!

Published in Misc by mfereday on Sep 5, 2019
When computer problems arise, do you ask others for help? If so who do you ask?

885343 parallels toolbox 3.5 mac and windowParallels 3.5 for Windows

Published in Misc by paul_smart on Sep 2, 2019
The latest version of this ‘gadget’ for Windows is now available. I sometimes get into trouble for calling an item a gadget but when people say our product is not a gadget I say fine, please define ‘gadget’ and while they are thinking I add, a tool to make a task easier? Very few people disagree with my definition and this certainly makes some Windows tasks easier. They also do a MAC version but as I do not have a MAC I can only tell you about the Windows items.
This is a small leather wallet with a push action that partially ejects up to six credit cards each to a slightly lesser extent so you can select the one you need at the checkout of hole in the wall easily, quickly, and more securely.

885351 Edifier R980T Active Studio Bookshelf SpeakeEdifier R980T

Published in Misc by mfereday on Aug 15, 2019
Taking a more basic approach is a speaker system from Edifier.

885352 ekster parliament slim walleWhere's My Wallet?

Published in Misc by mfereday on Aug 13, 2019
Technology can help you find what you may have misplaced.

885255 brando mini superhero faBrando Handheld Fan

Published in Misc by paul_smart on Aug 9, 2019
Sometimes people snort at me our product is not a gadget, I say fine, define to me what a gadget is, while they are thinking I add would you disagree with the statement ‘something to make a task easier’ I have yet to have anyone disagree with that statement. Certainly this item from the King of USB Brando certainly keeps you cooler in hot weather and saves the need to move your hand and say a newspaper back and forward over your face.

885282 Varta Slim Powerbank Portable Charger and batterPower from Germany

Published in Misc by mfereday on Aug 8, 2019
When you need to draw power from a bank, a Varta product could help.

885156 BeHear Now sound enhancement headseBeHear NOW

Published in Misc by paul_smart on Aug 7, 2019
As we grow order most will notice that they have to say ‘pardon’ far more often and that people mumble far more – or at least we think that they do – however hearing loss is a factor everyone has to face so what if anything can be done. In my own case I have Tinnitus – a ringing in the ears – which makes discerning speech when several are speaking in the same room near impossible.

885281 Apricorn Aegis Fortress L3 portable secure drivProtected Portable Data

Published in Misc by mfereday on Aug 6, 2019
External drives are useful but they do need a layer of protection such as that provided by encryption.

885155 Roamwild Car Crack VaRoamwild Car Crack Vac

Published in Misc by paul_smart on Aug 5, 2019
Hard to get places can be accessed with this item, and if something metallic like say a ring has got out of reach then this small unit has a magnetic end to attract and before you capture it you can locate it with its LED light on the end.

885040 playbrush smart child electric toothbrusToothbrush Playtime

Published in Misc by mfereday on Jul 18, 2019
The Playbrush SMART is a product design to make the task of cleaning teeth to be fun and more appealing to young children.

884654 yubico yubikey YubiKey 5 & 5C

Published in Misc by paul_smart on Jul 8, 2019
Some files and documents are important or perhaps even more valuable than that, if you run a business they could mean getting a contract – or not – if the information they contain fell into the hands of your competitors, so knowing who sees what is vital. This tool from Yubico means only those in possession of the USB key do see the encrypted data, no need for special passwords just the USB key.

884695 ZeroWater 12 Cup Water Filter JuDrinking Pure

Published in Misc by mfereday on Jul 2, 2019
With the subject of pollution being a hot topic, perhaps it is time to consider water purification.

Holiday Makers' Safety

Published in Misc by mfereday on June 27, 2019
With apologies to the Scarlet Pimpernel and Baroness Orczy, "They seem to be here, They seem to be there, There seem to be everywhere, Those damned and annoying devilish scammers."

884571 Roccat Kain RGB Gaming MousNews from ROCCAT

Published in Misc by mfereday on June 25, 2019
Information has just reached me regarding a brand new series of mice from ROCCAT.

884486 nextbase 322GW dashcam car camerWatching Your Back

Published in Misc by mfereday on June 22, 2019
As the world's leading manufacturer 0f Dash Cam devices. Nextbase has added to its current list of product offerings with its Series 2 range.

Are You Listening?

Published in Misc by mfereday on June 18, 2019
A catch phrase of a comedian of a previous century was "Are you listening Mother?" In modern times, everybody seems to be listening.

884404 Kaspersky Total Security 201Are You a Fan?

Published in Misc by mfereday on June 13, 2019
Game of Thrones” may have concluded but its influence could still cost you money.

884350 Edifier XM3BT speakeEdifier XM3BT

Published in Misc by mfereday on June 4, 2019
Edifier adds some additional input methods to its latest speaker system.

884284 RevoNext QT5 1BA Heavy Metal Housing In Ear HeadphonPersonal Earphones

Published in Misc by mfereday on May 30, 2019
Adding to its range of ear buds, RevoNext has developed its QT5 offering.

884146 Kingston C HUBC1 SR EN Nucleum USB C HuAdding Extra Port

Published in Misc by mfereday on May 23, 2019
When struggling to cope with different USB formats, this next device might help.
There are a number of video door bells on the market, here something different a door bell that probably still allows your original bell to function but it also allows you to communicate with the caller from your SmartPhone which could be with you miles away or in your lounge and the caller never needs to know if you are there or not, so cold callers cannot test their patter on you.

884074 Thumbs Up Avocado Power Bank charger batterPower from Avocado

Published in Misc by mfereday on May 16, 2019
Although not providing sustenance for the body, the ThumbsUp avocado can power other devices.

883969 Tony Tony Chopper Power BanTony Chopper Power Bank from Brando

Published in Misc by paul_smart on May 3, 2019
This is a more unusual power bank in that it has two outlet ports that charge at different rates. It is also more like a character rather than just a device to let you slurp power when away from mains power for whatever USB device.

883772 ECOVACS Robotics DEEBOT N79S Robot VacuuHelp with Cleaning

Published in Misc by mfereday on Apr 25, 2019
Left to its own devices, this next product can provide cleaning assistance.

883770 Thumbs Up Llama PowerbanLlama Provided Power

Published in Misc by mfereday on Apr 23, 2019
Instead of providing food and transport assistance, this llama has a charging facility.

883817 cygnett 10K Wireless QI Portable Power BanCygnett Wireless ChargeUp Swift 10K

Published in Misc by paul_smart on Apr 19, 2019
Cygnett are an Australian company – now with a base in the UK - and they have been around for a number of years, they tend to concentrate on things that allow other devices to work more efficiently and this device is one of those to let you charge your phone more quickly, while some phone companies produce their own devices to do this, those tend to be device specific.

883600 unicorm bluetooth phone speakeUnicorn Speaker

Published in Misc by mfereday on Apr 16, 2019
Out of the neck of a unicorn music was meant to flow, or so it was claimed.

883363 SanDisk Ultra 64GB USB Dual Drive USB 3 drivTransferring Data

Published in Misc by mfereday on Apr 4, 2019
It is small, lightweight and capable of moving files you do not want to loose.